a video blog: 24 hours in washington d.c.!

the sunday before thanksgiving, we rented a car and drove down to D.C. for a quick little road trip! it was a special day for us because our church’s brand new chapel on capitol hill was dedicated that evening after being in the works for many many many years. it was a really big moment for the members who still live in the area as well as for all of us who once lived there back in the day. (we used to meet on sundays in an old converted grocery store building once upon a time, and then drive all the way out to anacostia maryland to meet once construction started, before samson was born!) it was so great being back in the area and seeing so many old friends who also came to town for the event!  i loved so many things about our time in D.C., but truly the best thing hands down was the people there. i freaking love them all.

anyway, we filmed a little bit of our trip “vlogging” style, similar to our camping trip video.  these videos are fun to film this way because it’s nice to just let the camera roll and still hear voices and conversation and sort of chat with the camera, but i totally get that they can feel long. i kind of like shaking it up and doing these though here and there since we’ve been making videos of our adventures for years now and it’s a fun challenge to try a new format. so here it is if you’d like to pull up a chair and grab a treat and watch!

also, for those who have been asking, my yellow coat is from jcrew!

  1. Rosemary

    This was a fun video to watch – your kids are awfully sweet and so much fun! And the amazing thing is that I never knew about that little latch thing on the nozzle of the gas pump – thanks!

  2. Ruth

    So cute! Can you PLEASE tell us about your eyebrows and what you use? They are so good.

    • TAZA

      oh thank you! so nice of you. i’ve grown my out pretty much completely and then i use a brow brush with a little powder to fill a few spots!

  3. Eleni

    I love your vlogs! please keep them coming :)
    Cheers from Germany

  4. Beatriz Borrás

    8-9 minutes is like the perfect length, not too long but not too short! I really enjoyed this one, I think adding music was a great choice. ;)

  5. BecksVegs

    Yes!! I love your vlogs:) now I have something to look forward to after a long day in college..
    I love that you’re getting into vlogging more! you’re awesome at it!

  6. Jenny

    I love your videos and I have a questions what shoes are you wearing ?.

    • TAZA

      thank you! wearing hanna andersson clogs!

  7. PRETTY sure you are the cutest family on the internet… just sayin’

  8. What a sweet video! Looks like you all had fun!!!

  9. Michelle C.


    The car diaper changing killed me. We put some of the bags next to where Conrad was so the back becomes a changing station.

  10. Goodness I love you guys’ vlogs, keep them coming Taza! :) <3

  11. hanna

    I love seeing your family videos! –Hanna Lei

  12. Anna

    Thank you for introducing me to the Elmo Healthy Teeth video. It is amazing. Hope you all have a happy holiday.

  13. Loving the sassy Eleanor face at 3:15! Haha! Basically a little teenager right there :)

    • TAZA

      lol. me too!

  14. Anne

    Great video… Have to say my favorite part was the breakfast stop…Backstreet Boys ‘I want it that way’ playing in the background!! Gold!!

  15. Jenn

    I love your style! How do you wear such cute clothes and breastfeed at the same time? I could never find cute button up shirts. I would always wear a low cut shirt to breastfeed in and then use a cover.
    Any advice for breastfeeding mamas?

    • TAZA

      it’s so hard, but i just pull the neckline down or lift the shirt up! and i try to just turn around and not be super exposed if i’m pulling the neckline down and out in public. good luck!

  16. Michelle

    From a car person mama.. when the kids could stand, we would stand them up on the front seat and change them standing up.. I would do that instead of laying them down at restaurants too.. because germs. ha!

    • TAZA

      this is a good idea! thanks for sharing michelle!

  17. Kayla

    I actually think I chuckled through 90% of that. Thank you for taking us along with your family on your road trip!

  18. Chloe

    Hi Naomi!
    You have the cutest little family! Do you have any tips for a short trip to DC, such as places to eat and see? You guys always eat the best food! Thanks so much!

    P.s- where is your grey hat from??


    • TAZA

      2amy’s and pitango! eastern market! the ford museum and lincoln monument, walking around the shops at georgetown… a few of my favorite things!

      my hat is from american apparel! thanks so much!

  19. Sara

    You guys are all adorable. Loved watching your video. :)

  20. dana

    how did you not mention the BACKSTREET BOYS playing in McDonalds? HAHA

    • TAZA

      oh man, i know! we were definitely jamming to it while we ate but the camera was off! so good.

