this family of mine.


i wanted to share some photos that my friend olivia took a few weeks ago while she was in town. i mentioned this briefly the other day in a post, but olivia lives in charleston, south carolina; and while she and i had exchanged emails and followed each others blogs for years and years (like way back in my DC days before my babies!), it was our first time meeting up!

she is just the sweetest thing and it reminded me of one of the biggest reasons i love the online blogging world… the community and good people you feel so connected with, even people half way around the world that you’ve never met in person. and then when you do, they are just as wonderful if not more so than online, and that online friendship becomes a real-life friendship! the whole thing is odd to think about sometimes, but i’m thankful for the opportunity i’ve had to do that with several wonderful people around the world now. it’s just incredible.

the day we met up was a little bit crazy for our family, including a very long doctor’s appointment all the way on the east side that really ate into our day, so the only hour we could meet up was that awesome witching hour of 5pm in the evening. haha! i don’t even know how anything happened during that hour with olivia, because that time of day with three kids is always unpredictable and crazy. major props to olivia for being so good with our kiddos and being up for whatever!

i didn’t bring my phone with me, so this is the only photo i got of olivia on josh’s phone, being amazing by carrying samson who just wanted to keep giving her hugs and kisses!


and some of the beautiful photos olivia took of our family…

LoveTazaPhoto-12LoveTaza020LoveTazaPhoto-2LoveTazaPhoto-17LoveTaza-2FamilyshotLoveTazaPhoto-14LoveTazaPhoto-15 LoveTaza-11LoveTaza011LoveTaza--2 LoveTazaPhoto-5 LoveTazaPhoto-6 LoveTazaPhoto-8 LoveTazaPhoto-9LoveTazaPhoto-7LoveTaza--3 LoveTazaPhoto LoveTazaPhoto-16LoveTaza012 LoveTaza013LoveTazaPhoto-3

thank you for these wonderful photos, olivia!

photos by olivia rae james.

and wearing: suede shirt from asos (still available in this color), jeans (madewell), hat (asos), and shoes (similar HERE.) josh’s sweater (jcrew). eleanor’s sweater (wunway kids) and watermelon purse (sold out but darling similar styles HERE and HERE.) samson’s shoes (mini boden) and sweater is eleanor’s old one (shop clementine.)

  1. Marie

    The picture are amazing :) as always

  2. Nanette

    such lovely photos! i wish E’s sweater came in my size. :)

  3. steph

    just moved from my hometown (Charleston)…glad y’all could meet up but now I’m jonesing for a NY trip!

  4. Jackie

    I’m not normally a “commenter” but I wanted to on this post because I’m a huge fan of Olivia’s work! And I’m from Charleston too! Olivia takes THE most beautiful photographs. These ones of you and your adorable family are stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Haha so I was going through the first couple of pictures and saw the ones of E on the swing and thought, who these are cool, they are my favorites, then I scrolled down, and those super cute black and white ones came up on C and I thought, nope maybe those are my favorites, and then I kept scrolling and I can’t even pick favorites anymore because they are so beautiful and unique! What a great treasure to keep forever and ever Naomi, I love them! Also, I totally agree, its the oddest most magical thing when you can really connect with an online friend. I went to Paris for a weekend a couple of weeks ago with a girl I met through blogging and the only thing that was strange was how NOT strange it was to hang out and explore each other, I love how Internet can make the world a little smaller! Alright, end of this lengthy comment, thanks for sharing these beautiful shots and I hope you guys are having a lovely day! xx

  6. These are so lovely! Your family is just so sweet!

    And you are so right about the blogging community and how it is possible to make the best of friends! I have a number of blogging gal pals who live the other side of the UK from me (yes I know, tiny in comparison to the USA!) whom I talk to daily… all from blogging!

    Rach xx //

  7. Marion

    These photos are really beutiful !

  8. Trisha F

    You have one of those families that I was always jealous of growing up- your kids look like their parents and look like each other! I used to look at the families at church like that and think wow, they all fit it!
    I am the 4th of 6th and am the only non-olive skinned child, red hair, and green eyes. Next to my olive skinned, tall, brunette brown eyed siblings I really did not look like I belonged.
    You guys are beautiful!

  9. These are just the sweetest shots! What a wonderful way to preserve these memories

  10. Anna

    Amazing photos Taza!!!!!!!! ?

  11. Joy

    All the heart eyes for these! The one of Eleanor on the swing is fantastic. There’s just so many great ones! Olivia Rae James is the best! I’ve been following her for years, too. What a dream to have her do a family session!

