happy birthday, josh!

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this man. it’s his birthday. and all he wants to do when i ask him what he wants for his birthday is for us to organize the clutter in the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom together (it really has gotten out of control, and it’s basically a running joke at this point over here between the two of us.  but in my opinion, the amount of stuff we have crammed and shoved in there is quite remarkable, frankly.)  i keep telling him that organizing the bathroom cabinet clutter is not a birthday activity and can happen on another day.  like, we gotta go out and get some fun food or head to a show or movie or something to celebrate the big day together. but we’re both so jet lagged from getting home from australia and having kids on reversed schedules (they have been up alllllllllllll night the last 2 nights) and maybe it means we’re getting old and have been married a really long time when staying in and checking off that bathroom deep clean on your forever long to-do list sounds like a birthday plan. ;)

happy birthday to my love. no one on this earth loves and supports and serves me like you do. no one bugs and annoys and frustrates me more either, but that just comes with the territory. ;) thank you for being a loving and kind husband, an exceptional father to our little ones, for all your hard work around the clock on the back end of our business together and all our other on going projects and for being the calm in this relationship. you’re just getting better and better with age, and i love you more each day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, tiesandfries. i love you.

  1. Francesca

    Auguri Josh! You guys are so nice!

  2. London91

    Ah I love this – especially the acknowledgement that even great relationships can involve the odd bit of frustration!

    Long timer lurker, first time commenter here…I’ve read your blog throughout school, then uni, and now working in my first job. I really feel that throughout that time I have learnt from you on a lot of topics – being flexible, optimistic and grateful for good experiences being just a handful.

    Congratulations on Josh’s birthday and being a wonderful couple and parental team! x

  3. Cici

    Happy Birthday, Josh! And Naomi, are you bummed you missed all the snow in NYC? ;)

  4. Pam

    This is so sweet! I really do think relationships just get better and better over time, especially when you realize you prefer to do a bathroom cleanse together instead of going out. You two really love eachother. Happy Birthday, Josh! xo


  5. Marta

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  6. Fullertonstreetstudio

    Hi taza! Love your blog! You probably know every trick in the book for helping kiddos get back into a sleeping rhythm, but I thought I’d mentioned one that’s helped my kids. I found a melatonin for kids. It is my go to for trips and also for nights when I can tell they just can’t settle into a deep sleep. We don’t use it every night, but it has been a lifesaver, especially when switching time zones. The brand I use is from Target called Zarabees. Good luck, hope you all get sleep soon!

  7. Sarah

    Happy Birthday! I just found your blog a week ago and am in love! What a great mix of travel, personal and kids stuff! You guys are too cute! Prayers that the jet lag gets better soon!
    xo from Texas

  8. Rachel

    This is so sweet! You guys are the cutest! Happy Birthday Josh!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  9. Kaylee

    Naomi! This is the sweetest thing!!
    I got emotional at the end of this lovely words…
    Happy Birthday Josh!

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  10. lili

    happy birthday from France !!

  11. Brittany

    Ya’ll are such a cute couple! Happy b’day to tiesandfries!

  12. Sara V.

    Happy birthday, Josh!!! You have always been such a wonderful person. It is really cool to see you so happy and doing so well.

  13. Nikki

    Sounds like something my husband would ask for for his birthday! I hope you guys have a good one.

  14. Nance

    We just returned to NY after 2 months in Australia + Singapore and we are shattered!!! Our 1 yr old keeps waking up too… Need sleep to get over this horrendous jet lag and feel normal again.

    Happy Birthday to Josh xx

  15. hanna

    Happy Birthday Josh! –Hanna Lei

  16. Hey Taza – this is my first time commenting on your blog but I have been following for awhile. I found you through Amber Fillerups blog! You and your family are so cute… I hope to be as successful as you one day, you are a big inspiration to me! Love this post too. xoxoxo


  17. happy birthday josh!!!

  18. Tammy

    happy birthday! hope it’s a great one with the family


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  20. Julie

    Ah! What a busy birthday month for you guys! I am sure it involves lots of fun family celebrations! I love your down to earth attitude and writing style Taza, it’s good to demystify couple life at times – couple life has its challenges;) Hope you still manage to make it a bit special for Josh while sorting that bathroom cabinet (oh the joys!!). Love from another family of 5 on the other side of the pond Julie


  21. Joann

    I hope you don’t mind but I think I love him too. Ha ha. Any man who wants to organize on his birthday is alright with me. ;)