how to take better care of myself this year!

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with the new year just a few days away, i’ve been making little notes here and there about what i’d love to personally get out of 2016 and beyond, especially since i’ll be turning the big 30 this coming year. (eek!) i’m actually so excited for this big milestone approaching, for what i’ve accomplished so far in my life, and for the chance to reflect on how my life will look in my 30s and in the future.

knowing it’s just six months until that little birthday arrives, i’ve already been working towards daily changes to prioritize a happier and healthier me, to put my physical and mental wellbeing at the top of my list of things to take care of.

as a mama of three, it’s sometimes hard to make smart choices for your health when so much of your day first revolves around your kids. i feel like for years i’ve been able to just wing it and get away with zero sleep and eating whatever but i started to see how these choices have been slowly taking their toll this past year. i’m realizing more and more that taking care of my kids means taking care of my body because that affects my mind and mood, and i’m trying to be a good example to them of how to do that.

i’ve partnered with Nexxus New York Salon Care to share below a few things i’ve already been doing and look forward to perfecting even more in the new year…


for my daughter especially, i want her to know that, in such a busy world where she might choose to be a mother someday, hold a demanding job, tackle projects, or do several things simultaneously or interchangeably, taking a pause is really important. that sleep is critical, and exercise is also huge. i also want her to know that taking care of her skin and her hair can do wonders, just like getting dressed each day is important.


since september, i’ve been going to the gym 3x a week (when i’m not traveling) and i’ve been blown away by how much i look forward to and enjoy my workouts.  i find it challenging and motivating every time, and since i really want to prioritize my health, this goal has been huge for me.


since i went to the Nexxus New York Salon last month for a new do and regime (see THIS post), i’ve been using a lot of their products each day at home.  this Nexxus New York Salon Care Youth Renewal Restoring Masque is gold, you guys.  for someone who has put her hair through it all, lots of bleach and color and then on top of it three pregnancies and births and all that post-partum hair fun in a short amount of time, it’s been a little bit sad to see how my hair has aged.  i’ve been using this masque each week and have noticed just how great it is at restoring my hair without weighing it down.

even josh has pointed out how different the texture of my hair has felt this past month or so. i also feel a little more put together having a hair routine each day that doesn’t involve throwing all my hair into a top knot on top of my head, especially in winter when my hair is extra dry and craves some help.


this next one is a big one, and it’s a little bit scary to think about, but i’m going to follow in josh’s footsteps for 2016 and eliminate foods with added sugar from my diet. not entirely (i’m not a complete idiot!), but all those processed treats and desserts i so so so enjoy, and all that soda too. it’s happening.  i’ve seen the change first hand it’s had on my husband, and i want that in my life, too.  i’ve given myself a cheat day each month to enjoy one thing, including holidays and birthdays and a dessert or two when we’re traveling and in a special place, but i know this one will be best for me, because it’s where i truly struggle. and this stuff never helps me out, it just makes my day more complicated. so it’s time i give it the boot.
1038-5 i talk about it all the time, but being the mama of three little ones means there is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. and it’s especially important for me to make sure i’m a good example to my little ones by taking care of myself in different ways, and always representing myself in the best way possible.  it all goes by so fast, so i’m hoping that by doing a few things each day, things that help me stay active and healthy and also feel especially good about my hair and skin and over all self, that i can make a difference in the long run, and i’ll be active and healthy and still happy when my kids are grown and i’m crazy old but still wanting to be around and able to live life to its fullest along side them and their families.

thank you to Nexxus New York Salon Care for sponsoring this post, and also for helping a girl out when it comes to her hair. ;)

  1. Nici

    I love this! I, too, have been considering dropping added sugar for a loooooong time, but I just love sweets so much :) Good for you in taking that next step – I may just follow along with you!

    I am a mama of an amazing 15 month little girl and, like you, I feel the weight of raising a young woman in this world! Of utmost importance to me is teaching her to have a healthy relationship with food and her body, which is something I have not always had. Its a huge challenge but one I take so seriously. I like to think I can change the world in my own little corner of it by raising a strong, caring, compassionate and confident girl.

    Cheers to the new year! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  2. Yay!! You are so right, I wish I could cut out added sugars.. Maybe in 2017 ;)
    Anyway, if it doesn’t count when traveling I am in luck since I travel 50 weeks per year. ^_^

  3. natassa

    thats so true.i;m a mother of two boys 21 and 6 months old and i try so hard to take care of me sometimes because that affects everything around me.thank you for being such an example

  4. Nanette

    cutting out sugar is also one of my goals this coming year! i’m a mom of two little ones and i need to be as healthy as possible too! i have cheat days also so i think it’ll be a breeze. (i hope!) and your hair is looking fabulous! xo.

