have a wonderful very merry christmas! and a few photos from life lately…

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hi! i don’t know how christmas snuck up on us so quickly, but it’s happening! we have been so busy the past few days with all of our holiday prep, i’ve neglected posting here! i did a big deep clean of our apartment tonight once the kiddos went to bed and finished wrapping all of their gifts while listening to christmas music and it put me in the best mood! there are about 5 billion christmas things i wanna go see and do before friday, so we’re going to get a move on it early tomorrow and try to enjoy these last few days of december together in the city!

below are a ton of photos from the last week or so!


he has a hat on and he’s smiling! i repeat, the hat is on his head and he’s smiling! being one year old and keeping a hat on is rough, man. and the past few days have been the first where he hasn’t fought it. it makes me all sorts of proud. ;)


my baby brother isaac came to visit for a few days over the weekend! we had such a good time with him! i cannot believe he will be turning 18 this coming february! the kids can’t get enough of their uncle so we were sad to see him go. i’m so proud of him and all he is doing with his life! he has mad talent when it comes to the piano and i could sit and listen to him play for hours. especially his own stuff, his own stuff is the best stuff.  (and also, cold ankles. i know, i know.)


my girlfriend morgan sent us the sweetest little manger and book last month for the holidays. when i opened the book and read it to the kids, i was brought to tears. i told her i had to share it on my blog because i was just so moved. it’s called the giving manger if anyone is interested in doing it with your kiddos (or even on your own!) next year. you place a piece of straw in the manger for each act of service done throughout the month, and it has gotten the idea of serving one another to the forefront of eleanor and samson’s mind. i am so thankful. it’s been a fun few weeks of doing kind acts for one another.


eleanor and samson have started proper piano lessons outside our home and it’s so cute, i die. after we toured the MIM in arizona the other week, eleanor has been asking for several instruments for christmas (with the tuba being the top of the list every day, lol! she actually asked for the tuba last year too!), so we told her that since she probably can’t play that one just yet, if she starts on the piano, then she will be able to play other instruments down the road. they’ve both been so diligent at practicing! i’m proud of them and thankful for nice neighbors who don’t mind the sometimes very loud piano pounding…i mean playing!


by the way, last summer josh bought this self-teaching piano book that comes with stickers for the keys for the kiddos, which they have pretty much mastered in their own time at home! i highly recommend it if anyone is looking!


lunch at parm! you just can’t go wrong with any of it. i crave it daily.


watching a few minutes of Elf (one of our favorite christmas movies) on sunday afternoon on my laptop while josh and i were making dinner in the kitchen! i love how conrad just sprawled out on his uncle’s lap and watched a bit of it. he hasn’t done that before! but he was truly intrigued.

merry1-6 merry1-5merry-3merry-2

LOOK at that cute little gnome! (ps. he was keeping his hat on so nicely i was nervous to take it off in fear he’d suddenly remember it, so we just kept it on pretty much during our entire outing. haha!)


homemade pierogi! my mom sent a ton of frozen ones out with my little brother in a second suitcase! potato, cherry and blueberry ones! the best! (ps. i blogged the recipe here if you’d like to try them!)

merry-5marry02 merry01

we hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

ps. my guide from last year on what to do in NYC over the holidays, if you’re visiting!

also, for all who have asked in the comments, apologies on including links to where items were from the first time around. i completely forgot! my cream sweater shown in the last photo is from free people (and on sale!) and the navy velvet dress is from anthropologie. my black puffer coat is from jcrew this season (additional 40% off right now, too!) and conrad’s little gnome hat is from hanna andersson. my black ankle boots (the most comfy in all the world– wore them for years, including all over amsterdam and paris, love them so much) are from here.

  1. Tammy

    oh my gosh- where to even start?
    i love the idea of the giving manger. the story and illustrations are beautiful. and look at the way samson is looking at the manger in the picture!

    conrad is just the cutest little gnome in those pictures. never take that hat off!!! happy holidays to your family


  2. Haley

    Where is the navy dress you’re wearing in your kitchen from?? So cute!

