this family of mine.

i wanted to share some photos that my friend olivia took a few weeks ago while she was in town. i mentioned this briefly the other day in a post, but olivia lives in charleston, south carolina; and while she and i had exchanged emails and followed each others blogs for years and years (like way back in my DC days before my babies!), it was our first time meeting up!...

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a video blog (vlog) from our camping trip!

happy monday, you guys! hope your first october weekend was a good one!

i put together some video footage we took a week or two ago when camping, which was so much fun to do! i know i’ve been making videos of our adventures for years now, but i’ve never done one in the form of a “vlog.”  i love watching other people’s and have a few friends who make some of the very best vlog’s out there....

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have a wonderful weekend!

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yesterday at three different moments throughout the day, i cried. like big time cried. the ugly crying kind with tears and snot where after a long sleep, my eyes could barely open this morning because everything is a little bit swollen.  sometimes i’m thrown for such a loop and i start freaking out about everything. am i doing it right?...

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