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feeling so thankful for all the experiences 2015 brought my way. grateful for the chance to be healthy and loved, and to have so many to love on, too.

this family of mine makes my life such a joy, even on the most difficult of days.  excited to see where 2016 takes us!

i hope you have the best last day of 2015 and wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in a few hours time! thank you a million times over for coming to this little corner of our big internet world and for sharing your sweet comments and emails with us! you guys are seriously the best and i love you. see you in 2016!


  1. Susanna

    Happy New Year & all the best for a healthy and peaceful 2016 to you and your family.
    Greetings from Europe! :)))

  2. Thank you so much and the same to you and your beautiful family:-)

  3. magali

    Wishing you all the best for 2016!Stay all healthy that’s the most important thing.
    2016 will be very special for me, I will be a mommy for the first time in june :-)
    All the best and thank you for your blog, the best in the whole internet-world ;o)
    Greetings from Switzerland xxx

  4. Olivia

    Merci pour tous ces moments partagés, je suis votre blog depuis 4 ans maintenant et c’est toujours avec un grand plaisir de retrouver votre jolie famille, vos escapades, vos sourires, votre optimisme, votre attitude positive! Je vous souhaite Une excellente année 2016 à vous et à vos proches!


    Thank you for all these shared moments , I am your blog for 4 years now and it’s always a great pleasure to find your lovely family , your escapades , your smiles , your optimism , your positive attitude ! I wish you a great year 2016 to you and your loved ones!


  5. Laura

    Hi Naomi! I discovered your blog this year and i’m a big fan of you and your lovely family! I’m from Spain, and I practise my english reading your blog! I love your photos and what they makes me feel, you are so happy and optimist, that help me so much. Thanks for your blog and i wish you a really happy new year!!!

    Kisses for all of you!


  6. Nanette

    happy new year to you and your beautiful family!

  7. Steffi

    I love your blog and your instagram account. It’s really great and it’s fun to see your little family so happy. You’ve really made me feel like getting kids too :) (I don’t know the right wording in English at the moment, so it’s a bit bad English…)
    I look forward to your 2016 and wish you a happy new year.

    Greetings from Germany

  8. Thanks so much for your courage to share your life’s journey with the rest of the world! You are an inspiration. I’m hoping 2016 is great for you and I’m hoping 2016 is way better for me than this past year. This past year was a rough one and it sucks to have such lows in life sometimes. But thank goodness for heavenly father’s love and grace. Without Him I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    Anyways, happy new year!!! Xo

    All my love,

  9. Sana

    Happy New Year to your sweet family! Thank you for sharing 2015 with us!

  10. Claire

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Naomi! All the best for the 5 of you.
    Best regards from France, Claire.

  11. Your so sweet Naomi! Thank YOU for bring so inspiring and putting yourself out there. Happy New Year to you and your fam too!

  12. deborah

    Happy New Year Naomi! all the best to you and yours in 2016!!

  13. Lauren

    Thank you for having such an inspiring blog! Your little space here on the internet is the very thing that encouraged me to create my own space and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I’ve had my blog for just over a year and I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be able to look back on all my adventures. So thank you for that!

    I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy & happy new year!

  14. vicky

    Happy New Year, Davis fam!! :)

  15. Elena Korniienko

    Happy New Year!!! Wish all of you health, happiness, joy, pleasure!!!!

  16. hanna

    Happy New Year to you and your family –Hanna Lei

  17. Lauren Bee

    Happy New Year, Naomi! Maybe 2016 be filled with love and light for you and your beautiful family.


  18. Rose j.

    Lovely family! Hope you have a fabulous 2016! So nice to catch glimpses of your life with your family through your blog! Hope we can meet up someday! I always tell Rachel how all her sibs are wonderful on the net…even though I’ve only met her and Rebekah. Take care!


  19. Alessandra Morris

    Naomi – you are such an inspiration and Happy New Year Davis Family! It was a pleasure getting to know your beautiful family this year. I can’t wait to see the adventures 2016 brings, God bless your family!

    With love, Alessandra.

  20. Queenie

    Happy new year, you gorgeous bunch! xxx

  21. Malia

    Happy New Years!!

  22. Ashley

    Thank you for sharing your life on the little corner of the internet. It really does share joy. Can’t wait to read what 2016 brings you. You guys really are just so cute!
    – Ashley

  23. Lulu De la Rosa

    happy New Year Naomi!!!

  24. Alicia

    What an eventful year! You and your family are very inspiring, I hope to keep traveling like that once we have more than one kid!

    Xx Alicia

  25. Ashley

    such a great blog with great advice/content on motherhood. keep up the good work


  26. Happy new year to you and your family naomi!

  27. Cindy

    So sweet pics of 2015! My best pic: Eleanor at the wedding with her cutie midnight blue dress! Your family rock! Best whishies for 2016, very very happy New year! Cindy from France

  28. Josephine

    Happy new year to you and your beautiful little family!