sonnet james holiday 2015 collection!

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you guys! the most wonderful time of year is finally here (and i can say that now and not get any eye rolls because halloween is ova! let’s do this!)

something that’s making this season even better this year is that the holiday 2015 sonnet james line launches today! i was able to partner up with the beautiful brand once again way back in the spring for this photoshoot and i’m so excited to share a few images with you! click here to see the full line! and if you’d like, use the code LOVETAZA to receive 15% off your order when you buy two or more dresses (plus free 2 day shipping on domestic orders.)

you probably already know how near and dear sonnet james dresses are to my heart, as well as how much i love the beautiful force being the dress company, whitney. she’s amazing and her dresses are amazing and i’m just so grateful this little blog has somehow given me these unique chances to meet incredible women like herself whose story and ideas and goals always leave me inspired.  i first got to meet and work with whitney on her first spring collection lookbook so it was a blast getting the old group together for this little shoot once again. my kids love whitney and her sister remi (who is the photographer behind these images) so we had the best morning together hanging out and taking some pictures.

by the way, this pretty red dress has been named the naomi dress and i’m so freaking over the moon about it because it’s my favorite one! also, a portion of the proceeds from each naomi dress sold will go towards the charity, save the children!

love taza sonnet james-101L4A1062_2love taza sonnet jameslove taza sonnet james-2love taza sonnet james-7 love taza sonnet james-5 love taza sonnet james-6 love taza sonnet james-3love taza sonnet james-9love taza sonnet james-4shop the entire collection HERE (don’t forget to use my discount code at the top of this post!) thanks so much to whitney and sonnet james for having me be a part of this pretty line!

  1. Queenie

    Gorgeous photos and the clothes are beautiful! I especially love E’s stripy dress and her adorable hairstyle :)

  2. Claire

    I always love your pictures for Sonnet James! Your stunning Naomi, and Eleanor is such a cutie!
    Something I want to ask, do you wear tights? I’m always lost with long dress like these in winter because I don’t know I to wear them…
    Best regards from France, Claire.

  3. Cynthia

    Hi Naomi, I admire that dark dress and pair of heels you’re wearing. you look like a modern Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s haha. Very nice look!

    -Much love from Arizona, Cynthia.

  4. Mere

    I’m not a mom but I love these dresses! They look so easy and comfortable! And super lovely snaps of you and your littles here– I watched the videos as well. :)

  5. Julie

    I was wondering : do they run small or large?
    Would you mind telling us what size are you wearing on the photos? XS or S? I am usually an XS in everything but I would hate for it to be too tight!
    I’m 5’3” and 117 pounds.

    This is the dilemma that always keeps me from ordering.

  6. Denise Leon Medina

    I just love the dresses and of course your blog!
    So now, which one will i order… Hmmm

    And hey, i can see Josh and Conrad an the Last picture!☺️

    Have a great day and lot’s of greetings from Germany!

  7. Megan

    I cannot wait to go checkout the rest of their collection! These pictures are amazing and you are the perfect person for them to partner with!

    Have a wonderful Monday //

  8. Marian

    Love the photo of you and E looking all sassy!!! :) The black dress looks super professional, it’s def my favourite!

  9. all of them!! I need all of them!! You are such a perfect model for these. Brb, gotta grab my wallet, k? xo

  10. Whitney

    What an absolute pleasure to work with you four. Love you guys. Miss you. Can’t wait to work with you again.

  11. Cristy

    Most things you sponsor up with are beautiful but not very affordable. Any chance you’ll be partnering with a more affordable brand ?

  12. Mandy

    Love your bangs that length!

  13. Marcella

    Beautiful new looks! And congrats on having the Naomi dress benefit such a great cause (both breastfeeding + a great charity)! Now if only SJ might make tiny dresses for E?!

  14. Jen

    May I ask where your brown boots are from?

  15. Heather

    I love all the dresses but I’m always shocked at just how much a simple knit dress can cost! And of the $145 only $3 goes towards the charity. Wish I could afford such things.

  16. K S

    Where is your brown backpack from in the “kiss” pic with Sampson?! Thanks!!

  17. Valerie

    Love love love! You look so great and so does E! I want the black dress for work and the red for play! Too cute! The pictures are so well done too!

  18. Mariela

    These are lovely but how do you nurse in most of them without pulling the whole dress over your head or stretching out the neckline?

  19. Kristin

    One prettier than the next, and the kids aren’t so bad too!!! Lol;) I just love every one, so, so pretty. Is your bag from there as well?? Xoxo Kristin

  20. Carly

    These pictures are stunning! I am always amazed at your abilities to get beautiful pictures of you and your toddlers, which is no easy task
    Dresses & Denim

  21. Annika

    Very lovely photos! But alas, at this price point, it’s not the kind of clothes that I can just “snap up”, or order a few. They kind of remind me of Boden style but these are more expensive. But again, very lovely photos of an idealised lifestyle!

  22. hanna

    I love the dresses! –Hanna Lei

  23. Imogen

    Hi Naomi! You guys look absolutely wonderful. And congrats on the Naomi dress… what an honour. I was wondering what percentage of the proceeds of the dress go towards the charity?

  24. Red lipstick! And your photos are so great! Love from Indonesia *kiss

  25. Lindsay

    Umm, can we discuss the Little Eleanor dress? SO PRECIOUS!!!

  26. Justine

    Every dress looks amazing on YOU! And can we talk about your hair for a minute because it’s divine!

  27. Elvie

    I’d love to know about the orange back pack in one of the cool pics in this post.

  28. Tina

    Hi. Love this blog!

    I love that straw tote. Where is it from?

    I have been on a hunt for one.

    Thanks :)

  29. Kelly

    Their dresses are SO pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  30. Cloudy

    E’s powerful pose is sooo cool! Very cool picture :D

  31. Laureen

    Gah, these pictures are too cute, how picture perfect are you guys..?!
    Love the dresses too, I want them ALL!! :)

  32. Sara

    Aaaall of the dresses are amazing, and the pics are just too cute! A girl gotta love it!