  21. Krista

    Such a cute family! You should definitely vlog more often, it’s very entertaining! Happy holidays! xx

  22. sabine

    We change Max’ diaper in the trunk (while it’s open, obviously ;) )

  23. toytulip

    Love the vlog format! You are such a fun family to watch and the kids are just adorable! How is Conrad already walking? My daughter is 3 weeks younger and I can not imagine she could already be running around by then… :D

    • TAZA

      i truly think he walked early just because he’s trying to keep up with his older siblings. neither E or S walked this early!

  24. cara

    i absolutely love your vlogs!!! you and josh are so funny together :) xoxo

  25. Amy

    I really like the vlogs! They’re a good change up.

    How do you edit your videos? I kind of would like to try out the little videos myself.


    • TAZA

      thanks! i used final cut pro to edit it.

  26. Tracy

    I am sort of dying that I was in the same area, but just one day later! It was cold that weekend…it didn’t warm up again until the next Friday when we left the DC area. I have been reading your blog for a few years now (maybe like four) and I think i might have pinched myself to see someone that I follow! Anyhow, I am glad you had fun and now I need to try that gelato place.

    • TAZA

      ah! next time! such a cold week for sure, but such a great place! hope you had a wonderful trip!

  27. Seemed like a fun trip. I loved watching your vlog! I was in DC last week also and it definitely felt really cold up there.

  28. Tara Johnson

    Wow, finally done!! We were in the ward when it met in Anacostia and little E was crawling around everywhere. That was 4 years ago… I’m sure the capitol hill ward is so glad to have a building.

  29. Carrie

    The last 2 sentences are my favorite thing about this.

    “I just made all the lights!”

    “They’re timed Josh”


  30. Ashton

    these videos are so fun to watch! I was definitely laughing over how to change a baby in a car….because my husband and I have completed so many diaper changes for our daughter in our vehichle! We would usually fold down my passenger seat or use the trunk if there wasn’t tons of stuff back there. The real trial is when it gets cold out…and you are trying to complete everything as quickly as possible! ;)

  31. Cait

    Your family would make a great reality TV show! Haha seriously though. Love these vlogs! Keep them up:)

  32. love the vlogs!

  33. Lindsay

    Yep, yeah…loving this vlog. Definitely a fun change up and a cool style!

  34. Paige

    Your videos are always so cute! Your family makes me want to be cuter with my family haha. Or at least get better about documenting more. I love Elanor in the beginning around minute three. Too funny!


  35. Reanna

    NOT long enough! :) Love your lil fam!

  36. :)

    That’s exactly the same spot where me and my friends sat when we visited DC and ate at Founding Farmers ❤️

  37. Darlene

    Fun! What did you use to take the videos with? We just got a go pro and I’m definitely still figuring it out!

  38. Sarah

    Love your vlogs! SO GOOD! Gosh, I need some ice cream now…

  39. Billie

    The cutest, as always.
    It’s so nice to hear you guys speak, make jokes, and run around. Love seeing your lives through pictures, but it’s that much more incredible to put a voice to your writing, and movements to your images!
    It must take more effort though ;)!

    (p.s. also a fan of your brows. love that full brows are a trend, finally!)


  40. Gentri

    Just moved back to utah from DC and this made me “homesick”. haha I LOVE that place! And Pitango… YES!

  41. Eryn

    I love your blog. We lived in NYC for 8 years so hard to leave but we get to visit often with my sister still in the city. Would you mind sharing what device you use to video tape to make these vlogs. My son likes making movies and was asking for some kind of video camera–

  42. Lauren

    Josh and his assistants made filling the car with petrol look so straightforward. I consistently end up spilling petrol or spending too long trying to figure out how to activate the flicky bit so I don’t have to keep holding it, before giving up and standing there awkwardly holding it the entire time.

    Fun vlog!!

  43. Francesca

    Hi Taza, I just wanted to figure out if you’re using your iphone to make these videos or your camera! Thank you!
    have a great december! =)


  44. Silvia

    muy buena info yo me lo me lo he cogido tirado esta tienda

  45. Kristin

    Cutest video ever!!!!!! I adored watching it, and my favorite part was the car part…”how do you people with cars do this??!!” You guys are the best, and the kids are precious!!!xoxo

  46. Francesca

    Hi! i really like your vlogs they’re so cute and funny! Do you use your iphone to record the videos o your camera? =) thanks

  47. felisha

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – y’all make the best vloggers! I love it when you post them!


  48. Olga K.

    Love this video! We usually just change our kid (8+ month old) right on the seat, since he cannot walk yet, but its a struggle because he just wants to explore and roll over. HA! What type of camera are you using? Just your phone? Thanks and happy holidays!

  49. Nina

    Thank you for this fun video! This makes me want to go and see DC.

