prepping for the holidays!

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it was the weekend before thanksgiving, but we carried on with last year’s tradition and put up the christmas stuff before our big turkey day this year. i feel like it just helps add to the wonderful spirit of thanksgiving though by having it all up! we also did a ton of rearranging in our little apartment, trying to find ways to make the most of our space. haha, it’s like the most awkward narrow space ever, but it’s the space that just keeps on giving. and every time we rearrange our furniture and try a new arrangement, we’re always like, “wow! this feels bigger.” (you can see how our apartment was last arranged HERE.)

we worked on a few projects this weekend, made (and i ate) a billion sugar cookies, and listened to she & him’s holiday album that i also love so very much. (at one point, poor josh was like, “man, it feels like zooey is right here with us, with this album on repeat.” haha! sorry, but we have to make up for the whole past 11 months of no christmas music.)


nothing like taking a nap IN your cowboy boots. lol. oh, samson.


and speaking of naps, how cute is this llama bedding i just bought eleanor? she needed new bedding so i had her pick it out herself and while we were browsing lots of options online, she didn’t need me to scroll any further once she saw the llamas. i think our trip to peru has made a lasting impression on her! (ps. the bedding is from land of nod if you’re also into llamas.)


my mom is really on top of her game this year, and sent conrad his birthday present a few days ago! i didn’t know it was for his birthday, so we opened it up not realizing, but it’s a good thing because he LOVES it, haha, and has carried it around most of the weekend. thanks, mom!


so far, we’ve broken approximately 5 ornaments, but the biggest shocker is that conrad is not responsible for any of those little accidents! it was all us older people. ha! i’m determined to keep this tree on the ground this year and not have it fall over. it is also mostly very top heavy in decorations, since we’re nervous to have any glass balls lower than conrad’s reach, but i still like it. it’s a good representation of where we currently are in life, and it’s a good spot to be.


this little gnome also joined the family over the weekend. his face is scribbled completely blue at the moment, but i don’t think he’s had a chance to look in the mirror so we’re good.


his favorite book right now, which was actually eleanor and also samson’s favorite book at different points during their first year or so of life. i love how they all have taken such a love to it. it really is a good one. (it’s brown bear brown bear, what do you see.)


at the end of the day on saturday, i noticed this baby nutcracker up on the kiddos mantle in their nursery. i think eleanor must have put him there. which makes me so happy.

wknd-5 wknd-6

after a red powerade spill and also a purple smoothie one, our rug was a goner (it was actually a goner a long time before that, but those were two spills that despite my best efforts to scrub, still were apparent a few weeks later in our rug).  this new one is a big deal because both josh and i really like it, and we do not have the same taste when it comes to decorating. haha! (it’s by our friend caitlin wilson’s beautiful textile company.)


more christmas spirit in the apartment! (my little vases are from west elm, ps.)


have a great thanksgiving week everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  1. Megan

    Such a fun little weekend! How cute are those vases?! West Elm always gets me!

    Have a wonderful Monday //

  2. Katie Cadwallader

    yay! if you’ve put yours up then i can!

    the BIG question – where is your coffee table from? i’m marble mad at the moment and it looks the perfect size for our tiny space! x

  3. India

    Ooh I want to see how you re-arranged the rest of your apartment :) I love how you decorate and am so fascinated by city living!! And yes, I’m totally nosey so feel free to tell me to mind my own business, sorry!! Glad to see you all had a good weekend though!

  4. hanna

    Holidays in your home look so fun! –Hanna Lei

  5. Paige

    I’m usually pretty adamant about no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but this year I really couldn’t help myself and just decided to go for it! I think it makes our house feel so cozy and warm!


    • TAZA

      and thanksgiving was so late this november, i feel like it definitely is necessary! happy holidays!

  6. Oh I love the new rug!! And I love the Chrismassy everything. I have Christmas music on all the time now as well and it just makes me so happy! Hope you all have an amazing thanks giving week <3 Yara

  7. mara

    we put our tree up this last weekend too! (we’ve got a baby coming any day now so i figured it was now or maybe never this year..). i kind of love having it up this early, although i’ve never done it this early before. we have a two year old who was SUPER helpful this time too ;) love those vases from west elm, might have to run by there this week. (and also restoration hardware – prettiest ornaments ever! not real kid-friendly though ha). happy thanksgiving!!

  8. Mallory

    I’m dying over your marble coffee table! Could you share where it’s from? Pretty coffee tables with rounded edges are so necessary with littles, but so hard to come by. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from west elm!!

  9. brenda w

    What a lovely apartment! I’m always on the lookout for books for my grand baby. She’s 20 mos. and absolutely adores her Brown Bear book. Have your kids read Panda Bear,Panda Bear ? I like that the author writes the books not only with fun in mind but also involving the environment.
    Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • TAZA

      yes! it’s a great one!

  10. melissa

    where is that coffee table from?! love it!

    • TAZA

      thank you, it’s from west elm.

  11. Nanette

    we just did the same! haha. decorating before thanksgiving just makes it all so much more cozy and festive!