  12. Caroline H.

    I absolutely love these photos! I think they’re my favorite ones you guys have ever had taken – I love that you’re all in motion in so many of them and that everything feels so authentic and present. Thumbs up!

  13. hanna

    These photos are fantastic –Hanna Lei

  14. Gabriella

    Those photos are just lovely! I love the colours, but the b/w photos are stunning. Also, I kind of realised once again that you are a family of 5 (!) in the photo at the fountain, where all the kids have their backs turned. Crazy, but so wonderful at the same time, too!(I still remember when it was just the two of you!) x

  15. anise

    that b&w is the best photo of conrad! looks just like josh!

  16. yasemin

    Elenaor in the swing is the best photo!!! such a beautiful family!

  17. Kimberly

    These photos made me tear up, (must be the hormones)! Your family is just beautiful and these photos are gorgeous! Can’t believe how big your kiddos have gotten! I have followed you guys since you had your fur baby Kingston.

  18. Briana

    These photos are so beautiful! Seriously, some of them nearly gave me chills!

  19. Paige

    These pictures are all so gorgeous! She did an amazing job at capturing your sweet spirit and fun personalities. Sign of a great photographer for sure!



    LOVED.EVERY.SINGLE.PHOTO. Gems I’ll tell ya.

  21. Amie

    Just lovely! Great photos, beautiful family!

  22. AH! These are so wonderful. I’ve been a follower of both your work and Olivia’s for years. So lovely to see worlds colliding…

  23. what perfect photos to capture your family!! i started reading your blog prooobably in 2008?! which is crazy, i can’t believe how long ago that was now!! but i love that you have continued to share… it’s so fun to see how you guys have evolved! xoxo

  24. Lindsay

    The black and white one of Josh leaning into you but not kissing needs to be blown up MASSIVE and hung in your house. I am in LOVE with it!!!!!!

  25. Jenn

    Does Conrad have red hair!?!

  26. Laura

    I absolutely love Olivia’s work, I’ve been following her blog for so long! These photos are GORGEOUS. Beautiful family, Naomi. xo

  27. Jacey

    ADORABLE photos! Where o where is that intersection with the yellow cabs, what a perfect intersection for a photo!! I would appreciate any response, THANK YOU!!!

  28. Amber

    Love the photo’s and the city in the background, I like that!not your average family photo ;) you have a beautiful family :D


    Amber in Pearls

  29. hayley

    These photos are just so lovely ? really shows that it makes a difference when everyone feels comfortable and happy to be themselves around the photographer ! You just have the cutest family ! Lots of love from Ireland

  30. The black and whites of you holding Conrad are absolutely beautiful! Such a lovely family!

  31. lu

    Beautiful pictures <3 Great photographer , and beautiful family like always ;D

  32. Anni

    The right photo of you and Josh. My heart is melting. You two are such a beautiful couple. I wish you all the best from Germany.

  33. Egle

    gorgeous family and stunning photos!
    Greetings from Ireland!

  34. AGATA

    hi Davis Family!

    these photos are just so awesome, amazing and beautiful! EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. and of course Naomi – your hat ! <3
    love you guys!

    take care, xoxo


  35. Danielle

    Love, love, LOVE!!! The fun, candid photos are my fav! That’s how I want our family pictures to be like, but my husband just doesn’t get it lol Where is your favorite place to print your pictures?!?

  36. Yelle

    I have loved Olivia’s photos for so long! I think my favorite are of E swinging, she is so darling! xo

  37. Emma

    Very, very beautiful! I hope to have a family like yours someday.

  38. Kate

    Lovely photos!! Question – what type of camera did you use for your vlog? thank you so much! :)

  39. These photos are all so beautiful! Your family is adorable and I can tell that Olivia has a great talent. I wish we weren’t on opposite sides of the country so she could take pictures for me!

  40. Kristin

    Absolutely stunning photos!!!! I loved them all, thanks for sharing!!!xoxoxo

  41. Those pictures are phenomenal! It’s great that she chose to make so many black and whites. Your family is great, and I loved the little watermelon purse! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Heather

    I have been following both you and Olivia on and off for probably eight years and it makes so much sense for you two to be hanging out! There was a time I wanted to hook her up with my brother, haha. Anyway, I too have made some lovely and lasting friendships through blogging, which is especially unlikely and a happy circumstance because I blog mostly just for a personal scrapbook of sorts. Anyway, I loved your vlog and these photos really capture that sweet, fun, playful energy your family radiates. xoxo

  43. Caroline

    These are all so beautiful! The couple of you and Josh though… those melted my heart to mush. How special to have a shot of just the two of you every once in awhile!

