a little bit from our thanksgiving day…


hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday!  i didn’t leave our apartment once the entire day, despite putting on a dress and some lipstick!  which was amazing! it was a super low key day while we just cooked a ton and lounged and played and ate and ate some more while enjoying the company of some of our family! i also fell asleep on eleanor’s tiny toddler bed at one point in the afternoon while we were all playing in the nursery. everybody went to the playground and left me in the toddler bed sleeping. having that random nap was pretty much incredible, despite waking up to weird pains in my body due to accidentally falling asleep in the tiniest bed ever! but hey, i’ll take it.

my little sister hannah and her husband ryan moved to new york city this past week, and i have truly been freaking out every day since they arrived! it is just the best thing that could ever possibly happen right now, and we are all a little bit beside ourselves with excitement! we have never had the fortune of living near family, and we miss ours terribly.  when we went around the table today during thanksgiving dinner, each person saying one thing he or she is thankful for, eleanor started us off with “having hannah and ryan living here!” we all pretty much then said a similar version of that because we can’t stop talking about it! ;)

a few more photos from our day…


this was the best turkey yet, way to go, josh davis! i’m thankful for you and for your thanksgiving day feast making skills!

thanksgiving-18thanksgiving-15thanksgiving-11thanksgiving-7thanksgiving-8 thanksgiving-4

i keep telling the kids to be softer, gentler, whisper more when they are around these two. i don’t know why, i had to catch myself today. i’m so nervous we are going to freak them out because our family is so loud and crazy sometimes and i don’t want to scare them away just yet. i keep thinking, “oh my gosh it’s only day 3. be extra nice to them!!!!!” but i think they know what they are in for. and i’m so grateful they can handle it. ;)


i tried to snap a few really fast photos as everyone took their seats because i always love going back each year and looking through the photos of the same holiday through time. but i also appreciate a meal that is HOT. so this is as good as we got!

thanksgiving-5 thanksgiving-9

and also, i know i’ve mentioned this on instagram before, but i have to scratch my head throughout the day at how often i find a random apple with a few bites taken out of it on the floor in some random place. for example, the apple under the coffee table here. the amount of apples i find! this doesn’t happen with other food! other food tends to be eaten at the table or brought back into the kitchen when they are done with it. but apples? apples just tend to hang out everywhere.  my kids love to help themselves to them from the fridge and since they often take some time to eat, they prefer to take them with them while they go play and what not. i am always finding new ones around the apartment and rinsing them off and trying to finish them off before they go bad.  it’s a little bit hilarious though how often we find them. best part of this story is that the first night we all went over to hannah and ryan’s apartment this week, josh sliced up an apple for the kids over there to share and the next day hannah was like, “we found so much apple around the apartment after you guys left.” LOL. at least we are keeping the doctor’s away! ;)


not sure if you can notice in the back there how the bottom half of our tree is not decorated! HAHA. also, there are a couple of pairs of chopsticks hanging  randomly from the tree thanks to eleanor and samson who placed them there on their own the other day after we ate chinese food.  there was also a tiny pound puppy in there at one point, but he has since been put back the nursery. this tree is pretty much 100% decorated by them (with the bottom half bare for conrad’s sake) and it’s the best reminder when i pass it each day about what a fun chapter of life this is. it’s a good one.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy for you to have family around. My family is all still in Canada so it’s kind of just the three of us at this point but we still had a great Thanksgiving and found lots of things to be thankful for. I can’t wait to get our tree up. Hope it looks as beautiful as yours! (Wish I would find apples around instead of chocolate milk cups!!!)

  2. bethani

    I love yalls little apartment. Its a constant reminder to me that if 5 of y’all can live in a tiny new york apartment, then our little brood of 3 can totally handle our house. even when I’m complaining about tripping over dogs, a toddler or toys. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving (belated!) & soooo glad you’re a Christmas phene like myself and decorate super early.

  3. Mari

    You have such an adorable family. Thanks for sharing your day and lives with us. Everyone always looks so happy (I’m sure with kids, there are some not so happy opportunities) and are doing an amazing job as a wife and mother. I look forward to seeing more you your daily adventures and to watching your latest grow up with his siblings. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. A Spiller

    I can’t believe how big Conrad is! He is even walking! Beautiful photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Flora

    Awhhh I feel so happy just READING this! As though it’s an early Christmas. I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving or something like it in the UK…any excuse to have family over and eat and eat and eat is a great idea, in my book!

