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this photo is out of focus and blurry and also my jumpsuit makes me look like i’m expecting (i’m not) but let’s just go with it and call the blur an artistic choice or something. ;)

i wanted to tell you, i have been listening to this song on repeat all week long, and the music video is even more amazing if you haven’t seen it yet. (emma stone, why are you so unbelievably cool?!) and actually this video is just as amazing in its own way. those dance moves, you guys.

we’re struggling hard over here when it comes to halloween and costumes.  how long do you let your kids change their minds each day about what they want to be for halloween before you buy the costume and make them stick with it and not look back? a week before? the day before? the morning of? it’s giving me anxiety how often samson changes his mind about this. i wanna make all his halloween dreams come true but i also need to order a freaking costume because i’m not crafty enough for the DIY stuff and i’m sensing this could go very wrong very quickly as he’s very specific about the color choices and details with certain dress ups.

so apparently when you work out at the gym correctly after having not for a million years, your body hates you. and my body in particular is very good at letting me know when she’s mad. i tried to feed her some rice pudding last night to make up for all the torture, but this morning was rougher than ever. i know it’s worth it though, because mentally, i am loving it and so happy i’m doing it. i’ve needed this for myself for a long time as i strive for an all around healthier self.  and even though mcdonald’s JUST brought breakfast to their 24/7 menu (sometimes i really love their terrible sausage and egg breakfast burrito), i’m taking baby steps to building a healthier lifestyle for myself.

i’m on the hunt for a couple of things right now. 1. a solid rice pudding recipe that’s easy enough for me to make in my own kitchen and 2. a very very warm winter coat (that doesn’t look like a sleeping bag and if possible, comes from traceable down.)  if anyone has any leads, i’d greatly appreciate them. my readers are always in the know with this stuff.

yesterday, conrad officially turned 10 months old and a few weeks before that i held a friend’s sweet little 6 pound newborn baby with a full head of hair and every bone inside me was screaming, “naomi, you need another one of these.”  the hard thing about that first year of newborn magic is that you’re sleep deprived during the majority of it, so you aren’t truly enjoying it the way one could. not that having another baby fixes that at all, but i don’t know, even only being able to enjoy it 70% because of sleep deprivation is still something. and i’ve found it’s hard to replicate that something anywhere else in my life. the newborn magic just doesn’t translate to other stages or areas of life. am i even making any sense? probably not. i guess i just meant to say, i love the newborn phase and i’m heavily experiencing the bitter part of that bittersweet stuff about your baby reaching milestones upon milestones before you’re truly ready for it.

okay, my kids are starting to argue in the nursery (bless them) so i’m off. happy thursday!

  1. Jaymi

    As far as costumes go, we don’t talk about it at all. They know Halloween is coming, but we don’t tell them when. The morning of we’ll have the 4 and 3 year old pick something out of their bin of costumes (last year we put together a hodgepodge of costume pieces and their regular clothes and they went as made-up stuff) to wear. We will probably just stick a superhero cape or animal hoodie on the 1 year old. ;)

  2. Angela

    The yearly search for a perfect winter coat! I’ve yet to achieve that dream but Uniqlo’s Heattech layers are awesome for helping to keep warm. So many of my friends swear by them too!

  3. Patience

    If you want warmth, the Canada Goose jackets can’t be beat. I’m Canadian and of course love them even though I live in Virginia. They may look a tad sleeping bag-ish though. Or, if you have any arctic trips coming up, they are quite suitable :).

  4. tdaya

    Canada Goose -Kensington Parka

  5. Charlotte

    Lole ( sells fashionable and very warm winter jackets. I’ve had mine for 4 years and it still looks great.

  6. Aneesa

    I get what you mean about Macdonald’s!!!! Right after yoga class two days ago, I went to the supermarket and got myself a bag of potato chips. And just last week after working out the night before, I had salmon salad and fried chicken for lunch. I truly am an irony…but like what you said, baby steps! :-)

  7. meg

    a great coat that is super warm are Canada Goose Company coats! Trust me, I am from Canada and sometimes they’re TOO warm! what?! lol They have ones that are fitted for women so super stylish and warm.

  8. Nanette

    i totally get what you mean. my Penny is 4 days younger than conrad and i think about having another, but i haven’t slept in almost 10 months. really feeling the sleep deprivations now. also, i think our family is pretty much complete, but the thought is always there. it’s so tough! she took three steps yesterday and i lost it. too fast!

