happy thanksgiving!


i read some really beautiful words on social media the other night that said the practice of gratitude is 3 things.

1. notice. 2. savor. 3. express. 

i loved that. such a beautiful reminder.

i’ve learned over the years that one of the very best gifts i can give myself is my outlook on life. on finding gratitude and joy in what and who is around me. it’s hard sometimes. it’s hard a lot of the time. i’m human, and sometimes that stupid greener grass over there looks just so freaking green, that i start to forget just how blessed and fortunate i am to be standing on any grass at all over here. and what incredible grass under my feet it is! i’m thankful for it.

i’m thankful for this holiday that helps me pause and take notice of my blessings. i’m thankful for so many things. for things like my warm coat to early bedtimes for the kids (praise!) to good friends and good health to coconut syrup that has changed the way i drink a diet coke. for this city that i sometimes struggle with but still can’t get enough of. for my faith. and for my courage (because it’s hard sometimes and crawling under that rock and hiding forever and ever begins to look mighty fine). for this blog that has brought on incredible opportunities we couldn’t be more thankful for.  for all of you who come to this space and share your support and love and encouragement and feel like a friend.  but especially my family. my loving husband and my three beautiful children. i look at these people every day, my people, and i just wanna pinch myself. i seriously can’t believe they are mine.

when it’s one of those days where it’s hard to keep a positive frame of mind, and it takes my all to just patiently and kindly put my little ones to bed and tidy up the apartment and try to begin my work at an hour where i just want to sleep myself, i often cuddle up beside my love, and i just wanna slap myself. because this life is so good! how is this my life?!

i wish you the most wonderful thanksgiving with your loved ones. and if you’re in a place that doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving today necessarily, i wish you the most magical start of this holiday season!

outtake1photos are a few outtakes from when we took some pictures for our family christmas card. taken by the wonderful katie rain.

  1. Nafeesha

    Hello. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I am new to reading your blog and although I am not a mother yet, you have made me look forward to those precious times. Thanks for sharing your special times and special family. Enjoy this wonderful Holiday season!


  2. Creative Be

    What a wonderful post – inspiring! Coconut syrup… do tell :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Naomi and to your lovely family!

  4. Laura Buxton

    What a great reminder to be thankful everyday! I try and remember to list everything I’m grateful for everyday which I find makes me live in the moment so much more. I’m jealous of you Americans with your special day of Thanksgiving! England is totally missing out.

    Laura x

    P.S. What happened to pippit? I tried to find it on the app store and couldn’t see it?

  5. Natalie

    I usually don’t comment on blog posts because I don’t know if you really read this.. but it is worth to say that you have an incredible family! I have followed you over the past two years and see how your children have grown up and how you have an admirable family. I don’t have children yet, but I want a little E, she is so adorable.. You have a big gift with you.. keep being so close to them, playing with them, and spending time with them, because time goes REALLY FAST and that is one thing that i loved about my childhood, having my parents and siblings close and having a very united family in the ups and downs.. nothing compares to the family…. Happy thanks giving and greetings from Mexico yeah!

  6. Elaine

    Happy Thanksgiving!! We love and miss you. Have a wonderful day, Nana and Grandad

  7. Anne

    Dear Naomi,

    Thankyou for reminding me of appreciating one’s own green grass.

    Like you, I also catch myself in feeling frustrated of someone else’s grass that look so much more green than my own. But honestly, my own grass is pretty damn amazing. And to even say that I mean, how lucky am I.

    So thankyou for reminding me of that!

    Have a beautiful holiday!

    Anne, Denmark

  8. Gabby

    You are an inspiration! Can you let us know how you keep your positive outlook? What do you do? I feel like I am always on negative and I keep trying to find positives and not get upset about things, but daily life gets me down! Same problems, different day! How do you cope? Love your honesty x

  9. hanna

    Your family is too cute –Hanna Lei

  10. Kristin

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Naomi! Thank you for sharing this sweet reminder to be thankful for even the littlest of things in our lives. Have a wonderful holiday!


  11. Lauren

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :) And thank you for also thinking of those of us who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving! In New Zealand I take full advantage of Thanksgiving in the US and practice a gratitude day – heavily featuring thankfulness and food. Tomorrow I’m attempting to make pumpkin pie!

  12. Paige

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family Naomi! I always love coming to your blog to feel inspired and uplifted. Thank you for your kind and motivating words all year long.


  13. Klara

    That first photo is maybe the best ever of your amazing family (and that IS hard to choose).. it’s weird but it brought tiny tears to my eyes cause you just look so so happy :)
    wish you all the best for the holidays and i look forward to more funny stories like the “apples all over” one.. sending holiday kisses from Croatia :)

  14. Pam

    Happy Holidays to you and your family! I am trying to have an attitude of gratitude this holiday season. Thank you for being a blessing through your writing and pictures.

  15. Robyn

    i think these photos might just be my favourite of you guys. such a beautiful family. i love your down-to-earth, honest words naomi. you’re truly an inspiration to me. happy thanksgiving! we don’t celebrate it here in the uk but i love the idea of it so thinking of starting our own little family tradition of celebrating it anyway!

  16. Kristi

    Thank you so much for this post! It was just what I needed to hear. I am in sort of a limbo phase in my life right now and it is often hard to make the best of my current situation, but these past few months I have really been trying harder to make the most of all the wonderful blessings around me. I so often take for granted how truly blessed I am, so thanks for all of your inspirational words. You are such a role model to me and I hope to one day have a family as wonderful as yours. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of blessings!

  17. Lynn

    Happy Holidays!
    I am amazed how your boys are so happy with Santa! I am hoping my girls smile tomorrow for their picture! Wishing you guys lots of love and happiness this Christmas! From my little kiddies to yours!! Xoxo ~ Lynn

  18. Allison

    The pictures are so cute and the message is so true. You’re family is adorable.


  19. Hannah

    Fabulous! Kisses XOXO