decorating for christmas, and a video!


hooray! it’s time for christmas!!

we started the holiday season off by keeping to our holiday family traditions!  we decorated our christmas tree the other week and made a little video out of it (see a throwback to josh’s and my first christmas tree decorating video HERE, and other christmas videos from the past few years HERE and HERE.)

we also continued with the tradition of pulling out our festive family christmas jammies! my mom sent us matching pajamas from hanna andersson a few years ago (we did the matching thing in my home growing up!), and we haven’t been able to let them go just yet. we actually have continued to add to them each year since. haha! i have a feeling it’ll remain a staple in davis family traditions around the holidays for many years to come! so we were really excited when hanna andersson asked to partner this year for the holiday, as we have loved and worn the brand for years! you can see them in our video here which we made with the help of our friend jenner brown.

our christmas tree currently is only decorated from the top to half way down.  because, hi conrad. lol. it’s a funny thing though how much it’s growing on me. i quite like it! i know i said this in my thanksgiving day post, but it’s a nice reminder every time i walk by about what a fun chapter of life this is, and also, how thankful i am to get to be a mom. it’s the best.

i also love our collection of mismatched ornaments! a lot of them are from when josh and i were little (thanks moms!). someone told me a few years ago that multi colored lights are actually really tacky and white lights are where it’s at. i was like, “huh?!” for some reason i think about that every time we string the lights. i don’t know who decided that, but i beg to differ. i love multi colored christmas lights! let’s start this holiday off with some colorful lights, some shake shack hot cocoa every single chance we can get and also a ton of dance parties in our christmas jammies, because we only live once, and also, CHRISTMAS!…

hanna2 hanna3 hanna4hanna10 hanna5 hanna6 hanna7 hanna8

you can find our family pajamas (#hannajams!) that we’re wearing right here and the other family collections we’re wearing later on in the video here. and if you’d like since it’s cyber monday, see what fun hanna andersson has going on for their sale here, too! thanks to hanna andersson for partnering with us on this post!

and ps. a throwback down memory lane, here are a few pictures of us all last year in our christmas pajamas! conrad was so tiny!

  1. hanna

    Your family is such an inspiration! Very cute video <3 –Hanna Lei

  2. Ana

    I love love love your slippers. Where are they from?

  3. Elizabeth

    This is so adorable! Love your matching pajamas. Also, the blue wall is amazing! May I ask what the color and brand are? Thank you! Happy Holidays!!!

  4. Chesson High

    I love checking your blog and cyber stalking your beautiful family!:) I first found this over a year ago and have loved seeing everyone grow! When Conrad was born I was so excited almost as if I actually knew yall!lol. Enjoy the holiday season and keep posting throughout!

  5. I am IN LOVE with all your little pj onsies!! Such a gorgeous family:)x

  6. bethani

    what sugar cookie recipe do you use? the cookies came our great!

  7. Yvonne

    So cute!! I think there is nothing wrong with the coloured lights! Very festive and pretty…I admire Christmas trees that are unique and display ornaments that represent family, tradition and memories. Also… love the dancing!!

  8. Anna H.

    Where did you get that adorable ornament for Samson’s first Christmas?! So cute!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from etsy a few years ago, but i don’t recall the shop name.

  9. Ceire

    How sweet and magical! Can I come to your house for Christmas! Love the jammies :-)

  10. Starr

    So adorable! Love the matching pjs :)

  11. Nikki Leaverton

    I’m always trying to find new/fun versions of Christmas songs. Who did the version on your video? Super cute!

  12. Paige

    These pajamas are all so cute! I love them and have actually been wanting to get ones just like them for our family this year!


  13. Tammy

    i absolutely cannot wait to have matching holiday pjs with my family! looking forward to that day :)

    LOVE the half-decorated christmas tree. we have to do a similar thing for my pup!

  14. felisha

    I love matching pajamas but my boyfriend absolutely refuses to wear them! I’m so jealous that Josh is such a good sport! :)

    • TAZA

      haha! it did take a bit of convincing the first year. ;) haha!

  15. Michelle

    Do you have a great sugar cookie recipe you can share? Thanks!

  16. Megan

    This is the CUTEST ever! Thank you so much for making my day

    Happy Decorating //

  17. Can’t get over how cute this is!


  18. Jenn

    Are your clogs also from Hanna Andersson? I think they are almost sold out :( They don’t have them in my size!

    • TAZA

      yes, they are from hanna andersson!

  19. Kayla

    That tree skirt is pretty rad. Where did you get it?

  20. gadis

    the littles are looking absolutely adorable!
    but Josh looks lil bit awkward.. it’s like he wears costume instead of PJ

    • TAZA


  21. lynn

    love the tree skirt! where is it from?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s actually a table runner from anthropologie a few years back, but it’s my second year using it as a tree skirt too. haha!

  22. Caitlin

    Super cute video! Your posts never cease to put a smile on my face.

    xo, Cait

  23. Rebecca

    Your family gives me an image too perfect, almost unreal.
    I can not follow your blog, sorry

  24. filicia

    this is so cute <3 loving the christmas vibe there!
    and conrad was so teeny tiny back then, he is now walking! whoa

  25. eva

    If your family isn’t the most adorable in the world!! <3 I love your traditions, love how you are all wearing matching PJ's and having a blast! I always wanted that too, and can't wait to start my family to make our own traditions.

    It's truly a pleasure seeing all of your family adventures :)

    Happy December to all of you! xo

  26. Lindsay

    My mom always decorated our tree with colorful lights, too, because she knew my siblings and I thought it was more fun than white ones. She’s such a good mom and so are you! Do what you love!!!

  27. Kayla

    cutest video!!! i just loved it :)

  28. Nadiasohil

    Hello! You are an amazing familly, it si a pleasure to visit each day tour adventures! I am prégnant thank you for your ginger advises.
    Really I LOVE YOU!!!!

    Bisous de France ;)

  29. Lindsay

    I have been using colored Xmas tree lights since I was a little girl and I LOVE THEM. They feel like Xmas! Everyone else in my family does the “elegant” white lights but let me tell you the bright colored lights are where it’s at! They are so much more spirited! Stay strong :)

  30. Cait

    I grew up with colored lights and LOVE them! So festive! We went with white lights for our own tree for now, but every time I see colored lights it makes me second guess! I adore the look of both in such different ways.

  31. Anna

    i don’t know how many times i’ve seen the video already; i’m sick with an illness that is lasting for way too long and this week i’m just…not feeling well and sad and down, but this video makes my heart melt every time. thank you, thank you for making it and sharing!

  32. This video is so stinkin’ cute!

  33. Your family page continually warms my heart. What a swell and sweet video you will cherish forever!

  34. Danielle B

    I clicked on the link to the hanna pjs and saw my friend Mark as the model with the family and bulldog! Small world!

  35. meri

    Hi! love the sleepwear! hahaha! where you can buy?!!!

    Happy xmas lovely family!!!


    meri ( from Barcelona )!