have a wonderful weekend!

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yesterday at three different moments throughout the day, i cried. like big time cried. the ugly crying kind with tears and snot where after a long sleep, my eyes could barely open this morning because everything is a little bit swollen.  sometimes i’m thrown for such a loop and i start freaking out about everything. am i doing it right? are my kids okay? what if THIS happens, or THAT. and what is even happening!  poor josh was there for the two of the three. that guy… i’m definitely making up for all the hormones he missed out witnessing by not having any sisters while growing up.

i’m not saying this for pity or to complain about anything or to fish for any compliments. i feel incredibly lucky and happy and loved. and today, i feel good.  i think sometimes running on little sleep and being human can get to you though. i can stress myself out easily and it’s often quiet comical 24 hours later looking back and face palming. but i just wanted to share anyway, because as we enter the weekend, i hope we treat ourselves kindly and give ourselves the proper care and love we each deserve.  what a beautiful thing it is to be human, and, while putting on a strong and confident face each day, to have those moments of learning and growth during a breaking point that often make everything else feel a little bit sweeter the following day.

i love you guys so much. i hope you know that. some of you have been here in this space with me for years and years, and i feel like we are good friends. thank you for believing in me and supporting me and being here.  i hope you rock the weekend (even if the forecast says rain all weekend like it does here).


photo by olivia rae james, the sweetest photographer and blogging friend i’ve been following for YEARS and finally got to meet in person a couple weeks ago. love when my internet friend world becomes real life friend world, too. :) also, for those who might ask in the comments, my hat is from here, my shoes are from anthropologie (similar here) and pink suede shirt is from asos (suede khaki color still available.) eleanor’s polka dot sweatshirt (which she chose online herself!) is from wunway kids.

  1. Mandy

    I did that a couple of days ago. sometimes you just need a good cry so you can move on! Keep trucking lady!

  2. Danielle

    My good days are so much better after having a rough day. Yes, rough days suck, but they have helped me appreciate to good ones. (As I’m having a rough day, stuffing my face with pumpkin cookies lol)
    Hope you have a great weekend and get to watch/listen to conference!

  3. Jade

    My goodness, I’ve been there, too many times to count. The world can be a scary place and the negative thoughts and fears can sometime consume us if we aren’t careful. But, I’m rooting for you just like I know all your other readers, friends and family members are too!

  4. Jaylee

    I needed this today Naomi! Thanks so much for sharing. I just adore you and your family.

  5. Lauren

    I’ve been visiting your space since just before Eleanor was born! Thank you for your beautifully written honesty. You’re right – being human is a beautiful thing, even in all the melancholy moments and meltdowns.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    (Send some rain to NZ – it makes my soul happy) X

  6. Colleen

    What a beautiful thing it is to be a human!
    I love that.
    Thanks for the reminder my week has been pretty similar and looking back on Monday where I cried all day I do feel a tad silly. But this weekend is all about doing all the things I love and setting myself up for a better week next week.

    P.s. You are doing a great job! Your children are beautiful!

  7. Valeria

    I know what you mean !! I became a mother 6 months ago and I still breastfeed and co – sleep and play all day…. and I have to say that the little sleep is the worst enemy !!! It makes you questioning everything !!!!!!!!!! but his smile make my day !!!! tons of kisses !!!!!

  8. Brooke

    I want to first say that I’ve been following your blog for a year or so now and I just love it! I love that you stay true to your LDS standards and are such a great example as a mother! And I felt like commenting today because it’s also nice to know I’m not the only one who breaks down and embarrassingly freaks out to my husband once in a while as well :). I have 2 little ones of my own and being a mom can be totally scary sometimes!

  9. Rebecca Canning

    Aww, girl, I totally know what you mean. I’ve been there myself (and still go there, lol). I think it’s only natural and human (and female, ha!) to have those times where we just melt down. You’ve got an incredible attitude about it all though and the important thing is not letting ourselves stay in those places, but rather, getting it out, rallying our “troops” (family/friends/hubbies) around us and keeping on moving forward. Like you do. I so love and appreciate your writing, your honesty, your sharing of your family life, your humour and your joy. Keep on keeping on. And have a lovely weekend. <3

  10. Ana

    What I find good about a “breaking point” like this is that it often serves as a sort of reset – in perspective and everything else – so the days that follow can be some of the best. With that said, I’m wishing you a wonderful and sunshiny (at least indoors :P if not outdoors too) weekend as well!