  3. Paige

    Those shoes!! Where did you get them? :)

  4. Raph

    Oh the joy, the colors, the smiles… Thanks for sharing as always!!! You have a good eye for happiness!!
    Btw where is this adorbs piano C is playing on from??? So pretty!
    Happy holiday to you and your awesome superheroes family!!!

    • TAZA

      it was a gift actually from a friend for samson’s birthday a few years ago, so i’m not sure. but they have really cute ones on amazon if you just search toy pianos!

  5. Cynthia

    Oh Taza, how I love your blog. I don’t even have a husband or children yet, but I’m still addicted to your blog anyways, it’s weird, but I’m okay with it. Your very inspirational, like a role model, and a great example of what a trendy and modern day housewife is. Keep it up!

    Happy Holidays and much love from Arizona -Cynthia.

  6. Kasia

    Wow how nice it is to read your blog and suddenly bump into pierogi! I’m from Poland and we are currently having preparations for Christmas Eve and pierogi are a ‘must have’ for Christmas Eve dinner!

  7. Arina

    I love your amazing yellow-green piano! Where did you get it?

    • TAZA

      thank you, it’s an old piano that i painted yellow myself!

  8. Fabulous fun photos as always. Thank you for the inspiration this past year and for giving me a brief moment out of the chaos in my family life to read about yours. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas making magical memories.

  9. Aicha

    Love love LOVE your jumper in the last picture! Do you mind if I ask where you got it? Also: Conrad looks so adorable with his little hat! What a cutie.

    • TAZA

      thank you aicha! the sweater in the last photo is from free people! conrad’s hat is from hanna andersson. thanks again!

  10. Secil

    Hi Naomi, the photos of you and your family are beautiful and I love reading your posts! Really nice piano by the way. And I’m sure it is fun to have your kids play it too.

  11. christy

    Hey – where’s your cream sweater from? Happy Xmas?

    • TAZA

      hi christy! it is from free people!

  12. megan

    Merry Christmas to the Davis Family!!! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I love how it is focused around family. And Conrad is beginning to look like Samson!!

    • TAZA

      thanks so much, megan! means a lot. have a happy new year!!!

  13. Paige

    Your kids are just so stinkin cute! I die looking at those little fingers at the piano! My son is about the same age as yours. I should start getting him some piano lessons!


  14. Merry Christmas Naomi, Josh, Eleanor, Samson, & Conrad!

  15. bri

    oh, thanks for recommending that piano book!we were at a friend’s house last weekend and the kids went nuts over the piano and their ‘pounding’ actually sounded pretty decent. we decided right then and there that we needed a piano STAT. this looks like the perfect little book to get us started!

  16. NINA

    Conrad watching Elf is so cute ! It is also the only movie that keeps my one year old entertained, something magical about it :)

  17. So lovely Naomi! It’s so great to start them young on the piano… it really helps in the long run!

  18. Jessica

    My favorite color is red and your bag looks like my favorite cross-body style. Could you share where it’s from?

    • TAZA

      hi! the bag is by kate spade but it’s old from several seasons ago!

  19. vicky

    I always love everything you wear. where is your dress from? super pretty.

  20. hanna

    Those photos are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  21. Merry Christmas!!! I’m intrigued by the homemade pierogis!! They look awesome! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!!

  22. Nikki Devall

    Where did you get that blue velvet dress? I love it!

  23. Elsie

    Vicky her dress is from Anthropologie…I saw it there the other day :)

    Merry Christmas!

  24. Steffi

    I love the photos from your family. Everywhere a smile.
    A merry christimas to all of you.

  25. Carson

    hi! I’m wondering, what do you use to make your videos with music included . I’m not good with this stuff but would love to make a video with background music like you do, so any direction would be so appreciated ! thank you!!

    • TAZA

      i use final cut pro to edit my videos and i bring a song into it. there are a lot of different programs that are great to use! iMovie is also a good one. good luck!

