homemade pizza night.

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the other day, eleanor asked if we could make pizza for lunch. we didn’t have fresh mozzarella on hand, (and normally i’d get it from the corner store, but i’m always super picky about wanting the mozzarella di bufala which is harder to get in a pinch. but it makes all the difference, i swear!) so i told her i’d put it on our grocery list and we’d make pizza together over the weekend. she was so excited!

we made pizza dough together (using this recipe) sunday afternoon and the kids did such a good job with each step! when we got to work with adding our mozzarella cheese to our pizzas after the dough had risen, both eleanor and samson ate like half the cheese before it even got onto the pizza. they are mozzarella monsters! we put them in the bath while the pizzas baked in the oven and by the time they finished baths and we had dinner on the table, neither was hungry anymore because they had eaten so much cheese! KIDS. i swear. haha. they eventually were hungry and wanted pizza maybe a half hour after conrad, josh and i finished ours. so round two of pizza it was! are my kids the only ones that go from “i’m so full, so stuffed!” to “i’m HUUUUUUNRGY.” like 5 minutes later?

anyway, a few photos…


the best helpers. i know i’ve talked about this before, but sometimes it’s a struggle to have “helpers” in the kitchen (because the mess is like 20x bigger and i never like realizing just how much i struggle with patience…these situations are always humbling when it comes to that), BUT it’s so worth it to see their faces after they’ve accomplished such a feat! and also, i was rather impressed with how well mister samson rolled out this dough, if i do say so myself.


he’s a pizza lover! and besides throwing the plate onto the ground a handful of times and ripping off his bib because he just can’t handle anything around his neck like that, he did really well. ;)01our favorite neighborhood pizza right now is the crumbled sausage on top of the mozzarella at patsy’s, so josh added sausage to a mini pizza at the end to test it out. i have a feeling more pizza making will be taking place at our home this winter! it’s such a fun process and i like having control over watching it in the oven because i like my crust on the dough-ier side, please and thank you!

  1. tinajo

    Love homemade pizza, we try to do it at least a couple of times/month. Always fun for the kiddos. :-)

  2. Lisa

    Wonderful! A tip is to make mini pizzas, and let the kids put on whatever they want. I usually make the dough beforehand (you can bake and freeze it) and then take out small half made pizzas and let the kids (I babysit) choose their toppings. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, sweetcorn, sliced ham, anything goes! Its less work to have them half made and frozen, the kids usually like the assembly the best :)

    • TAZA

      that’s a great tip! my kids only like cheese (they won’t even do basil on top!) but hopefully in the future we can branch out towards other ingredients on top. great idea for freezing mini ones! thanks for that!

  3. I have never made pizza dough myself! I must try that out now, if Eleanor and Samson can do it, I should be able as well no? ;)

    xx B

  4. Marian

    Your pizza looks quite good! My favorite part is always adding the toppings.

  5. hanna

    Looks like a fun night! –Hanna Lei

  6. felisha

    I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER (okay, mostly because I want to throw the pizza dough in the air and twirl it on my finger) and I’ll totally use this recipe! Thanks Taza!


  7. Megan

    Those look absolutely amazing!! Such a great idea

    Have a wonderful Monday // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  8. What great family time together and lots of learning opportunities when cooking. We will have to try this at our house. Patsy’s is a favorite that we certainly miss these days! Thanks for posting.

  9. Paige

    We love pizza night in our house! There is nothing better than getting dirty in the kitchen with your little ones!


  10. bri

    i’m with ya on the whole ‘helping’ in the kitchen thing. my patience wears pretty thin with things like that but i totally agree: the look on their faces is so priceless :)

    • TAZA

      no i totally agree! usually i just pull the shirt off as well so we aren’t doing as much laundry! ;)

  11. Nancy

    Your nails always look so nice! I need to know the secret. How do you keep the polish looking so nice? Do you get them professionally done? What type of polish and top coat do you use? I love to wear polish but have given up because it chips so quickly. I’ve even dried Sally Hansen miracle gel polish and I still need to touch up every three days. I love how you wear lipstick and nail polish. I always wear lipstick but can’t stand chipped polish, so I only put it on my toes. Any suggestions you can give me would be sincerely appreciated. ? Thank you for sharing your darling family’s adventures on the blog. It is always such a happy, hopeful blog.