  12. Ashley

    Your pictures are so fun to look at! Your family is just adorable. Happy Holiday prep and Merry Thanksgiving to your guys this week!- Ashley

  13. Hey Naomi! Where is your coffee table from? I love it!! Xo

    • TAZA

      hi emily! it’s from west elm!

  14. Allison

    Your place looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Quinn

    the re-arrangement looks so great! the last photo of conrad by the lit up tree should be high on your frame-worthy list! :) i love love love that “sweet smell of christmas” book i can see in one of the photos! it was my favorite growing up; my boyfriend bought me a new copy recently since all the old scratch-n-sniffs were scratched to the max. so nostalgic. glad to know somebody else enjoys that book, too!

  16. Sarah

    Hi folks, for those looking for that coffee table, I’m pretty sure it’s this one:^79998082913-sku^8766453-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^47300713553

    (I’m pretty sure because I eyed for quite a while – won’t work for us but man it is pretty.)

  17. It seems like you had super cosy family time over the weekend! It’s fun for us (readers) to have this little sneak-peek, thanks :).

    xx B
    PS: I adore those lama’s !!

  18. Your place is starting to look very magical! I love the blurred out Christmas tree image, so awesome.

  19. rach

    Your Christmas tree skirt!! Your home is so bright & cheery!

  20. Aww yay Christmas!! And I totally need that llama bedding, SO cute!

  21. Elaine

    Your new arrangement looks great and I love your rug… but I’m dying to know where the piano and dining table are. Christmas looks great in your home and I hope Conrad can keep a little distance. He is darling. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  22. ashley

    Wow. Babies & Christmas. Can life get better?! :) :) :)

    • TAZA

      haha! i don’t think so! ;)

  23. filicia

    everything in this post is uber cute <3
    conrad is so cute on that last picture.

    oh, happy holiday too!

  24. Mariana

    Oh what a wonderful christmas tree.
    Wish you a happy thanksgiving.
    I love your blog… its so colorful.
    Greets from Germany,

  25. veronica

    Hi Taza!
    How do I get a house so clean with three kids?
    Inside the house you walk in shoes or barefoot?
    Thank you!

  26. Branna

    Your home looks so cozy! Makes me want to get started on Christmas decorations asap!

    Can you share where Conrad’s outfit is from in the last picture? I love it and it would be perfect for our family pictures coming up. I’ve been trying to find an outfit for my 3 month old that has red and blue in it and it’s warm enough for the outdoors. This looks like it fits the description!


    • TAZA

      it’s from hanna andersson!

  27. Oh, your place looks so cosy and loveable! And who doesn’t love christmas decorations? ;)

  28. Bri

    I love these photos! You’re so in the holiday spirit and I’m sitting here thinking ‘hmmm maybe I should put the Halloween decorations away …” ha! We did plan a time to get our tree though so that’s a start :) I’ve already started singing Christmas songs at bedtime too! My favorite.

  29. shayna

    i am loving your blue living room! when did y’all paint it? has it been a while? i haven’t been following along as much as i’d like because as you know 3 kids, 3 and under keep you busy ;)

    also, my husband and i have very different decorating styles and was wondering how y’all make it work?

    thanks for sharing!

    happy thanksgiving!

  30. Love the bright blue wall! I’ve just bought a pokey Georgian flat in Bristol, England and desperately needed some interior decorating inspiration. I found it, so thank you!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving. We’ll be celebrating over here with some American friends. I can;t wait; such a lovely way to begin the Christmas season.

  31. this made me all giddy to get my christmas decoration out! i’m trying so hard to wait till friday……………………………….

    (obviously there are twinkle lights around the house. and maybe some holly berries here and there. OKAY AND THE MISTLETOE IS OUT. but the rest waits till friday!)

  32. Aurore

    Hello Naomi
    Are you gonna make a new appartement tour with your new arranging ? Especially as it is decorating for christmas this is so beautiful…
    And why not a post about kids room arrangement, as you have tried many of them ?
    Thank you for your blog, it’s always a pleasure to discover a new post…
    Happy thanksgiving

  33. Lynn

    Where is that Christmas tree skirt from?!

  34. kristen

    sweetest, happy pictures! can i ask about your blue dress/top? it’s just lovely. thanks!

  35. Gita Anindita

    Love the last pic of Conrad! Looks so nice with the Christmas tree on the side :) Happy early Thanksgiving too, Naomi! Sending your family lots of love from sunny Jakarta, Indonesia

  36. Robyn

    So bummed that I can’t get an adult size bedding with those llamas!!! :(

  37. Tenneh

    I’m new to your blog and I love how you have your bike hanging up, I live in a one bedroom in NJ with my BF and 16 month old. When she was born I put my bike in storage in the basement but I hate not having easy access to it. I would love to do what you did. Can you please give me some more information about how you hung it up? Does your little one bother it? Thanks!

  38. Sara

    I’m so impressed by what you’ve done w/ little space, definitely inspiring to live more minimally. I love the little throw pillow on the couch (w/ the colorful triangles), but I’m afraid you’re gonna say you got it in Peru! Tell me I’m wrong!! ;)

    Merry Christmas!

    • TAZA

      no, it’s from west elm! the green one is from peru, but you’re in luck with that colorful one!