  9. jacqui

    So true… my girls are almost 7 and almost 4. I am 35 and really feeling the pull of the 3rd. Missing that baby smell and the nursing… but oh man i am 35 and either need to focus on my creative biz or have another. Ha. As for the coat i would love to know too…i am short and everything feels like a sleeping bag. Happy Thursday Taza!!

  10. Carly

    Awww….the halloween costume dilemma. I feel your pain. 2 year olds are so in deceive.
    Dresses & Denim

  11. Mara

    I am waiting for the time (net spring maybe?) when I’m no longer pregnant and in the early stages of postpartum life and can start focusing on myself and my body and health again. I think I will do the same thing – get a gym pass and a trainer and just make myself do it. I need it. It’s hard to find motivation when you’re in the stage of life where you’re pregnant every other year and raising small babies. I am looking forward to getting my body back for a little bit (as much as you can with babies ;)). Thanks for the motivation.

  12. Court

    Canada goose makes the BEST winter coats!!

  13. Denise

    Mom of five and totally DIY disfunctional!! Not that you need anyone to tell you how to raise your kiddies but you did ask for opinions, so here it goes.

    My kiddies had and have (only two left trick or treating) to choose their costume no later then two weeks before Halloween. That was it. No going back even if there were tears. I actually don’t think there were ever tear. I explained no going back once purchased and they may have faltered afterwards but they knew I was firm.

    Reality is, once they are out on the street filling their bags with treats, the costume is all but forgotten!!

    Good luck! Love your honest posts!

  14. Joy

    I haven’t made her rice pudding, but Joy the Baker has several recipes for it, and almost everything I’ve made from her site is delicious! Here’s one for Risotto Rice Pudding with Maple and Brown Sugar:

    Also, re: the coat, I love my Tres 3-in-1 parka from Patagonia! I bought it last year (thankfully with a friend’s insane employee discount) for my first winter in Colorado (I’m a Los Angeles native). It has the sleeping bag type of down insert, but also a totally waterproof shell over that, and it’s all “slim fit” so it’s not too bulky…also it is 100% traceable down (gotta love Patagonia). I mean, it’s not high fashion but it’s so good for when you are really going to be outside!

  15. Julia

    Reading this just made me incredibly happy; thank you for merging real life antidotes, with humor and positivity. :) I hope that y’all have beautiful day!

  16. Laura

    I have the Patagonia Tres Parka and I love it. It’s sooo warm and it’s fitted at the waist so still feminine and flattering. I have the dark gray which is very versatile but when I bought it they had a beautiful purple color as well (not in my size, sad face) and a few other colors. Patagonia also makes the Duete which is similar but I don’t think you can take the lining out (which actually would be fine, I never wear the pieces separately). They’re pricy- I got mine on sale which was the only way I was able to make it happen, but honestly in my mind they’re worth the price.



  17. Bridget

    We have the same problem with Halloween costumes. This year, I decided to hang them up in their room on the wall so they can look at them and dream about them at night while they’re laying in bed. They become a sorta Halloween decoration too and so far I think it’s helped them to imagine themselves wearing it each day. Ever since we’ve put them on display they haven’t changed their minds. Good luck!

  18. Paige

    I can’t help you with your winter coat problem since we’re Georgia residents, but I’d say probably a solid two week commitment to Halloween costumes so that you can give yourself enough time to find everything and so that you’re not frantically overnighting everything from amazon the night before ;)


  19. Abby

    It’s nice to read this because I feel that I’m not the only one with many things in my mind at the same time.
    I’m 19 so I’m still away to motherhood and other experiences for now, but is very inspiring to read post like this because you’re free to express what it’s going on right now in your life. Even when I see the daydream photos in your posts I understand that not everything can be perfect all the time and sometimes you have to handle with some issues like every human being but not for that reason you are embarrassed to share your feelings with your readers.
    Posts like this are always my favorites :)

  20. Jess

    Hi Taza, never commented here, but love your stuff, I too am a Mom of three (girl 5, boy 3, boy 14 months) and I hear you on the baby aches, we are done, but 4 would be nice. I am writing to you from Ontario, Canada, and by far my favourite winter wear is Pajar from Montreal, so nice, I have a heritage down coat, and it is amazing, check them out.

