christmas morning!

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good morning! hope you all had a very merry christmas last week! we enjoyed a nice relaxing (well as relaxing at it goes with three kids) day here together in new york.  i don’t think anything can really top a christmas with little kids.  the night before, when josh was making ginger cookies with eleanor and samson in the kitchen to christmas music while i was nursing conrad to sleep in the other room, the energy was just insane with “christmas spirit.” haha! cheesy as it sounds, it was happening. i loved it.

eleanor and samson left a plate of cookies and a mexican coke (oh yeah!) on the coffee table for santa claus and then even though it was far past their bedtime, they kept wanting to read more and more christmas books together and i just couldn’t say no, so we stayed up extra late all cuddled together by eleanor’s bed reading stories.  and then once they finally were asleep and all was quiet, josh and i enjoyed stuffing stockings and hanging out together talking about plans for 2016.

our big christmas gift to one another was booking a family trip to australia for this january and we are going bonkers with excitement as we plan it! it’s been the top of our list for ages now and we decided we just needed to book it and go this year, before eleanor begins kindergarten in the fall. it’s summer in australia right now, too, which is exactly when we want to enjoy it. so we’ll be heading that way in a few weeks (to sydney, the great barrier reef and also melbourne) and we can’t wait.  it’s been fun in the evenings to plan it together. if you’ve been, i would so love any recommendations you might have for any of those places. you guys always know the best spots and places to recommend. thank you in advance!

christmas morning in our apartment was extra special because samson and eleanor decided to sleep in a little! it was actually kind of bizarre because that never happens (usually when they stay up past their bedtimes they still somehow wake up at the same time every morning.) once samson woke up, we decided to all wake up eleanor together because i couldn’t let samson into the front room to see what santa brought without his sister! (issues of having a small apartment.) when all three little ones came out together, samson excitedly exclaimed when he saw the eaten cookies and the empty coke bottle, “eleanor, check this out!” haha! it was very sweet.

i just love this time of year and the chance we have to reflect on our savior’s birth, to take note of our blessings and the joy around us, and to share gifts with those we love. it’s the best way to end the year and i hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well. a few photos we snapped of our christmas morning below (ps. for all of you interested in our matching christmas jammies, they are 60% off right now on hanna andersson!)


he can never escape the kisses! those cheeks were truly made extra soft and squishy for my kissing! i can’t help myself!!!!!!!! look at him!


salted caramels from my love. each and every last one was delicious! it’s the right way to end 2015. with as much sugar as i can ….because i’m going to be saying goodbye to most of it in the new year. :(     …. (i shouldn’t put that frowny face there, because i’m actually really excited about it! and i’ve been wanting to do it for a while now. i’ll have to share more about it later…)

morning-5 morning-3 finally, a crepe pan! and for the crepe master himself! this guy has become quite the pro at making crepes for us, since eleanor requests them almost daily.  figured it was about time we had the proper equipment for such a thing.  and since josh tends to get really into kitchen gadgets and dishes and cookware, it was kind of perfect. ;)  just look at his face!


did we tell you that when we got so sick the last few days of our peru trip in october, we didn’t know what to do with the kids while we laid in our hotel beds all helpless while occasionally racing to the bathroom toilet. so josh decided it was the perfect time to start a star wars movie marathon! he downloaded several of the old star wars movies for them on the iPad and we let them basically just have a full day in our hotel room of watching the old star wars movies. (i don’t know how i felt about it at the time, but josh and i both were too sick to really do anything else for them, besides ordering them food.) they are now as obsessed as you can get. which makes josh super happy. i’ve actually never even seen any of those star wars movies all the way through. once i asked eleanor which one i should watch if i were to watch one. she said, “hmmmm. probably number six.” i asked her what happens in number six. she replied, “well, i would tell you, but you’d probably get too excited!!!!” haha! i loved that. anyway, safe to say a few star wars themed gifts were a huge hit this christmas.

morning-7 morning-8 morning-9

when all of conrad’s gifts somehow made it into samson’s hands! haha. fortunately conrad didn’t seem to mind.


also, headphones with a speaker on them. per eleanor’s request via her letter to santa.  these have been a big hit the past few days, too! because we are always pretend operating a space shuttle or airplane or some kind of controls system and needing to finish our sentences with “over.” she also likes to facetime with them plugged into the phone!

morning-15 morning-16morning-17morning

i love this family of mine so much, and i’m so excited to see where 2016 takes us! hope you had a very merry christmas!!!! and also, don’t forget i’d love any and all of your recommendations for our australia trip happening in a few weeks if you have anything to share! thanks so much for taking the time! xoxo

  1. sherewin

    This is such a heartwarming post. Well done!