    I’m pleased that you’ve been able to have family be near you – my boyfriend and I are really lucky that we LIVE with my parents at the moment, so although we’re looking forward to our own space, We know we need to make the most of this precious quality time!

    And also, HOW beautiful is your sister?! What smokin’ siblings you are!


  6. felisha

    Yay! Having family move closer is the best feeling! I’m sure y’all are over the moon having them there (especially the kids!) Also, the bit about the apple is hilarious!


  7. Paige

    Such great photos and memories! I’m glad you got to spend the special day with loved ones! It’s the best!


  8. Samantha

    Hi Naomi! I’m so glad for you all that now you have family living close. I moved away from my family and miss them terribly! This apple situation is so funny! Why don’t you try to make a game out of it? Like, you place two little baskets in your coffee table (one for E and one for S) and tell them they are special “apple keepers” responsible to bring unfinished apples to the baskets. Then at the end of each day (or every few says) you give them a prize (like a sticker) if they’d done a good job. This works great with my 4 year old. All the best for your beautiful family!

  9. Ashley

    Your family is so beautiful! thank you for sharing!

  10. Sarah

    What good news that your sister has moved to town. That’s seriously got to be the greatest thing ever. Congratulations!

  11. Megan

    Such a beautiful thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  12. Alex

    i have to ask, what is Mr. cutie pie Conrad drinking in his blue bottle?

  13. Lori

    Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving Day photos with us! I’ve been a long time follower for years.. I think even before Eleanor came along. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts, so much positivity and happiness all around! xo

  14. Ola

    Everything looks great! I know what you mean about living near family. I can’t imagine living without them. My sister lives near me and I love to have coffee with her and just chat. I’m happy that you will have the same opportunity whenever you feel like!


  15. Jo Farmer

    I love, love, love the photos of you and your sister because you both are just emanating happiness! It’s just pouring out of you! I am so happy that you have family in the city again. Also, your bold uses of color make me want to paint a wall emerald green ASAP.


  16. claire

    Happy thanksgiving to all of you guys ! that seems a fun day, I’d like having one like that but our families are so far away…. so we did it with precious friends ! I’m so hungry right now after looking your photos, and these bottles of champagne make me thirsty !

  17. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving Day pictures. Your sis is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Jennifer F

    Yes about apples!!!! You’re not the only one. :) My 3 boys will grab one to eat and then often leave them in random places around the house, sometimes with only a few bites in them (my youngest), sometimes mostly eaten. Ha!!! At least you haven’t found a dried up rotting apple under the couch (yet…). We have one of those sofas that stuff goes under but doesn’t come out- except when I heave it forward and remove the toys and junk.

    Congrats on your sister moving to NYC!! That’s pretty awesome. It gives me hope, since you also live in a pretty expensive city, and that’s the main reason I can’t convince anyone to move here (near San Francisco). Maybe one day! Enjoy your family and the holiday season! So much we have to be grateful for.

  19. LEXIE

    I feel a little silly for how happy I am that you get to live near your sister and brother-in-law. My family and I live a mere block away from my husband’s brother and his family, and I want everyone to experience that closeness and convenience. It’s the best! We went over there at 11 a.m. Thanksgiving Day, and never bothered to leave until 6 p.m. Friday. I look forward to seeing the adventures you all share together in NYC. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Kristin

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! It seems like you had a great holiday with family. I love your apartment, I envy anyone who can live so organized inside of a smaller apartment. :)


  21. Pam

    Sisters are a gift from God! So happy for you.

  22. That’s so awesome that your sister & her husband moved to NYC! Having family nearby is the best – looks like you guys had a great holiday :)

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com

  23. Amber

    You and your sister look alike!

  24. Rose J.

    How fun! What a wonderful early christmas present too! So fortunate to have two of your sisters living close with Hannah being the closest of course! Make memories and enjoy living in the moment with your sibs! Love that no matter how small your apartment is you still entertain friends, and family !I’m the same way with our small home!


  25. Olivia

    Wonderful pictures!! Your family gets cuter and cuter with every post. Also, you and your sister are naturally BEAUTIFUL! I am so jealous!

  26. Maggie

    I’ve read your blog off and on since 2010, and I didn’t realize until recently that a dear childhood friend of mine (Gretchen Smith) is friends with your sister. Such a small world!