a video blog, shaving josh’s beard!

you may have caught this yesterday if you follow along on youtube, but a couple of nights ago after the kids went to bed, we shaved josh’s beard in our bathroom! he’d been talking for a couple of weeks now about wanting to do it, since he’s had one for quite a long while now. (it would have been two years come this february, when he resigned from working at the bank!)

this video is all sorts of ridiculous but we had so much fun, and it’s fun to have it documented! the best part was seeing all three littles in the morning when we all woke up to a freshly shaved papa face! conrad has only known josh with a beard and he could not stop staring with wide eyes and a curious expression on his face, while occasionally showing off the biggest grin! it was this look of heyyyy, i know you, right? oh yeah! i do! wait…. do i know you?! on a constant cycle for maybe ten minutes or so. haha.

i mentioned this in the video, but i remember when we were dating and he decided to shave the beard he’d grown during finals and winter break at school and being all sorts of sad in his bathroom while he did so. talk about déjà vu! i love my man with a clean cut face and a beard just the same, but i’ve always been a bit partial to the bearded look. ;)

love you josh. and sorry about your sideburn.

  1. Sarah

    He looks good with both but I agree with you, scruff is the best look for him.

  2. Deborah

    Hi Noemi! Love your family and this video! I have a (weird) bearded husband too but after 10 years we are not close enough to shaving it :P!

    please check my photos in my blog I hope you like them:


  3. Sarah

    1. That was a fun video.
    2. i think having a spouse (or father) shave his beard is totally a big deal — weird, right?
    3. Josh, you look handsome both ways, but for whatever a total stranger from the Midwest thinks is worth, I agree with Naomi: the beard suits you well.
    4. I also trim my husband’s beard with mostly just scissors…that’s not that weird, or if it is, you’re not alone.
    5. Have a lovely start to your 2016!

  4. Ali

    I agree Naomi, Josh looks younger. You are both too cute!

  5. Jennie

    He looks like Conrad! You guys are too cute ?

  6. Tammy

    i love that you wrote about conrad’s reaction! there are youtube videos where the kids can’t recognize dads after they shave. so adorable!


  7. Mari

    My husband used to clean shave everyday, then he decided it was too much bother, so he grew out his beard. Now, when he shaves, he sets the groomer to the lowest setting and leaves a little stubble. I love it. I love a man with a beard!

  8. This is such a cute and funny vlog! Really enjoy seeing the interaction between you too, it’s sweet! Love your blog!

  9. Andrea

    I love your videos, would you mind sharing what program you use to edit them?

  10. Lori

    You need a ‘C’ hook!

  11. Katie

    Without the beard I see the resemblance between Josh and Conrad even more!!!

  12. Rachel

    So fun! What program do you use to make and edit your videos??

  13. Jessica

    I’m all about the in between look. Not clean shaven. Not a full beard. Just the scruff. My husband is required to be clean shaven for work :( we’re working towards having him switch careers and work from home and then it’ll be the scruffy look. Your husband looks great either way–but I say whatever YOU like best since you’re the one who looks at him the most ;)

  14. Molly

    He looks at least 5 years younger!! Looks great Josh!!

  15. Jenna

    I’m a beard fan too! I met my (normally clean shaven) boyfriend during the holiday season when he was growing it out since he didn’t have work. I loved it so much that I convinced him to keep the bearded look and he’s had it ever since.

    How did Eleanor and Samson react? I still remember the shock and tears when my father shaved his mustache and surprised me (I must have been about 5).

  16. Hope

    Wow, such a difference! I agree with you, Naomi, he does look younger! This is such a great video and short peak into your interactions. I hope the beard growing goes quickly for you ;)

  17. Robmary

    What software do you use for video editing? If I may ask.



  18. Jennie

    Awe I love it! This had me cracking up! I started following you guys during a period when Josh DIDNT have a beard so he looks back to normal to me! So adorable! I love it

  19. Kate

    Hi Naomi!
    Your hair is ADORABLE in this video…please, please do a tutorial!

  20. Marthab

    He is sooooo handsome without beard!!

  21. Whitney

    Love it! xo

  22. Kelly

    Haha! This was cute. I am with you, Naomi. I have been with my husband for 7 years and you know what? He has always had a beard and I love it! Ahhh!

  23. Caitlan

    I love beards! But what I really want to see is the kiddos reaction to a beard free poppa!

  24. Randi

    You two are so fun and adorable! The love you have for each other is palpable. And I can’t believe how much younger Josh looks clean shaven. My husband has a beard too and I kind of insist he never shaves it but maybe we should try it too!

    Thanks for sharing and making me smile!
    Xo, randi

  25. Jill Adams

    Ha! This is hilarious. My husband has had a beard for 13 years, with a little break in the middle. He shaved once and he looked so different and quite young. I begged him to grow it back and never shave again. Beards are sacred and shouldn’t be messed with. ;)

  26. Natasha

    Josh looks good with both, but i like him a bit better without the beard (please don’t hate me). My dad his beard off once when he and my mom were newlyweds and she hated it. She asked him where his top lip went. Needless to say, I never saw my father without a beard, ever. This video was so cute. I say that you guys should vlog more!