  26. Sarah

    yay for hats! have a very merry christmas you guys!

  27. jen

    I love the velvet dress and red tights that you are wearing in the picture of you cooking, Please tell me where they are from!

    • TAZA

      yes, anthro for the dress and the tights are from american apparel. thanks so much jen!

  28. felisha

    We’re in the same boat with cold ankles. I love wearing ankle-length jeans and short boots – for some reason I just hate it when jeans cover my ankles! The only time they’re covered is when I wear tall boots, which I guess is kind of weird. I personally believe our cold ankles will just adjust to the cold weather eventually – haha.


    • TAZA

      haha! love this. so with you here!

  29. Ellen K.

    I think her navy dress is from Anthropologie. :)

  30. Talia

    Where is your velvet dress from? It looks so cute with the red tights

    • TAZA

      thanks! i totally forgot to add links! i’ll do so now… but it’s from anthropologie!

  31. UberLola

    WOW the pictures are sooo adorable!! You guys have a wonderful and joyful Christmas time! And pierogi! Ahh so Polish.. I am not sure where your fam’s roots are coming from, but pierogi are such a big thing there.

  32. your posts are always so beautiful, i can’t get enough. your family is the cutest. i hope you have a very merry christmas!

    • TAZA

      aw thank you so much samantha! that means so much. happy new year!

  33. Rachel

    Where is Conrad’s hat from, Naomi???

    • TAZA

      it’s from hanna andersson!

  34. Jessica

    Love your black coat! Where is it from? Thank you! Enjoyed your post!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from jcrew (and on sale right now!)

  35. Catherine

    Hi! Where your black boots shoes come from plleeaaaase?
    Thanks beauty!

  36. Lee Jacob Flores

    It’s cute to think that maybe…you went to the future and visit your first two kids as teens! ^_^ Your pics with your siblings looks just like that! Now you may have an idea how Eleanor and Samson will look like when they grow up!

    More power to your blog!

  37. Corinne

    Love your blog, Naomi, I come here every time I need a pick-me-up. :) My four year old was sitting on my lap when I read your Christmas post (I love to see how happy your littles look– you and Josh are doing a great job!) and he asked where you got the cars garage Samson is playing with in the last photo. I’m sure you get tired of answering the where-did-it come from messages but he has been pestering me to ask. :) Happiest of New Years to you!

  38. Kimberly

    How did your brother (mom) manage to get frozen treats all the way to you from Utah? Any tricks/tips?

  39. so darling! your family is just too cute. all of them. i remember when you blogged isaac visiting you when he was like 11. crazy!

    ps don’t judge if i get those piano stickers for myself – i want to learn this year so bad.

  40. Martucha

    :) pierogi…just a little Polish Christmas tradition:) love it! :)

  41. Justyna

    Hello, I just love this positive energy on your blog. And I can see you are preparing my national dish pierogi. Greetings from Poland.

  42. Caroline

    I’m catching up on your blog after the holidays, and I just got so excited when I saw the giving manger! My family had one of these growing up, and we loved it! My siblings and I were always quick to be kind to one another during this season because we were worried we would leave baby Jesus without a soft bed of hay!

    I hope your sweet family enjoyed the holidays!

  43. Kip

    I am a Kentucky native living in Melbourne and love it! It is a very exciting city to visit/live in. :)

    A few recommendations: Healesville animal sanctuary is about an hour or two drive from the city and is a great place to see (and pet!) all the native animals. Also a very cute town to hang out in. In Melbourne, I recommend St. Kilda breakwater/pier around dawn or dusk to see little penguins in the rocks, Brighton Beach to see all the colourful beach huts and Ceres environmental park in Brunswick. Be sure to walk down Flinders lane for a nice coffee at Cumulus Inc. and enjoy the back alleys for some good street art as well!

    Ok maybe that was more than a few recommendations, but I just love this place!

  44. Sara

    Awww, so cute!