  2. Jessica

    Hi Naomi! I just went to Australia for two weeks in November (I live in Japan). Sydney was gorgeous and I stayed in The Rocks. You must try out Pancakes on the Rocks. Australia loves their pancakes and these were the absolute best! Enjoy your trip!

  3. MaKenna

    Sydney is so wonderful and the people really make it so great. If you love sea salt and vinegar chiosbthey have it all. Pancake on the rocks is so yummy. For something sweet (or savory, I just only had sweet though) pie face is amazing. Mad mex is also amazing. The great barrier reef is amazing, and Bondi and manly beach are beautiful. I went as a college student so I didn’t do anything to fancy, but you are going to love Australia. The people there love their country and want you to experience it. Love love love Australia. If you make it it caines, rex’s burger is an absolute must. Sorry for any misspellings, my phone is cracked badly.

  4. Shilpa

    OMG! This is awesome! I’m just catching up with your blog after several days, and this Australia news is super exciting! I am moving to Australia too next year in March… Can’t wait to see your posts from Australia :-D

    I’ve never been there myself, but Scuba Diving is on top of my list for Aussie land :-D

  5. Chistine from Melbourne

    Hey Davis Family!
    A couple of things to consider whilst you’re visiting Melbourne in January Lots of yummy food The National Gallery of Victoria is an amazing building and they have a special area for the little ones. Don’t forget to look up to see the beautiful coloured glass ceiling
    Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia (soooo good). There are lots of laneways to explore with cafes, restaurants and retail stores. Melbourne is set on a grid street system like NY so you guys should be fine. Don’t forget the sunscreen as the sun is very strong down here. Have a great time

  6. Steph

    Hi Naomi,
    While you’re in Sydney you might enjoy swimming at the sea baths at Coogee. It’s a lovely sheltered spot for kids. You can also take a beautiful walk along the cliffs from Coogee to another iconic Sydney beach,
    Enjoy your trip and happy new year!

  7. madi

    Hi Naomi!

    I am a long time Australian reader… So excited for your family for your trip to Oz! I have lived here my whole life and just adore it. DEFINITELY check out Gorman – I am confident you will love it. A few must-do’s in Sydney…. Besser Italian in Surry Hills (Sydney) is to die for and such a cool place – decor is based on the head chef’s Grandmas backyard when he was a kid, the Museum of Contemporary Art is also brilliant and usually has crazy good kids stuff on, take the ferry to Manly, AND visit Newcastle which is around 1.5-2 hrs north of Sydney by train or an easy drive. Beautiful beaches, lots of good restaurants (try Darby Street or the Hunter Street Mall), there are marks like Hunt & Gather or Olive Tree Markets and just good for a few days of relaxation. HEAPS of space for kids to play. Hands down best Cafe is Estabar right on Newcastle Beach.

    Sorry for the novel, but so excited for you!


  8. Madi

    Things I forgot! Gelato Messina is incredible, Powerhouse Museum and the Maritime museum in Sydney. Bring lots of hats, cool clothes and HEAPS of sunscreen – Aussie sun is fierce!

  9. heidi

    Naomi! First off I love that Josh is all dressed up Christmas morning and you guys are in jammies! The best!
    Second. I know you extend nurse! I saw that you are still nursing Conrad to sleep. I still nurse my 18 month to sleep. .. we just night weaned. Anyways how do you transition them from no nursing to sleep. Also didn’t you nurse during your 2nd pregnancy and then tandem nurse?? Sorry for the one thousand questions. Traveling was hard on my little ones sleep. And the holidays were brutal with people thinking it’s weird that im still nursing! Hopefully this all makes sense. I know you have a million comments and so if you can’t get back to me I totally understand! Hope your new year is going great!! ♡♡♡

  10. Clare

    Hello from Australia!