  11. Naomi Hess

    Girl, you got heart! It’s powerful, beautiful, and inspiring! Here’s to a great weekend coming up!

  12. Sofia

    A big kiss from Portugal. You have a great family Like mine, i wish you the best.

  13. Krista

    Thank you for this Naomi. I so needed to read this right now. Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful family!

  14. hanna

    Just have to say I love the photo! –Hanna Lei

  15. i’m so glad you posted this. such a real, lovely lady. xo

  16. Kristin

    Lots of hugs and kisses to you!!! While I have only been following you for a little less than a year, I completely adore you and your lovely family!!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and thank you for always making me smile!!!!???????

  17. Emily

    Naomi, thank YOU for always being there. Throughout everything it is always a day-brightener for me to see your posts. Thanks for being a constant in this ever changing world. You’re inspiring!

  18. Sarah

    This gave me all the good feelings.

    I’ve been reading here for such a long time (pre-babies even!) and I love that you are an actual human with these kind of days and that you actually write about it. My baby boy is 11 months and we waited so, so long for him but some days I just worry I’m doing every single thing wrong and I have those big time cries too. It’s good to realize other people feel like that too. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Arika

    I think you’re amazing. You’re blog has been one of my favorites for years and I love it more every time you post!

  20. Camila

    Hi, Naomi! I’ve been following your blog since Eleanor was almost 1 year old. I have such a beautiful idea about marriage and build a family because of you and your sweet little (not so little anymore) family. And I’m only 21 years old.

    I hope you are ok. Thank you for everything.

    Kisses from Braziiillll, <3

  21. ooooh, lady. don’t we all have those moments?! and the truth is – we just have to let them run their course – justified or not. i sometimes just need to freak out and cry and let it all get out! also, olivia! she lives in my hometown (Charleston) and i just love her work! great taste – as always :)

  22. Lisa

    Thanks for such a raw and real post. I’ve been following along since E was born and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you become an amazing momma. My husband and I are currently trying (!!!!) and I constantly am telling him facts or idea of how we may want to raise our children or start special traditions and he always ask if I got the idea from YOU!! Haha he knows my secret!! Anyways..tons of love to you and your family! Thanks for being a really great role model to the mommas and someday mommas like me! Xx

  23. Sometimes a good cry is needed to let out frustrations…or even just because. We all experience it…just part of this thing called life. Glad your feeling better!

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com

  24. Sonya

    You are so generous for sharing. I’ve had a wobbly few months (with lots of joy squeezed in between) and felt so reassured and acknowledged and normal after reading this post :) Love your blog and have been reading for years! X

  25. Catarina

    Thank you for sharing the not-so-great moments. I have moments like that, and often during these times I’ll look to your blog for inspiration and motivation to be a better mum and keep being a positive role model for my children. I’m sorry to hear about you being upset but in a way it’s nice to know that even someone I look up to can have bad moments – human moments – and still come through on the other side. Keep smiling. Much love to you and your beautiful family xo

  26. Gina

    I had a hard time yesterday too… We have to be patients with ourselves, right?
    Nice weekend
    And thank you for being a source of sunshine on cloudy days…

  27. Bruna

    You are such a strong woman, and I admire you for that! I don’t have kids yet, but it must not be easy to have 3 little ones. But based on what you share with us all, you are a great inspiration on how to raise kids. And as humans we are constantly learning throughout life.
    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!



  28. your realness is always an inspiration to me. You always tend to share when you’re stressed, scared or concerned about something instead of portraying “always happy family” life. It’s meaningful. You’re doing great and we’re all happy to be here :) x


  29. m

    I’ve been following you for awhile maybe 3 years and haven’t ever commented. I guess I just didn’t feel like i had something wise/funny/ intelligent to contribute but have quietly enjoyed SO much all of your adventures. But reading that today made me think I should really send you love and hugs. I’ve been feeling blue lately too (maybe it’s the season change?? even if fall is lovely) and reading this made me feel like I’m not alone in this scary wonderful world.
    Love from Barcelona
    ps if you and your crew ever make it to BCN let me know

