the west village.


funny fact: when we moved back to new york city from washington DC, we started our apartment search in the west village.  partly because the idea of living near joe’s pizza excited us to no end, and also because it’s just a terribly fun and charming part of new york.

there was also this moment when we were dating once upon a time a billion years ago where we were in the village at maybe ten o’clock at night, standing in the most beautiful and epic snow storm right outside of murray’s cheese shop.  i couldn’t feel my legs but i could see my own breath because it was so cold outside, and the snow was reflecting off the lights around the neighborhood so the streets were brightly lit because of it. you could see the patterns of the fast snow falling so quickly from the sky when you’d look up, although it was almost blinding because of the amount of snow coming down. hardly anyone was out, and josh put his hands in my coat pockets while we stood there for a minute. and then he started to dance and then i started to dance and leap and just be dumber than dumb playing in the snow.  i think about that memory a lot.  i feel myself rolling my own eyes typing this, but you can’t shake falling in love in a snow storm, okay? it’s stuck with me all these years and i blame a lot of my love for spending time in the village to that night way back when.

anyway, back to the west village apartment thing.  we looked at maybe eight different apartments in one afternoon with both eleanor and samson in tow. finding a 2 bedroom in our budget in that neighborhood was pretty much impossible that year and i don’t really remember any of the apartments we saw but this one, where the kitchen sink was basically in the shower and you couldn’t open the refrigerator door all the way because it hit the opposite wall and the biggest bedroom had no closet and only room for a full sized bed yet i remember thinking, “no no, this has potential. i can make it work.” :)

fortunately, the upper west side has treated us really well and we’re happy to call it home, but we still head down to the village more than any other part of the city. i know it’s too cool for us as we push our minivan stroller along the smaller sidewalks, but i don’t care. i still love it and i know josh loves it and my kids definitely love it (the playground by joe’s especially). so sometimes my wheels start turning and i’m all pulling up my streeteasy app thinking, “maybe…..” haha. just kidding. that only happened once and after i pulled up the current rental listings i shut it all down within 10 seconds. it was a fun idea for a minute there.


we spent the early evening down there one day last week wandering around. we shared a few slices of pizza and also a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner from murray’s, then a green smoothie because why not. actually, i think the green smoothie happened first. all of it was delicious.
westvillage-5westvillage-4westvillage-3westvillage-11it’s amazing how much the kids are aware of their surroundings in new york now. we get off the subway in the village several blocks from the nearest playground but eleanor excitedly points in its direction, “oooh! can we go that way?! to the playground with the spider web net?” i love that she knows.

westvillage-19westvillage-9westvillage-8 westvillage-2westvillage-18westvillage-17

see! the green smoothie! and our biggest smoothie monster right now. i’m looking at you, conrad!


i made so much fun of josh when he bought this ginormous water canteen but honestly, i’m so glad he did. it saves us everywhere we go.


and thus concludes our west village playground/dinner run. (by the way, we walked by the new tacombi that’s opening up on bleeker which is totally cool but you guys, the upper west side would take really good care of you, too. just saying.)

ps. who’s been exercising with me and keeping to the 3x a week goal?! i’m feeling energized and ready for another week of it! i’m terribly sore and sometimes i feel so mad at my trainer, but i’ve never felt so motivated and i love that.

also, my white tunic sweater is from free people (HERE– although backordered currently.) my jeans are madewell and similar shoes HERE and HERE.

  1. Reading your posts makes me want to move to NYC more and more!


  2. Taylor

    Love reading your blog! My parents moved to the Upper West Side from Texas a few months ago and my husband and I just visited over the weekend. We are coming back up in December with our two kids and we can’t wait to show them the city! We love it there! Oh and I totally look for you and your precious family while we walk the streets of NYC ?. Ha! Any “must dos” for us to do in December with our kids? We have a 3 year old and another who will be 10 months when we visit.