  21. laeti

    Love that Music Video!!
    Ho we have the same problem for Halloween costumes! my little guys are 2 and 4, and I already got their costume, but they keep changing their minds… so if on Halloween they don’t want to wear what they picked 2 weeks ago, they can just pick whatever they want in their costumes’bin!

  22. I share an unexplainable fondness for the McD’s sausage and egg breakfast burrito. I don’t understand why. It is beyond comprehension and your admission makes me feel better about it. Their $1 Diet Coke is also particularly addicting.

  23. Sarah

    Oh, but I love the McDonalds breakfast burritos! And they are a delicious bargain. My husband and I discussed getting McDs hotcakes for dinner one night this week. I think we’re gonna do it. So long skinny jeans! I hope the 24/7 breakfast thing is short-lived.

  24. Lisa

    Have you heard of patagonia? They have traceable down coats. You can buy them at 6pm for less…

  25. Olivia

    Hey! Okay so I’m not going to be very popular for saying this, but, having worked in the outdoor industry in my recent college and post grad days I can speak from experience. Canada Goose is great except for one thing…the feathers smell terrible. I know that’s weird and maybe it goes away over time? It was a hard sell for the price point I found…we ended up sending them back to the manufacturer because it was such an issue. Plus you still end up looking like the Michelin Man somehow.

    I bought my best friend the Downtown Parka from Patagonia and she highly recommends that however it still has baffling so you might end up feeling like a sleeping bag-esq.

    One of my favorite sustainable clothing companies for recycled down is a company called Nau (pronounced “Now”)

    It’s easy for me to buy from them because I can really get behind their business practice and there clothing looks great and lasts a long time.

    *end of sales pitch*

    Good luck! Let us know if you find something you like better! I always love your style.

  26. Hilde

    I went on an extensive quest for a coat last winter and decided to try a coat by lole. It’s very warm, a bit less expensive than canada goose, lighter and more comfortable, and not as ubiquitous as North Face. Also, because almost everyone has a black winter coat, I like looking for something a little different:

    Also, as long as it’s not a polar vortex, I was happy and fine wearing my non-down coat by Fjallraven

  27. Leanne

    I don’t think you could take a bad picture if you tried! Lovely, honest post.

    As for parkas, I know my stuff! (Living in Canada will do that to ya;) ) The parkas I love most are from Aritzia. Their warmest parka is by Community, but I own one by TNA that I’ve had for the past three years and it’s held up great. Sometimes I need an extra layer underneath but more often than not it doesn’t the trick, plus it’s actually quite slimming. They have a ton of selection at Aritiza — different brands, fits, colours, you name it. Definitely give them a browse through!


  28. Marney

    I’ve never commented before, so “Hello!” I live in New Zealand and cannot speak highly enough of merino wool, and the brand Icebreaker, here is a link to their Women’s jackets and vests,

    I’m originally from the USA and first heard about Merino from our Kiwi friends when we were living in China. She had just had a baby and was ranting and raving about Merino this and Merino that and I didn’t really get it. When we moved to New Zealand I looked in to getting some, but it was on the expensive side, so I didn’t. When my Mom came to visit she bought me a gorgeous Icebreaker sweater, and it was love at first wear! I totally get why my friend was so obsessed with it. It keeps you at the perfect temperature, is soft, and not bulky.

    My husband has a Men’s Icebreaker coat and loves it.

  29. Marney

    Oops, thought of another one. I have a Uniqlo puff coat that I got when we lived in Shanghai and it saved my life!

    I have this one, but the version from 2010,

    And I have a Lululemon one that I love as well. It’s not quite this one, but something similar:

  30. tiffany

    canada goose – kensington parka! better hurry though, the colors and sizes sell out fast! neiman marcus has a great selection!!

  31. suzanne morris

    Where did you get your fabulous leather jacket?

  32. Randi


    STAY AWAY FROM THE McDonalds! haha. So gross!

    I feel the same way about the gym. My days are much better when I’ve paid it a visit.

    Happy 10 months, Conrad!

