a little film: ship home for the holidays!


with the holidays here, i’m so excited to be working with FedEx this season as they help people ship home for the holidays! with the help of locals, FedEx curated a box filled with products that taste, smell and feel a little like home from small businesses around new york! something to send to those loved ones who can’t be home in the city with you for the holidays.  we made a little video with jenner brown highlighting a few of the local businesses, including Sockerbit, Brooklyn Candle Studio, Fish’s Eddy, Mike’s Hot Honey and City Saucery. we sent the box to our good friends sarah and finn, who are big new york city lovers like us, although they are currently living in LA. we miss them, but hope they can enjoy having a little bit of new york city with them this holiday season while on the opposite coast.

the full list of small businesses that locals helped fedEx pull together for the curated box include Joe NYSockerbitCity SauceryMike’s Hot HoneyFishs EddyCocktail CrateBellocq Tea Atelier, and Brooklyn Candle Studio.

what are some of your favorite things from your home town that you like to share with loved ones when they are far away during the holidays?

thank you again to FedEx for sponsoring this post.

  1. Lauren

    What a cute little video! The concept is such a nice idea, it seems so homely. I think the things I would send wouldn’t necessarily be things from my home town, more like things that I love from my country (Scotland) like irn-bru and tunnocks teacakes and things like that!

    p.s. I adore your yellow jacket!

  2. Karen

    Your family is the cutest! I’ve been wanting to send my family in California some New York themed gifts. I love Fishs Eddy’s New York glassware.

  3. Gabriella

    What a lovely video! Before anyone jumps at your throat for this collaboration, I just wanted to say how well thought-out this concept and execution was! I really enjoyed it, even though the country I live in doesn’t even offer that Fed Ex service.
    I also really like the idea of sending someone an ornament from your hometown, giving them something that’ll remind them of you (and possibly their favourite city, too) for a few weeks, while it’s hanging on the tree (and hopefully for many more Christmas seasons after that one!)

  4. Love all of your videos! So sweet.

  5. !!! i’m all homesick now.

  6. hanna

    This is such a cute idea! –Hanna Lei

  7. Niki

    FINN <3 love him is AHS!!!

  8. Jenny

    Such a cute video! If shipping practicality weren’t an issue, I would send out of town friends my favorite Portland/Oregon goodies: Blue Star Donuts (especially the lemon poppy seed), Two Towns Cider (their Nice & Naughty cider is perfect for this time of year), Stumptown Coffee beans, and a little something from Powell’s Books (possibly this cheeky tote: http://www.powells.com/book/i-like-big-books-tote-9781423635444/18-0).

  9. Dena

    Was that Finn Wintrock? From American Horror Story? I swear it was.

  10. Paige

    Such a cute video! We wont be home with our family this year so we’ll be shipping home lots of gifts too!


  11. bella

    finn wittrock. i can’t believe you’re friends with them! so lovely of you to think about them. :)

  12. Ringa

    What a cute video! It inspired me to send some gifts abroad to my family. Lots of love from Amsterdam!

  13. ditto to what gabriella said – well done video and honestly, just a very good example of a brand collaboration (not only the fedex part but the opportunity to highlight local business) that’s well thought out. Cheers!

  14. Jenn

    I grew up in a tiny town in California called Lodi. I never wanted to be stuck in Lodi, so I moved away from home as soon as I could. But now that I am older I get nostalgic and miss home during the holidays. I love visiting our down town and eating home made fudge from one of my favorite bakeries!

  15. Phuong Beard

    Thanks Taza for sharing this video. I am always looking for Xmas gift idea and this one is perfect. Have a happy thanksgiving and a merry xmas. We will be in NYC for a week before xmas. I hope you will do story time at the Strand bookstore. It will be so awesome to meet you.

  16. Vicki

    Very cute video, Naomi. I am impressed with and in awe of your creativity. You have done so much good and have influenced people all over the world with all that you are willing to do and share.
    I love and miss you tons and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!!

  17. Crista

    this video warmed my heart…..

  18. Kate

    Hi Naomi,

    I’m a long time reader of your blog. I know this blog is your family’s business but, even so, the FedEx commercial on your page is a bit much. For whatever my feedback is worth, it feels really forced.


  19. Andrea

    What an amazing gift to receive! And your video turned out so cute. You guys are the cutest and I’m so watching a cheesy hallmark Christmas movie tonight because I’m loving the feels I’m getting and I don’t want them to stop Ha!

    xo, Andrea // PICSOANDREA

  20. amanda

    This is adorable! Happy Holidays!

  21. Claire

    I adore your family and I adore your yellow jacket with fur too !! Where did you find it?! Happy thanksgiving !

  22. Sara

    You look amazing! Love the yellow coat.

  23. Naomy

    Such a cute video!

    I only have one little, but VERY important, question… Where is your perfertly red lipstick from??? LOVE it!!

    Love, from a long time reader from The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Naomy

  24. Emma

    Loving this christmas song but can’t find it … could you tell us the name please ?


  25. Molly

    Such beautiful videos with lovely content, always!! xo

  26. KRIS

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue paint in your living room. Can you tell me the color and manufacturer?

    Thanks! :)