“i love you conrad, oh yes i do.”

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in a few short weeks, this little mister turns one!


while we were all gathered around the table the other day, eleanor leaned over to conrad and asked if he was excited to blow out his birthday candle and smash his cake. of course he has no idea what she is talking about, but i was like, oh right. a birthday! shoot, i gotta figure out his birthday! poor third child. he is most definitely loved just as much as the first or second (if not more so because he has the first and second loving on him too), but sometimes little details like counting down to the birthday aren’t top of mind this time around. (rest assured, as of today, we’ve begun planning a birthday itinerary.)

i see so much of eleanor and samson in conrad sometimes.  he lays his head down on his shoulder and smiles when he’s being cute. eleanor definitely did that. and his one foot dance move? a complete replica of samson’s one foot dance move! he has this mischievous “eh eh eh” sound he makes in the deeper lower back part of his throat the exact same way samson did when he was this age and sometimes he makes this dolphin sound that is the biggest throwback to eleanor once upon a time. it’s wild to see the similarities outside of physical appearance. i feel like i’m having deja vu and flashbacks all day every day.

but he’s his own little person too! there is so much of him that is him, and only him. it makes me anxious and excited and curious about what he’ll be like as his little personality forms.

conrad always has something in his hand… he likes holding onto things, and carrying things. he can now play the maraca quite well, and really gets into it.  he somehow always manages to have one of his hands in my shirt and we just got over the biting while nursing thing (HALLELUJAH! cause that was so not fun, whatsoever.) conrad gets very frustrated that he cannot climb onto the sofa or piano bench on his own just yet, although he’s figured out how to climb into the tub on his own, which has made his life complete and my life much more complicated. he prefers to feed himself, and tries to brush his teeth standing on the step stool in the bathroom because that’s how he sees eleanor and samson do it. and he does everything they do. his main mission each day is to keep up with them in some way. i truly think this is the only reason he walked so early (9 and a half months!), because he doesn’t want to be left out.

i’m just so thankful to know him. he’s such a happy kid.

i feel like babies are quite demanding in their first year of life*, but i’m so incredibly emotional about this first year coming to a close, i don’t mind the demands. i hope these next few weeks drag out as long as they freaking can. ;) even with the sun going down before 5pm here in the city, i don’t care. you can be long, day. you can stretch out and slow down and just be as annoying as daylight savings always is. i need that time before the birthday. before i blink and he’s potty trained and talking and riding a scooter around manhattan with his older siblings. goodness gracious, i need that time before the birthday. i need more cuddles during the nighttime feedings and open mouth slobbery kisses and hugs only for mama because stranger danger has kicked in. let’s slow it all down and just enjoy.

you’re a good one, conrad rex. i love you so.

*or all the years. lol.

  1. Kyra

    Beautiful and honestly! :) heartwarming while reading

  2. Sinead

    It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that you were announcing you were pregnant, I can’t believe he’s almost one now! He’s such a gorgeous and happy-looking little guy!

  3. Mere

    This is such a sweet post. I think slowing down sometimes is a good thing to remember every once in a while in all areas of life. Also, love these snaps of Conrad. Never thought he looked much like E, but now I’m really starting to see it especially in that first one. So sweet!

  4. Jenn

    I was wondering when the ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ reference was going to kick in!

  5. Nanette

    i feel the same way. it went too fast. i’m relishing the million wake ups a night because i won’t have them again!

  6. Lauren

    I find it crazy that I started following your blog when you had just announced you were pregnant with Samson, it really seems like time has flown since then! Conrad is turning out to be such a dashing little man, happy birthday to him when it comes. :)


  7. Starr

    What a doll! Happy early birthday!

  8. felisha

    What a lucky little guy! You’ve probably answered this before, but why did you give Samson and Conrad the same middle name? I’ve never heard of doing that – is it a family tradition?


  9. Emily

    Okay, I really want to see a side-by-side of Conrad and Josh’s baby pictures. I bet they are identical.

  10. Alexa

    I second Felisha above—I would love to hear how you chose each of your kids’ names! I seem to remember you once mentioning you liked Edith for Eleanor, too? Anyway, I’d love to hear the stories :)

  11. Maria Habibollahi

    Hi Naomi. You made me cry with this post! I have been thinking about writing to you for a while but today I just couldn’t resist.
    I am from Brazil and I live with my family in Mobile/Alabama. I also have three kids, my oldest Yasmin is 4, my middle one Gael is 3 and my baby Coen will be one on December 8th. I feel that we have a lot in common! I love to read your posts and I would like to thank you for sharing your life and for being so sincere.
    Take care of your wonderful family!

  12. Sabine

    Hey Taza!

    Our baby boy is going to be 13 months on Christmas and I wanted to ask you if you maybe had any recommendations for what Santa could bring :) Thank you!

  13. Kelly

    He is adorable and I can not believe he will almost be one!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. Mila

    a year already! time went by fast. Makes me think I should have another one.

  15. Aggie

    baby’s = in a possession of a baby
    babies = more than 1 baby (plural)

  16. Eileen

    Where’s Conrad’s cute suspender ensemble from?!