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we have a really exciting giveaway for you guys today from the incredible UK technology start-up, technology will save us! josh and i both were so excited when they reached out asking to partner because introducing new ways to learn and create with our little ones using technology has been something we’ve wanted to do more of.  with technology being such a huge part of our generation, we’ve been looking for ways to introduce opportunities to our children to problem solve or design or build with technology that allows their minds to really think while giving their hands the chance to create and make.

technology will save us sent eleanor and samson two of their DIY electro dough gift boxes which gave us a full morning of play creating different sculptures and scenes with play-doh (eleanor decided all on her own to make a rocket ship and samson decided he wanted to make a purple car) that came to life with lights, buzzers and switches! they did a great job and we were so happy to see their little brains and hands and imaginations working so hard. if you ask either of them what an LED light stands for, they can now tell you! my dad the engineer would be so proud! ;)

technology will save us has a shop filled with different kinds of kits for all ages and interests, all tech based things you make yourself!  kits for gamers, musicians, coders and makers! i’m excited to try a few of the others when the little ones are bit older, like this DIY thirsty plant kit (for 8+) or this DIY speaker kit.

we’ve teamed up with technology will save us to give away a future inventor kit! the inventors kit is huge, because it’s a collection of 2 sets of ALL their kits along with lots of other great things like stickers and inventors sketchbooks. if you don’t keep the second set of kits, they’d be great as gifts to inspire other future inventors or little friends!

details for the giveaway at the bottom of this post…


it’s like christmas came early! they were so excited!


we weren’t quite sure what we wanted to create at first, and for a minute i got so excited at the possibilities, i had to hold myself back and let the kids do their thing. haha!


samson made several pizza’s out of play-doh while we began eleanor’s rocket!


i’m really proud of eleanor’s rocketship! she made that all on her own, the buzzer being the window, and the orange play-doh being the flames! she ended up putting that purple smiley on for a finishing touch after everything was finished which cracked us up!


it did not get old seeing his purple car light up! haha!

0we’re excited to be giving away a special future inventor kit to one lucky reader! this kit includes 2 sets of each kit as well  as stickers and inventors sketchbooks. you might not need 2 sets of each kit, and can use the second set as gifts this season to inspire other future inventors or little friends!

to enter, please visit technology will save us and decide which kit you or your little one would like to give a go! then come back here and comment below telling us which one! giveaway closes december 18th, and the giveaway winners will be drawn at random and contacted directly. good luck! and thank you to technology will save us for the dough kits and also for sponsoring this post!

  1. Katie

    This is really cool! Especially because I hated the circuit boards in elementary school.

    I think the dough one is the most age appropriate one for my girls. But the others look neat! All great for my husband to do with my daughters because electricity is still magic to me.

  2. Phillippa

    DIY thirsty plant set! Thanks!

  3. Joyce

    Electrodoughluxe please!!!!

  4. JiaYing

    My 4 year old would love the electro dough kit!

  5. Lisa Cordova

    I know my creative nieces would love the Electro Dough-Luxe (:

  6. Julie

    Gamer Kit

  7. Marielle

    My 2 little ones would love to play with the Electro Dough-luxe!

  8. Courtey

    What a great concept! My daughter Eve go bananas. She’s always trying to invent things like “Rosie Revere, Engineer” (her favorite book). Love the electro dough-luxe box!

  9. Michela

    I sent this link to my husband at work today and he flipped out. What an amazing set of activities! Finally! Fun science that’s gender neutral! The Dough-luxe kit would be amazing! And I would wait very impatiently until my girls could sit down and solder and code their own game!! Thanks for featuring such a great product :)

  10. tucsonsandy

    The Electro dough luxe kit!

  11. Trisha H

    The electro dough kit looks so fun!

  12. Jana Griffis

    The electro-dough kits would be so perfect for my niece & nephews this christmas!

  13. Nina

    I’d love the Electro Dough-luxe kit for my daughter. Also I’d love to know where your pretty knitted top is from :)

  14. Nicole S

    Definitely the electro dough kit for my play-doh loving 3 year old!

  15. Samantha

    What a great concept! My four year old would love the DIY ELECTRO DOUGH KIT. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Vicki

    My oldest is Samson’s age and would get a kick out of the electro dough-luxe!

  17. Sara

    That looks like ao much fun! My little one is still too young for yhis but my husband would probably have a blast with the gamer kit!

  18. Sara

    That looks like ao much fun! My little one is still too young for this but my husband would probably have a blast with the gamer kit!

  19. Kristin

    The Electro Dough Kit would be so much fun for my 4-year-old!

  20. Marcella

    I would love to get the START ARDUINO KIT for mt nephew, he would get such a surprise! Thanks, Marcella x

  21. Leah

    My child would LOVE the Electro Dough-Luxe!

  22. melinda

    the DIY Speaker kit!

  23. Verity

    Ido love the look of the electro-dough kit, however the thirsty plant kit would be perfect for us, as we have so many plants around our flat!

  24. Pauline B.

    The DIY electro dough kit that your little ones tried looks so cool! Most age appropriate for mine as well. Though I admit I can’t wait for him to get older for games like the Gamer Kit – looks so cool! Thanks for a chance at winning one of these!

