it’s a party in the kitchen!

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the hardest thing about trying to get anything done these days is that sweet mister conrad wants to be included in everything. i honestly don’t mind it except for when i’m trying to get ready for the day or need both hands in the kitchen. i feel like josh and i are always tag teaming it throughout the day passing him back and forth. haha!

josh and i made a blue apron meal the other day and mister conrad wanted to be included in every step. so we strapped him onto my back and had a little party in the kitchen. he’s so content and happy as long as he’s being held in some capacity. is this a ten month old thing or just a conrad thing? i don’t remember it being this way with my other two, but maybe it was.

anyway, blue apron is another one of my loves. helps me feel like i have a handle on cooking in the kitchen, and it’s always exciting to try new recipes and foods. we’ve loved having the chance to partner with them on the blog since we have used them for several years in our home.  if you are unfamiliar with the service, blue apron delivers all the farm-fresh ingredients you need to your door each week in a refrigerated box, and in the exact proportions, so you can create yummy chef-designed recipes at home.

an exciting new feature is that blue apron is now offering a recycling program for your packaging! you can use the recycling locator to find recycling options in your community or you can return your packaging for free to blue apron via usps!

if you’d like to give blue apron a try, the first 100 readers will receive two free meals on their first blue apron order! click here to give it a go!

we made this mexican chicken and rice casserole this week and loved it (conrad especially! he ate so much!) i never would have thought to put kale in a casserole like this, but it was awesome.


feeding papa his carrot! and trying to get a photo of all of us cooking in the kitchen! lol. where’s my selfie stick?!

blueapron-5blueapron-3blueapron-2 blueapron

you can find the full recipe for this dish right here. a few of our other favorite blue apron recipes is the butternut squash and kale rigatoni and also the rice and beef-stuffed poblano peppers.

don’t forget to use my link up top if you’d like to try your first two meals free! and thank you to blue apron for sponsoring this post.


  1. Natali

    Awww!! So adorable! I remember using the same “system” with my daughter when she was this little and I have tried to cook. :)
    Also, all of this food looks so delicious.

  2. Paige

    That casserole looks delicious! I feel like Blue Apron always does a great job at giving me inspiration for new meals to try and rotate into our family meal plan!


  3. Valerie

    I remember having to cook with my son strapped to me for a VERY long time. I bet he would still prefer it to this day. Thank goodness he’s too big to fit! Looks like a fun cooking party!

  4. Lisa

    Such a sweet family, and the food looks good, too.

  5. hanna

    It looks really good! –Hanna Lei

  6. Totally a 10 month old thing! Our sweet girl is made of glue these days. There is NO putting her down. I’m happy to report that I love it, and have mastered getting dressed one limb at a time. : ]

  7. raynette

    i remember our son’s 10th month and recall that it was tough. He was extra needy and clingy. But of course it was a phase and it passed. I am so glad to hear that other mamas have the same issue when it comes to cooking. I want to cook our family a home cooked meal all the time but it’s difficult when your little one wants to be entertained. recently (like in the past 2 nights) I’ve been able to sit him in his high-chair and have him observe me. This will usually entertain him for about 20 min. thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow.. What Sweet photos!
    This looks absolutely amazing. Kale is one of my favorite vegetable; it sounds a healthy dish here.
    Mexican chicken and rice casserole is really gorgeous. I’m gonna give this recipe a try.
    Thank you so much

  9. megan

    Aww Conrad!! He is too cute for words and that dish looks absolutely delicious!

    Happy Friday //

  10. Ananda

    Looking forward to trying this recipe this weekend :) Do you have any slow-cooker recipes you would recommend?

  11. Nikki

    That looks so good! I’m bummed that it’s not available in my area yet. I could really use the help on mixing things up and incorporating healthier ingreidints! Also, our Ergo carrier was a lifesaver! We still use it sometimes even though Adelaide is 2 years old!

  12. Alice

    Ha! this is the exact same as my 9 mo boy… he wants to be included/held all the time, but especially at cooking time…so much so the other day he was pulling my pants so hard wanting to be picked up and look, that he pulled them down and I just had to cook in my undies, haha! BUT now I put him in his little seat on our teeny kitchen bench where he can see what’s happening and be my little taste tester :)

  13. Aya

    What kind of baby carrier do you have?

  14. Elaine

    That casserole looks yummy… wish we were there to share. It definitely needs blue apron’s help to assemble all the ingredients!

  15. Oh wow this looks so so good! :) x

  16. Ashley H.

    10 month old thing :) “Separation anxiety” can present as littles are learning to walk and can travel away from you, plus many other things. This stage is about gaining increasing independence. Super cool idea with the baby back pack!

  17. SABA

    This looks super delicious! :) xx and you’re very beautiful!

  18. Bri

    I love these pictures! Looks like a great time :) And I’m so jealous of your cooking. I am not patient enough for cooking, maybe one day!

  19. Adrienne

    I always love reading your blog Taza, it’s beautiful ! xx

  20. Hi Niomi. Very pretty pictures and the meal looks delicious. We have been meaning to try Blue Apron but believe it or not, I like to go to a grocery store. A trip down Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco is so fun and My 2.5 year old enjoys learning about different veg, fruit, etc. And can’t beat the samples! call me crazy!
    Happy cooking!

  21. Kelly

    This looks and sounds amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  22. Britt

    That selfie of you three when Conrad feeds the carrot: adorable! My face is like a heart-eye-emoji when I look at it :’)

    xx B

  23. Ashley

    This sounds so good! Trying it this weekend! Have you tried freezing it by chance? If I do, I will let you know how it goes!