a roadtrip to vermont, with friends!

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since we haven’t had any snow just yet in new york city this winter, we decided it was time we sought some out on our own. we piled into a sprinter with friends last week and drove ourselves up to vermont for some sledding and skiing fun where the snow was a plenty as were much colder temperatures, too! (thank you to everyone who shared their recommendations for the area! you guys never steer us wrong!) anyway, the boys navigated and drove (only getting us stuck once, and lost twice) while amber and i tried to maintain some sense of calm in the back of the car with 5 kids for the 6 hour drive. truth be told, it got crazy at times but in all seriousness, we had the absolute best time!

we are planning a round II of ski lessons (for mama as well this time) when we head to utah next month! by the way, i keep meaning to tell you that josh and i are speaking at rootstech in salt lake city in feburary! if you’re in the area, i would love to see you there! we are keynote speakers on friday morning the 5th at the conference and we are so excited! you can learn more all about the conference and get tickets HERE. hopefully we’ll see there you!

anyway, a few photos from vermont…


i don’t know why we are all leaning towards our right in this photo but it is cracking me up! i keep wanting to sing, to the left, to the left. when i see it. ;)


we stayed at the cutest little hotel in stowe, vermont, called field guide. the hotel left a little basket at our door each morning with homemade muffins and granola and fruit and juice in little jars tied with string which made everything feel extra special. i don’t know why little details like that make me so happy, but they do. thanks for hosting us, field guide! thank you for a wonderful stay, field guide!


on our last morning, josh and david did a super early morning breakfast run to get warm croissants and apple cider at the trapp family bakery since we were taking off earlier in the morning than usual. they also picked up some homemade cinnamon rolls  from the same bakery and it was one of the first times since my no added sugar start that i was truly sad about my decision. ;)


conrad loves his little rosie friend. she is seriously the sweetest baby who just sleeps and eats and never makes a peep! thanks a lot rosie, for making my baby fever extra fever-y.


so people of vermont…. please tell me, do they keep the adorable lights and decor up for most of the year or is just for the holiday season? because every home and store front and tree lined street felt so festive and fun and if it’s year round, i think we have to discuss a relocation sometime soon.


just chillin’ with a sleeping baby on me while the kiddos had their ski lesson one day.


we enjoyed that big sledding hill all to ourselves one morning until none of us could feel our toes anymore!


he wanted to go down the hill from the very top! and while i screamed the entire way down and tried to brake with my feet, he laughed and yelled “whoooooo hooooooo!” i sure love his adventurous spirit!


the clouds were just as pretty as the snow.


snow angels!!!!


thanks to so many of you who recommended piecasso pizza, we were all brought back to our childhood enjoying that pineapple, bacon and bbq sauce pizza.


the way conrad eats his pizza makes me die everytime! haha.


more cute houses that i couldn’t get enough of.


green smoothies for my boys.


and we all tried a bite of our very first vegan, sugar free cupcake while trying some fresh fare at healthy living market and cafe, which one of josh’s friends recommended.


time for a ski lesson!


got a lot of colors going on but i didn’t have snow pants and these were the ones that fit best at a local shop in vermont. haha! literally found them in the kids section! but they are so warm, i might wear them all over new york, even without the snow, this winter.

ver01-020101-6 and i am so proud of these kids and how well they did on the mountain with their skis! it has me all sorts of inspired and excited to get on the mountain myself when we head to utah in february and figure this whole skiing/snowboarding thing out. even if it freaks me out a little bit. a family that skis together, stays together…right?! ;)

ps. a blog post HERE from a few years ago when eleanor and samson had their first attempt on skis in park city, utah! always fun to see how big they’ve grown since that first time! so teeny tiny back then…

also, the kids snow suits are from polarn o pyret. my sperry boots and eleanor’s sperry boots. all of our coats are from patagonia including my shell. josh’s coat by barbour (sold out, but similar here.) using the ergo carrier (still our favorite carrier, three babies later) with conrad in these photos, too.

  1. Natali

    Talking about a bunch of happy campers?! :D Lovely photos! These photos are a proof of that even in Winter time you can have so much fun and activities outdoors. :)


  2. dawn

    Looks like you had a great time! I love Vermont and want to retire there someday!

  3. ah you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the skiing when you come to utah! i went on saturday and it was some of the best snow i’ve skied on in years! vermont looked like a dream and i can’t get over samson’s faces while sledding lol. cute thing! hope you guys had fun. amber is the sweetest.


  4. Dana

    Looks like SO much fun! I’ve never been to Vermont – looks beautiful! PS: Those sunnies look gorgeous on you!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  5. Oh man I love these kinds of trips with friends! And that adventurous spirit of your kids is amazing, I am sure you will love getting on some lessons yourself in February!

