all of my favorite lipstick shades, right now!

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last year, i shared a few of my favorite lipstick shades that i frequently wear (see HERE), but i wanted to share an updated version of that post, complete with lots of pictures below so you can see each shade up close! i still wear several of those shades i blogged about last year, so a few of them are still here, but i’ve added a few new colors to the mix.

i can’t walk by a make up counter and not check out the lipsticks! it’s my thing. i love testing and trying new shades and kinds, and since i don’t do a whole lot when it comes to a make up routine, applying a bit of lipstick always helps me feel a little more put together than i might feel.

also, just a fun fact about these photos josh took of me in the different shades….i kept running inside to change my shirt and lipstick but i’m actually wearing striped pajama pants and slippers in all these photos! haha! the perks of shooting a photo torso up! ;)

here’s my top 5 go-to colors right now….


nars, schiap: gosh, do i love nars. they always get it right when it comes to the right amount of moisture for their matte lipsticks. this bright pink is a fun one that i wear year round. it stays in place perfectly without any lip liner, too. so i can often apply it on the go without even a mirror. it just works really well!


troi ollivierre, george: so one of my go-to colors for years when i’m wanting a brighter orange-y red has been nars heatwave.  i’m still am a fan of the heatwave color and texture, but in november i bought this troi ollivierre color which i saw on the jcrew website and had to try since they are always spot on with their color choices.  it’s similar to heatwave, but it has a touch more orange to it that i really love (although it’s translating more red in these photos!) this is another one that stays in place really well, which makes eating and drinking and carrying on with my day a piece of cake.


kat von d, underage red:  i’ve been looking for something to replace my mac ruby woo for ages. i have loved the ruby woo color, but the matte finish is a little too dry for me, which makes it hard to wear without feeling flaky within a few hours.  after testing out a ton of different reds one night after i tucked all the kiddos into bed and took myself on a sephora date by myself, this one proved to be everything i had been searching for. i love this color, and even more, i love that this one is a matte finish but it’s not too dry. it’s my favorite shade right now.

LoveTazaLipstick3nars charlotte, oxblood burgundy: so this is going to sound so silly, but one of my winter goals was to wear a darker lip. i have always struggled with the darker lips, feeling like they look all sorts of wrong on me. i’ve tried so many this last fall, usually to wipe them off within an hour because it just feels ridiculous.  i finally found a shade i like in december when we were in arizona. i do need to use a lip liner with this shade (i use this velvet one), to help hold the darker color in place and not have it bleed anywhere.  it also helps eliminate any ring that can sometimes appear with a darker color.  i don’t wear this one too often, saving it for date nights or special occasions, but i really love it. it’s a fun one for sure.

LoveTazaLipstick4maybelline, pink me up: you’ve probably heard me preach about this color already. for years and years and years, this shade has been my everyday color. i buy it in crazy bulk and have one in every handbag and diaper bag i own. i seriously love it. it has a lot of great moisturizer in it as well, so i basically apply it like one might a chapstick. all day every day…. i’m in this if i’m not in a brighter shade up top.

a few other things i’ve found helpful with lipstick wearing:

i love THIS sugar scrub which i use about once or twice a week on my lips to exfoliate and help with dryness.

i do tend to get lipstick on my babies sometimes, but that is what wipes are for.

happy lipstick wearing, folks! but in all seriousness, for the day your hair isn’t done and you’ve got spit up somewhere on you and feeling sort of drab, lipstick! it changes things so fast! ;)

  1. Cynthia

    Lovely. Nars Heatwave is my favorite. Not too dark, but not too light either.

  2. Maureen Flatley

    Naomi, you should also try the Bobbi Brown Art Stick….my go to colors are the warm rosy brown (for every day) and cassis (for a little more polished. They stay on forever, aren’t drying and you can toss it in your pocket. Keep up the wonderful work w/ the blog…..always brightens my day to read about your adventures in travel, style and everyday life!

  3. Trish O

    You wear a bold lip very well. I have similar coloring to you but am shy with a bold lip. I always was an eye girl with nude lip. The older I get, I find that combination makes me look very washed out. I am thankful for your ideas here as I think I will mix up to a bold lip color with less eye and see how I like that. I had no idea where to start on colors. Off to try some of these.

  4. Tannikka

    Thanks for the suggested option for Ruby Woo. One of my faves, but when I have a long night out, my lips are so dry!

    Thought I was the only one who felt that way :)

  5. Cynthia

    I just have to say thank you! I am 38 and maybe wore lipstick twice in my life. I have always felt funny in it, and always opted for a tinted gloss instead. But, after reading about how much you love Pink Me Up, I bought it this morning right after dropping the kids at school and I have to say, I really like it! It’s the perfect shade to start with!

