a video! and the last of the peru photos!


i wanted to share the remainder of our photos (and a video!) from our trip to peru!

most of these photos are from our time in lima. you can see the images and stories from our time in machu picchu HERE and cuzco HERE, and a visit to a great little shop that sells handmade goods to support local artisans HERE.

lima was especially incredible for me because i was able to share my love of dance with the sweetest children during the week. it really was a highlight for our entire family.

we’re so glad our friend jenner was able to come down for a few days to help capture some of our trip! because he was only there with us for a few days, we snagged some video here and there by ourselves during the rest of our trip, and he was able to compile everything for us in the video above! the music in the video is by handsome and gretyl.

and a few more photos!


getting to share my love of dance by teaching a couple of dance classes at a school in lima was seriously amazing.  so many of them were such naturals! i hope a few of them were inspired by our time together and want to make dance a part of their lives in some way. a classmate of mine from juilliard was actually from peru, and she’s such a beautiful performer.  we had the best time. (and just a footnote, we made sure to ask before taking photos and video and were given complete permission to do so and also to share it on my blog and social channels!)


it wasn’t this blanket, but there was a similar one i debated getting for maybe twenty minutes. i’m still regretting not getting it, but i didn’t have room in my carry-on to bring it back with me! i should have found a way to ship it. it was gorgeous.

LIMA-907475 97-2LIMA-297-4 97-507475-2

such a beautiful shop in lima called cajamarca 219.


and our friend rob said we had to make sure we tried this sandwich shop called sangucheria la lucha. it was delicious! josh says they made some of the very best french fries he has ever eaten!

0038785-2 0038785-3

i posted a video on my instagram of conrad trying to play a quena flute! we got one for eleanor and samson and he’s still obsessed with taking theirs and trying to play, even a few weeks later. had i known, i would have gotten him one too! it just didn’t really feel like a baby thing at the time when we got them. haha!

0038785-4 0038785-5LIMA-4 LIMA-5LIMA-11

besides josh and me getting super sick (i think it was something we ate) during our last few days there, we loved you peru! we really hope to visit you again someday.

  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with kids! Everyone told us to travel before it’s too late -but you show that travel with kids is possible – and it looks like so much fun!

  2. Amy

    The photos have been enough to spur in my travel bug and make me want to go to Peru but the video?! Ah! I can’t stand it!! It looks amazing!!! Good heavens I need to get on a plane!


  3. These pictures are beautiful! I just wanted to stop in and say I love seeing your family’s international travels. It’s so great to see that it’s possible to travel the world with small kids, and that it expands and improves their lives. I’m committed to making sure my (future) kids have similar experiences! Thanks!

  4. hanna

    This looks like an amazing trip –Hanna Lei

  5. Amber

    Nice pics! I bet Machu Pichu was incredible. Just curious, where did you guys stay while in Peru? I’m not familiar with all the hotel options and have no idea what’s available!!

  6. Sarah

    Oh wow-Amaze! But bummer about the blanket! I feel like the answer should always be YES to a Peruvian blanket made with natural fibers. Next time! I still wish I’d bought a handspun wool blanket in a shop near the British Museum when I was in London–and that was 12 years ago.

    What an amazing experience for your fam–glad you shared.

  7. Mia

    The picture of the Peruvian woman with her hands held out is breathtaking – would you consider selling prints, now or in the future? Just gorgeous.

    I want my boyfriend and I to take a mission trip like this. Thanks so much for always sharing.

  8. Jenn

    My husband and I have been planning a trip to Peru as well. How did you get so lucky in finding plane tickets for the entire family! Our baby will be two soon and we would love to have and adventure in PERU!!
    Beautiful photos Taza!

  9. Megan

    I’ve read your blog for years and I never comment, but I had to because this is amazing! My husband is Peruvian… born and raised till he was 10… and one of our dreams is to visit so he can show me his birthplace. The video makes me so excited to go someday! The kids look like they loved it too, so this really gives me hope! Gotta start saving our pennies!

  10. i love so so much that you taught a little master class while you were there!! and holy eyelashes, eleanor!!! sweetest family. xo

  11. Olga Paredes

    What a beautiful trip!! and that blanket is sooo beautiful!! do you remember the name of the shop, or the address… I will be travelling next February…
    Thank you so much!

  12. Alexa

    Love that you’re sharing some moments of your life with the world. I’m following your blog since the birth of Eleanor and its amazing to see your little family grow. Your are such an inspiring and cute family.
    Love from Berlin (Germany). Alexa

  13. Nanette

    what a beautiful video! you all looked so happy and carefree. peru sounds amazing!

  14. Martha

    Hi! Your trip looks delightful. Where did y’all stay in Peru? Any hotel recommendations?

  15. Charlie

    You’re such a cute family, you should definitely continue making these fun videos! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    xx Charlie

  16. martina


  17. Courtney

    Where’s did you get E’s adorable animal purse? So cute!