    Lots of love,

  6. hanna

    The trip looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  7. Emma

    I was wondering if you could mention where your sunglasses are from? they are fabulous!

  8. Paige

    All of these snow pictures are making this New Yorker in Georgia miss the snow and winter like something fierce! I wish I could be in Utah to see you guys speak, I know you’re going to nail it!


  9. Alicia

    Oh these pictures make me miss snow even more! Can’t wait to spend some time in the snow with our two littles next winter!

  10. Sammy

    What fun!

  11. megan

    Looks like such a fun little getaway!! I love that you two families are friends!

    Happy Monday // http://lifeplusbe.com

  12. melissa

    Your trip looks fun, but you blew my mind saying you’re speaking at RootsTech! I am a total family history nerd and I’m going–though I’m not sure I’ll be there Friday. Enjoy your Utah time. :)

  13. Tammy

    so fun! my sister and i took ski lessons growing up and i’m so happy that we did because i loved my family ski trips and it’s something that i can continue to do for a long time :)


  14. I love Stowe!!! You guys look like you had such a great time. The kiddos are adorable.

  15. Rachel

    What a fun trip! I love all of your pictures! :) Amber is one of my favorite bloggers, so that is so cool that you all went together.

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  16. felisha

    My two favorite NYC bloggers! I’m so happy to see this. Also, we may not have snow just yet – but I’m sure it will here soon enough with this crazy weather.


  17. Rachelle

    My favourite blog family! You’re the only blog I follow. Love your spirit and smiles. Would love glasses details! Keep up the great bloggin! And instagrammin! And snap chattin! ;)

  18. Kristin

    Love, love all pictures!!! Vermont is an amazing place, we have only been there once,truly lovely. So glad you all had a wonderful time!!xoxo :)

  19. Flavia

    I can’t believe it!! You Look so cute!! I followed Amber for years and i know she is a beautiful mom, but i don’t know that still exists more…haha ?. Love the photos! Rosie is such a cute little angel! ?xoxo Flavia

  20. Masha

    Great trip and very fun pics. May I ask you to make someday a post about the kids menu in your family? I’d really like to know what your kids eat now and what preferred at the age of 1,5. If you have any taboo for them?

  21. Okay now I really Really want to go to Vermont! I live just outside of NYC and I can’t believe the lack of snow this year!! I miss sledding most of all! If your kiddos can ski maybe I’ll have to give it a go! =)

  22. sasha

    Looks like a lot of fun! Can you let us know where your sunglasses are from? I love them and am looking for new pair!

    Cheers from California

  23. Kimberly

    I loved reading this and seeing your pictures! My husband and I lived in Vermont for a year while he attended culinary school so it was fun to see, it brought back great memories!

    Kimberly | MyKindofSimple.com

  24. Rachel

    Great sledding photos! I’d love to know where you’re sunglasses are from too. They’re rad.

  25. Two of the cutest families around! :)

  26. ashlee

    So much fun, I agree with you about all those homes, they are cutest! I would also love Christmas decor all year!


  27. The kids look so cute with their suits!. Can’t wait to see mine!.

  28. Monica

    Your husband looks so young! I so admire you don’t hesitate to take your kids on adventures. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Lauren Bee

    Sometimes I wish I would wake up in the morning and look just like you. No one could take a photo of me decked out in snow gear, just chillin’ out and looking that pretty!

    Looks like a fun trip! I feel especially passionate about the early morning croissants and apple cider. So cosy.

    I need to know if Josh’s face remembered what cold felt like ;)

  30. Maura

    Naomi- I am originally from southern Vermont and I can tell you that growing up most people I knew kept their decor up until about June or July. (But that was usually out of pure laziness or indifference!) People of Vermont are truly unique and wonderful. I’m glad you had a nice time. You should plan a trip for the summer or fall as there’s lots to do and it’s really beautiful then also!

  31. Mollie

    Vermont looks like a dream! I’ve given up on winter here in Charleston. I was hoping that I would see at least one snow flake while I live here. One more year to try! Love these pictures (and now I want a green smoothie).

  32. Conny

    Lovely photos, Naomi! I hope i can go to Vermont one day too!! So glad to see you all had such a blast!

  33. Pam

    Aw I love seeing you guys with the Clark family! So much cuteness in one post. Hope you had an amazing time together in the snow! xo


  34. SMEEBE

    Looks AMAZIN’!!!! Def a road trip I would like to take with my family someday. Love the purple pants btw!

  35. Katharine

    I grew up in a mountain town in Idaho and my mom always said the family that skis together… Bitches a lot. Ha! I think she stole it from a warren miller film. Can’t wait to get my boys on skis and continue the tradition ;)

  36. Vermont looks great, looks like you really enjoyed your trip! can’t wait for winter to show up in our part of france, we do miss skiing a lot!
    m., s. & a.

  37. Maya

    I miss the beard. Bring it back!