  5. Emily

    Hi I’ve read your blog for a bit but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. Question on your resolution of no added sugar; I’m thinking of doing something similar but looking for more guidelines besides “shop the store perimeter.” Would you consider whole wheat pasta to have added sugar? Store-bought whole grain bread? I struggle with things like that. :)

  6. vicky

    I really love this. have you shared on any other social media what kind of work outs you’ve been doing – have I missed it?

    this is really encouraging! I need to make little notes here and there that might help vs the huge list of things I do for New Year’s Resolutions that I only halfway end up doing. ha!

  7. Randi

    These are such great goals and things I think a lot about having a daughter as well. I’ve been working out 5x a week since October and do it at home so she can see me exercise. Good luck with cutting out the sugar, I had a donut this morning hahaha. I find when I don’t get enough sleep I make poorer food decisions rather then when I am well rested. With everything you do for your family I think it’s so important to take time to care for yourself too.
    Xo, Randi

  8. Mollie

    This is a great post and a great reminder that we should all be taking better care of ourselves!

    xoxo Mollie

  9. Amanda

    I’m loving, LOVING, your new cut. Can you talk a little more about your wash/style routine? I’m thinking of taking your pic to my next hair appt and curious if yours is something I could actually do with my hair. Your hair appears pretty thick – naturally straight? Anyway, I’d love a little info if you’re willing!

  10. Dara

    I cut sugar completely from time to time – make some healthy sweet treats in the short term to ease the pain x

  11. Trish O

    This is so wise. I am older than you by…a little :) Ok, by a lot. I am 44 and these have been the best years. In my 20s, I could get by. No sleep, bad food was all fine. My kids were little when I was in my 30s. It was a magical time, they were a ton of fun. However, I did not really take much time for myself. I also did not make time for my husband and I as adults. I gained weight and was run down. I really struggled with who I was and what life looked like outside of being Mom. When I hit 40 I decided to make some huge life changes. If you think it is hard keeping up with little ones, just hold on for keeping up with middle school kids. My husband and I have made a point to reconnect as a couple and not just be parents. I do this for me and for my boys. I want my boys to see a mom who is a active and healthy and fun. The better I take care of myself, the less of a crab I am with them. I blinked and my oldest turned 14 yesterday. He will start high school in the fall. I can see the man that he is becoming and want him to have an example of a healthy parent going into the end of his childhood.

    Oh, and keep up on the hair color. My dark brown hair might be grey but I will never know! as I get it colored every 4 weeks. Not negotiable!

  12. Props to you for cutting out sugar! I cut out soda last year and was surprised at how easy it was to keep it up! You find yourself steering towards water and other healthy good stuff. Good luck Naomi!

  13. anise

    right there with yah. sooooooooo excited!

  14. Madeline

    Love this post! What are some of your favorite things to do at the gym? Do you like cardio classes or more relaxing classes…like yoga?

  15. Clara

    I will turn 30 too in 2016 ( in just two weeks). I never feel so peaceful and I’m excited for news and great challenges.
    Your words inspire me tonight.

    xo from France


  16. Fatima

    Good on you for planning to cut out sugar :) my husband and I (and our two toddlers) have mostly quit eating sugar and processed foods, we try to stick to whole foods with lots of veggies and fruits. We still love raw honey though.

    If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend you watch “that sugar film”. It’s awesome motivation to help kick sugar to the curb. Best of luck!

  17. Amy

    Love the sentiment for daughters – we can do (mostly) everything we want and put our minds to!!

    I’m on a constant search to find ‘fun’ workouts and have added dance class to my routine and plan on trying pilates at a studio this year! Keep up the good work!

  18. Bethany

    I’m wondering if you’re going to cut back on the sweets your children eat, and if so, how you’ll handle their requests when they are used to eating treats while out and about in the city? For me, it’s easy when we are home because I don’t keep junk food in the house. BUT!! When visiting friends/family, or out on play dates, it seems foods I’m trying to eliminate or curb are always offered to my kids. It’s awkward to be the parent always pulling out a clementine when others are eating cookies. If it was once and again, I’d relent, but it’s multiple times a week. Thoughts? It’s frustrating!

  19. Sarah Brown

    YES!!!!! I have been making time for myself here at Pure Barre DC and it’s totally transformed my life. The body-mind-soul connection is REAL!

    Also, I recently watched a documentary called That Sugar Film via Amazon Prime. It’s UNBELIEVABLE how negatively fructose affects our bodies and brains. Here’s to a healthier, happier (if that could be possible) you!!!! Keep rockin it, mama! xoxoxo


  20. Dahlia

    Could Josh please do a guest post about his sugar-free year?
    I would love to hear about the struggles, before and after, benefits he saw, and any advice for those of us who would also like to try sugar-free for 2016!

