cuzco, peru!

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hi! i wanted to share some photos from our time in cuzco, peru! the entire city was so charming and colorful, and everyone was so friendly, it was hard to leave. we had initially planned on heading straight to machu picchu from lima, to help get adjusted to the elevation before spending a few days in cuzco (which has an elevation of over 11,000 feet!)  but once we flew into cuzco, we found out that there was a strike happening in the area, so no trains or taxis were available for a few days because the roads were blocked with rocks. after spending a few hours at the airport trying to figure out a new itinerary for the next few days (i don’t know why it felt so complicated, but it did), we decided to stay in cuzco and book the first available train tickets to machu picchu a few days after then. this unfortunately meant that only my dad would be able to see machu picchu with us (and only for a few hours), since he was scheduled to fly home in the evening of the same day we were going to machu picchu. i’m so sad my sister wasn’t able to make it to machu picchu with us since she and jenner had to head home friday. but fortunately cuzco was its own kind of amazing, so we all had a great time exploring together.

lots more photos after the break, so click the yellow button to read more!



we found our very own granite slide thanks to our tour guide at saksaywaman, a ruin near cuzco. reminded us of the one we love in central park, although this one is definitely a little bit more dangerous! we were careful though! someone was always at the bottom to help catch!


exploring the beautiful streets of cuzco!


making friends with some of the alpaca we met on the trails! samson is desperately trying his hardest to convince us to bring one back to new york with us. haha! he wants to give him his bed in his nursery and everything. it’s so sweet how hard he fell for them. they really are so beautiful.


this stew, which my dad told me to try, was incredible.
cusco0-6dadbirthday-2 dadbirthday-3

we were able to celebrate my dad’s birthday before my sister left!

cus-3 cus-4 cus-5 cus-6

thank you to everyone on my instagram who recommended jack’s cafe! i know it’s american food, but everything was absolutely delicious.

cus-10cusc-3 cusc-6cusco0-5cusco0-7cusco0-15cusco0-14cusco0-11 cusco0-12 this large field used to be a reservoir!cusco0-13

these sillies are mine and i love them so much. our guide said these may have been thrones.


always trying to make a new friend. ;)

cusco0 cusco1-2cusco0-10by the way, for those curious about the altitude and altitude sickness, i think we got lucky that we only felt a bit light headed and out of breath the first day.  i know it may sound weird, but we made sure to take advantage of the oxygen tanks at our hotel (i think most hotels in the area offer them) and made sure the kids used them several time during the day our first day. they were really helpful and we could tell a difference after using them.

my pink sweater is from anthropologie and my purple turtleneck from free people.  shoes from here and jeans from here.  conrad’s yellow turtleneck was samson’s once upon a time, from bitz kids.

  1. Melanie

    Oh my!! The Alpacas!!! So adorable!!! I wish I could drop everything and move to Peru! What a gorgeous country! You all look like you had an amazing experience! =)

  2. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun! –Hanna Lei

  3. Erin

    There is an alpaca farm right outside the city. You and Samson can visit his friends anytime!

  4. Andrea

    This vacation looks like it was such a blast! You guys really took advantage of so many fun experiences. What great memories for your littles:)

    Andrea // PICS-O-ANDREA

  5. Laura

    Oh my goodness WHAT is that sandwich thing piled high with avocado?! It looks so good. I could eat an entire avocado a day.

  6. Chelsea

    Just because of this trip, I feel like y’all should watch The Emperor’s New Groove… even though Emperor Kuzco becomes a llama, not an alpaca… still!

  7. Megan

    This is too cute, from all of the alpacas to little Eleanor’s hair in braids! It looks like an amazing trip. Peru looks so beautiful and gosh that food looks delicious!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip //

  8. Laura

    Hi Naomi!

    I am hoping you can share some info about the guides/companies you used if you were happy with them? Did you do a tour of Machu Picchu or did you all do it alone?

    Thank you!

  9. Felisha

    These pictures look beautiful! I love how bright they are. Do the alpacas just roam freely? I kiiiiinda want an alpaca to move to NYC with me now. They’re just so ugly that they’re cute!

  10. amber castro

    this looks so amazing! your beautiful family gives me such inspiration to get out of our comfort zone and travel. we have a 1 and 2 year old, so it is super refreshing to see it is possible to survive these types of adventures with the kiddos. i hope you will do a post on the planning of this trip! i would love to know your experience with finding lodging/guides/packing, etc. Your travel tips have always been super informative!

    xo amber

  11. Noelia

    nice!! the kinds look so happy!!
    aji de gallina que rico!

  12. Heather

    Oh man, this brings back so many good memories of our time in Peru. Cuzco was one of the most touristy place I’ve ever been to but somehow it was still so charming and beautiful. I got lucky too and didn’t really suffer from altitude sickness, thankfully. We had some really good food there too. And oh the Alpacas… we got some pretty good photos with one near Arequipa :).

  13. Heidi

    Where is Eleanor’s striped long sleeve shirt from?

  14. Paige

    These pictures are all so gorgeous and beautiful! Peru looks like it is a truly amazing and beautiful country! I’ll have to put it on our list of must see places one day!


  15. Lorena

    It looks that you had a great time there! were you able to go to other places besides Machu Picchu? Hope you enjoyed muy country! :)

  16. lovely pictures, you have such a beautiful family with gorgeous smiles! xxx

  17. Sinead

    Your pictures are so beautiful! Peru looks amazing :-)

  18. Britt

    Those alpaca’s look so fluffy and adorable! No wonder Samson wanted to bring them home, I would totally try to pack them aswell!

    xx B

  19. Kathryn

    Wow! How beautiful. This makes me want to jump on a plane straight to Peru! What wonderful memories for your family.

  20. amy

    Oh My… Conrad looks SO Much like his grandpa in these picture!

  21. Michelle

    We took our 4 little ones to Cuzco and they ALL got altitude sickness (right after we went to Jack’s Cafe). But as soon as we headed to Aguas Calientes they were fine. We loved Peru!!

  22. Lauren

    Firstly, yay for a yellow car! secondly, those slides look kinda terrifying but fun at the same time ;) and thirdly, I’m in awe of you guys! you’re adventures look like so much fun! i want to join haha. I hope you’re having a wonderful time. :)

  23. Vickie

    looks like amazing fun!

  24. Elizabeth

    Hello! Such a fun trip. My husband and I are visiting Cuzco in December. The food shots you posted looked amazing – do you have any recommendations we should consider?

  25. Carolena

    Looks like your kids had a great time. I visited Peru 4 years ago and fell in love, such amazing history and culture. I’m glad to see that Cuzco is a family friendly destination, one day I’d like to return! Did you have the lomo saltado? Yum!


  26. Jessica Crandall

    Looks like such a fun adventure! What a cute family. Thanks for always keeping it positive.

  27. Bre Gaul

    Seeing these pictures made me so happy! The love and happiness in your families eyes is contagious and inspiring. Also these pictures make my wanderlust so much worse. I can hardly control it. I for sure feel some envy at how awesome this trip was! So glad we got to live vicariously through you with these photos!