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i shared a few photos on my instagram back on halloween, but i wanted to share a few more over here today because getting to spend halloween with 3 of nasa’s latest recruits was kind of amazing. we’re in good hands, people. these little astronauts make a great team, and they definitely are here to save the day. ;)

it all started with eleanor several months ago and her growing fascination with all things outer-space.  we started reading several space books, and learning the planets names and “space food” became a very big thing during play time. (lol. i love her.)  samson was on the fence for most of october about being a very scary pumpkin or a fire fighter like last year (i was on board for either).  about a week before halloween, he started telling people he was going to be an astronaut too.  i made sure to order conrad a space costume as well, because i don’t want anyone to feel left out. ;) and then, homemade jet packs because if you’re going to outer space, you sometimes do not need a rocket ship, you can just go all on your own, even just for lunch. or so my kids tell me. and i just nod and listen. because i’m not about to be the one to burst anyone’s space bubble. especially when they are 3 or 4 years old. i’ve learned to just roll with it.


me and my astronaut team! also, that face sweet samson is making on the right. cannot get enough of this kid. can he please be 3 1/2 year old samson forever?!


sorry, but the lashes and freckles sometimes stop me dead in my tracks.

hallo4hallo-2hallo2hallo-5 hallo-10

when eleanor saw this green dude, the balloon she got from a party became a bow and she tried to shoot it with a pretend arrow. lol. good work, astronaut! hallo-9 hallo-11hallo3 hallo-12hallo-15

baby astronaut coming in for a landing!!!!

hallo-17 until next year, halloween.

PS. josh and i were ROLLING at this clip from jimmy kimmel having parents telling their kids they ate their halloween candy. some of it’s hilarious, some parts are definitely sad (even while being funny). i’m actually guilty of going through eleanor and samson’s stashes and picking out a few of my favorite pieces and eating them after they went to bed. but i didn’t eat it all! i don’t think they’d forgive me if i did. but there were maybe no fun size snickers or baby ruth’s left the following morning. ;)

  1. Dot

    Love your trio of astrocuties! Those homemade jet packs really up the wow factor. Thank you for always sharing – as a new SAHM it truly makes me feel a little more connected to the outside world on certain days ;)

  2. Yelle

    Oh my goodness, was sweet astronauts! Also – love how the buildings in NYC decorate for Halloween! My favorite is that Ghostbusters ghost, so good!

  3. Mollie

    This is absolutely adorable! Love to see all of their little personalities growing.. too sweet!

    xoxo Mollie

  4. megan

    This is such a cute post and such great halloween costume idea!! Ha, yes isn’t that the funniest video?!

    Have a lovely day // http://lifeplusbe.com

  5. Alyssa

    I’m dyyyyying!! Such sweet costumes and cool decorations!

  6. hanna

    They’re all so cute! And the NYC decorations <3 –Hanna Lei

  7. Your kids are so freakin’ adorable!

  8. Kate

    So cute! Where is your sweater from?

  9. Emily Smith

    So cute! Love your photos! were you using the 50 mm lens? And do you use photoshop to edit?

  10. Britt

    Mannnn, Halloween decorations in the US are crazy! Europe definitely misses out on that.

  11. So cute! Halloween in NYC looks so exciting!


  12. Yaling

    They are the cutest astronauts!

  13. Seriously the cutest little costumes! love them!!

  14. Sarah

    As your fellow freckled sista all I keep thinking is “E has freckles!!!!!!!” I keep wondering how old my little miss will be when they start appearing across her nose :) and the astronaut costumes are seriously spot on.

  15. Riam

    OMG ! Your kids are totally a squad goal ! ♥

    ps. i was waiting for this post since nov. first ! Your post are the best part of my days !

  16. Jessica C

    Oh my gosh I just realized the jetpacks are water bottles and soda bottles painted and taped together. cutest ever! love the coordinated costumes. great work!

  17. eva

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you got samson’s fire fighter costume last year! i’ ve been looking everywhere….

  18. AG

    Green dude?? That’s Slimer from Ghost Busters! C’mon!

  19. Definitely the cutest astronauts around!

  20. cutest astronauts ever! love the happy aura, such a lovely family

  21. Melanie

    Oh my goodness! Their costumes are so unbelievably cute!! I wish I had three munchkin astronaunts!! =)

  22. abie

    man! you seriously have the coolest blog.

  23. Starr

    This is too adorable! StarrJoy16.blogspot.com