    • TAZA

      i am so on the same page when it comes to polish! if i wear regular polish, it chips within a day or two as well which is hard. i can’t stand it chipped either! the only way i manage is with shellac polish! it lasts over 2 weeks (i usually try to make it last to week 3) without chipping (just a little regrowth.) for me, it’s definitely worth it. OPI shellac is my favorite. :)

  12. Nikki

    We love making pizza at home, though we’ve never gotten fresh mozzarella. That will have to go on my list for next time for sure! Oh, and my daughter is exactly the same. She’ll say her tummy is full and leave the table, and 10 minutes later she’s back saying she needs a snack :/


  13. Tracy

    We started making homemade pizza on Friday nights and we sometimes even make it movie night as well. It has taken a couple months to get it route, but at this point it is almost a given that we will have pizza on Friday nights. Our 3 and 5 year olds are starting to expect it. I like to make homemade pizza, but sometimes I just don’t get to making the dough with my work schedule…so I go to our local pizzeria and buy a dough ball, which is always so awesome. Other times we have improvised using ciabata bread or french bread. However, it has always been a treat and so easy to make. I only wish I lived somewhere that I could get buffalo mozzarella cheese. When it is a really good week, I will make our mozz from scratch! That is the benefit of being rural I guess!

  14. Emily

    We love making homemade pizza at our house! I would love to try whatever recipe you use for your dough! Also, where is your cable knit sweater from in your sweet green insta? And your button up in these photos?

  15. Kayla

    I have been following your blog for about 6 months now. I love seeing your kiddos and their adventures. And I love watching Conrad grow up- since he is about a month and half ahead of my munchkin I get to see what is in store for us! I just want to thank you for sharing your beautiful family. It is such an inspiration to see strong mothers and lovely families these days! Posts like this one remind me how exciting it can be to be a mommy, which is a nice reminder when I get bogged down in the daily grind :) So thanks so much!!

    P. S. I love your ankle jeans. What brand are they?

  16. Arantxa

    Ei!!! My twins and I cooked homemade pizza too!!! We’re like Taza family but in Barcelona :) You can read it at http://gorilasalcuadrado.com/

  17. Ana

    Hey Naomi,
    Im always impressed by your thick eyelashes , do you use any particular mascara or are these naturally so ?


  18. jessica

    I’m glad I took the time to read the comments as I usually do because I, too, was headed here to compliment your eyelashes in these photos!! Any secrets for us?! Ana (^^^) and I are dying to know!! hehehe!

    • TAZA

      thank you, jessica! it’s just eyelash extensions. works wonders cause i don’t use any other eye make up like liner or eye shadow or anything and i can’t stand mascara! so extensions are my kinda thing.

  19. Natasha

    I love food and cooking photos, especially since the kids are involved. I was wondering if you’ve heard of Foodstirs, which is healthy baking kits. Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy) created it with easy food crafts to do with kids in mind and they have some really cute kits that are holiday catered. I do not work with Foodstirs in any way, but she’s been doing a lot of interviews where she’s talked about the benefits of children helping to cook and have family dinners and I thought of you.

  20. veronica

    How do you get a clean kitchen cooking with kids? Thanks :)

  21. Bruna

    I love doing this with my Mia! She is always so proud when she sees the finished product. We always make a heart shaped one for her since it’s her ( and my) fave shape <3 And you are not the only one! Mia always says she's "done" eating and then sure enough five mins later I hear "Mama can I have a snnnaack??" lol Oh Kids :)

  22. Rachel

    Okay, I am on this total lipstick kick. And your lipsticks are always soooo amazing! I wish you would put the lipstick you are wearing at the end of every post. haha! What are you wearing in this post?? :)