here comes santa claus!

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the kids have been asking to visit their friend santa for a while now, so we stopped by yesterday (we went to the one at the plaza hotel, keeping with tradition!) samson walked straight up to him, “hey santa! i have an elf hat. like the elves in the north pole!” he also asked to “sit on santa’s lap for 3 minutes.” when i said, “sure, you can sit on his lap for a minute…” he cut me off with, “no, 3!” while showing me three fingers in the air! haha!

eleanor was also here and wearing her santa hat no less (i have a feeling we might be seeing that hat well after the holiday passes. christmas through april?!) but she didn’t feel like taking a photo with santa. she did however, ask him for roller blades (WHAT?!) and knee/elbow pads as well (oh goodness) and also double checked what kind of cookie he likes best (it’s chocolate chip if you’re wondering.) other moments worth noting, conrad trying to give santa a kiss (i do not kid!) and samson telling santa is his beard is “too long.”

i sure do love this time of year. MERRY CHRISTMAS, you guyssssssssss!!!!!!!

  1. Tammy

    oh my gosh conrad’s little smile

  2. vicky

    Merry Christmas!!

    So cute. I have to mention this Santa is definitely more Santa like for pictures than any one I’ve ever seen. New York does it right ;)

  3. Vicky

    Aaaah the Kids are so cute!!

    enjoy your day Naomi!

    Vicky // The Golden Bun

  4. omg I can’t even with how much Conrad looks like josh right now!

  5. Danielle

    Wow, Samson looks so much like you in this one, and I always think Conrad looks just like his Dad. Too cute!

  6. Amber

    What a jolly looking Santa! The one I saw at the mall looked like he was on his last leg!

  7. Gabby

    I love this picture- so adorable! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the Davis family! May it be a good one and enjoy every day!

  8. Samson is looking so grown-up! So cute!

  9. Lisa

    I LOVE that your didnt force Eleanor to sit on Santas lap for the picture, I see so many families doing that. Not feeling like sitting in a strange mans lap shouldn’t be forced, Santa or not :P

  10. Alexa

    Can’t believe how red Conrad’s hair is and how much Samson favors your mom!

  11. hanna

    That photo is too cute! –Hanna Lei

  12. Ashley

    Super cute! I don’t know if you know about them, but Big Apple Portraits on the UWS hosts Santa Sessions each year where the kids get more time with Santa and do different poses. It would be right up your alley!

  13. This must have been the highlight of Santa’s day! Your cuties are too sweet to handle. Thanks for sharing your NYC holiday magic with us. We are living vicariously through you!



  14. Elaine

    I can’t believe these two darling boys loving their 3 minute visit with Santa… and he is the best I’ve ever seen. Leave it to the Plaza! yeah

  15. Tonya

    Just wanted to say that I seen you on Kelsey’s Homemade this morning and thought that was awesome. I enjoy watching both of Kelsey’s shows her new one and her original one. She is one of my favorite cooking show hosts to watch as your blog is my absolute favorite to follow.