photos from machu picchu, peru!

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hello! i have loads and loads of photos to share from our day at machu picchu! i made a little divide so this post would load faster for you all since there are so many photos. click the yellow button to open the rest!

machu picchu truly took my breath away. literally, because that hike up is steep and the altitude made me feel more out of shape than ever, but also because it’s beyond words. such a gorgeous place that almost made me cry when i first looked out at the view. we woke up at 3:30 in the morning to catch a taxi to take us to a train to then take us to a bus, so it was quite an ordeal to get there. the kids were troopers and besides me forgetting to put bug spray on my ankles (the itch! it’s so bad, my ankles are so swollen) we had a great time. my dad was able to come with us and experience machu picchu for a few hours before leaving on his own to catch his flight back home. we stayed most of the morning exploring the ruins and eating some food up there. the photos below don’t do it justice. but they are there anyway….

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taking the train to the little town….


seriously, what a place!


eleanor and samson sharing lunch at the top!




conrad walked all over machu picchu! he loved exploring more than anyone i think!

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group photo with my dad before he had to take off to catch his flight!

you can read more about the history of machu picchu here if you’d like. our tour guide was amazing but i didn’t really take away as much as i would have liked from our tour since i was preoccupied with the kids, so reading that site afterwards was helpful.

ps. my rain coat is by patagonia, nike tennis shoes from here and jeans are by madewell.

  1. Linda

    What beautiful photos! My dad is Peruvian and I grew up going every few summers to Cusco and the surrounding rainforest, but I didn’t go to Machu Picchu until college. It was so special to visit with my dad who always takes a great interest in history and is especially passionate (and proud) of Peruvian ruins. I’m glad your family had a chance to see them!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! My friend visited Machu Picchu last year and told me it’s a lifetime experience. Apparently the altitude takes “your breath away” and you have to drink lots of water and take your time to walk in order to get to the top.
    Your kids seem to be REAL TROOPERS!


  3. Robyn

    These photos are beautiful. I would love to go there one day.

    Where did you get that turtleneck though…it looks so cute and comfy!

  4. Lorena

    So glad you experienced Machu Picchu! It truly is an amazing place, I went there twice, one with my family and the other time with school. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of my country! :)

  5. carly

    Wow! This looks amazing. I am in awe that you managed to hike with 2 toddlers and a baby, but it looks like they had a great time
    Dresses & Denim

  6. hanna

    This looks like a wonderful trip! –Hanna Lei

  7. Jenn

    I am soo happy you guys went to machu picchu!!

  8. suzanne morris

    We took this exact trip this summer while my daughter was studying abroad in Cusco. Your pictures look so familiar. Are you staying at one of the Belmond hotels? Don’t miss the Saksaywaman ruins…lots of wide open spaces where I can picture Josh & kids kicking soccer balls. Sacred Valley has fascinating exhibits about weaving. If you go a few blocks away from the main touristy square in Cusco you can shop at an authentic artisan market. You’ll come home with some lovely blankets :)

  9. What carrier do you use? (My 9 month old daughter has outgrown the Bjorn and I am in need of something new). Beautiful photos! (My first time out of the country was to Peru and Machu Picchu truly took my breath away). So happy you got a chance to experience it with your family.

  10. Nanette

    wow. so amazing! it’s so great to share all these experiences with your kids, even if they might not remember them all. anyway, you’ll have these wonderful photos to look back on! :)

  11. Molly

    What absolutely gorgeous photos!! And what a seriously amazing experience for your three littles! My parents moved us to Singapore and London between the grades of 2nd and 5th, and I will never ever forget those experiences – whether it’s through actual memories, or through photos. The best type of learning takes place during travel! xo

  12. Paige

    All of these pictures are so gorgeous! It’s so amazing that you’re able to give your kids such amazing experiences like this!


  13. Audrey

    Wahooo ! What a beautiful family adventure ! Amazing pictures and family :)) Have a nice trip !

  14. Rachel

    Wow, amazing that you managed to do that with three kids. Did the Inca trail a few years ago pre-kids with my husband and it was really an amazing experience. Hope you were able to enjoy it.

  15. I love the adventures you have with your kids! My husband and I are newly married and are often warned that our traveling will end once we have kids, but you prove them wrong! Love it

  16. As always your photos are gorgeous, that one of Eleanor and Samson sharing lunch is too cute!! I’d love to visit Machu Picchu one day!

    C x || Lux Life

  17. Amazing pictures!! what a dream, you’re perfect all toegether! Xx

  18. Laeti

    You guys are such troopers! Such a long trip with 3 young kids, I don’t think we could do it with our 2 and 4 year olds! I remember flying overseas with just walking babies and I think it is the most difficult time because they always want to walk around in planes, buses, trains, so hard to get them to stay still for over 30 sec. Please share your secret!!

  19. Sthefanie

    Hello Naomi!,
    I love your blog! And i would like you to tell me how you did with the kids especially with the altitude? Who was your experience in that.

