a lil’ ice skating to kick off the most wonderful time of the year!

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i’ll tell you something, it’s freaking november 4th and somehow it was 72 degrees outside yesterday in new york city! it just feels weird to have this incredibly warm and pleasant weather this time of year. i’m not about to complain about it, because how unreal and amazing is 72 degree weather in new york city in november?! but in the same breath, it’s terribly confusing for me. i’m seeing christmas decor popping up in window displays and lights being strung around the city and i guess i’m just not used to experiencing these sorts of things without a coat and mittens and a hat on my head.  it’s just strange is all!

anyway, on monday evening, louise messaged me that she was in nyc! i just adore her, but she lives in london and we’d never met before although we’d been trying to get together and schedules just never seemed to align. you all know how much i love meeting my internet friends in real life! incredible women doing amazing things and i just fan girl all over the place. anyway, louise suggested ice skating at bryant park, and even though my mind and body were confused the entire time by skating around a festive rink without at heavy coat on, we had a great time.  eleanor and samson are all about the skates right now! it’s amazing how determined they are to just get out there, let go of anyone’s hand and GO! i’m so proud of them! i gripped all the wrong muscles something awful on the ice, so of course my body isn’t loving me right now. but i’m anxious to get back out there soon because the kids had the best time, and i love seeing them so happy.

a few photos…





we grabbed dinner afterwards together at a nearby burger place we used to frequent in midtown because it was by josh’s old office building. not pictured is drew, louise’s friend who is equally nice and wonderful but i neglected to get a photo of. if you don’t already follow louise’s youtube channel, she’s one of our favorite vloggers because she’s so genuine and witty and fun to follow along with. the kids keep pulling pretend fairies out of their pockets and sending them into the sky thanks to her. haha! unfortunately i don’t think i can get behind the whole leaving fairy dust (glitter) at their nursery door while they sleep like she does for her sweet daughter, because cleaning up glitter is the worst in my opinion, but the fairy game i can get behind. ;)

ps. my sweater is from & other stories and wool hat from asos. madewell jeans and similar booties here. eleanor’s dress is by sonnet james, blue hat from free people and samson’s sweatshirt is c/o kira kids.

  1. Lucy

    Love this!!!

    How lovely you got to meet up with Louise after so long!! I haven’t come across her before so will check her out soon!

    Ice skating is the best, it must have been really odd ice skating in warm-ish? weather!
    Here in the UK we had a mini heat wave at the weekend and it’s just so odd, we felt the same way when we were ice skating!

    My son who was 4 in September absolutely loved ice skating this year! I love it so much and really wanted him to like it but the last few times we went he was scared and wanted to watch and not stay on the ice, but this last time he loved it so much and actually made himself fall over tons of times because he found it funny!
    It was lush!

    I also wanted to say I love your style so so much, not sure if I’ve mentioned it in any of my comments before. I’m thankful you link where your clothes are from!

  2. hanna

    Looks like a wonderful time! –Hanna Lei

  3. Oh ice skating sounds amazing, its been unusually warm around here as well and its been throwing me off a little too. But indeed I can’t complain because not having my winter coat on yet feels really really nice! But I am still hoping for a white Christmas! Also, your kiddos are so brave Naomi, I’m always shaking the first 20min I’m on ice haha.. Hope your muscles will treat you well again soon. Love,


  4. Dora

    We are here in NYC (from England) and we did not pack appropriate clothing for this warmth! Might have to go clothes shopping…shame!
    I’m finding it difficult to get into the swing of Christmas shopping with all the sunshiney gloriousness.
    Having a wonderful time here though. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like ice skating. Boo!

  5. LOVE that cardigan. Just went and ordered myself a similar one from F21 haha.

    Outdoor skating?! My body would be so confused. We are having a warm snap here too (Ontario), I only wore a sweatshirt for our walk yesterday evening, it was grand!

  6. Molly

    LOVE Louise & loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Megan

    Such a lovely day!! Skating at Bryant Park is one of the best things and as cheesy as this is going to sound, it’s pretty magical especially during the holidays!

