family christmas card photos!

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back in november, katie rain (who took these fun photos of us in central park over the summer) was in town so we got together to snap a few family photos for our family’s christmas card! the weather was amazing and warm that day (this winter, you guys! it’s so backwards!) so i felt like we should really take advantage and head someplace fun, like the brooklyn bridge. only problem was, i didn’t calculate how windy it’d be in the middle of the bridge compared to everywhere else in the city. it was crazy windy! i feel like the morning couldn’t have been more of a disaster in so many ways…. horrible wind, which means my hair was having a super horrible day) plus a moment where conrad accidentally poked my eye and i couldn’t open in for like ten minutes in the middle of shooting (it was truly hilarious!) and trying to be respectful of others walking or biking or also taking photos on the bridge was just a lot! along with trying to get a shot with all 5 of us looking decent. katie is the best though, and while i left the shoot certain we didn’t get a single shot, i was blown away with what she sent over. she’s amazing. thank you so so much, katie!

a few of my favorites below…

LoveTazaFamilyPhotos-2LoveTazaFamilyPhotos2LoveTazaFamilyPhotos2-4 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos-3 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos-4

taking a minute for a banana break! my kids are banana monsters!

LoveTazaFamilyPhotos-5LoveTazaFamilyPhotos-7 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos-8 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos

samson wanted superman in our family photos, so he brought him and placed him in his coat pocket! haha!

LoveTazaFamilyPhotos1-5 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos1-2 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos1-3 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos1-4

all of these faces here crack me up so much! ah! i love my people like crazy.

LoveTazaFamilyPhotos2-2LoveTazaFamilyPhotos2-3LoveTazaFamilyPhotos1-6 LoveTazaFamilyPhotos1

thanks again to katie rain for taking these photos for us! christmas card season is my absolute favorite! ps. if you’re in new york city, katie will be back in april if you want to book a session. she’s the greatest and makes photos so easy breezy with kiddos just letting us be us and do our thing and capturing it so candidly. we love her.

PS. my jacket is a vintage find. pink blouse from reiss (old). and skirt from maje. shoes from anthropologie (also old, but they do have a few similar styles.) eleanor’s sweater is from wunway kids, tutu skirt from crewcuts. samson’s blazer also from crewcuts and saddle shoes from here. conrad’s button down from zara.

  1. bri

    oh, these are so lovely! i have got to get it together and get some family photos taken this year. won’t make it before christmas but, oh well. we’re severely lacking in family photos!

  2. Laura

    I LOVE these Taza. Samson looks like such a cutie in his blazer and those shoes he has! I need to get those for my nephew!!

  3. Alli

    Where is Eleanor’s hat from?

  4. Tania

    I swear it’s always the times when everything is falling apart that you end up with the best shots! These are beautiful, as always :) happy holidays guys xo

  5. Lindsay

    What wonderful pictures!! So special!! …and that lipstick colour!! Do tell…

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Felisha

    I’m truly impressed that there aren’t 1.2 billion people on the bridge taking selfies behind you. Did you go super early in the morning?

  7. Lena

    To run rings round someone or like we in Germany say put someone in the pocket (Jemanden in die Tasche stecken. :)
    Lovely pictures.

  8. Heather

    I love Eleanor’s sweatshirt! I wish it came in adult sizes ;).

  9. Claire

    These pictures are the best. You’re stunning Davis family!

    All the best from France,

  10. Rachel

    These are seriously amazing! What a perfect location! LOVE THEM!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  11. These photos are SO sweet. Love love love.

  12. Fabulous fun filled photos. Made me smile and want to drag my kids and husband from Scotland to New York in April for a photoshoot.

  13. Haha my goodness how much I love these! You would never tell from those pictures how your perception of the shoot went but I love that you’re always so open and honest about things! My favourite is the third picture, the one with all of you and where Samson is pulling a funny face.

    Thanks again for sharing! <3

  14. hanna

    These photos are adorable-Hanna Lei

  15. Talitha upload&mpn=FSR001&ps=1&o=portrait

    here is the direct link!

    Anyways, your actual photos on this post turned out lovely, love the lil superman tucked in!

  16. Kaylee

    Eleanor’s top looks amazing! And all those photos made me happy :) xx

  17. oh such a lovely pics. can you give a (tips) post how to grow good mood like happy everyday? your kids are so happy, it spreads amazingly wide to me. may I know the secret? thank you, naomi.

    loves from Indonesia.

  18. Amy

    You have the most beautiful little family so these photos are of course, beautiful.

    The top black and white one is extra special. And Sampson cracks me up in that little outfit with Superman in his pocket!! Adorable!! :)

  19. Jamis

    Lovely photos. Would you please share were you purchased your blue velvet button-down?

  20. Paige

    Your skirt is seriously so pretty. I love how well these pictures capture all your kids personalities!


  21. Laureen

    These are beautiful..!! You guys are so photogenic (and fashionable). It’s like you had the whole bridge to yourself (great photographer)..!! :)