    I live on the Northern Beaches, Sydney, and if you get a chance you should come and check it out! Palm Beach (one of the suburbs in the Northern Beaches) is amazing, there’s an awesome cafe/restaurant right on the water called The Boathouse, it has phenomenal views and food. They also sell beautiful fresh flowers and gourmet goodies. Once you’re done there, there’s a beautiful walk you can do up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. There is also a sister restaurant in Shelly Beach, just near Manly. Have a look at the websites:

    The beaches are truly amazing and not crowded, very family friendly!

    Have an amazing time in Australia! Look forward to the post!


  11. Amy

    I’m from Melbourne. We have great coffee and amazing food. You must visit Chin Chin in the CBD. Also chapel st has tonnes of great places for dinner e.g. Hawker Hall, mr miyagi, tokyo tina, fonda. You would love Mr Burger on chapel st and Baby Pizza/Top Paddock on Church st. Also Proud Mary in Collingwood!
    You will love Melbourne!
    Amy White

  12. Emma

    Hi Naomi!

    I’m originally from the States, but have been living in Sydney for two years and loving every minute of it. You must do the Bronte to Bondi walk (not stroller friendly but by far one of best things you’ll do while here), North Sydney swimming pool is a great place for a dip (easy to get to by train and amazing view of the bridge), Ferry ride to Waston’s Bay or Manly Beach, Taronga Zoo is an absolute must! Hope you and your family a lovely time here! Can’t wait to see your photos and videos xx

  13. Emma

    Also…Cafe Sydney is great date night for you and Josh!

  14. Hannah Chapman

    Dear Naomi,

    I am a sydney resident and committed reader of your blog.
    I would suggest staying a few days in Surry Hills or Paddington (sydney city experience) and then a few days in Palm Beach or Bondi (sublime beach experience). It doesnt look like you guys drink coffee so I will focus the cafe list on family friendly food spots.

    Also there is a something called Sydney Festival on while you are here and it has a beautiful spot called the Spigel tent and Carriageworks (awesome sopt to see dance!!!) works are two rare spots to experience to see music.

    This is my top 3 activities, cafes, shops of Sydney.
    1. Bondi Icebergs (sublime view, incredible swimming experience)
    2. Palm Beach and the surrounding Norther Beaches of Avalon, Whale, Bilgola and their trendy cafes including The Boat House
    3. Spit to Manly walk

    1. Porch and Parlour, North Bondi (delicious food that is also super healthy) (they would do a killer green smoothie which I know you guys like)
    2. West Juliette, Enmore (awesome inner west spot with epic french toast etc)
    3. Paramount Projects this also has a beautiful cinema and bar that has uber cool cocktails and popcorn. They have south american diner food

    1. Koskela for homewares, kids gear, art and a ripper cafe
    2. Along Glenmore road, Paddington has some great Australian stores like Bassique, Camilla and Marc etc.
    3. Someone has already mentioned Gorman and there is a similar store in Melbourne called Obus both beautiful prints on female fashion.

    I could go on and on for all kinds of categories so more than happy to get more specific if you need more.
    So excited that you will come and visit this beautiful city

    If you want more specific as soon as you work out where you are staying I can give you all the smoothie, pancake, kids park spots around that area. Im also a art curator so I would love to recommend some contemporary australian art and aboriginal art.

    Love Hannah

  15. Merinda

    Naomi, knowing your love of pizza and all things Italian… you guys must try the Carlton and East Brunswick part of Melbourne. These are the best places for pizza:

    Also, I think you’d love Brunswick street in Fitzroy. Lots of cool cafes and restaurants and amazing independent clothing stores. If you have the time, try the Great Ocean Road for a few days… such a beautiful part of Victoria. :)

  16. Grace

    Surry Hills- great shopping and eats, awesome neighborhood vibe:

    Bondi- wonderful beach and the best eat/views: ( a bit fancier)

    I know with the littles, it might be tempting to visit the Sydney Sea Life aquarium in Darling Harbour. Honestly- the lines and crowds and price- were NOT worth it. Darling Harbour to me feels like Time Square- tourist trap with chain restaurants. I would bi-pass the aquarium/harbour completely in favor a ferry ride over to Taronga Zoo/ and or exploring/swimming with sea life in the GBR.