  20. Heather

    Machu Picchu is incredible, isn’t it? My husband and I were there a year ago and we were afraid it wouldn’t live up to all of the hype but we weren’t disappoints. So wonderful that you could take your family there!

  21. Caitlin

    Beautiful photos! But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how your foot stretched over to that angle to touch the table on the train. Go, go gadget legs??

  22. are those llamas? omg so cute! seems like your family had a great trip as always, naomi! did the kids enjoy it?

  23. Annika

    I absolutely love the fact that you did that with kids – such an inspiration on so many levels!!

  24. Kelly

    Gorgeous photos! Peru has never been on the top of my “travel dreams” list, but after seeing your lovely posts about it I most definitely have to add it! I’m so inspired by your family’s travels–especially with 3 young kiddo’s in tow.

  25. Gloria

    What beautiful shots! Looks like you had a great time. I love that you guys do these trips with the little ones! If you get a chance, check out my page. I’m also based out of NYC.

  26. Olivia

    I am in love with your jeans here. Perfect fit!

  27. Erin

    Wow, I have so many questions! How far ahead of time did you have to book tickets for the train/tour? Can you really hike to the top in regular clothes and sneakers? For some reason I thought it was really rigorous! How did your kids handle the elevation change? Thanks!

  28. Kristin

    Wow! What a beautiful place…and a beautiful family. All your pictures are stunning. Looks like you guys had a blast! Cannot wait to see more pictures from your trip. Have a great Tuesday! :)


  29. Kerry

    I am loving the fact that you were able to do the hike with 3 small children. So inspiring and looks absolutely breathtaking even without the altitude :-)

  30. Tara

    I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu! Jealous.

  31. Mere

    I’m feeling the travel bug just reading this! I’m heading to Costa Rica for a month and a half this summer and you’ve got me even more excited to explore Central and South America! Lovely snaps by the way! And when did Conrad get so big!?

    – Mere

  32. Francesca

    machu pichu is where my brother got engaged in april! it is so beautiful! I love seeing families like your’s doing service and teaching your kids how important service is at such an early age! they’ll grow up with the heart to serve! love it!

  33. Kellie

    Wow! That looks so fun, I’ve always wanted to go to Peru the culture seems so amazing. Your kids look like they are travel pros!


  34. I love how even though your sleeping your leg still has then “leg on the barre” type vibes to it! Love it!

  35. These photos are absolute stunning! I agree with you though – the beauty of that place just don’t capture on photos. Our photos from last year don’t do the experience justice at all, but I love them anyway because of all the memories attachted to them. And I think your kids will cherise photos like these forever too!

    Laura //

  36. Beautiful photos!! I was so shocked to see you went there because I’ve always heard it’s such a long (like multiple day) trek to get there. Had no idea how you could do that with three littles in tow! Good to know there is a way!

    Latest Post: Fear: A Side Effect of Motherhood ~

  37. Déborah

    I’m french so excuse me for my very very bad english ….
    How do you do to have THE CLASS even in travel, even on the Machu Pichu? You are too strong !
    I admire you;;;

  38. Sabrina

    This is going to sound odd, but these photos invoke so much hope and so much despair at the same time. I’ve yet to find that person who would even consider taking on adventures such at these with me. Adventures of traveling with little ones. I’m 34 and I feel the older I get, the guys I meet within an acceptable age range are barely interested in having kids, let alone, have the desire to travel with them. Ugh.

    I think you guys are amazing for giving your family, your children these wonderful opportunities of growth and exposure to the world.

  39. Lola

    Any advice on protecting the kiddos from bug bites? I always get bit.

  40. Lauren

    soooo amazing and beautiful! You make traveling with 3 kids look so easy!! xo

  41. Amanda

    Gorgeous photos! I hope to visit someday. Also, I’m trying to figure out your leg positioning in that photo near the beginning of the post, haha. It almost looks like someone else’s leg!

  42. Eileen

    Please. Please can you share your itinerary? We have a 11 month old and want to do this trip so badly. Your photos are beautiful.

  43. Dora

    My beautiful country!!! really great pictures. kisses

  44. Mari

    Amazing pictures!!

    I must commet that when Josh is carrying Conrad, I always think “why is he carrying him so low?”! I am sure Conrad would be happier to be way more up, so he could also see around, no? I don’t meant to be annoying, just wanted to point out this in case you hadn’t thought about it.

    Enjoy your time in Peru!

  45. Britt

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I totally recognize this ‘the picture don’t do it justice’ feeling, it is so hard to capture how amazing some places are. Thanks for sharing :)

    xx B

  46. Kiss

    These pics are amazing! You truly give to people when you post these, because everyone may not be able to go, but they at least can experience it through you. Thanks

  47. Steffi

    Thank you for the incredible photos! Machu Picchu is one of the places we really want to explore. I love your blogposts about your (family) life.

  48. Vickie


  49. Mascha Kirchlechner

    Conrad looks just like your dad! So funny and nice to see the resemblance!