a little bit of life lately….

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hello! we have been in arizona the last few days enjoying the unreal 75 degree weather and being like, is it really december?! thank you to everyone who shared recommendations on my instagram a few days ago on what to eat and see and do! you guys never lead me astray and i love you for it! love that you all are foodies like me. ;)

anyway, i’ll share more from our arizona trip when we get back to new york, but in the meantime, here’s a little life lately…. little bits and pieces of life from the last month or so…

top photo: a few of my favorite internet mama friends from arizona who met up with us yesterday morning.  this is one of the reasons why i love this crazy weird online community so much! sometimes you meet people but it feels like you’ve been good friends for years. i love that.


in arizona where i packed completely wrong. people were like, bring your swimsuits but also your coats. that confused me. and despite checking the temperature before we left,  i went with what made sense in my head at the time while packing an hour before leaving  (i’m so good at procrastinating),  which basically was every sweater, hat and layer i love. so this blouse got a lot of love this trip. it’s from anthropologie for those who have asked.


superheroes among us, photo taken before we left!


some sister loving, because i still can’t believe this happened!!!!!!!!


celebrating hannah’s birthday! lots of helpers to blow out those candles!


took hannah out for a birthday manicure and did our nails all special and fancy for the holidays!


such an incredible group of volunteers who came out to help us at the meatloaf kitchen a few weeks ago! always amazed by the incredible response we receive! wish we could bring more than 10 volunteers with us, the morning always leaves me wanting to be better and do more.  thank you so much though to everyone who reaches out with interest to come! with the small kitchen and morning routine, we can only bring a small group. i want to find more ways to get a bigger group together and volunteer in some capacity this coming year. you guys are incredible and i love meeting and doing good along side you.


we enjoyed hosting another little pie night with friends! i documented this one a bit on my snapchat (i’m love.taza on there), but i wish i would have saved it another way (the downside of snapchat, is it doesn’t save unless you manually save it. which i often forget to do.) it was so much fun, and i somehow got an award for my pie which is crazy cause i never win when it comes to anything that has to do with kitchen stuff! i’d say my friends were just trying to be nice, but truly, this pie rocks and it also only requires 5 ingredients so, you know. GO MAKE IT.


a girls night to the nutcracker! my friend lizzie is always on top of organizing such great activities and experiences. this night was such a good one.  the dancing was seriously phenomenal.  i don’t know if anything can top balanchine’s snow scene. it’s just so magical!


the last snippets of autumn!

lately-13lately-11 and now, it’s CHRISTMASTIME IN THE CITY. hope you’re all enjoying the holiday spirit wherever you might be! thanks for following along here, xoxo.

  1. I love your blog :) You are the most positive people I have ever seen :)

  2. Sarah

    hi naomi!

    i stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago while researching the bugaboo donkey stroller (which we ended up buying yesterday! whoop!) i’m often finding blogs via pinterest but yours is the first one that i keep coming back to for inspiration, encouragement and awesome photos! we’re expecting our first in april and i sometimes feel like everything online these days involving kids/families is really pessimistic, so i love that your blog has the positivity of having littles with a good dose of reality too! my husband is german and i’m from seattle and we currently live near frankfurt, so if you and josh ever take a trip to germany someday look us up! liebe grüße: sarah

    • TAZA

      thank you so much for this comment, sarah! it means so much! and congrats on your expected little one! i hope you have a wonderful last few months of your pregnancy and hope you also enjoy your donkey! we love ours.

  3. Sinead

    You always post the cutest pictures! I’m obsessed with you and your sister’s manicures – I need festive nails now! :-D

  4. Kate

    Your manicures are beautiful! I also LOVE that Anthropologie top. So cute :) Lovely pictures!


  5. Oh I miss Christmas in the city! That photo of you and Conrad in front of the brownstones is so sweet. That’s a keeper! I’m sure we will cherish memories of wearing our babies when they are older.

  6. Jamie

    Ok, HOW did they do ombre on her nails? That is so cool!

    • TAZA

      i don’t know how to even explain! it was fascinating!

  7. Camilla T

    This comment is Not related to this post, but can you please tell me who made the version of Jingle Bells you use in your DC-video? I love it! It’s amazing and makes me in such a good mood. Hope you’ll answer.
    Anyways…. I love this blog.

    Lots of love from Denmark.

    • TAZA

      thanks! i bought the song from audio jungle!