  33. mmmmkay can i just hug you for admitting liking awful fast food breakfast? i read the other part about living a healthy lifestyle too, but i really liked that first part. man, i gotta do some sqats. xo

  34. Lauren

    Just so happens I can help you out, sister!
    I have THE BEST rice pudding recipe in the world. My grandmother requests I make it for her when she visits because it reminds her of when she was little girl. Only problem is, it’s from one of my recipe books, so I can’t link it. It’s super easy though:

    1/2 cup arborio rice
    3 cups milk
    1/4 cup caster sugar
    1 tsp vanilla paste

    Bang it all in the pot, bring it to the boil, turn it down and let it simmer – stirring pretty much constantly until it’s absorbed and creamy and delicious…
    Extra amazing with warm spiced fruit, like cherries or apricots :)

  35. Hera

    looking forward to see samson in his costume and i love to watch you and your kids in snapchat <3

  36. bridget

    impossible to replicate the newborn magic anywhere. it’s one of my greatest heartaches!

  37. Eloïse

    Hello Naomi,
    I’ve been reading your articles from France for some years now and never dared to write any comment. Actually I never knew what to write because I don’t want to fall into the easy things such as “your family is beautiful and you are such an inspiration’ even if it is true !
    Today as you ask for a warm winter coat I just wanted to talk about mine. I never visited the US or even New York and I guess it’s very cold there, but last year I decided to offer myself a warm coat that I would use for years, and found this one :
    I took the navy one and I absolutely love it. What’s also cool is that it’s perfect for rain and if I’m still too cold (but it is rare !) I can wear a down jacket under.
    I hope this will help you. I wish you and your husband and your little ones all the best !

  38. Emily

    I know exactly what you mean about that newborn magic as well as the bittersweet times of reaching the first birthday! My baby is a week away from 11 months. I can’t even. Do you nurse as long as your babies will or do you wean them at a year. I’m not ready to wean but I also want my body to be ready to welcome another baby when God wants us to!

  39. Shelly M

    Hi Naomi,

    OSC Cross down jackets are beautiful, great quality and made in Canada. They have a lifetime warranty as well. They’re pricey, but incredibly warm and well-made. I hope this helps you on your hunt for a winter coat!

  40. melissa

    you must try dominican rice pudding
    nothing like it

  41. Lydia

    I use Deb Perelman’s Tres Leche Rice pudd recipe from the Smitten Kitchen book. Its so easy, and so decadent. I don’t bother with the cream on top

  42. Heidi

    Here’s a great and easy rice pudding recipe (and it makes your house smell amazing). It’s from my grandma. :)

    4 cups of milk
    1/2 cup rice
    1/2 cup sugar
    a pat of butter.

    Put those ingredients into a deep sided casserole dish/bowl and bake on 350 for a few hours until it starts to thicken into pudding. Once the rice starts to soften and the mixture starts to thicken, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg and continue baking until it’s the consistency you like. You can sprinkle more cinnamon and nutmeg after it’s done to get the flavor you like best. I highly recommend eating it with home-made whipped cream!

    Also – a suggestion on a WARM coat;

  43. Brynn

    My son just turned 11 months old….1 year old next month (when did that happen!!!) and I just can’t believe it.

    It is such a special time but you are so right that sleep deprivation puts a small damper on it. But it’s still so worth it (with strong cups of coffee of course).

    My husband and I decided 2 was our limit, so my little son is the last one. It makes me sad because I too miss the little newborn phases already (the milky burps, the softest skin you’ve ever felt, when they look like they are passed out drunk from milk coma).

    Do you think the local hospital would hire me as a volunteer to just come in once a day to hold all the little babies?

  44. Kathryn

    You are so cute. I love coming to your blog to be reminded of the thing that matters most in this life….LOVE!

  45. margaux

    i can’t help you with the coat problem. i always end up looking like a michelin man no matter what i do or how much i research, but i’m warm, so i guess that’s what mostly matters.

    as for rice pudding, amanda hesser of food52 did a quick video on how to make rice pudding without a recipe:

    just add more or less rice/liquid depending on how thick or soupy you like it.

  46. ieva

    i would feel exactly the same about that newborn baby/baby feeling. its magical! and cannot be replicated it in any other areas.

  47. Katherine

    Molly wizenberg’s (from orangette) rice pudding recipe, that she wrote for Bon appetit magazine quite a few years ago, is our staple. It’s delicious, easy, and the story of her dad making it is as heart warming as the pudding.

    Do it!!

