a video blog (vlog) from our camping trip!

happy monday, you guys! hope your first october weekend was a good one!

i put together some video footage we took a week or two ago when camping, which was so much fun to do! i know i’ve been making videos of our adventures for years now, but i’ve never done one in the form of a “vlog.”  i love watching other people’s and have a few friends who make some of the very best vlog’s out there. and since we’ve been having so much fun making more free style snippet vidoes each day on our phones with the app snapchat, we figured it was time to give a “vlog” a go.  let me know if you love it or hate it (but still being kind while you do so! haha), i’m interested to hear what you think. it was a lot of fun to put together, although i’m sorry it is terribly long. i’ll get better at slicing! ;) i admit it’s also a bit painful to watch back (haha! i hate hearing myself talk on camera), but my kids and husband are cute, so there’s that. ;)

you can see all of the photos from our camping adventure HERE.

there were a lot of questions in that post about where clothing items were from, so sharing the details right here.  my orange hat is an oldie from anthropologie (similar HERE) and the other hats are from american apparel. both my purple turtleneck and baseball t-shirt are from free people (HERE and HERE.) my sweat pants are from topshop (old, but similar HERE) and my vintage nike tennis shoes are still available HERE. my shorter rainboots are shoes by melissa. the kids merino wool under layers are from polarn o. pyret and coats from patagonia. most of the camping gear shown is listed in our first camping post HERE.


  1. Ashlee

    Hi Taza:

    I absolutely loved this! thank you for sharing :)

  2. Sara

    The vlog makes you feel real (which is weird because I know you are!). I loved hearing your voices! Naomi, yours is deeper than I expected (but you do not have a deep voice by any means) – I think because you are smiling so much I expected a high pitch voice like when someone talks to their pets, lol. It was great seeing Samson get so serious during his performance because that’s the stuff my 2 1/2 year old does ALL the time, I feel like we are so often having misunderstandings with her (thank goodness they can be resolved so quickly and easily). When you said the video was a bit long I thought maybe 5-7 minutes so when I saw 12 I rolled my eyes…but all of a sudden there were only 12 seconds left and I loved every second of it! Another highlight for me was you reminding your hubby that you were going to get what you’d get on the canoe trip – I feel the same way doing just about everything with two littles but at least we try, right?

  3. Stephanie

    So. Adorable. I loved this video! It was so interesting to see how you guys talk, interact, and your mannerisms. You guys are so blessed to have one another and I think you need an A++ parenting award. It’s so lovely to see two parents so hands on and involved and fun. Also, Eleanor is just so thoughtful and smart! What a beautiful young lady you have raised. All of your children are beautiful and make me want (need) a baby RIGHT NOW.


  4. megan

    Please make more vlogs, please!!! I loved this one and your cute little family!

    have a wonderful day // http://www.lifeloveandbe.com/

  5. carly

    Such a cute vlog! Your camping trip looks like so much fun. Keep the vlogs coming girl
    Dresses & Denim

  6. Candice

    Loved this!!!!! You should definitely do more. Your personality and your family’s really shines through!

  7. Julia

    i totally enjoyed it too. thanks for sharing your personal life with us!

  8. Katie

    Please keep the volgs coming! Pictures are great, but I loved getting to see (and hear) all the real life interactions! I want to commend you and Josh on being so encouraging and creative with your kids! Love that scene with Eleanor on the slackline! Even though I’ve been following you for years, I feel like this is the first time I really got a small insight of all of the personalities in your family :) (other than the Elanorisms/Samsonisms) Thanks for always being so willing to share your family with us!

  9. Anna

    I have been reading your blog since 1.5 years now I think. I would not have thought I’d read a blog about parenting so frequently cause I have no kids so far and was not even sure if I should have, but when you turn 30 it seems like something can change even in women who are not sure about it ;)

    This vlog was the most lovely thing! It made you and your kids so real! Your daughter is the most lovely girl, I admire you for having already raised such a sweet little lady at quite a young age, I think you are about a year younger than me and looook at that bunch of lovely small people you have there! You are such a great mother! It is really inspiring.

    I grew up as the oldest child and had two younger brothers as well and the opposite of what people say about it was the case: It was a pleasure, I still love my brothers dearly and I can see your daughter takes care already for the little boys as well :)

    You have a special spark in you, so has your husband and you pass it on to your little ones. Through your job here with this blog you are able to light a dull day with such lovely posts. You have such positive energy. Keep on rocking!