  21. hanna

    The photos of you and your girl are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  22. Jaylee

    Loved this post. Thanks for sharing Naomi!!

  23. Joy

    This is encouraging! I’m going to give birth to my first child, a daughter, any day now…and I’ve definitely thought about how my attitudes toward myself, my body, and beauty will undoubtedly affect her. I want to just show her how important it is to stay fit and strong and to take care of yourself…it’s not about looking perfect! And how doing things early, like wearing sunscreen when you’re young, will help in the long run!

  24. Gem

    Oh my, your words are exactly what I needed to hear/read, thank you. I’ve been wanting to give myself a long-term body MOT for a while now but always found excuses not too – normally of the cake variety, but like you, I have a young child and while ensuring she’s eating well I’m side tracking my own body in the process. The intention has always been there but the motivation has been lacking – silly really! So thank you again for sharing your motivation and determination, and good luck from across the pond :) Happy New Year!!

  25. Just what I needed to read as we hurtle towards 2015… I have 3 under 5 too, and it can be hard to make time! Thank you for the inspiration. Love from the UK. xxx

  26. My husband also cuts sugar out of his diet, we call it his ‘sugar strike’. I’ve never had the strength to do it,but my sugar eating is out of control! I may need to reign it in and follow in your foot steps. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. melissa

    I’m having similar thoughts this year! I was much better at taking care of myself before my second was born, and now I’m expecting my third and things are starting to landslide. Eek. Will you continue to encourage us as you go from this great little internet corner?! :) I can see from the comments that you and I are not the only ones trying to take better care of ourselves this year, but it can be hard in the moment!

  28. Jennifer

    Can you guys do a post about cutting out sugar in your diet? Perhaps Josh could do a guest post about his experience or you could do a post about what you are planning on cutting out of your diet this year? Thinking of doing the same thing! Great post and happy new year!

  29. Caroline

    Cutting out sugar really makes a difference! PS – where is that amazing sweater from?

  30. Mai

    Such a great post !!! I’ve been thinking of quiting sugar/processed foods for a while now, and reading your blog post i’ve decided it was going to be… now. :)
    Can you write a specific blog post about how you are going to do it ? What are you going to take out ? I’ve been making a list all week end but i’m kinda stuck…

    Thanks so much !!!!!

  31. girl your hair looks AMAZING!

  32. Anne

    Hi Naomi,

    I cut refined sugar alltogether out of my life when I was 15 years old. Today I am 26 years, and I have never regreted my decision.

    I just wanted to mention you a few blogs you should check out that would be relevant now you are cutting refined sugar out of your diet: – UK blogger based in London. Ella’s story is pretty amazing and inspiring. For many years she suffered from a rare illness. From one day to antoher she changed her diet completely and cut out all processed food. Her diet is mostly plant based. She has made a long post on cutting out sugar (sugar comes in many different forms and names). – Swedish/Danish blog by David and Louise and their two children. Also mostly a blandt based blog with no additives, refined sugar, gluten etc. Their recipes are amazing!

    Good luck!!

  33. malaika

    good for you Taza !

    cutting out sugar changed my life. I sleep better, have great skin, and rarely feel cranky.

    To the other commenters: YES all grains (including pasta and bread) behave like processed sugar once inside the body and have the same effects: a sudden burst of energy, headaches, acne.

  34. Darcie

    You mentioned that you have a new hair routine/regime…can you talk more about that as I am curious about what this may entail. Thanks!

  35. Stephanie

    These are some of the cutest pics of you!! You’re beaming :)

  36. Stephanie

    Expecting a little girl of my own and was just talking with my husband about all of the things we want our kids to know, the most important being how special and important they are in this big, gigantic world. But…I’d love to know what your skin care routine is, if you don’t mind sharing! I always feel like I’m in a rush with my one-year-old, but need to remember to take some “me” time, which includes my face! xo

  37. Andrea

    Looove your blog!! I’m such a big fan of yours!!
    I’m so impressed you’re going to turn 30 this year and you already have 3 amazing kids!! congrats!!!

  38. Tamara

    I have to be honest! On the start of 2016 I have made the promise to let go of chocolate for an entire year (I know I am crazy) but I was actually inspired by Josh when he quit ice cream and I decided to do that with chocolate. As I felt that i was just too in love with it and eating it in a very unhealthy manner. So It would be lovely for you to talk about your journey more and maybe Josh can have some input of how he spent his year and what changes he felt.