  30. Allison

    I very much needed these words today, Naomi. Thank you <3

  31. Sarah

    Thank you! I think it’s so important to share the bad as well as the good moments. We all go there and it’s reassuring to hear it from you. The worries of life can so easily build up and become overwhelming -especially when we are sleep deprived and running around after littles! Supporting each other gets us through those moments to appreciate all the good there is in our lives. Happy weekend! xxx

  32. Stephanie

    Thanks for posting! My 8-month-old daughter has been dealing with a stomach bug (the really, really messy kind) and we’ve been stuck in our small NYC apartment for over a week now. I’m starting to go more than a little crazy and this post came at the perfect moment. Thanks for reminding us that we’re all human and we need to savor the moments and take one day at a time. xoxo

  33. sara

    thank you for sharing your beautiful message! we all love you too!

  34. Sarah

    After reading this I feel so much less guilty about spending my Saturday on the couch with the kids watching (kid’s) TV. I normally try to limit TV and do something outside and fun at the weekend, but today I was just so exhausted that I just had to rest.

    (Incidentally, I ended up have some quite nice bonding time – we had lots of snuggles, had a few really sweet chats, and even played a couple of board games.)

    I also feel less of a nut for worrying obsessively yesterday when I saw my 5 years old get kind of snubbed by another kid at school!

    Thank you!!!

  35. Becs

    Thanks so much, as always, for writing about parenthood with such grace and such authenticity. Sometimes I get scared too and then I feel like I’m the only one, but we’re all in this together. xo

  36. megan

    I had my breakdown last week. I think I might have freaked my fiancé out a bit. But sometimes we need a good cry and then move on. I completely understand with treating ourselves kindly and giving ourselves the proper care. Doing some of that this weekend!

  37. Maddi

    Where are Josh’s shoes from? :) Thank you!

  38. Erin

    Your blog is one of the only ones I read. Your kids are absolutely adorable in every way and I love your style– in writing, mothering, views, fashion and you and your husband have such a great relationship. Thanks for keeping it real in this post. I have days like this too. I think that is part of this human experience. I doubt myself every single day but have to remember to just keep doing my best and that it will all work out. You rock!!

  39. rachel

    I love your honesty. Thank you!!

  40. Emily

    It’s funny because I know I am one of thousands of readers of yours’, but you just make everyone feel so warm and welcome, and your family is just so fun to watch grow into these amazing little people! Thanks for sharing your journey, I’ve loved watching you become a mom to one, and now to 3, and the day-to-day crazy fun and love it brings.

  41. katy

    Thanks for posting, Naomi. I often wonder how you rock all of this: the family, this blog,which has become a business. I’m starting to work in a few months, beginning to write as a freelancer next week and I am scared to hell. Don’t know how to manage it… However … now I know I am not alone. Feeling loved and blessed, being thankful, but sometimes it’s all too much. Thanks for your honesty. And: yes, sleep solves a lot!

  42. Magali

    and that’s why I love your blog so much. You are human! and a beautiful human being.

    Lots of love to you and your family


  43. I have those days! Especially after moving to Europe with my husband — it can be utterly overwhelming some days. Hormones can be so so so scary strong sometimes, it’s crazy. But the good news is normally they balance out. ;)

    Take care.
    Hope all is well.

  44. Lila C

    It’s only human to to through moments like these. I am glad I found your blog because you have a beautiful family and reading your blog is a happy little thing for me. :) Many hugs to you!

  45. Ola

    Omg, I know it too well. Most of the time I don’t unglue myself but from time to time, out of the blue I freak out, I cry half of the nite, cannot explain exactly why. I just do and it clears my head and heart. I don’t plan it, it just happens.



  46. Amanda

    I’m one of those folks who has been following your blog for years (started following along a few months before Eleanor was born!).

    I just want to say that your blog consistently inspires me and I appreciate you sharing the good moments along with some of the bad (or rough).

    Hoping you had a lovely weekend!

  47. Girl, we all need a good ugly cry, or two, or three!!! Let it out. Thank you for your honesty and love!

    We’re indoors with rain all weekend as well. Spending my Sunday after church cleaning house and getting ready for the week! Sending you good vibes and hugs!