    I know your family loves Pizza- for something fun and kid friendly I would suggest Australian Heritage Hotel in The Rocks. Lot’s of fun options to choose from like Emu, Kangaroo, and Croc.

    Have so much fun!

  17. Stephanie

    I’m sooooo behind on your posts :( I have to thank you for sharing your special Christmas morning with us :) Reminds me sooo much of Christmas back home with my brother when we were little!!

  18. Bella

    So exciting!

    ignore the pancakes on the rocks etc etc…. touristy stuff.
    Jump on the train (2.5hrs) to newcastle, the train SUCKS but the trip is worth it. Visit the anzac bridge, the markets, use trip advisor for delicious cafes. Newcastle is honestly one of the best representations of Australia – beaches to die for, sights to see, excellent coffee & we have a bagel bar which i epic.

    Sydney & Melbourne are super fun, but really mainstream. try and head out of the cities and see more of the country, it’s so beautiful.

    Don’t forget the sun-cream (as someone else said), don’t be scared of any of the bugs, just don’t touch the spiders hehe all my american friends freak out around the bugs! Hilarious.

    Looking forward to seeing your Australia entries.
    All the best to your beautiful fam,

  19. Tiffany

    When in Melbourne a stop at Habitots in Albert Park is a must. It’s a kid friendly cafe, play area (indoor and outside) along with fabulous store.

  20. Iman

    Hi Naomi

    I am thrilled that you are coming to Australia. I started reading your blog back in 2009. I am sure that you have so many people telling you where to go and what to do. But I just wanted to let you know where the get the best burgers in Sydney (my opinion of course). 1. Mary’s in Newtown (this reminds me of Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, I miss that place so much) 2. The Burger Project (world square) this is run by Neil Perry one of Australia’s most beloved chef’s.

    I live in Potts Point (inner city Sydney) which people haven’t mentioned but I adore! I think you would love MsG’s or the Apollo for a date night… and… just around the corner is ACME which is Chinese Italian fusion and it’s one of a kind. If you have the time and the inclination you should check out Porteno. I think that all of these are uniquely Australian and would give you the most wonderful taste of Australian fusion cuisine.

    I can’t wait to see what you do in my city! Safe travels to you and your family x

  21. Carolyne

    Hi Naomi,

    I cannot believe you are heading down here and to Melbourne, wow!! I have been an admirer of your blog and have used your blog many times when in New York. I am quite jealous that you get to live where you do – I can’t tell you how much I love NYC. Although your dollar is fantastic up against ours, I must let you know things are expensive here but you will fall in love with our city and I just hope we put on good weather for you, it’s been ridiculously hot already and January is normally are weird month of weather. If you find yourself in trouble or you need help, please just email me, I would love to help or show you around etc.

  22. Toni

    Welcome to Australia (almost)! As an Aussie following your blog since 2010 (a good friend pointed me in the direction of your gorgeous blog while I was living abroad in DC), it’s so exciting you’re all heading our way! Having moved to Sydney just last year myself, I can tell you there is PLENTY to keep you guys occupied while you’re here… My absolute number one recommendation is to skip the tourist trap of Bondi Beach and steal away to Nielsen Park, it’s a beautiful clean harbour beach (yep, that’s right, you can swim in Sydney Harbour!) with a net around the beach to keep the kiddies safe and a cute little fish & chip kiosk on the sand. It’s my favourite hideaway in this big crazy city, and always busy with families. Enjoy your stay!