    Auf Wiedersehen (that would be goodbye in German) :)

  50. Catherine

    Man, all of your videos are great but that one was my favorite. What a fun little family trip! Thanks for sharing:)

  51. Sarah

    Such an amazing family!!! Love the vlog!

  52. Eleanor is such a polite little lady! It’s adorable!

  53. Erica

    I LOVE your vlogs. they are my favorite. It helps me to make a goal for what I want in my own future family :) laughter, love, patience & kindness.

    thanks for sharing, as always. :)

  54. Meg

    I just have to tell you how uplifting your blog and vlogs are. I have been trying to focus lately on having more fun with my own kids and you set a great example of that! Also, as a fellow LDS, I admire you guys for staying true to the faith when I have seen many in the lime light or just in NY who have fallen away. I appreciate the light that you let shine! :)

  55. Amy

    Little Eleanor talks like a grown-up! So adorable. Your family is so sweet, love the videos!

  56. Katie

    How is it possible to have so much love for a family I’ve never even met?! Thanks for sharing this video! So much joy in your family :)

  57. Megan

    Such a cute video!! I usually make videos for my family trips as well but I can see how a vblog can really help paint a picture of the best moments of the trip.might have to try one like this. Thanks for sharing!!

    Question: what camera did you use for this, iPhone or canon? I like how you were able to rotate the camera so easily to show everyone, including the camera holder. Also, it seemed like you were able to take pics as well as capture video of the same moments.

  58. Shannon

    I’ve had a rough week and was thinking, what can cheer me up? Came here and sure enough this was just what I needed. I especially love when Josh gave the owner of pitango a little lecture haha. Thanks for all your hard work on here and for sharing your ups and downs with us.

  59. Lexie

    I love that you guys are experimenting with this new format! Y’all are great at it. Any chance you’ll be attending VidCon next year?

  60. Rachelle

    Waht did you use to film this? love!! Did you use any special accessories to film in the car like a suctioned tripod?

  61. bridget

    Please know that I am only making this comment as you are not “car people” but please don’t let your littles help fill the petrol (gas) as it is not safe at all as back splash can easily occur causing serious eye injury. In Australia only people aged 16 years and older are allowed to use a fuel bowser, and you can be fined if fill up with your child there.


    Again, I am not making this comment to criticise your family but just thought it was something you may not be aware of as you are not car users.

  62. Rachael

    I just love vlogs! I follow some families on youtube that do daily vlogs, you could totally set up a vlog channel! You guys are hilarious. I loved the panic about changing Conrad. HAHAHA

  63. Martina

    Ciao Naomi! Are you coming in Sicily sooner or later?
    Would be nice to meet your sweet family!
    Waiting for you in Palermo :)

  64. Amy

    Love the video (and your coat!) I was looking at purchasing the same coat, but was wondering if you had to size down or up/how it fits. Thanks!!!!

    • TAZA

      i had to size down! 2 sizes, actually! it was a little bit of an ordeal because they only carry they yellow online so i had to order and return it a few times! haha! but i love it. i recommend!

  65. Courtney

    Love your VLOGS – they’re so fun to watch! I have followed your blog for over a year now and as a former New Yorker and Washingtonian, currently living far from home, your blog is the best when I’m missing home & family. I hope you, Josh & the kids have a very Merry Christmas!

  66. Emily

    Naomi this is great! I really like this free-form kind of video – you get a sense of everyone’s personality when they’re just goofing off like that. So funny to see Eleanor’s sass taking root btw!

  67. Egle

    Thank you for sharing it, Naomi, love your videos! You’re very cool family in photos, but even cooler in videos!
    Best of luck!

  68. love your vlogs! is it very time consuming to edit and put them together? how do you even add the music? anyways, keep up the good work and continuing to shine your light! xo

  69. Rachel

    Cute vlog!!! Fun seeing you guys and your cute kids’ personalities!

  70. Camilla T

    I looooove these videos!
    I don’t know if you’re going to read my comment, but if you are, can you please tell me who made this version of Jingle Bells? I love it! It’s amazing and makes me in such a good mood. Hope you’ll answer.
    Anyways…. I love this blog.

    Lots of love from Denmark.

  71. Very, very funny! It’s also nice to see Josh become more of a co-blogger in the videos :D

    xx B

  72. I love DC! We’re in Silver Spring alllllwwwaaaayssss trying to find a place in Cap Hill, or U Street or Cleveland Park- but you, know- it’s become crazy expensive, so it’s taking us awhile. But we DID go to the Cap Hill ward open house/tour at the new building- it’s beautiful!!! We were sold. Hopefully we’ll find someplaccceee! Love the video! Cheers!