  8. Liv

    I love these photos so much- such a busy and sweet life. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. Danielle

    Those manicures are amazing! Where did you go? :)

    • TAZA

      thanks! we went to paint box.

  10. Maria

    Hi Naomi!

    Where is that long light grey cardigan from that you’re wearing in a few pictures? Thanks! :)

    • TAZA

      thanks, it’s from & other stories.

  11. Those manis are super cute! I’m always a little afraid to ask them to do anything fancy…I don’t know why. But I totally want that white polish with the gold glittery V-shape for Christmas.

    • TAZA

      yes, we went to the paint box which specializes in fun different nail art. they had a fun little menu to choose from.

  12. Mollie

    I love the fancy holiday manis you got with your sister! So special for you to have her near again!

    xoxo Mollie

  13. Allison

    it’s always warmer in LA during december. it’s actually been a little cooler-which is surprising. the nails are beautiful! I need to get my nails done for the holidays!

    hope you had a good trip!

  14. Ashley

    Arizona is always a good idea. When I used to live there I totally forgot what a coat was. New York City must be so amazing at Christmas. I cant wait to experience it someday.
    – Ashley

  15. Caitlin


    • TAZA

      aren’t they amazing! her wedding ring was our grandma’s. it suits her so well.

  16. Lauren

    Life looks like it’s been super fun lately! I love all your pictures! Also I clicked on the link to that pie recipe…it looks amazing! I feel like I may make this for Christmas!


  17. hanna

    I would love warm weather! –Hanna Lei

  18. Kelley

    Their mani’s are from a nail studio in Soho called Paint-box. http://www.paint-box.com :) They do the world’s chicest and cutest manicures.

  19. Silvia

    Love your anthropologie top and lipstick! Do you mind sharing the lipstick color? Thank you!

    • TAZA

      thank you, it’s heat wave by nars.

  20. That blouse is amazing. It deserves to be worn over and over again.

  21. Felisha

    I love your nails! I’m getting mine done for a holiday party this weekend, so yours are giving me super inspiration.


  22. Caitlin

    Love all the photos :)

    That’s so fun your sister moved to New York! If Hannah started a blog too, I wouldn’t be upset :P

    Who are the other blogger-mamas? I’m looking to add to my ‘lineup’!

  23. Cynthia

    Oh, nothing says Christmas like the Nutcracker Ballet! I see the Nutcracker here in Phoenix every year. It’s such a treat, such a treat.

  24. Sara

    This is all so cool! What a wonderful month, ha? :)

  25. Kathrin

    Do you have an iphone? Then you can save your snaps easily: settings – privacy – photos – activate the “snapchat-button”. It also saves your little movies! I hope it works :)

  26. Claire

    Really love your engagement ring ! Where did you find it ? You’re so beautiful and your family too !

  27. Kaylee

    I think I just fell in love with your blouse from Anthropologie! Sadly my country doesn’t have it here and the shipping costs quite a lot :(
    But you’re rocking it and that just made me feel so much better♥ xx

  28. Tracy

    Absolutely love the jeans you are wearing in Arizona! Would you mind sharing what brand they are/where you found them? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are from madewell.

  29. Seeing Christmastime in NYC is on my bucket list! Love that I can see it here in the meantime :)

  30. Michele

    Love the dress you wore to the Nutcracker! May I ask where it’s from? You have impeccable style!

  31. Madeline

    Hi! Where are your clogs from?! They are darling!!

    • TAZA

      thanks! from love, hanna by hanna andersson.

  32. alison

    I love, love your blog so much!!

    I was hoping you would share the details of the dress you wore to the Nutcracker. It is adorable and I would sure love to own something like it.

    Thanks so much! And Merry Christmas! xoxox

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from maje!

  33. Jennifer

    I just have to ask, where is your skirt from on the Nutcracker photo? So so gorgeous!

    Thanks so much! I’m a huge fan of your blog!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s a dress, from maje.

  34. Emily

    I love your yellow coat! Where’s it from?

  35. Daisy

    I would love to know what lipsticks you’re wearing in these pictures! Especially in the one with your sister both colors are fabulous!

  36. Alida

    LOVE the nails! & Christmas in NY = so dreamy! Do you mind telling me where you got your yellow coat from?

  37. Amna

    Hi Taza, I love all your pictures and your life lately, Your skinny fits you so well. I wonder why all my skinnies loosen after few uses.

  38. Sophia

    Love your whole outfit in Arizona! Would you mind sharing where your sunglasses are from? S xx