  3. Nanette

    i love the west village! my dad grew up on Bank St. and every time we go to NY we stand in front of the apartment building he grew up in and think, “Whyy did my grandpa sell his apartment?!” :) My dad can’t believe how much apartments are going for now. Crazyness, but I would love to live there!

    • TAZA

      right?! i don’t even know your grandpa but i would be asking the very same thing!!! bank street is beautiful.

  4. Wow, I never really thought about kids growing up in a city like NYC (or London in my case) and how they know their surroundings! Do you kids realize what to order based on the restaurant you’re at, considering you guys visit favorite local haunts often? And as always, you look so beautiful! x

    • TAZA

      it depends on where we are! but yes, a few of the local places we often they know exactly what they want! london would be an amazing place to raise little ones!

  5. Oh Naomi, speaking of working out! I finally found myself a new work out buddy (my new colleague is a sweetheart) and motivating each other is such a help! Keep it up :) <3

    • TAZA

      that is awesome! i need a workout buddy!!!

  6. Dot

    I love these pictures & your snow story! If you have a moment, will you please tell me where little Conrad’s entire outfit is from? Thank you! Love your style & how you dress your littles!

    • TAZA

      thank you! his red sweater and also red shoes were samson’s a few years back. the sweater is from gap and the shoes are kangaROOS brand. his jeans are from zara.

  7. Amie

    I love going to places that are “too cool for me.” HAHAHA!! Lovely pics & you almost make me miss snow…almost! ;)

  8. You should definitely write a travel book about living in NYC with kids. You have the best recommendations. And it’s always great to see a young family in the city–I know when I got to NYC with my two young kids, I instantly bond with all the other parents around, if only with our eyes!

    For me, I would love the calm of the upper west side with kids vs. the craziness of downtown, though when I lived there, I hardly made it above 14th Street!

    Analog House

  9. Kaitlin

    Do you happen to remember what brand your boots are by? I know you provided links to similar ones but I may try to hunt those down, I love them! Thanks!

    • TAZA

      yes, the brand is Lange! good luck!

  10. Gabriella

    Yes! So glad you’re on track with your workout, too. My husband and I have decided to go for a run Monday and Wednesday and we’ve been sticking to it. Saturdays we’ve left open to whether we feel like it or not ;) Feels soo good to be getting out of the flat! (although I am the world’s worst runner – but my husband has the biggest patience). I still remember reading way back, when you wrote about Josh getting up at something like 6am to go for runs and you added something along the line of “bless that man and his dedication”. Ha!

    • TAZA

      haha! i am not a runner and i don’t imagine i’ll ever be, so way to go! it’s true how incredible it can feel to just get out and dedicate time to working out though for sure. my body is happy. :)

  11. Gabriella

    Also, I don’t know why you need to be ashamed of that snow story – I love it! What a beautiful memory to think back on!

  12. Paige

    I love that your kids know where they are in the city! I feel like you guys are really giving them real life skills and confidence that I’m sure kids who grow up in the suburbs definitely lack to some amount. I felt proud the other day when we were in the car and my three-year-old knew the turn into our neighborhood. I’m sure he definitely couldn’t navigate his way to the playground. You guys are seriously such fun/great parents. Which I realize you totally don’t write these stories for praise or anything, I just think really highly of you guys.


  13. melissa

    nice job keeping up on the exercise! my husband started working out this summer and has kept at it 3x a week and now he has to buy new work shirts because his shoulders are getting so big. ;) i am a runner, but a pregnant one, and slowly trying to keep it up but it’s not going so hot…i should spend a couple hours a day pushing a minivan stroller in the meantime!

    also, i love teaching my kids to navigate too. we live in a tiny town so it’s not that hard, but when we are a block away in any direction, even my 2 year old says, “home now!” it warms my heart. your littles seem like the best–so cute and so smart.

    haha, i just liked this post a lot. looks like a fun day.

