visiting heifer international in cuzco!

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i still have a lot of photos and stories to share from our trip to peru! i finally finished going through all of our photos, so hopefully in the next week or so i can get a few posts together.  in the meantime, i wanted to share some images from the time we spent in cuzco visiting a store supported by heifer international! with the help of heifer peru, artisans outside the city have joined forces to form a consortium called the three aplaquitas artisans and have managed to open up this craft shop called three alpacquitas in downtown cuzco.  i want to highlight it here on my blog because if you’re ever in the area and are looking for anything alpaca to bring back home with you, this is the kind of store worth visiting and it’s where we stocked up on our gifts for friends and the holidays, especially because everything is handmade by these local artisans. for me, it was also really exciting to visit this place, because it’s amazing to actually see in person how donations can work, and how they help give skills and resources to those in need to create beautiful things with their surroundings and in turn provide for themselves and families.

i know i’ve blogged about heifer international before, and those posts as well as this one are not sponsored in any way, i just love what they are about and what they are doing, and want to bring light to it in a small way.  i like that they empower people all over the world by giving them training and help so they can make long-term commitments to achieving self-reliance and change for the better in their lives.

i wanted to bring home all of the beautiful handmade alpaca pieces  you see below. the colors and the feel and over all quality is just amazing.


eleanor picked out and brought home this new purple purse. ;) have i told you yet that she’s on a big purse kick? often has two strapped around her neck. they carry her littler toys and very important knick knacks. i just love her little four year old self and the things she’s into right now so much. :)

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each tag has the name of the woman who made the item!01-11

if you find yourself in cuzco ever, consider checking it out! the three aplaquitas artisans, at calle san agustin 415.

will share the rest of our stories and photos and videos from peru soon!

  1. It’s so refreshing to see a post that is not sponsored. I love the textiles and fabrics shown. My friend recently came back from Peru with a boatload of textiles and I can see why. Great way to support a global local community.

    Analog House

  2. Whitney

    You are a good person :)

  3. hanna

    The shop looks great! –Hanna Lei

  4. Sara

    The scarf! And my 4 year old would love that purple purse too. Would love to find a similar artisan shop that sells online.

  5. Jess.

    What a darling shop, AND it’s Heifer Int’l. Thank you for sharing this information! superXOX

  6. Anamarie

    I really appreciate you bringing light to Heifer International. Such a great cause. What a cool store!

  7. i love seeing your family adventures. they really are amazing.

  8. Thanks for sharing this information! Heifer International is doing great work. I also love the idea of buying gifts and souvenir from a store that has a greater mission. Can’t wait to check it out when we make our way to Peru.
    My husband and I try to do something similar on mother’s day, father’s day, and other special days like grandparents birthdays – we donate to charities that we love which in turn sends out a card to the person in whose name we made the donation! I think it a win win for all. And yay to accumulating less stuff that just gets lot in the shuffle!

  9. Shilpa

    This is such a sweet post!

    I wish to visit Peru someday and would definitely refer to your blog and visit this place if possible!

    Was it difficult to get around this place due to the local language (I guess Spanish) or did locals understand English?

    -lots of love from India

  10. Bruna

    One of my dreams is to visit Peru, they have such a rich culture.
    I love how they play with colours in their clothes!
    E picked such a cute purse ;)


  11. I just love this SO much Naomi! I lived in Bolivia for six months with my husband a few years back (which is when I actually found your blog) and now we work with artisans that we met there in an effort to give them a job with a very fair wage that they can be proud of. It’s a special thing to be a part of and it’s so great to see others like yourself support similar work.