  48. Simone

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s good to know that even the coolest moms, with the cutest kids and the loveliest relationships, have their rough days or moments. We’re all in this together! Have a great week!

  49. Paige

    I have those moments all the time. Then my husband usually sends me off to the kitchen to eat, or upstairs for a nap and I usually wind up embarrassingly apologizing later. But it’s totally all ok, and conference was a great pick me up, huh?


  50. vicky

    i may not have any parenting advice whatsoever, but i can always give a compliment, especially when it’s due. you’re a great wife, mama and such an inspiring human being. sometimes i go back and read these kinds of posts and they help me get through my emotional days. thanks for being so raw!

  51. Kim B

    We love you too, Naomi! I hope you received the peace and assurance you needed this conference weekend. :) You are such a special person and I appreciate your positivity and honesty. You really do shine bright, girl!

  52. Que familia más bonita, no me canso de ver vuestro blog, las fotos son de 10 :)

  53. Mari

    I rarely comment because I am sure you don’t have time to read all comments you get. But wanted to say that I am a big fan of yours and yours family too!

    I have been following your blog for years (and still sometimes think how is Kingston doing? have you seen him lately?). Your blog truly inspires me and makes me want to be a better person and better mum. And to have more kids, haha!!

    Hoping you had a great weekend! Lots of greetings from Italy!

  54. joana

    hi naomi! i don’t usually comment, but i wanted to say hi and tell you i so appreciate you showing us the downsides as well as the upsides. i love reading your blog, looking at all the wonderful pictures you take, laughing at samson and eleanor’s quotes, and so many other things. your blog is always refreshing and smart and witty and truly beautiful. but it’s also refreshing to know you can accept these downsides and share them and admit that no, life isn’t always perfect and sunny and wonderful and it’s ok to say so from time to time. the truth is we all need a good cry sometimes! even if it’s for no particular reason! you are truly brave for admitting it and sharing and i really wanted to comment to say that i appreciate your honesty, candor, and trust. you are brave and wonderful and truly an inspiration!
    hugs all the way across the atlantic! (i’m in lisbon, portugal :))

  55. Oh man I can totally relate, I love how honest you are in this post Naomi, I think lots and lots of us readers can relate! Yay for being human and in such a lovely empowering community. <3

  56. Megan

    Naomi, I love how real you are and I think we can all relate. You are doing an amazing job and I truly look up to you.

    Have a wonderful Monday and hope your weekend was fantastic // http://www.lifeloveandbe.com

  57. rose j.

    I have those moments to Naomi! I feel like I’m the oldest mom in the church with a five year old, and with an almost tween, a teen, and 20 year old about to serve a mission, I have those days too! It’s normal, it’s part of growing ,and learning, but most of all helps us to become better mothers. You’re doing great, and sometimes we need those “break down” moments to strengthen us!

    Hope you enjoyed conference, because at the end of the day, we all need those inspiring words…especially after having an ugly cry!

    take care!


  58. Carly

    We all have those days. I hope your weekend was much better than the day preceding it
    Dresses & Denim

  59. Sinead

    Sometimes you just need a good cry (or three!) to feel better again :-) I’ve been following your posts since just before Samson was born and your blog has become one of my all-time favourites! I think you’re doing an amazing job :-)

  60. deborah

    As an older reader, I think it is important that you shared your day. It is one thing for you to say your life is not perfect and another to share specifically how you have challenging emotional ups and downs.

  61. Amanda

    You are so amazing!! xoxo I read your blog regularly and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you :)
    I had a rough day too yesterday- those same big cries with sore eyes and just feeling those knots in my stomach and heart. Hope you are feeling better today and peaceful. Thanks for all that you do!

  62. Molly

    hope you know how much happiness your blog puts out into the universe, taza! i’ve been reading forever…i think the first post i stumbled on was e’s baby shower (in 2011???) and i have been hooked ever since! you’re such a light!

  63. Erika

    Mercury is in retrograde, girl. I missed spin class and it ended in me standing in the financial district crying my eyes out. The fact that you realize how lucky you really are make those moments of weakness totally okay. We all do it, but being able to reflect on your blessings make those teary weak days okay sometimes.