  48. Katherine

    Oh, and Canada goose all the way!!

  49. I’m also looking for a cute & warm winter coat – let us know if you find one you love!!!

    Christina |

  50. Amy

    One thing I love about your blog is your style is so distinct! Everything you wear looks so distinctly you!

    Good luck deciding on Halloween costumes. Kind of the same thing with Christmas lists… :)

  51. Looks like one of your readers already suggested Nau. I tried this jacket on a month or so ago in black and am still thinking about it:

    I do not live on the east coast so cannot confirm if it is appropriate for your winters- but it would definitely do the job for Portland.

    I am not sure what traceable down is, forgive me, but Nau is a really conscious & responsible company so that is saying something. Also, Nau sometimes has pop up shops in NYC during the holidays.

    Good luck!

  52. Nici

    Hihi, I have one child, one coat (very warm and old from kokkai), Totally feel and share your wonderful thoughts! Merci

  53. Kelsey

    Naomi, you rock that look! You’re looking stunning as ever!
    Have a great weekend.


  54. Ewelina

    I would do some serious reading about Canada Goose and the Canadian coyote fur industry before pouncing on one of their jackets!

  55. Anna

    I love Lands End’s coats – they have a million options and they’re all rated for warmth. Also for light-weight down and a great fit, I covet Black Diamond’s Cold Forge Jacket. The baffles are cut diagonally, which is insanely flattering!

  56. lisa amore

    I love moncler or stone Island’s coats, I prefer to wear Italian, if I can. I bought a coat from Max&co last year and it’s still warm and comfortable. You can search on hugs to everybody there from Italy.

  57. Emelie

    Vaute Couture makes the warmest winter coats and uses a vegan insulation! Their fabrics are either organic or recycled, too!

  58. Janet
    A friend gave me her baby recipes book for my baby shower about 5 years ago. If you’ve planned that Conrad is your last bub, I think that is why you go through the sadness of the milestones. My youngest and last turns 2 next month, and is turning into a little boy. Every last little baby thing is sad to let go of knowing there will be no more. But not sad enough to go another round!

  59. sumera

    Another Canadian here! The aritzia parka is warm and not a crazy price(well relatively, 300$ seemed crazy to me, but then the Canada goose jackets got popular and relatively, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore) It is fitted and doesn’t look sleeping baggish at all. I think it would look really good on you and its easy to clean.

  60. Kristin

    I love my LL Bean coats, and North Face, they are so warm in crazy Upstate NY winters, I find they are the best!!! I hope this helps!!!!xoxo

  61. Tenley

    Although I too love rice pudding (and McDonalds breakfast for that matter), I’ve been on a paleo kick and getting my pudding fix from this recipe:

    It’s quite delicious and although it sure isn’t the real deal, it’s packed with protein and pretty stinkin’ delicious. Enjoy :)

  62. Abby

    Swedish rice pudding/porridge is the best! It’s not a running rice pudding, but is thicker and more hearty. It’s super easy to make and really delicious (with maple syrup….cinnamon sugar… extra milk…. on and on and on)…it’s traditionally made during Christmas and it keeps well and is easy to reheat! I’ve translated this recipe below:

    2 1/2 deciliters round grain rice (roughly a bit more than one cup)
    5 cups water
    2 tablespoons Butter
    1 teaspoon salt
    8 ounces of milk
    1 cinnamon stick
    1 tbsp caster sugar

    Do this:
    Mix the rice, water, butter and salt in a large heavy-bottomed saucepan. Cook over low heat about 10 minutes. Add milk and cinnamon stick. Let the porridge cook over very low heat for 30-40 minutes. Dilute with more milk if the porridge is too thick. Season with sugar.


  63. Evelyn

    I’m sending you my traditional family recipe via email with a little something for the your cuties! :)

  64. Corina

    Hi Naomi, I like to eat rice pudding like that ( and it’s prepared very easy if you use a rice cooker. After the gym I use to take magnesium powder (they sell it in little sticks over here) and it really helps with sore muscles. Or eat a banana or drink a lot of milk instead. :-)

  65. Conni

    Rice pudding (arroz con leche) is one of my favorite puddings! Is the simplest thing, but is just so comforting… Anyway, I have my favorite recipe and made a video, I’ll leave the link in case you wanna check. Cheers from Chile!