  23. Lynn

    Naomi what a lovely post about the new year and taking care of yourself! That is my goal for the new year along with much more. I am a mama of three little ones as well under 4.5 and if you or anyone wants to read my blog, please do! or follow me on instagram at LynnCannon82

  24. kate

    Hi Davis family! I recently returned from 3 weeks in Australia and had the best time ever. You will love it! A few recommendations:

    – Great Barrier Reef: Hamilton Island is the absolute best way to stay near the reef. Tons of activities and the whole island is kid-friendly. Golf carts are the main mode of transportation (fun for the kids!) and it’s similar to Disney World in the sense that all restaurants/activities are under the same brand umbrella (you can charge everything to your room, which is nice). There are plenty of scuba/snorkel tours departing from the island everyday and they can book everything for you on the island.

    -Sydney: The Botanical Gardens are expansive and beautiful, and we also loved the harbor boat cruise (Captain Cook Tours had the best variety of options in my opinion). It’s cheesy, but the double-decker hop on/hop off bus tour is a great way to learn some fast facts and see the city. BridgeClimb is also a must-do if you have an afternoon without the kids (do the Express Tour – it’s quicker but you get the same experience!).

    -Melbourne: The Queen Victoria Night Market (only on Wednesday nights), Scienceworks, St. Kilda beach and the botanical gardens are all favorites. Make sure to take time to explore downtown – the architecture is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Ponyfish Island (a literal island in the middle of the Yarra River downtown) is a great spot for an afternoon snack – it’s near the aquarium. Fitzroy is a cool neighborhood with plenty of great restaurants, including 400 Gradi which was voted the best margherita pizza in the world! (I tried it, it’s delicious!)

    Enjoy your trip – I can’t wait to relive it all through your posts! Cheers!


  25. letishia

    Enjoy your trip to Australia! I live in Melbourne and I hope you make it to the Royal Park for children – so awesome for a playground!

    Also, try and head down the coast to Phillip Island and see the fairy penguins on the beach.

    If you get the chance go to Byron Bay (my hometown) – absolutely awesome place!

    In Melbourne we love to take our daughter to the NGV as someone else has suggested, and the botanical gardens have an INCREDIBLE kids section.

    Also Dubbo open plains zoo is really good.

    In Melbourne there are sooo many good burger places! Just dont hang around in the cbd as it is so touristy, overpriced and bad quality chain food. Collingwood, fitzroy, northcote, st kilda, richmond, carlton etc etc – they are the places to be.

    Oh do go to Abbotsford convent (for the authentic experience you should totally try lentil as anything an awesome charity cafe) but there is a great childrens farm there and its right on the creek.

    I hope i magically run into you while you are exploring!

  26. Lexy

    Wow you guys are going to LOVE Australia! I spent 2 months traveling the country and then 6 months living and working in Sydney, it truly is called The Lucky Country for a reason. Some highlights I think your family would enjoy:
    Sydney: Messina gelato in Bondi beach, the Bondi to Coogee coastal cliff walk (as much as you can endure with the little ones, Tamarama was my favorite beach and that’s the halfway point with a great juice/smoothie stand), Aquabumps Photo Gallery in Bondi! (you must start following him on Instagram), tour of the Opera House (fascinating history, really worth getting the tour to learn all about it), take a ferry across the harbor to Manly (or if you can swing it, a private boat charter on the harbor!), if you have time to go out to the Blue Mountains stop at Featherdale Wildlife reserve on the way, Stand Up Paddleboarding at OZ Sup Centre in Rose Bay (if you get out far enough you can see the Opera House and Harbor in the distance, truly a magical experience), Watson’s Bay at sunset/Camp Cove beach during the day would be less crowded than Bondi
    Melbourne: I hope you are going to the Australian Open! You will be impressed at home intimate Rod Laver arena is, it’s such a great experience, N2 Gelato in Fitzory, National Gallery of Victoria, lots of good markets in Melbourne (research and find the one most convenient to your trip), the Great Ocean Road if you have time to do a few days outside of the city!! You will see incredible natural beauty (it’s like the PCH but better because WILD KOALAS)


  27. susanna

    hey Taza, what are the headphone brand? where did you get them?

  28. Jacqueline

    Hi Naomi,

    Awesome that you’re travelling to Australia, I live in Adelaide (capital city of South Australia) but I love Melbourne. As others have suggested you should check out the clothing store Gorman and Obus. In terms of accomdation you should check out St.Jerome’s, it’s glamping while on a city roof top.