    Have a lovely Wednesday // lifeplusbe.com

  8. Stacey Kobus

    Worlds colliding and I love it! You both are such inspiring women and moms! It was 75 degrees here in Wisconsin yesterday which was so strange. Doesn’t feel real! Anyway, I love this post. xo

  9. Sinead

    Ahh I love seeing you and Louise together! It’s so great how blogging/vlogging can bring people together like this :-)

  10. So nice to see two of my favourite bloggers together! How amazing is the internet community? <3

    xx B

  11. Paige

    There is nothing better than being in NY through the holidays! Your so lucky you get to experience all of it everyday!


  12. Fun! I used to figure skate for 20 years and have a soft spot for it. Love that in NYC there are these big outdoor ice rinks.

    How nice that you got to meet a new friend! The older you become, the harder it is to make new friends.

    Love your outfit as usual!


  13. Arianna

    whoa! It’s like two world just collided to see you AND Louise in photos together! That’s awesome :)

  14. Beatriz Borrás

    I can’t believe you guys are friends!! I love her vlogs, how cool. :)

  15. missy

    could you tell where your grey t is from though? i live in grey t-shirts and this one looks like a great one!

  16. Carly

    The weather has been so weird and it is totally throwing me off too! I hope we get a true winter and snow at before christmas, so it feels like the holiday season
    Dresses & Denim

  17. felisha

    I seriously cannot believe my favorite vlogger and blogger are hanging out! I really hope she’s convinced you to start vlogging for real!


  18. Aubrey

    Love this! AND I love the weather! I’m in the Boston area and am in denial that winter is right around the corner… long live the 70 degree November temps! :)

  19. Lauren

    Oh wow, that’s amazing you guys got to meet. I love seeing bloggers/vloggers I follow get together. also, I know what you mean about the confusing weathe, its the same in Scotland too! I need that little nip in the air to make it feel more festive and wintery, ha!


  20. Emma

    Louise is the absolute best! It looks like you had a great time together. And despite the temperature it looks like the perfect way to kick off the holiday season!

  21. Kelly

    I agree, the weather is SO great!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  22. Emily

    I was so excited when I saw the photo of you and Louise on Instagram! I love both of your blogs, and youtubes and I find you both so inspiring.
    Beautiful photos as always!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  23. Shannon

    Oh my goodness, my internet worlds are colliding! I love Louise and I’m glad you got the chance to meet up. Looks like you had a great day out together :]

  24. Such an adorable family, you are very lucky!

  25. Ice skating looks fun, I have never been..

  26. Kathryn

    This looks the cutest! Two of my favourite internet people! Saw this on instagram and it looked like the perfect way to kick off christmas time :) Love your sweater too!

    Your family is so adorable!

  27. Andrea

    We have a “no glitter” policy in our house…that stuff is just awful to clean up, and no matter how hard you try, you always end up finding random bits of glitter weeks (or months!) later.

    My son just started daycare recently and brought home a Halloween craft COVERED in glitter. We looked at and appreciated it in the entrance, and then it went straight into the trash. I felt awful, but thankfully my little guy was completely oblivious!

  28. Rose J.

    We love ice skating in new york! Absolutely perfect weather for it right now if you’re not into heavy coats! Glad you and Louise had fun! She’s such a fun mom!

    Just like you!

    take care!


  29. Emily

    It’s so odd to see two of my favourite bloggers together – I would never have guessed the two of you knew each other. Looks like a lovely day :)


  30. Incredible story there. What happened after? Take

  31. Christina

    I love your posts and would love to know what you do to help your kids stay so imaginative and creative! I feel like I was like them when I was younger and could make a spaceship or costume out of anything but some kids these days don’t know how to entertain themselves beyond TV or tablets. I’m sure you’re full of great tips!

  32. Robyn

    seeing you and Louise together, oh my! pure joy! blogging is truly amazing how it brings people together from all over the world. i’m fangirling right now ;)