  6. Beth

    Hi Naomi! I love all the colors! I started wearing Nars “Heatwave” nonstop after seeing it on your blog a while ago… now I think I will have to give the Kat Von D “Underage Red” a try (a late night sephora date with myself really sounds like a great idea)! Question… do you use a lip primer or specific lip liner when wearing bright/dark lipsticks? I haven’t had any luck finding any that are great at preventing feathering. Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life here! I’ve been following your blog for years, and it’s been so much fun keeping up with your adorable family on all of your adventures!

  7. Vicky

    Oh my god! the nars one Looks amazing! however, I wonder how it would look on blonde!

    have a lovely day!
    Vicky // The Golden Bun

  8. Tammy

    that oxblood color is beautiful on your skin tone! also, i wish i could put lipstick on without having to look in a mirror! i have a very deep cupid’s bow so that could get reallll messy real quick

  9. Okay, I am LOVING this post! I sure do love my fair share of lipsticks too and now I have a good excuse to go and buy some at the store. ;)
    I have to agree with you about the dryness of the Mac ruby woo it gets so flaky on my lips! I will have to try the red that you have recommended sometime soon. Thanks for this info!


  10. Alida

    Thanks Taza, you’ve had me thibking about wearing lipstick again for a while, and I think I’m going to go ahead and try it. I would also love to know what you do to your lashes, if anything. always so gorgeous.

  11. sarah

    i love this! you actually inspired me to buy a bright pinky fuchsia lipstick a few weeks ago when i started following your blog and i’ve been wearing it constantly!(i’m a redhead, so that was always on the off-limits list) i agree that lipstick can instantly lift your mood, and bold colors in the winter are especially great!

  12. Anne

    Naomi, I am SO happy that you posted another list of lipsticks! I have bought several from last year’s list and my favorite is Mabelline Fuschia Flash! Until your list, I always wore a soft lip gloss from Laura Mercier (which I continue to wear) but Fuschia Flash brightens my face, it lifts my spirits and makes me feel pretty! And, I ALWAYS receive a compliment or two every time I wear it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Sending hugs from Virginia,


  13. Ally

    My current fave is Lipstick Queen! Obsessed!!

  14. Meghan

    That Maybelline one has been my favorite for 6+ years – it is the best!!

  15. felisha

    I LOVE the darker lip color on you! I’ve also heard amazing things about Kat Von D lip stains, so I think I’ll be stopping by Sephora to get some for myself!

  16. Gina DiCenzo

    Thanks so much for sharing! I have worn Mabelline Pink Me Up for the past couple years because of your recommendation. I absolutely love it and buy it in bulk as well. It’s my favorite shade and you’re right – it’s also a great moisturizer!

    Keep sharing beauty tips! I really do appreciate them!

    I also found your NYC Guides super helpful when I was visiting NYC last weekend. Bubby’s brunch was absolutely delicious. Those pancakes! Unreal.

    Thank you :)


  17. Paige

    Oh! I’m totally snagging that Kat Von D one! It’s the perfect red lip, and Valentines is right around the corner!


  18. Kelsi

    Ok Naomi, so now tell us this: HOW do you go about testing lipsticks? I get intimidated at the stores with so many products and fierce-looking employees. Do you use your hand? Your actual lips? Also, how do you know when a lipstick looks good with your skin tone?? If you pull olive, do you go for cooler shades? Seriously, you are so good at picking out colors that work for you. Help a sister out!

  19. Amber

    What about your husband? Does he walk around with lipstick stains or pink lips after you two share a kiss? =) Or what about your teeth? I know a woman who wears bright lipstick and her teeth are usually wearing it too! Genuinely curious, as I haven’t tried out too many bright colors.

  20. Kathryn

    I’m new to the world of lipstick so I appreciate this post! Do you wear lip liner with all your colors, and do you have recommendations with that?

  21. Amy

    I love it! I’m sending you girlfriend high fives. And I love that you are not a make-up snob. Some of us are way too intimidated to walk on into sephora…but snagging a mabeline at the drugstore. I think you just made my day.

  22. Laur

    Great shades! Thanks for the insight. Lipstick doesn’t seem to fit into my personal style (I don’t wear anything but foundation most days) but I will definitely give it another shot.

  23. Kristin

    Well…I need to try ALL of these lipstick shades now!! You are stunning and make all of them look amazing! I’ve been using the same 3 colors for months now, so this post comes at a perfect time for me to try some new ones. Thanks for sharing, Naomi!


  24. Lindsay

    Thanks for mentioning the babies lol! I have two under two and am ALWAYS getting lipstick on their cheeks from kissing them so much. Was wondering what other mamas did!