    Also some great areas to stay in Melbourne include Fitzory, St Kilda (you should take the kids to Luna Park), Prahran, Southbank.

    Lastly you should definitely make the trip to the National Gallery of Victoria for the Andy Warhol- Ai Weiwei exibition.

    Have a great time :)

  29. Kari

    If you can squeeze it into your trip you must go to Hayman Island on the Great Barrier reef, it’s amazing!!!!

  30. Cayley


    If you love Italian food as much as my husband and I do, and you have time when you’re in Melbourne, you should try check out Il Nostro Posto restaurant on Hardware Lane, it’s fantastic! Melbourne has so many great cafes and pressed juice companies. In Sydney, The Grounds of Alexandria is a great cafe! It has a flower shop, cute carts selling lemonade, treats and fresh fruit. You are going to love it in Australia! I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.

  31. Hi Naomi, I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and am just catching up on this exciting news! I’ve lived in Melbourne the last five years (and before that just an hour away). It is truly one of the best cities in the world and you will have a blast.

    Make sure you visit Federation Square, and the Treasury Building on Spring St (it’s free and gives a great presentation of Australian history and next to it there are beautiful gardens).

    There is yummy food in the CBD from Om Nom (desserts!), Fonda or Mamasita (Mexican), China Red for dumplings, and ice-cream from Gelato Messina. And if you’re a chocolate lover make sure you check out Haighs.

    Transport around the CBD is free on trams and is really easy to figure out.

    Most importantly, enjoy! x

  32. Tess

    Hey guys!

    I have lived in Melbourne for just over a year now and it is an amazing city, there is so much to do! I would say the following would give you a great taste of the city and what it’s all about:

    – Mork Hot chocolate cafe. 150 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051 This is amazing for adults and kids, get ready for the best hot chocolate of your life! You can choose different types and each one makes the hot choc drinking an experience not just a delicious treat!

    – Messina Gelato. 237 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Best ice cream in the world! Make sure you visit the Fitzroy store though, its the original one in Melbourne and definitely the best.

    – Abbotsford Convent. 1-16 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067. This is a beautiful space just outside the city. Depending when you will be there they have a farmers market and children’s farm which is a lot of fun. There is also a vegetarian Indian cafe inside the building called Lentil as anything (I love meat but this place is pretty awesome),

    – Short Stop Donuts. 12 Sutherland St, Melbourne VIC 3000. This might be worth breaking your no added sugar rule for!! :)

    – Breakfast Thieves Cafe.1/420 Gore St, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Melbourne knows its brunch and this place will show you what a Melbourne breakfast should be like! (I may be slightly bias as I now work there). Definitely try the leprechaun!

    – The Eureka building is pretty cool and will give you a great view of the whole city (it is the tallest building in Melbourne). It would be fun for the little ones as there are a few activities you can do at the top and binoculars pointing at different landmarks. Otherwise if you have an evening just you and Josh you should visit Rialto Towers, nearly as high as the Eureka building you can have some really great drinks with a pretty special view!

    – Beaches, go to Mornington or Rye, they are lovely!

    -Fast food, Melbourne is in love with the burger, My favourite spots are Kodiak Club, Rockwell & Sons and The Grand Trailer Park.

    There is so much but if I carry on this will turn into an essay. Check out Broadsheet and Urban List to find out current events and news for both Melbourne and Sydney. Enjoy and happy new year!

    p.s If there is a small chance of you going to breakfast Thieves go after the 25th, if you go when I am not working I will be so gutted! ha!

  33. Gem

    So excited that you’re visitng Australia! I moved here from England 5 years ago and am based in Sydney. Have read your blog for years! Everyone has given you some wonderful suggestions, so I’d just like to add a cafe/restaurant called The Grounds. It’s in Alexandria, Sydney. Amazing food, child friendly, beautiful decor and they even have farm animals for the kids! Head there on a weekday or early morning on the weekend as it gets busy. Here’s the link:
    Have an amazing trip! x