  27. Denisa

    I love your lipstick ! What is it? Please, please, write an update on the lipsticks you’ve been wearing lately, they’re amazing

  28. Paige

    This video was so great! My husband has had his beard for our entire marriage and whenever he shaves it, it feels like Christmas!


  29. Kristin

    Ok, that was the best video ever, you guys are the best, especially about the shaving legs part….I hate it, but I do it!! Lol …Josh looks awesome without the beard, way younger….you both did a great job!!! Love you guys!!! Kristin:) :)

  30. Laura

    In the late 90s (when I was a teenager) my dad shaved off the moustache he had had my entire life. My siblings and I thought he looked ridiculous, especially his seemingly giant upper lip. We teased him relentlessly! Now, 15-ish years later, he is still clean shaven and we like to make fun of old pictures where he still has the ‘stache. Poor Dad, can’t win.

    I hope you got the kids’ reactions on camera! I bet they were hilarious. :)

  31. Amy V

    I would have loved to see the look on the kids faces! I’ve followed your blog for so many years (pre-Eleanor!) and have seen Josh both with and without beard, which seems weird as I don’t know you personally, but I’m partial to my husband’s beard and so I agree with Naomi :)

  32. Shiloh

    My hubs has a wicked beard too, mostly because I love him with a beard (though we met and were married with him beardless). He just trimmed it the other day, not shaved, but it made me miss that big beard. He’s a bearded beauty! Long live beards!

  33. Allison

    I’m with you on beards on husbands-I love my husband’s beard!! I hate when he shaves-he has baby face. I have the same reaction whenever he shaves-sometimes he doesn’t even tell me and he just does it-so annoying!


  34. I loved this video. It made my day. Laughed out loud several times.

    I like Josh clean shaven…sorry, Naomi?

  35. Conny

    I loved this video of you and your josh, naomi! I can’t wait to see more! I’ve been thinking of doing fun vlogs like these on my own channel, but have been going back and forth on wether i should do it or not! Thanks for the push :-)


  36. sarah

    i think i would cry if my husband shaved his beard off! but sometimes a change is nice (temporarily of course…) even though he’s in a suit and tie every day for work i insist on some facial hair! josh, bring back the beard!

  37. Catherine

    “oh I’m sure everyone will let us know, don’t worry about that” oh my gosh I died of laughter. I love how you just brush it off— good for you:)

  38. Catherine

    Ps. CANNOT wait for the details on your no sugar year. Im so interested on how in depth you guys go with it.

  39. stella

    Clean shaven! So nice! Beards are so done!
    Cant wait for you to visit us in Sydney. Do all the tourist stuff- its good fun. Also, lots of hipster hangouts in Sydney if you get off the tourist circuit. Happy exploring.

  40. bren w

    So adorable, both of you. My husband has had a beard for most of our 32 years together. The first time he shaved it off, our daughter was not quite 2 and her reaction was so sad. In fact, she told him ” Not my daddy!” It took a few days for her to get used to it.
    Josh, you look good without the beard but the beard adds a little something special :)

  41. Amy

    What a cute video & couple! All marriages should be like yours– the world would be a better and happier place! He looks great either way! I’m undecided! ?

  42. felisha

    You two are hilarious together – I fully support more vlogs. Also, Josh should keep his beard! Most men would be jealous to have such a great beard like that!



    You both are adorable! My husband and I go through the same thing! honestly – I get a wee bit peeved when he shaves…he knows that. So now it’s a joke, but still….Viva La Beard!

  44. Elizabeth

    He looks so much younger with the beard! Honestly I might like without beard better! Just looks so nice and clean. However, the beard was great as well. Not a bad problem to have looking good either way :)

  45. drea

    Such a fun video & interaction between you too.

    As many have said, he does look younger, but also think the beard suits him & makes him looks like a hip NYC dad.

  46. Tessa

    this felt like a throwback blog post and I loved it! you two made me smile. I’m clearly in the minority but I prefer no beard. a little 5 o’clock shadow is my favorite on my husband, but never a full beard, :)

  47. Liz P

    This video was too cute! I love both looks and I agree he looks younger without the beard. Whatever he feels better with is the look I support!

  48. Gabriella

    That was hilarious! And this video reminds me of that super old one where you both were eating the popsicles and couldn’t stop laughing!! Haha!


  49. Meg

    ah, finally.. this is the start of the end of the hipster!! yaaaaaaaaaaay

  50. Brooke

    This is awesome to watch considering I know there are couples out there that have the beard debate or dilemma but sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. What is so different about this to me is that you actually love his beard….even when it is VERY long! Your husband was actually the one WANTING to shave it!! My husband just recently “trimmed up” his beard that he had been growing out and was very proud of. In my opinion it was going a little crazy. I mean, there were beard hairs that were just straying from his face EVERYWHERE!! I almost feel bad because I told him I loved him regardless and he could do what he wanted but I found him more attractive without the overly grown beard. I said it so much that he ended up trimming it up pretty good and doing something he didn’t want to do because he felt I wasn’t attracted to him anymore! I know! I’m horrible!! Ladies, even if that beard is killing you………..SUPPORT THAT BEARD!!!!!!! One day that may may not have anymore hair to speak of so for the love of facial hair…CHERISH IT!!!!