  18. Paige

    Seriosuly such a beautiful and amazing trip! That video was so beautiful. Your so lucky that you’ll have those memories to remember forever!


  19. So beautiful! Nothing can be compared to travel and discover the world with our kids! Thanks for sharing!

  20. M

    Absolutely love this video. So positive and uplifting. I love that you took your kids too. Amazing memories for you all.

  21. jo

    That. was. the. cutest.

    Your little films inspired me so much, I started to dabble in them too! They’re fun and satisfying to make, aren’t they? Thanks for giving us this glimpse.

    I just wrote a travelogue on our trip to cortina d’ampezzo, which is a town close to the Dolomite mountain range in norther italy. I think your bambinos would like it there ;)


  22. Andy

    What a great trip! I love travelling and I like thinking that this could be absolutly possible with children. COngratulations family! Peruvian food is so tasty! I hope you come to Argentina someday. You will be surprised!

  23. Heather

    I love seeing your adventures, thanks for sharing!

  24. Carly

    You guys are such an inspiration! Your trip looks amazing and I am blown away that you took 3 toddlers to peru
    Dresses & Denim

  25. V

    Thanks for sharing, looks like a wonderful trip. Have you ever thought about teaching ballet to children in NYC?

  26. Dora

    I am glad that you love us despite the sickness!!! I was super happy to know that you were here!! Please came back and do a readers meet-up or something!!!

  27. Wonderful pictures! Peru looks so colorful! I loved that big throw too. Now I know and will make sure that when I go I make room in my bags!
    I do have a quick question: beside getting recommendations from friends and family, what travel websites help you narrow down the activities (especially that kids can do) when you go to a new place? I am headed to Costa Rica in a few days with my littles (6 month and 2.5 yrs) and hoping to have a few fun things to look forward to beside just the obvious.

  28. Rae

    I am always so inspired by your videos! This looks like it was a fantastic trip :)


  29. Steffany

    You look so happy teaching dance!

  30. I bought my son a blanket from Zihuatanejo when I went a couple of years ago for a yoga retreat and it was by far the best, and most loved souvenir ever! Also, you should totally go to Zihuatanejo with your family. I actually met Emily from C&C while I was there! What I wouldn’t give to run into you guys while on vacation!! ;) Also, that photo of you and Samson with his plane might just be the best picture ever posted on your blog, which is pretty incredible because you have so many awesome photos – it’s a really good one!

  31. Gabriella

    What a beautiful video (one of my favourites so far!) and stunning photos. It’s funny how a video makes you feel part of that trip so much more than photos do. So glad you got to take this trip and share with some of your family, too!

  32. Rose J.

    Such a beautiful time, and this is what I needed to see today with all the calamity that’s going on in the world with Paris under attack.

    So glad you were inspired to look up non profit organizations online and that this one popped up in Peru. My favorite part of your story is reaching out to the children, and sharing your talent, and fun personality with them. Your kids seemed so happy, and they are enjoying all the fun, and learning from your example. Keep on keeping on with all that you do in serving others, and putting your family first. Those littles are going to grow up too fast so enjoy your time traveling with them with your husband!


  33. Lauren

    Aw this is such a fun video, it looks like you had an amazing time! Peru isn’t a country I’d ever considered visiting but after seeing your trip it looks like a wonderful part of the world to see!


  34. Bruna

    Loved the video! Looks like the entire family had a great time, I admire your courage on travelling around the world with your little ones, they must have a big cultural baggage for their age ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!



  35. louise

    Such a sweet touching video, everything looks so gorgeous and colourful, I’d love to visit!

    Louise x

  36. Kristina

    Your trips are so inspiring! I’ve never been to South America but I look forward to visiting some of the countries there someday. Also, I can really identify with how much you guys love food and incorporate good restaurants and stops into your trip–it’s half the reason I travel! : )

  37. You are such a beautiful family! ;)

  38. This is a beautiful post. I was emotional watching your children play alongside the Peruvian children. What an unbelievable experience and wonderful way to give as a family. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to volunteer as a family.

  39. justine

    I know this is SO not the point of this post, but I need a tutorial for Eleanor’s crown braid ;-)
    and I also think it’s wonderful how you choose to travel with the kiddos and the exposure they receive.

  40. Nancy

    Such a beautiful video. My son Noah is just a month younger than anton so I just love your blog.

    What is the song playing in the video, it’s brilliant?

  41. Amanda

    Hey Naomi! Where did you get your comfy/sweatpants?? Thanks!! ?

  42. Laura

    Hi! uooo I love the blankets, I have a friend living in Lima and I will ask him to purchase one for me, please could you share the name of the shop where you found those beauuuutiful blankets?
    thank you!

  43. Miluska

    Hi Taza, the video is so beautiful, i’m peruvian and i’m so proud of my great country. Kisses from Perú.