autumn in the city.

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these days have been feeling extra long now that it gets dark at like, 5pm. i’m trying to not mind it, but wow does it seem to effect everything! especially my mood. which is awesome. ;) i remember growing up my aunt had this cute framed little poster of a family of bears and it said, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” truth. so i’m working on it, even though i’m currently feeling all the feelings during these long days where i just can’t stay on top of anything and feel like i’m in such a funk.

the good news is, spending time outside does wonders for me when i’m stressed. and the beautiful weather we enjoyed most of last week was just what i needed.  we spent a good part of saturday afternoon wandering and scooting around central park. the air was so crisp but still warm, and the colors were out of this world beautiful. we laughed at how many times i kept repeating to myself, “oh my gosh! look at this place!” but seriously, it’s just so good.


climbing every big rock in site. she’s such a little explorer. one of the things i love most about her.


listened to some blues on electric guitar which conrad was mesmerized by!


these colors! i am obsessed with them.


choosing which direction for us to go! little leader!


obligatory shoes in the leaves shot. you’re welcome. ;)


it was so sweet to watch conrad spot this dog across the way and walk all the way over to him!


he’s such a happy little guy and it’s been the best getting to show him the world around us. he’s becoming so aware of everything. i was putting on samson’s shoes by the door and conrad went all the way into the room to get his shoes and bring them to me! i couldn’t believe it. he’s catching on to so much and how we are approaching his one year birthday come december is freaking me out! it’s truly flown by.


have a wonderful week, you guys! thanks for popping in here and following along with us!

ps. my houndstooth sweater coat is an oldie from madewell as few years ago (but other similar houndstooth sweater options HERE and HERE.) paige denim jeans (i distressed the knees myself) and leather clogs from HERE. my black beanie is from jcrew HERE. conrad’s yellow raincoat (hand me down from samson) from gap kids and josh’s coat a super oldie from H&M. the littles’ scooters are HERE and helmets HERE.

  1. Maisie

    Beautiful photos as always! They really capture this beautiful time of year so perfectly! x

  2. Megan

    Gosh this is absolutely beautiful and so fun!! Isn’t amazing how getting dark earlier can truly effect it all? I have been feeling the same exact way. Crazy!

    Happy Monday //

  3. Alliyah

    AGHH I can’t DEAL with how beautifully adorable Conrad is! I can’t believe he’s a whole little person with his own personality now! It’s so surreal watching babies go from tiny little pets to whole human beings who walk and and laugh and have likes/dislikes! I am just in awe.

  4. BRI

    we’ve been having the same crisp but warm weather in ohio too and it’s just so lovely. since leaving los angeles a couple of months ago i was really worried we’d be slammed with winter too quickly and i’m so relieved the warmth is holding on a tiny bit longer. makes these long dark days a little more tolerable ;)

  5. Nicole

    Thank you for sharing the pretty colors and also for being so honest about how you feel. I think it’s so, so human (at least for women?) to feel this way when it gets dark so early. I kind of feel the same way. Luckily there’s always nature to make us feel better (and musea, music, nice food, coffee etc for comfort & inspiration)! All the best, don’t stay in your funk for too long. x from Rotterdam (Netherlands)

  6. Christina

    This getting dark early business is really getting me down, too. I’m still a little nervous to take my new baby anywhere by myself, but even just stepping out onto the porch can brighten my day (at least for a while).

  7. Erin

    There is really nothing more beautiful in our city than Autumn is there? Such a gorgeous time of year!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  8. hanna

    These photos are so perfect! –Hanna Lei

  9. I always hate that it gets dark so early. I wish I can do more outdoor activities but I work all day….But I also like it because I get to hibernate and do more indoor activities like reading.

    Absolutely love your photos with your family! And Conrad is growing up too fast :)

  10. Marcella

    Lovely photos! I wish you’d share some more info about your photography? I’m sure all the moms on here would love to capture such spectacular shots of their families, too! Much to learn from you two.

  11. Julianna

    Love C’s red hair!

  12. felisha

    For some reason, Conrad just looks so much older in these pictures! What a cutie. Also, I feel like with every post you make your photography skills just get better and better!

  13. Paige

    I don’t think that there is anything more beautiful than New York city in the fall time. You’re so lucky to get to experience it everyday!


  14. Danielle Pacion

    I can’t wait for Conrad-isms. (:

  15. Sarah

    Am digging the city-in-fall pics. So fun to break out the layers for chilly days–your family looks adorbs!

  16. I totally feel you the seasonal changes – it’s quite depressing when it’s dark out at 5pm! Just hoping the nice weather sticks around for awhile…we’ve had it pretty good over here in Chicago too :)

    Christina |

  17. Joy

    The darkness always gets to me, too! When I lived in Norway, where in winter the sun rises at 9:30 and sets at 3:30, I was having such a hard time, but all the Norwegians told me I needed to take fish oil pills! I think they helped–maybe you could try it. (Also, true Norwegians grow up swallowing a spoonful of fish oil every morning!!)

  18. Such gorgeous photos and oh my gosh the little ones are the cutest!!x

  19. liz

    Love the photos.beautiful. makes me wish I was in New York (if only). That first photo of Conrad with the leaf…perfect.

  20. Agreed about the 5:00pm black out!! It puts me in a less terrific mood too.

  21. Mia

    Such pretty pictures. The top one made me laugh – at first glance it looked like E was holding a stick with a little doll in a blue coat at the end. When I realized it was a person in the background I had to smile.

  22. Britt

    It’s so funny how almost-1-year-olds can look so much like a baby at one time (for example when they have their little pyjamas on), and then suddenly like a tiny little real person the other time, when the’re wearing ‘real’ clothes. How different does Conrad look in this post, compared to the Blue apron post? SO cute!!

    xx B

  23. Starr

    Beautiful and adorable!

  24. Lyndsay

    Hey Naomi! Are you still working out a few times a week? That is seriously one of the only sanity savers for me during these “short” days!

  25. MDC

    The photos you presented made me reminiscent of the scenes in “You’ve Got Mail” where Kathleen and Joe talk about New York in the fall. You have talent, thank you for sharing it. Also, your shoes are great!

  26. Oh I miss Massachusetts autumn so much!!
    Gorgeous pictures. Those leaves… beautiful.