  51. Lisa

    I love how your personalities came through in this video. You both are so fun, and, YES, Josh does look younger. My husband has a goatee he shaves off from time to time. He likes it because without it everyone tells him he has a baby face.

  52. Joy

    My husband once shaved his beard off for Movember – he cried more than I did. He is now back to full beard loveliness.
    BTW: Josh looks good with or without – but beards are best!

  53. Kristin

    Hi!!!! I always get so sad when my husband shaves his beard off. Thankfully we are now in full beard mode. He actually most recently grew it back to “romance” me – lol. New baby (well, he’s 1.5 now but our first!) and bringing back more of that love. You know …. Here’s to handsome husbands with and without beards :)

  54. Tina Rogers

    OMG – this is so funny! My husband has a beard and when he shaved it, the kids said ‘No Daddy! Grow it back! ‘ so he did. I love scruff too.

  55. Anke

    Hahaha, that video made me crack up! That is EXACTLY how I feel when my boyfriend shaves his beard. I love him anyway, but I really really really love him more with a beard. Without it, he looks like a boyscout (so does Josh btw). And your reaction when you came back after nursing: that is SO my face too :) How did the kids react? My daughter (18 months) just really started laughing out loud. :D
    Oh, and: Josh does the exact same thing as Paolo when shaving his beard: first he leaves the long moustaches, then only a big moustache, and then he goes all the way. Josh, next time: just leave the beard!

  56. Steffi

    I cannot believe it, that he really did it. But I love the funny video about it and the “ew” josh. I liked the bearded one, but this one I think is more my type of man I like ;) Thanks for the great video and the laughter.

  57. Emily

    Hahahahah I loved when you were like, “Oh, they’ll let us know.” It must be hard being such a big blogger with everyone looking at your life and criticizing it all the time! Ugh, people are so annoying sometimes! Just know you’re awesome and this video was cute and I think Josh looks great either way :). Your hair, on a different note, is srsly killin’ it. That color is A+.

  58. Britt

    OMG! Is this the end of the hipster-beard area? If the bloggers stop having one… I should warn my hipster bearded friends that it is officially over :D haha!

    xx B

  59. Darcie

    You two are too much fun! A delightful video to watch while eating my lunch. I was hoping there would be a small snippet to see the kids’ reactions at the end, but that’s okay. I’m sure Conrad was adorable trying to figure it all out.

    So I have to share…my dad has had a mustache my entire life. I have seen pictures of him before the mustache and while I can pick him out of group pictures from his younger days, he (too me) looks nothing like my dad. He works with a youth group and the kids dared him to shave it one day and while he didn’t do it, as soon as I heard about it, told him very seriously (but kind of jokingly) that I would not speak to him again until the mustache was back if he ever did shave it off. Just not my dad without the mustache! :)

  60. Desiree

    He looks soo much younger!!!

  61. Lane

    Please make more videos like this one! You guys are too darling for words!!!?

  62. you two are too cute! and Josh definitely looks alot younger!

  63. That was so funny!! And so real. I think at first i hated the beard. Then i thought it was cool. Then when off i thought it was so awkward again. But now i think it looks just cleaner. Do it the way french guys do it. Scruffy but not long. Its tricky though… Its just weird to shave when it gets cold though?! Not logical ??? anyway. You guys just crack mw up. And how exactly do you never look tired?? Id love a grumpy january post… Btw @taza are you still going to dance classes? That would be an awesome video too! Good luck and enjoy burlington!!
    xx rapha

  64. Lindsay

    You two are adorable! More videos please! :)

  65. Tiffany Lorenzana

    I agree. I love men with facial hair. When I met my husband 17 years ago he had some facial hair and I fell in love with him then. He was a chef in a restaurant and had to cut it all off I wasn’t happy. Now he’s in charge and he has a small scruf beard back. I’m all over it. Loved this video. And I’m a huge fan of your family xoxo

  66. Sara

    What?! I definitely feel like your family picture on the site has to change now! Don’t change it though…it’s a beautiful photo. Josh, I vote beard man! Scruff is good but beards for-ev-ver! OMG how is there no beard emoji?! ?

  67. Kaylee

    I just watched it and looooved it haha
    You are such a perfect couple! Couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole vlog :) Your vlogs are always my favorite!! xx


  68. Jen

    This was mega adorable!

  69. You both are the absolute sweetest couple!!!

    Long live beards!!!

  70. Ginger

    Good gravy, how has no one already asked about the pink top? :)

    I have a similar one (love the thumb holes), but they are out of stock and yours looks just different enough from mine for me to have hope that you have another source I’m unaware of. I’d love it if you’d share!

    [This video is adorable! I’m a fan of clean shaven men, but I’m a big fan of the smooch, so I think mine is more skin-selfishness than aesthetics.]

    • TAZA

      it’s from lululemon! i love it! hope you find what you’re looking for!