  25. Allison

    I just went shopping for a nude lip and I was thinking of more dark lips this winter too. You always have good suggestions for lips and I love that! Thanks for sharing-I refer to it constantly.


  26. francesca

    hi! huge lipstick wearer and i own almost all shades of maybelline, oops! I’m wondering how well the nars stays on? do you need to keep reapplying for the color to stay? does it wipe off easily while eating or drinking?

  27. Rachel

    I LOVE all of these and I feel like I need to buy them all right now ha! You look amazing! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  28. hanna

    I love all of them on you! –Hanna Lei

  29. avital

    you are so pretty it kind of hurts

  30. Julie

    Oh my Gosh, Taza, you are so photogenic…it’s insane! I have just discovered your blog via Amber Fillerup and I am already a massive fan. I am also a mum of 3 (French mum in London) and I love everything about blog – I hope I can achieve something as special as you in my very newly launched blog. The photos, the cuteness of your kids, your down to earth approach….everything is so great! What a pleasure to read your posts. The lipsticks look so amazing on you, they are probably a bit too bright for me but they suit you damn well. Big hugs from London!

  31. I love this post!! Thanks for sharing — I’m definitely going to try the kat von d underage red that you showcased! So pretty!!


  32. Lauren

    You look beautiful in these photos, Naomi! I love all of these colours, especially the oxblood nars one. Also, you really make me want bangs, ha. Great post!

  33. Tara

    I LOVE the first shade on you! How do you feel about some concerning ingredients in lipsticks? I try not to freak out about it but I just started using organic, gluten free lipstick and it makes me freak out a little less haha.

    Darker colors look wonderful on you! More posts like this please :)

  34. You are seriously gorgeous Naomi! All these colors are so beautiful!

  35. Jamie

    Thank you! This is inspiring…I feel like a lot of times these days I don’t have time for the whole makeup shebang but this is reminding me there is always time for lipstick!

  36. This is soo fun! I am like you with lipstick always being my go to!I can’t walk past Sephora without checking out their lipstick selection either! Is that bad? haha

  37. Kristina

    I started wearing Pink Me Up last year after you posted about it and I love it! It’s a great everyday color and it feels really fresh. My sister got me bareMinerals Pop of Passion lip balm in Rose Passion and it’s been really nice so far. It’s moisturizing and the color lasts for several hours. Highly recommend!

  38. marlena

    it’s so true! i’ve never wear lipstic befor and started year ago, it was just after your post!!!! now i’m totally addicted ;) i feel naked without lipstic! i don’t have to wear any makeup on but i won’t leave home without lipstic!!!

    love all of ur shades, my fav one is maybelline – pink pop!

  39. Renee

    Love this post!!! You look so beautiful!!! Also, love that top from the darkest shade photo- where is it from?

  40. The Oxblood shade is divine!


  41. Courtney

    This post is so timely! I love a bold lip but was recently tiring of my regulars (same feels about ruby woo over here!). I was referring to your faves from your FAQ page for ideas, but an update is nice!

    Love your posts as usual!

  42. kate

    i totally agree — adding some lipstick always makes me feel put together when i am otherwise not feelin so together. haha. any suggestions on a lip liner for red lipstick?

    xoxo. kate

  43. Danielle

    Thanks for the lipstick post. I’ve never worn lipstick because its just so daunting picking the right bold color (at least for me).

    I went to the grocery store yesterday and found a few on sale-mostly Maybelline including the shade you recommended. I got a few to play with since they were less then $3 a stick.

  44. Laura

    I think I must have dryer lips than most. The Nars lipsticks are my favorite but within a couple of hours they are flaking and it looks gross. I will try the sugar scrub. I have something similar from Mary Kay that I do twice a week and I put on chap stick before my lipstick but still is bad. Any tips from others would be great!

  45. Megan

    You’re a beaut! I feel the exact same way about dark lip colors but I have always wanted to rock one. I am going to have to try nars oxford blood

    Happy Friday + hope you all have a great weekedn //

  46. courtney

    they all look great! you are the girl (years ago) that got me into wearing bright! bold! colors. so thanks for that! might i recommend another nars color that i love: the velvet matte lip pencil in red squared. it’s a pencil so it’s a cinch to put on, stays on really well, and looks great! it’s kind of that orangey-red color you talk about. i love it. from one lipstick lover to another :)

  47. Kaylee

    You can literally pull out any lipstick shades!
    My favs are the 2nd & the 3rd one :D They would look amazing during the spring and summer seasons! xx

  48. Chloe

    I absolutely adore your lipstick posts, Naomi. I agree with you that lipstick just brings any look together for sure! I always have to ask, because your style is great. Where a few of your tops are from? The blue mock turtleneck in your first lipstick (Nars) and the pink top from the red lipstick?