  44. Cheryl

    My favorite family photos of you all yet! So darling.

  45. Julie

    How i love love love these pictures!
    Such a happy family!

  46. Jen

    Our witching hours look so different! HAHAHA

  47. audrey maurel

    What a wonderful family ! It’s true that blogging is a good way to meet beautiful people. If one day, you are passing through Paris, I would be happy to meet you and your family :) I just fall for your three kids ! And my little baby (Rose, 6 months) will be glad to meet Conrad ;) ahah!
    Have a good day xxx

  48. Amazing photos! Olivia has captured your family so well and I love all the realness and love coming through these pictures!

    xx Kristjaana

  49. Mickelle

    I’ve been a long time reader-like since before you got kingsley! And i just had to say my favorite thing about your blog is how it celebrates family. Before I was married and had a family your blog made me so excited. and now i’m married and have a little girl and its everything I hoped for. Thanks for always being so positive and focusing on what really matters xx

  50. Marta

    You have one of amazing smiles I have ever seen! and such a lovely family.
    All the best to you all xxx

  51. Megan

    seriously, cutest family ever! Beautiful pictures and I am loving Eleanor’s sweater. I wish it came in my size. Major sidenote: but I love following you on snapchat and hearing Conrad’s little voice and laugh. Cutest thing ever

    Happy Thursday to you //

  52. francesca

    these pictures are incredible! you’re such a good mommy to 3 beautiful kids!

  53. Caroline

    These are fabulous photos! They make me want to live in New York (except that we only just left Paris, and I’m not ready to move again)! Maybe someday. Thanks for sharing your lovely family.


  54. Hayley

    Yay! Always so wonderfully strange when two of your favourite blogs combine! What a precious snapshot of your time with three littluns :)

  55. Marleme

    Beautiful pictures!

  56. I’m not normally a “commenter” but I wanted to on this post because I’m a huge fan of Olivia’s work! And I’m from Charleston too! Olivia takes THE most beautiful photographs. These ones of you and your adorable family are stunning! Thank you for sharing

  57. Nicole

    Two of my very favorite blogging ladies that I’ve followed from the beginning! Love that you two met up, these pictures are beautiful!

  58. Sarah

    Now I’m totally inspired for an NYC trip with my little one in tow. I miss those yellow cabs and sprawling boulevards.

  59. you always have the most fun family pics! natural, candid and fun! it always feels as if you all are having such a blast taking this photos and you always manage to capture that!

  60. Sara

    Lovely pics! And the one with Olivia is very very sweet! :)

  61. Andrea

    Wow, these pictures are so amazing! Love each one. You guys are so fun and it totally shows in your pictures:) Thank you for sharing!



  62. You have such a gorgeous and wonderful family – you should be very proud!! I love how you can see from everyone’s faces the glowing joy:)x

  63. Luna

    These photos are of a unique beauty. Tender and full of love. The family is one of the most important gifts that life gives us. Warms my heart and makes us feel at home. It’s love! :)

  64. Janna

    Beautiful photos! It’s so insane to see little Conrad grow up before our eyes. Seems like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy with that adorable video!


  65. wijaya

    Now I’m totally inspired for an NYC trip with my little one in tow. I miss those yellow cabs and sprawling boulevards.

  66. These photos are just adorable – and I love that it’s so obvious how much fun you were all having :)

    Christina |

  67. Lauren

    Beautiful photos! Such a beautiful family! I have no idea how you make having 3 kids look so good/easy! Love your blog!

  68. Jamie

    Your photos are amazingly adorable! A great representation of the modern family!

  69. malaika

    she’s incredible, that Olivia.

  70. Eileen

    I Love following you and your cute familiy! i just started blogging but already mentioned you as one of my favorites :-) Eileen

  71. Claire

    Those pictures are so beautiful, your friend did an amazing job! Also your family seems to be a really happy one and it makes the pictures even more beautiful! ?

    All the best from France,

  72. Mari

    Amazing pictures! I must comment that your kids always seem so HAPPY. Just plain happy. I hope I will be as good mum as you and have THAT HAPPY kids too. Thank you for the inspiration, your blog totally saves a rainy day.

  73. Emily

    A friend and I were just talking about how weird it is in the blogging world sometimes! People are just like, hey we should meet up and then they do and their friends lol. I have made the majority of my friends through blogging and wouldn’t have it any other way :) :) :)

  74. Nora

    Wow! This is cuteness overload! The smiles on your faces are priceless. You’ll surely treasure moments like this.

  75. thaixxx

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for supplying this info.