celebrating conrad’s first birthday! and a video!


we celebrated conrad’s 1st birthday on monday and i think he had a great time! i can’t even count how many times throughout the day we sang him happy birthday. he grinned every time. and while he played with his cake more than ate it, i think he appreciated it. ;) in the very least, eleanor and samson definitely appreciated helping him eat it with their hands! lol. who needs a fork on a birthday?!

we had a little party planned for him last weekend but we ended up canceling it a few days before because there is an unusual amount of sickness floating around the past few weeks so i think it was for the best for now.  i still feel guilty about it though.  winter birthdays are a bit of a bummer in that sense! we’re going to have to celebrate hard for conrad once everyone is healthy again! in the meantime, we had a great time together with just our family.

we certainly do love this little boy more than i can express!  we feel so so lucky to have him here. he’s the best. can’t wait to watch him discover and grow this next year!

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  1. Erin J.

    So darling!! Love that cake! Happy birthday Conrad!

  2. Amanda

    Love love love your lipstick color? Please share the shade if you get a chance! :)

  3. Chrissy

    Happy 1st Birthday Conrad!
    feels surreal that I’ve had the chance to witness all of your Children’s first birthdays.
    Looks like you had a fun :-)

  4. Lauren

    I love that you’ve done a little first birthday video with all your kids, so cute to look back on. I hope Conrad had a wonderful day!

  5. Emily

    Happy Birthday Conrad! Such a cute cake! Good job! Where did you find that cute toy truck on top? My son would love that!

  6. Jess.

    That first picture is just killing me! Samson’s exuberance, Conrad’s patience, Josh’s joy. (And the cake is just darling.) Happy Birthday, Conrad. You are loved at home and abroad. xox

  7. brianne

    loooove the video! your family is so fun!

  8. sarah

    This is everything!
    May I ask, the cake recipe and that awesome mint-hued frosting – will you share? And the cake plate…it’s all so good!

    Love your button down flannel too.

    Thanks for sharing these moments with the world!

  9. vicky

    happy birthday, Conrad!! sweetest smiling baby around ;)

  10. Becky H.

    These photos are so sweet! Conrad looks so happy & that cake is super cute! Happy belated birthday to your handsome boy!!

  11. Emily

    Happy first birthday Conrad!! Wonderful photos as always, such a loving and beautiful family.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  12. sarah

    that cake is adorable! or i guess was adorable! haha

  13. Tammy

    the cake turned out so well! love conrad’s suspenders. he’s a little teeny man!


  14. Happy Birthday to your lil boy who I’m amazed is always smiling!!! =)

  15. hanna

    Happy Birthday to Conrad –Hanna Lei

  16. Catherine

    I know I’m not the first to say it but Conrad slapping the cake!!! OMGosh–best part ever. Happy Birthday little man!

  17. Elaine

    You are amazing parents!. And you put your play mat to good use. I don’t think anyone missed having a party! xoxo


    ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS CONRAD!!!! Que tengas un día muy feliz. Y felicidades a los papas!. Un beso desde España.

  19. Happy Birthday Conrad. Wish you many many returns of the day

  20. Happy Birthday, Conrad! I can’t believe how much he looks like his siblings!

  21. Lindsey

    This little video made me tear up! Such a wonderful family! Such a JOY! Happy birthday Conrad!

  22. Krista

    I love that cake!! I want that for my 34th birthday in January, lol. Such a happy boy (and family!). You guys are all so cute :) Happy birthday, Conrad!

  23. Aww, Happy 1st Birthday Conrad!
    I’m a December baby too, and I will definitely say that while Summer babes have more fun outdoor activities to do…there ARE definitely advantages to being a winter kid too. Ice skating, twinkly lights everywhere, Christmas cookies abound…even sledding and SNOW (not THIS winter in NYC…but you know!) The holidays are magical anyway, but when your birthday is lumped in, it’s even better!


  24. Amy L.

    What a sweet boy. Happy Birthday, Conrad!

    Are those mats still available? I recall you posting about them awhile back but they were out of stock.

  25. Melissa

    Love Mosser glass cake stands! Is that the 6″? Looks like a perfect size.