  64. Molly

    Your writing and honesty is always THE best! It’s so refreshing and always appreciated. Those types of days or just moments of all out bawling feel so good after they’re all done, but they’re just the worst! I’ve been following your blog for a little over 6 years now, and you always make your readers feel included, like we’re all hanging out in a huge blogosphere auditorium. I truly look up to you, and won’t ever stop reading! xo

  65. Stephanie

    As everyone else has commented before, it is so nice and refreshing to see someone actually post about this and to be openly honest about it. When it comes to social media, it is so easy to look at people’s pictures and read their blogs and assume everything is always perfect. And in return, the viewers can get envious of their perfect lives and wonder why their life can’t be picture perfect. But in the end, we are all human and things never go or are 100% right/perfect. That’s the beauty of life. Bravo Naomi for putting it all out there! Makes us all feel a little more human about the things that go on in our lives! :)

  66. Desiree

    I have been reading your posts for years. Since DC days. I love them because your personality comes so happy and positive through your words. When kids are young and no sleep it can get so hard! Know its ok to take breaks and just chill. Let the kids play and do their thing and have a little Mommy wind down time. I know its hard. But it really helps. At least you cry! I would yell.. NOT GOOD! ..
    I wish all the best for you and for your family! you got this!

  67. Natasha

    I’m not a mom yet, but I can imagine that it’s hard raising three kids under the age of five. You have such wonderful and intelligent children, but it is not easy. It’s good to cry. Those ugly cry sessions are so refreshing and I think I’m due for one pretty soon. As for your worries, I think all the good moms feel the way you do but you are doing a great job. Be sure to take some time for yourself, especially because you have a great man who is a wonderful husband and father. I’m a person who stresses myself out as well, so just know that everything will be okay. You are human and you can’t be perfect. Besides, I’m 30 and my mom still have the same worries about me and my siblings. Bless you.

  68. Sylvia

    i love reading your blog, it’s one of the few blogs i check in everyday. i appreciate that you share your real feelings with your readers. Your posts really do hit home with me and I’m sure a lot of other women. No shame in crying it out once in a while! It is definitely very cathartic.
    All the best to you and your family.

  69. Sending you and your family some love from far far away Poland. I’ve started reading your blog a moment after you had started it. You are such an example for me!!! I’ve been there for all these years, every time finding heartwarming thoughts and photographs. You are all awesome, and definetly – the rockstars !!! Kisses !!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Jessica

    Im so glad you keep it real and put stuff like this up, because it makes me SO THANKFUL I’m not the only one. I worry and worry when there’s nothing but stomach aches that come from it but I still haven’t figured out how to stop!I drive my husband insane ;)
    Oh and if you’re worrying if you’re kids are going to be ok… I think they will! I hope to inspire and spark my kids imagination as i’ve seen you do for yours… So if you ever want to give some tips on how to be a rockin’ mom please do :) Im not a mom yet, but I am a teacher and the most earth shaddering thing i’ve learned from being a teacher is the kind of parent I want to be… a good one. Thats it.
    So you are doing a great job, give yourself a little more credit!

  71. Emily

    Here is what I realized, more than ever, in the last two weeks. Even though your (or my) issue may seem so much more significant problem wise than another, it does not make that issue for another person (or yourself) any less significant. So I’ve lost two children, and that sucks (especially as their birthdays are coming up in a few weeks). But my sister just had a baby, is experiencing Postpartum Depression, and my other best friend is dealing with living away from her husband this year, as she has to finish out this school year teaching and he was transferred away. They both are struggling, and I’m struggling, but that’s what this life is: an earthly test to see what we do with these struggles. We always have a choice, even when life sucks, to choose how we will react. My goal in my life as I’ve eased into my 30’s is to try to always choose happiness, even in the face of heartache and trials. So that’s what I’m doing, trying to reach for the happiness and peace, knowing it will all work out, because it always has, and it always will.

  72. Anna

    Hey N, first let me say that I adore this lovely blog of yours. And second, let me tell you that your words have reached further than you may expect.

    As I read them from Brazil, where I live.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now – every since E was just a little baby (and she is the cutest girl, in fact, all your kids are).

    I never wanted to have kids of my own and I’ve been saying this pretty much from the moment I’ve learned to speak.

    And I’m still solid strong on that thought.

