my superman, samson.

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we were in a store the week before last, searching for “warm” leggings (is there such a thing?!) for eleanor, when samson spotted this superman sweatshirt way up high on display. it’s not often, if ever, he’s too particular about what he’s wearing, but this superman sweatshirt made him gasp so loud in excitement. it was such a moment of complete joy and excitement and wonder, he had me sold. the sweatshirt came home with us.

similar to his superman t-shirt from this summer, it’s been worn almost every day since. it’s the cutest thing, living with a super hero who hasn’t ever even seen a movie or tv show about superman, so everything he goes off is based on photos he’s seen, what people have told him and his imagination. which makes it all the more adorable to witness.

for example, superman isn’t just a hero. he’s a teacher, according to S.  whenever he’s wearing his sweatshirt, he also pulls out big books and opens them up and says, “i’m going to teach you all the things.” and then proceeds to “read” us lots and lots of words.  or, how at any given moment when he’s wearing his coat as well as his sweatshirt, he’ll unzip his coat to display his emblem in proper super man style but sometimes also while dancing, because superman is a dancer, too. one who has most definitely mastered the hip wiggle.

i love superman.

samsonsuper-5samsonsuper-4samsonsupersamsonsuper-6supersamson1samsonsuper-7samsonsuper-10samsonsuper-9ps. superman sweatshirt found at gap kids (i don’t see it online though, we found it at the store.) samson’s coat from here and my yellow coat from here.

  1. Megan

    They make leggings that are fuzzy inside and super warm. I have some in adult sizes, not sure about kids though.

  2. Queenie

    So adorable! xxx

  3. Sarah

    Check out Gymboree – warm & fuzzy leggings. I believe they are sold out online now but stores may still have them. A bought a bunch for my girls and they are perfect for winter.

  4. Megan

    This is quite possibly the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time!

    Happy Monday //

  5. Tammy

    i love that samson hasn’t even seen superman, yet loves him anyway. kids’ imaginations are unbelievable :) why can’t i still be that creative?!

  6. Cerys

    He’s so cute!

  7. Katie

    Cute boy! My son is the same with Spider-Man. Just a tip – I found fleece lined leggings for my little girl at Gymboree ?

  8. Suzanne

    To your question about warm leggings, Uniqlo has fleece-lined leggings that look super warm. I also have their regular heat-tech leggings which are great on their own or under jeans on a super cold day. Not sure if they have a kid-sized version, but it’s worth a shot!

  9. Jaymi

    I’ve commented here before, but my kids are almost the same ages as yours. My middle, Sam, is a month older than your Samson and, not only do they look similar, but they seem to have the exact same personalities as well. I totally picture my Sam reacting the same way to a Superman sweatshirt when he normally doesn’t care what he wears at all.

  10. Kendra

    So cute Samson! There is such a thing as warm leggings–Gymboree has some fleece-lined ones that are SO cozy in all different patterns and solid colors.

  11. Liz

    all i have to say is: $129 for a kid’s coat? O_O

  12. Paige

    Samson is so cute! I love that sweatshirt… I’ll have to check our local gap to see if they have it in stock.


  13. Too cute!!! Samson is so adorable!!


  14. jenn

    lou and grey (i.e. anne taylor loft) has leggings that I swear by! wide waistband, thick material (like so thick you can stretch as hard as you can and non see through-ness happening)… and the best part? no “pilling”. the material is seriously wears the best and looks nice wash after wash….

  15. Ivana

    H&M has some warm leggings (without being the fleeced one!).
    I’m not really into H&M but these leggings turned out to be perfect for this season!
    Hey SamsonMan, you’re a hero!

  16. Oh what a happy cutie-pie. I wish that imagination and creativity would stay with us forever after we grow up. Isn’t it almost magical how they can seem to form this whole other world in their heads and believe in it 100%. I love it! Thanks for sharing Naomi this brought a smile to my face! :) <3

  17. Karen

    Well thats the cutest. <333

  18. Kaylee

    His little smiles though! Superman might be his next Halloween costume :D xx

  19. Rachel

    I love their stages. Sam was REALLY into Ninja Turtles last year and he hadn’t seen any episodes! Like, he knew all the characters, and bad guys. It’s so fun to see how they learn about this stuff!

  20. Adrienne

    I love your yellow coat, it would brighten up even the greyest winter day!

  21. Mer

    He’s the cutest superhero in town!

  22. Trent

    The superman is super cute!