    Thank you so much!

  49. Marcella

    I bought the Nars Schiap after seeing it on you in one of your posts, and I love it! And everytime I wear it I get complimented on it. I even had to buy one for my sister as she kept borrowing mine! Alot of lipsticks can be really drying but this is so smooth and comfortable to wear, I HIGHLY recommend it! I love these kind of posts recommending makeup as I seem to spend a fortune trying out stuff only for it to languish in my makeup bag until I throw it out a year later. Thanks a million and hello from Ireland! Marcella x

  50. Charlotte

    Loving this post! Do you whiten your teeth? Can you do a post about this please as lipstick looks a bit naff without white teeth, and I really want to get mine done but no idea what works or what to trust! Thanks ? xx

  51. jennifer

    my favorite topic/subject!! you look in fab in all of them!! I don’t have that underage red but you’ve sold me so now i will be buying it!

  52. Kaitlin

    I LOVE the Oxblood burgundy!! It looks beautiful on you! I just started wearing lipstick this summer after reading all of your posts and landed on two colors I love – Urban Decay Bad Blood (a bright red that’s a tad bit on the deeper side) and Lorac CEO (a bit darker to go with my lighter skin tone). I have gotten pretty good at rocking the CEO at work with one quick reapplication at lunch, but I’m still working on the red. Couple questions…
    1. The Urban Decay has a round tip instead of pointed, making it tough to apply. Any brushes you recommend so I can be more exact with it?
    2. Any tips on eating with reds? I may have tried to tackle a big sandwich at Panera which ended up very embarrassing…but it made for laughs later and I felt good about the fact that I was the only girl bold enough to wear red!

  53. The last is my favorite ! kisses (sorry for my english ;) )

  54. Imogen

    Not sure where abouts you are on your Australia trip but thought I’d give some last minute Sydney tips… West julietts in marrickville does the best breakfast (and chocolate chip cookie!). The Chinese noodle restaurant in Haymarket is a classic, it’s cramped and nothing fancy but has delicious food! The braised eggplant and pork/chives dumplings are a must. Carriageworks is a great creative hub, the eveleigh food markets held there on Saturday mornings are great. You can wander through the galleries while you’re there. Taronga zoo is currently doing “twilight at Taronga” where they have concerts- there are some great acts and it would be a lovely end to a fun day at the zoo. Catch the ferry from circular quay for the ultimate experience. The MCA gallery in the Rocks has free entry to their permanent exhibitions which are lovely! And you should definitely check out Gorman, it’s a fun Australian clothes brand. I won’t bombard you with more recommendations, but hopefully you get around to doing some of these. Enjoy!!

  55. Arantxa

    I love red and pink ones. But usually I FEEL a little uncomfortable wearing lipsticks… What a pityy!

  56. Amy

    I feel the same way about dark lipsticks and am currently in the market for one myself!

    Have to disagree with you, though, I don’t think it looks all kinds of wrong on you! Looks great!! :)

  57. Allie

    Love love LOVE. I bought Fuchsia Flash after you featured it on your last lipstick post and I AM ADDICTED. Also, you should definitely try Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick because it is a GAME CHANGER. I swear by it. Longest wear I have EVER had. Doesn’t rub off from smoochies on my husband or eating and it is BRIGHT. I love love love it. DEFINITELY worth a try! (The Fiore hot pink is my #1 fave)

  58. mitzi

    i love lipsticks too!
    try MAC Rebel in the fall …awesome colour and moist formula
    try MAC plumful ..great day time colour and moist formula!

  59. Andy

    Great lipsticks! If you want to give a try to a very low cost option, try the Maybelline Matte Lipstick, the colour IMPRESS ME (803). I just love it!

  60. Kristin

    So now that it looks like pink me up is discontinued, I would love to know what you next go to will be! Was so sad, I’ve gone to every store I can think of to replace my last tube and it’s out everywhere and does t appear it will be restocked…waaah ??

  61. Amy

    I am finding that “pink me up” has been discontinued as mentioned above. Since I’ve never worn the shade and have nothing to compare it to, I want to challenge you to find something similar and let us all know. ☺ I’m pretty sure there’s not one shade out there that wouldn’t look good on you! Thanks for sharing this post!

  62. Gladmama

    Thank you! I ordered some Kat von d lipstick.

  63. Britt

    I have to say, you’re encouragement on wearing lipstick is the main reason I wear red lipstick daily! I have to ask though, do you have any suggestions on how you keep the lipstick on throughout the day? Especially during/after eating? That’s the only thing that stinks about wearing lipstick. You leave home and it looks great and then BAM! It’s gone! Haha ?

  64. Ginger

    Oh, good! I’ve been looking for a good lip scrub for a while. Have to try this one out!