in the spring lookbook for love, hanna!

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i’m so excited to share some images today from love, hanna’s spring lookbook, which i got to be a part of by trying out the spring line a few months ago with the family for their spring catalog! you all know how much i adore the children’s brand hanna andersson (our matching christmas pj’s are from there each year) and since the women’s line came out a few years ago, i’ve been a big fan and have bought and own several of their pieces. it was so much fun being asked to be a part of the launch of their spring line!

the photoshoot took place in upstate new york at the most beautiful home and farm. the entire family came along and got to participate a little bit here and there throughout the day as well when they weren’t playing on the farm or at a nearby playground with josh. everyone on set was the sweetest, and let our family just play and have fun together which always makes it a good time for us. below are a few of my favorite pieces and photos, but you can see everything HERE.


wearing THIS elisabeth dress and THIS straw hat.


wearing THIS boyfriend pocket tee and THESE wide leg pants.

LoveTazaHannaAndersson6LoveTazaHannaAndersson3 LoveTazaHannaAndersson7

wearing THIS cardigan with THIS floral tank and THESE pants with brown clogs.

LoveTazaHannaAndersson1 LoveTazaHannaAndersson2

you can see everything i’m wearing on love, hanna.

thanks so much to hanna andersson for this fun experience! getting to meet and hold those baby ducklings (i think they were four days old!) is an experience eleanor and samson are still talking about!

  1. Kinga

    adorable woman!

  2. Marian

    What gorgeous photos!! You are incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful family photos to look back on one day.

    And those ducklings….simply too cute for words!!

  3. hayley

    Beautiful pictures, all the clothes look amazing ! Hope the whole family is enjoying Australia! Much love from Ireland

  4. Julia

    I love these pictures! Your family is so beautiful and these clothes are awesome!

  5. Meredith

    Completely gorgeous– you all look like models! Especially with those ducklings! I’m a big fan of Hanna Andersson as well so I’m actually very looking forward to seeing their spring stuff. :)

  6. Paige

    You look amazing in all of these pictures! My son just got gifted three pairs of their pajamas this last week, and after feeling the quality, I don’t think I could ever go back to any other pajama. There pieces are amazing.


  7. Oh, jeez, the photo with the little chicks…adorable! Looks like a comfortable clothing line for you and your family.

  8. Millie

    Beautiful photos. And your babies and entire family is adorable.

  9. Emily

    Oh goodness, Samson snuggling on that duckling is the best! You and the family look great, they made a good decision to book the cutest family ever for this lookbook

  10. Lauren

    What a beautiful collection, I’m loving the striped dresses! Such a perfect length which is always so hard to find I think. You look like such a natural when it comes to modelling. :)

  11. Jenn

    We are going to Portland in two weeks and I am thrilled to visit their store and find me some of those clogs!

  12. Rose j.

    How fun! I love Hanna, and seeing this spring line y’all are wearing gets me excited for the season!

    The first pic of you with Eleanor is picture perfect! Such an adorable family you have!


  13. Chloe

    Please please please could you tell me what size you are wearing in the Breton black dress and khaki vest combo? I’m the same size as you and hate ordering online if returns are a possibility. Or perhaps someone from hanna andersson could comment to let us know the sizes worn in the shoot?

  14. Tammy

    how sweet is that picture of samson cuddling with the little chick?!

  15. Molly

    You are stunning, lady!! These photos are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to check out the love,hanna line further.

  16. Rachel

    This photos are amazing and I love your outfits! Your style is so cute!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  17. Mer Fernández

    Samson with the little duck… Priceless!

  18. hanna

    Your family is so cute –Hanna Lei

  19. these pictures are BEYOND PERFECT!!!

  20. Adrienne

    You are truly gorgeous. And Sansom with the duckling? Ahhh the cutest.

  21. Samantha

    Cute photos! Definitely going to check out their brand :) the clothes are adorable!

  22. Jen

    Those stretch twill pants are calling my name… any advice on sizing?

  23. Tara Williams

    This is so amazing that you get to be part of something like this! you are so talented!
    Xo, Tara

  24. Kaylee

    Spring & autumn are always my favorite, just because I can wear some nice layers of clothes! I’m definitely gonna looooove your spring family look book :) xx

  25. Kristi

    Looks so comfortable and stylish.

  26. Chelsey

    Was so excited to load up my cart but nothing is nursing friendly!! Even the maternity and “beyond” dress isn’t. So disappointed!

  27. Amie

    Samson’s face holding the duckling, so cute!!!!!

  28. you look gorgeus!

  29. Gabriella

    Naomi, these photos are just so so beautiful! And what a wonderful shot of the whole family!! So glad you got to be a part of this. I remember way back when you first started writing about (and wearing) their clothes.

  30. Kristen

    You just killed that photoshoot. In case you were wondering.

    I will definitely have to check out this line because it seems so unfussy and comfortable but still super chic and cute. So glad you are their lookbook girl, because you wear it so well! Thanks for sharing!

  31. we just got the gnome hat and i’m crazy in love with it. holy model family! you guys are crazy gorgeous.

  32. Meghan

    Sorry if I missed this in the comments, but do you know what the lipstick you wore in the pictures is called?

  33. Julie

    Hey Taza, these pics are so adorable, they would make anyone want to buy from this shop/line. You guys always look so natural and beautiful. I am constantly amazed at how many nice pics you seem to have of you 5 looking fab. I have got 3 little ones too and I am struggling to get 2 pics a year when we all look good – I am a photograph enthusiast! – what a battle. I need tips from you! xx Julie from London

  34. Mélissa

    Really likes this collection !!!
    It looks so confy !!

  35. Mélissa

    I really enjoy the blue dress with the military vest on it !!!
    I could recrate it for me and I loveeee it :)

  36. Rachel

    You look stunning in these photos and I absolutely adore the clothing from the lookbook. I am especially in love with the dress that is paired with the army green vest. It’s the perfect mashup of casual and dressy!
    So excited to see you in the lookbook!