  25. Melissa S.

    The electric dough-luxe I think! What a great idea.

  26. definitely the dough kit since my lil man is younger!

  27. Ani

    My niece would love the DIY Electro Dough Kit!

  28. Tara

    READY SOLDERED would be so cool for my boys!

  29. Teri

    Electro dough set, FTW! Thanks for the giveaway. (for my grandson, of course!)

  30. Nicole C

    Seriously!!! The dyi gamer is amazing! My 8 year old would be in heaven!

  31. Caroline

    This is totally what I’ve been looking for! The thirsty plant of the speaker kits is where is start.

  32. Jami Baayd

    My kids would love the Synth kit!

  33. Alfia Ilicheva

    DIY Thirsty Plant Kit!

  34. Sibel E

    Electro dough kit looks like a lot of fun!

  35. Ara

    This seems like such a great way to make challenging concepts accessible and fun! My girls are young, so the electro dough kit would be most appropriate for them now, but how cool would it be to teach them how to code down the road?!

  36. Dylann Stubblefield

    We would have a blast with the thirsty plant kit!

  37. Yesenia Morales

    I love this! I know my girls will love the Diy Electro Dough Kit , they would have so much fun !

  38. colleen

    The DIY gamer set would be perfect! thanks for sharing such a great brand.

  39. This is such a fantastic idea, I love the what this company stands for! My 2 boys are the same ages almost exactly as Eleanor and Samson and would love to do something like this. I tried to create myself something like the electro kit but wasn’t so successful so that would be super fun or the Arduino kit would be incredibly cool.

  40. steph o

    My sweet little toddler would love the electro dough kit. Thanks for such a cool giveaway! I used to work for an engineering firm pre kids and my husband is an attorney by day, science nerd by night, so this is right up our alley :)

  41. Rachel

    I love this brand – I went to a Big Bang Data exhibition the other week which explores the tech, data and creativity and they were selling this brand in the gift shop, so I bought one of the kits for my brother-in-law for Christmas.

    I would choose the electro-dough-lux kit as my daughter, at just older than Samson, is really into finding out how things work and exploring, and I’m keen that she learns about technology in an organic way as part of her childhood.

    Crossed fingers!

  42. Margaret

    The electro dough-luxe just like you all are using looks mighty fun! My kids are still a bit little for these fun kits but nephew turns 4 next month and this is right up his alley. What a fun project!

  43. Jill

    DIY gamer kit would be awesome!

  44. Elena

    My girls would love the Electro Dough Kit. Thanks!

  45. Amanda

    My son would LOVE the electro dough kit! I showed him the rocket that Eleanor made and he was so impressed! Thank you!

  46. Erin

    Thirsty plant, for sure! We’re into all things gardening over here!

  47. Kara Williams

    Our kids would love the electro dough kits! How fun!

  48. Laura G.

    I am so excited about this company. As a woman in science, I’m a huge supporter of STEM toys for children and these look amazing. The dough-luxe kit would be perfect for my almost 4 year old. Fingers crossed we win!

  49. Joyce

    The DIY Synth Kit!!

  50. Suzy

    I like the DIY Speaker Kit – I think our little one would love playing with this! So educational and neat.

  51. KB

    My vote would be for the DIY Gamer Kit – what a fun activity to do with my kid!

  52. Oodie

    I like the Electro Dough-luxe Kit!!

  53. Susan

    Hmm – so many great choices – the DIY Thirsty Plant seems like it would be the best fit for my toddler. She loves to garden :)

  54. KJ

    I like the DIY Synth Kit! Very cool!

  55. Erika

    What an AWESOME company! My four year old would LOVE the electro dough kit! Great giveaway. I love “toys” that actually teach something. :)

  56. Mary

    My 5 year old son would love the Electro Dough Kit for sure!

  57. Liberty

    Ahh! These kits make this daughter of an inventor’s heart sing! I’d want the thirsty plant kit, but the babe in my belly might be quicker to use the electro dough!

  58. Susan

    A DIY thirsty plant kit would be lovely! We kill everything around here but we sure love to create!

  59. Jen

    The dough kit looks like so much fun!

  60. Mari-ann

    My little one would love the thirsty plant kit!

  61. Electro doughlux please.

  62. Ati

    The electro dough-luxe for my children. Hope it is not to late fot the comment.

  63. Danielle

    I think my kids would really love the play doh set as well – however the speaker kit and plant kit looks really cool too!

  64. Carrie

    I love the electro dough-luxe! Thanks!

  65. Sacha

    The DIY Gamer Kit would be a huge hit in our house. Fighters crossed!

  66. sarah r

    i think my girl would love the Electrodoughluxe kit!

  67. Shilah

    I’d want the electric dough kit to give my daughter for her fourth birthday. She’d go crazy over it!

  68. Kimber

    Love this so much! My dad was an inventor, and I have such fond memories of him tinkering in his workshop. I love this electro dough so much, I just ordered one (in case I don’t win :-). But I have a hunch my little makers would have a ball using THREE of them, if we’re the lucky winners! Big Christmas hugs to you guys!!

  69. Kristin

    Where is your sweater from?! ??