  14. kelly andrews

    I have been going to the gym mostly 3 times a week since you mentioned it! And I am loving it. Thanks for the inspiration I needed to get myself to the gym. Sometimes you just need an extra push:)

  15. Mindy

    I miss New York SO much! My mom lives in Queens & we haven’t been there since I was pregnant in 2008!! That seems so long ago..haha! We keep saying we should go, but we always find an excuse as to how hard it would be with a little on in tow, but now that he is 7 we definitely need to make a trip soon. In the meantime I will come here to get my New York fix!

  16. Sarah

    What brand are your boots?

  17. Amy

    Love your blog and NYC guides! My husband has been living in NYC with a roommate since March (new job) and I’ll be moving out in Jan. after I graduate (and then we’ll get our own place). He has been trying to explore the city when he has time looking for a good neighborhoods, but it’s overwhelming! Any apartment hunting tips?? Did you guys go through a broker (so much extra money…ugh) or were you able to find something on streeteasy? Any help would be appreciated!!

  18. Emily

    The West Village definitely is the most charming neighborhood in Manhattan! I daydream of living there as well! (dream on! ha!)

  19. Aubrey

    Love your blog — faithful reader and although I never leave comments… I had take a moment to tell you how much I love Eleanor and Samson’s turquoise rings! SO adorable! You have a lovely family!

  20. Cat

    What a dreamy day <3

  21. Yelle

    you know, you may love west village – but i love love love uws! my family lives there, and i always love visiting them. maybe bc i associate the uws with family and travel, i love it so much. don’t forget how wonderful your neighborhood is too! xo

  22. Belen

    Cute!! Love your poncho dress. Cute story of when you were still dating. Love love stories.
    A Hint of Life (A Life & Style Blog For Young Professional Women)

  23. Dora

    That is such a romantic, beautiful memory. So sweet!

    19 days and counting til me and my new hubby are in New York! Woop woop!

  24. Lauren

    The way you describe New York is so dreamy, i think you’re very blessed to live there. I can’t wait for my trip to NY in January and all the sites I’ll see!

  25. Claire

    That romantic memory remembered me of my firt kiss with my boyfriend under the rain! ahah! Thanks Naomi!
    I truly love your blog and all that kindness you share!

    All the best from France,

  26. that tunic!!! so so cute naomi! and i gotta say, seeing you still using your bugaboo donkey makes me so happy we got one. hopefully we get as much use out of ours as you do yours. xo

  27. Candice

    Hey Naomi! Such sweet pictures – I am loving seeing NY in the fall through your blog! Side note – would you mind mentioning where Eleanor’s gold shoes are from? I just ordered some that look like that from Zara, but based on the size chart I’m afraid they are going to be too small for my 3 year-old. I’d love to find an alternative if so!

    • TAZA

      yes! from mini boden!

  28. Heather S

    I must ask….where is your lipstick from it’s FAB!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s ruby woo by mac!

  29. Meg N.

    Your photos are always so beautiful. What program do you use to edit them? Do you use any presets in lightroom? I have been reading your blog for years and just absolutely love it!

  30. melissa

    What! I didn’t even know Tacombi existed outside of Nolita, but apparently there are several locations?! Mind blown. Anyway, Eleanor is becoming such a sweet little young lady, it’s amazing how much she seems to grow between posts!

  31. This is great.
    Must be so hard finding a place there… don’t even want to start looking aaanywhere.
    I wish I could eat pizza all the time. Then again, you’re prob not aaactually eating pizza all the time…. right!?

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  32. Paloma

    Hi Naomi! Could you write a post with suggestions of places to visit on the Upper West? I’ve been living in NY for half a year now and I still don’t know this neighbourhood very well.

    Thanks!! : )

  33. Patty

    Hi Taza-
    I’m a new reader to your blog and am catching up! I was reading this story and I too LOVE your booties! i tried searching for Lange boots (I saw that you posted that for another admirer) and only can come up with ski boots. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the new blog addiction! Love it!

    Ward regards,