    I don’t think I’m much of a mother material (but I guess that is somewhat beside the point, I mean, I don’t think that is truly the main factor that define my decision, but rather because it has become sort of like a stubborn feeling I’ve acquired from repetition throughout the years of my existence, and I know it seems quite silly, like I’ve always said to people that I wouldn’t have any kids (and I’d always get mad when people would tell me that I was only saying that because i was young and that I’d change my mind, as if I couldn’t have my own wishes and ideas about my life).

    Today I don’t feel like having kids because I don’t (for now), but also because I have to stand to the point – to all those times I said that I wouldn’t, to show all those people that said that I’d chance my mind, that I didn’t and I was right

    I don’t know if it makes any sense to you. I know It’s a bit silly and confusing argument.

    But most of the time when I read your posts and see your family pictures, I wonder that, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

    Because you make it seems so easy, enjoyable and fun (although I’m quite positive you would agree to be true that raising a child, let alone three of them, must be like a roller coaster ride) .

    But if I come across the love of my life, the one I hope to grow old with, maybe then …. Who knows, I might change my mind, and if I do, without a doubt, I will love my child.

    Regardless, I think you are such a nice and inspiring example for all of us out there – who are mothers, for those who want to be and yet for those who don’t.

    I like how through your blog and your life you show the importance and the value of enjoying the little things in life, because those are precious.

    I think that our lives are the sum up of these moments.

    Thanks for reminding and teaching us that.

    And thank you for inspiring us to beautiful things.

    Wish the best for your family.

    May your kids, as their parents, grow to inspire others to do and be good people.

    PS: you should definitely keep up with the vlogs.

  73. Laurie

    Oh god ! That day was yesterday for me ! You can’t imagine how I feel after having read your words today. That was exactly what i felt yesterday but I was afraid because I couldn’t explain why I was so worried about everything…. afraid about that crazy world, about too much housework, about the kids, about my diet that doesn’t work as I would like to, about all this sentences that starts with “if, and if and if…”, about….everything !

    I even thought I was crazy because I have to say crying without knowing exactly why is a little bit scary ! ahaha definitely being human is a chance even if this is sometimes really complicated but not so much if you’re a men (don’t have to deal with hormones !!!)

    I follow you from France since you was pregnant of Eleonor, and I still do, because your blog has this thing that makes me feel you’re a fantastic mum, but you’re a human too, a woman with questions and doubts as well. That is good to feel, we’re not the only ones who have this moments of thrill. Thank you Naomi

  74. Alyssa

    This post makes me so happy. I’ve been thinking a lot about how scary it is to put part of yourself on a blog because of how many mean, skeptical people are out there. Your way is better; to think of all of the good people who are out there, the friends you make, rather than the people who’d enjoy trying to make you feel bad about yourself. <3 xo

  75. Gina

    Thank you so much, Naomi, for sharing. I read your post and said to my boyfriend ‘she gets me!’. I had a similar night last night where I just starting bawling like it was pent up in my for months. It felt good to let it out and I hope it did for you too. All the best. Love your blog and appreciate your posts, wisdom, thoughts, stories and advice. I have been reading your blog daily for about four years now and just want to tell you how much I appreciate you!

  76. Lisa

    thanks for this post. this was totally my day yesterday, will a full out breakdown on my husband last night. reading your post this morning makes me feel like it’s not just me, these toddlers (2.5yrs and 16 months) really are a handful and yes, we are only human and doing the best we can!

  77. Molly

    Naomi- I’m the worst kind of reader that reads for years and comments every 3 years or so…I read your blog when I was pining for a family of my own, and now through the ups and downs of mothering a two year old…

    I just want to thank you again for your example of cheerful motherhood. We all know it’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time but it’s nice to have places to go for ideas and for a celebration of he things that are most important in life. So, thank you! And I love you too!

    And yes to the vlogs! They are hilarious!


  78. Claire

    Naomi, this post is truly perfect (and the picture is stunning btw). By saying that you’re becoming even more “close” to us!
    I really understand what you said. I don’t have kid but even without kid I’m often freaking out about everything for my family, for me, etc. It’s really hard after to “clean” your mind from those toughts so thanks for this post and for making those feelings less dark! Again, thanks Naomi. ?

    All the best from France,