    Thank you and many Greetings from Germany!

  10. Jessica

    I actually LOVED this vlog (such a silly word, it makes me want to giggle) !! It makes you all seem “real” if that even makes sense. Sometimes just scrolling through photos I’m like “really, does everyone always look at the camera ALL the time and always smile” while I’m over here with my 3 year old bribing him to just to sit still for 3 seconds! Your kids will love watching this when they’re older :)

  11. Britt

    Oh my goodness… Just when I think ya’ll can’t get any more lovely! I loved this video and how much it showed your family and their personalities! It was quite refreshing. Also, Josh is so funny! Between burning the biscuits and “bringing water for the whole day.” Ha! I’m really glad you shared this with us. Thanks, Naomi!

  12. Nicole

    What a lovely video! I definitely loved this “vlog” style, you should keep it up! x

  13. Kristen

    It was so cool to hear your voice – THANK GOD YOU DON’T BABY TALK. i actually hate hearing my voice on playback because somehow, I end up baby talking to my son and I hate the sound. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s grand. You and your family are cool people – thanks for sharing your life and being real and being you. It’s refreshing!

  14. Shannon

    What a sweet video! I’m sorry if you already posted this, but what kind of camera do you use for these videos? Your family will cherish these for years :)

  15. LOVE ! re charges my parenting batteries watching this! Inspires me to have more fun & adventures. Xxx

  16. tRiSh

    This video is absolutely great! It was so fun to see you interact with one another and having fun as a family. It sure looks like you had a blast!
    Please make more if you can, I think it’s a very great start! :)

  17. Shannon

    super endearing. I especially love Conrad’s kissing technique: Open mouth wide, lean back, lean forward, plant it. the man has skills!

    you guys are a great team.

  18. Katia


    1. I have been following your blog since before E was born and I love it! I recommend it to all my friends.

    2. As a teacher, it is so refreshing to watch the creativity you have fostered in your littles. You are doing a fantastic job :)


  19. Saif

    This VLOG is really magical, fun to watch and hilarious at some points! Lovely family you have with whom you share the things you love and what is so awesome about your family is that there is so much room for own creativity. You guys are amazing in what you do and as parents!

    Btw, don’t underestimate the power of Samson. You have three very small dangerous grizzlies, don’t worry about bears in the forest. They will protect you from any bears out there ;)

    Wish you and your family all the best and succes!

    Much love from Antwerp (Belgium)

  20. kelly

    I personally loved the video ☺. You and your family are so adorable! Your kids seem so sweet!

  21. Jessica

    Ok for one, I never comment on anyone’s anything. Im the person who likes to enjoy and usually keeps all comments to myself. (Good and Bad haha) BUT I just have to tell so you should feel special, I follow you along on insta and your blog and you and your family are just darling. Your family radiates light.. (the church is true) your children exude the happiness that comes from being borne of “goodly parents” and this video reminds me of what life is about. Family, memories, and love. Thank you for sharing your life and staying real through this screen when it is so easy to make all of our lives seem perfection. You are gorgeous and saying that your kids are cute would probably be the biggest understatement of the century.
    P.s. for the sake of everyone happiness please post more videos of eleanor and samsons performances. I died.
    Love from Los Angeles

  22. Melissa

    Really like it !!!
    You should do more !!!

  23. Aubrey

    This is so precious! You all are adorable and what a sweet family :)

  24. Elizabeth

    So sweet! I could not help but notice that Eleanor and Samson have matching rings–too cute! Any significance, or just a fun matching thing?

  25. Karin

    You guys are so adorable and seem like the happiest family there is! Kind of made me want to go camping, too!

  26. awenia

    Love it! You should share more vlogs!
    so, i follow you from spain and vlogs is a wonderful way to practice my english hearing. Thank you.

  27. rose j.

    Good job! I personally love vlogs, and although I love your family videos with an awesome song playing, I love seeing people in action. It’s more personal. You have a darling family. Keep up the good work, and those kids will grow up to be joyful like you and Josh! By the way…it’s uncanny how you and your sis Rachel sort of sound alike! I loved her lessons in Relief Society, and hearing you on video reminds me of her! ;-)

    Take care!

