an ipad mini giveaway (+ the toca boca apps collection!)

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we’re so excited to be teaming up with Toca Boca today to be giving away an iPad mini + the full collection of Toca Boca apps to one lucky reader!

over the last year, if you’ve caught my series of posts about our favorite apps for kids, you’ve probably noticed that Toca Boca apps always make the list. we seriously think they are some of the best! (the Toca Band theme song is still one of my favorite songs to sing throughout the day!) while like most parents, we try to keep screen time to a minimum with our kids, we’ve learned that in moderation, many apps on the iPad can be a wonderful tool for our kids to learn by, and an incredible save during travel for us especially.

one of the things josh and i love most about the Toca Boca apps, is how they encourage learning through play. they have a new app called Toca Blocks where little ones can construct their own unique worlds with blocks that are different colors, textures and materials. they have fun little creatures too! it’s all about exploring all the things you can do and creating and using your imagination to the fullest, and that is something i am always behind.

we also know that online interaction can’t replace good old fashioned human interaction. we always use the apps ourselves first and often play and learn alongside our kids when they are using a device. we use the device settings to restrict usage and love talking with them about what they did and made and then relating it back to our real world experiences, something Toca Boca believes in too and focuses on when designing their apps.

during our road trip up to vermont and back last week (6 hours one way in the car! if anyone is curious if that is an adventure with kiddos, i can assure you, IT IS!) we gave the new Toca Blocks app a go! (giveaway details at the end of this post!)

tocaboca-2tocaboca1 tocaboca-5tocaboca1-2 tocaboca

even whoie, eleanor’s little owl friend who has not left her side lately, was into Toca Blocks. ;)

tocaboca-8to enter to win the iPad mini + the full collection Toca Boca apps, please comment below with your child’s favorite thing to build or create with blocks and follow Toca Boca on at least one of their social media channels! extra entries are allowed for following Toca Boca additional social media channels (they’re on instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube). we are using the little widget below to track entries.

you must be 18 years old to enter, and will be contacted directly once the giveaway closes, january 27th 11:59pm ET. make sure to have a valid email address! Toca Boca has decided to keep the giveaway exclusive to participants in the US so they can include the entire Toca Boca app suite on the iPad.

if you’d like, you can download Toca Blocks in the app store HERE, also available on google play HERE.  thank you to Toca Boca for sponsoring this blog post.


Toca Boca Giveaway – Love Taza

  1. Tamara

    My little ones absolutely love building !

  2. Meg


  3. Sara

    Thanks for the opportunity – great, great apps!

  4. Julie

    Anything dealing with transportation!

  5. Beth

    We love building towers but mazes would be fun!

  6. Bruce

    a house

  7. Suzanne I

    Our two-year-old loves to build rocket ships and make them blast off. :)

  8. Allie G

    My kids build play kitchens! :)

  9. Jane Sepulveda

    Tomorrow’s my birthday :)

  10. Elena

    my kids love to build play kitchen

  11. Stephanie Liske

    They like to build worlds.

  12. Jenny S

    Forts and castles

  13. adriana


  14. Melissa

    they love to build houses and castles! i follow on facebook!

  15. Grace Mitchell

    All my kiddos love building towers. And then knocking them down. And building another one…

  16. Shea Adams

    My son has never played with toca blocks so im not sure.

  17. Clara

    Hope to win.

  18. Fiona N

    My son loves to build houses and towers with Toca Blocks
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  19. Michaela K

    My son loves building everything! I enjoy seeing him be so creative!

  20. kate b

    We like building castles

  21. Caitie

    my daughter loves toca boca anything! can’t wait to show her the blocks! :)

  22. Sandy P

    This would be for my grand children and I would love to see what they coul do

  23. Fosi

    This would be great for our upcoming move :)

  24. carina


  25. Rita A

    My nephew enjoys making obstacle courses

  26. Tracy


  27. Castles are probably the fan favorite here!

  28. Erica Johnson

    Our family loves toca boca!!! Our top three are toca band, toca Doctor, and toca lab. We all play with them.

  29. Sami A.

    We love to build castles!

  30. Todd F

    my son loves creating his own tower buildings! He even tried to make my office building once.

  31. elaine

    would love to win this!

  32. Kelly L

    My nanny kids love Toca apps! (Admittedly, I do too!) Will have to try Toca Blocks!!

  33. Jacob LaFountaine

    We don’t have any children

  34. Trinh Q.

    I used to build houses and car washes when I was a kid.

  35. Courtneye

    We don’t have toca blocks but my son loves both of the toca apps we have!