  28. Naima

    What a lovely family and a lovely trip! Such togetherness and warmth. It’s awesome to see.

  29. I absolutely loved it! I agree with everyone else that it’s so fun to see how you guys interact with each other and how you speak. It’s so much fun seeing you and Josh as parents, too! You are awesome parents, and it’s something to aspire to when I have my own :) I was in love with your family with your lovely blog posts (I know we only see the good parts, though, but still…), but I just adore watching you guys! Your family is such a blessing to your readers, truly! Your positivity and light is felt by us all!

  30. Alex

    Thank you for sharing! This was SO much fun to watch. it made me smile and laugh. Love Vblog and hope you post more.

  31. Dinarainisha

    I LOVE THIS!! oh now I can really see you in real live (I mean with your voice and all) :D
    and twelve minutes isn’t that long.. you can totaly make an hour long vlog of your sweet family and I can still really enjoy that. GO VLOGGING!!

  32. Queenie

    Loved watching your first vlog! :D

    You sound just like Rachel McAdams! xx

  33. ashley

    I literally can’t believe how precious your family is. You & Josh are such a great team. You parent in so much peace. Keep these vlogs coming – they are truly the happiest thing ever.

  34. Christina

    I love this. I love that I can see the essence of every member of your family. Maybe it’s a little weird, because I have just been following this blog for a few years and I don’t comment often and I don’t actually know you (although a good friend of mine was in the class at Juilliard that you led that was for freshmen!). Anyway, you have a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing and letting us have a little peek into your life. I hope your family has many more trips and memories like this to come.

  35. Hannah

    Please do more vlogs! It was adorable!

    My favorite parts:

    Conrad kissing Daddy but not Mommy

    “Thank you Samson.” “Weltome.” :)

  36. rr

    You guys are so cute!

  37. I love this! I can’t believe how grown up and articulate Eleanor has become. So sweet watching you all together and seeing how kind and encouraging everyone is to one another. You’ve got a good thing going :) More videos! (ps. I hate hearing myself on video too.)

  38. Sarah

    The Vlog was great. It’s nice that you shared another side of your family. You are a great writer in the way you share parts and experiences of your life. There are always a great amount of photos that help to get the feel of your day as well. The vlog, I feel, was so fun to watch mostly to see your family interacting together. I’ve read and enjoyed your blog for years (thank you for sharing all these years) it was a nice change to see and hear more than you may be able to put in a post. Your family is lovely & it’s clear you love each other very much. Hope to see more Vlogs in the future.

  39. Heather

    I loved the vlog and I love the way you do videos set to music, too. Both are great! Love following your adventures.

  40. Felisha

    I have been following your blog since the beginning, and this has been my favorite thing you’ve ever shared! I’m a huge fan of vloggers, and I wholeheartedly support you doing it too! The Youtube community would LOVE this. You’re all naturals, and I hope there’s more of this to come :)


  41. Peter Schmalz

    Your Vlog was perfect, please do more.

  42. Bri

    Loved watching the vlog! Definitely something you could keep up! I’ve been a reader on your blog for years but feel like I actually got a real snippet of your sweet family watching you guys interact and all the cute mannerisms. Love to you and your fam!

  43. Claire

    You did a great job by putting all those footage together. However I have to say that I still prefer your videos (I mean the ones with music and not the vlog ones). I can’t really say why because I really love your snap but I felt a little uncomfortable, too curious maybe, looking at a 13 minutes vlog. I really hope I don’t hurt you.
    Otherwise, Josh and you really seem to do a great job as parents and partners, your kids seem really blossomed!

    All the best from France,

  44. Nina

    What a cute video! Please make more!!!

    All the best from Berlin :)

  45. I was previously married and dreamed of having a family like yours. My life has now transitioned back to the single life.

    Thank you for sharing these sweet and precious moments of your family. It helped remind me that one day I will have this and helped put into perspective the woes and worries that I have. I’m so grateful for strong women like you that highlight the positive sides of motherhood. Thank you for being an example of what a strong LDS family looks like!

    Thanks! XOXO

  46. Abbie

    This is so great!! Your family is so sweet! It reminds me of some of the home videos my family made when I was a kid.

  47. Jenny

    I finally got around to watching this little video and I loved it! I didn’t think anything would top the videos you make with musical accompaniment, but I actually loved this even more. Seeing the goofiness of family interactions was really lovely. :)