a few photos from the weekend…

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at one point in the middle of saturday afternoon while trying to get laundry done and some apartment things taken care of while packing for peru and also trying to entertain the kids, we were all starting to go a little bit crazy.  josh had just gotten off the phone after being on hold for 45 minutes and we were like, LET’S GET DRESSED, TAKE A BREAK AND GET OUT OF THIS APARTMENT.

and so we did. i put on clothes, and a hat to disguise my super dirty hair, and we took off to grab an early dinner. we picked up some croissants on the way because why not. i brought my camera along too (because, hi. blogger) and we all just breathed in the fresh air on a walk around the upper west side before getting ourselves some dinner including hot chips with bleu cheese dip (thank you, the smith).  we also spent a solid twenty minutes trying to find a taxi afterwards (which was fun for a few minutes there as conrad tried to hail it for us, but then we realized how cold it was and also how scarce the taxis were and decided on uber instead.)

anyway, photos!

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ps. my cream and yellow poncho is from HERE  and i’m wearing frye boots.

  1. Such cute photos! I love the colour in both your outfit and your kids’ outfits :) I agree that taking a little break can be just what you need in a busy period! P.S. You have such a contagious smile!

    Bold Bliss

  2. Honestly sometimes thats the only thing you can do to get sane again, go outside and have a change of location! Lovely photos, I just can’t get over how fast those kiddos are growing. <3

  3. jenn

    those eclairs… they MUST be maison kayser, right!? I had one just a few weeks ago and reminded me of paris, where elcairs were practically another food group for me ;)

  4. Julia

    I think there’s an account on instagram that is using your images in an attempt to promote their business. Maybe they’re actually a sponsor(?), in which case, I apologize, but I didn’t get that vibe and thought you should know just in case! This is the image in question: https://instagram.com/p/8YxGl_r1Oj/?taken-by=melodylaneshop have a great day!

  5. Michelle Smith

    Hello. Love the hat. Where can I find it?


  6. Love that sweet little hand with a CTR ring! Your family is so precious! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. hanna

    Your pictures are always so perfect –Hanna Lei

  8. Danielle

    I love Samson’s ring. I think it is the same one that keeps popping up in posts.

  9. Lauren

    Firstly, I’m so jealous that you guys are off in Peru – what an amazing opportunity you have! and secondly, I’m madly in love with those boots! I’ve been looking for a pair just like those. I think I’ll need to find a pair that’s student friendly (budget wise…ha!).


  10. Oh my goodness! How cute is that top!

  11. Yándary

    Oh, I love your boots! Can I ask which Frye pair they are? They’re perfect! And Conrad hailing the cab is just adorable! :) #citykids ;)

  12. Paige

    That poncho is one of the more beautiful pieces of clothing that I’ve seen in my entire life!


  13. rach

    Your poncho! Stunning

    How do you take uber without car seats?

  14. Jillian

    Logistical, not super interesting question, but I’m so curious nonetheless! Was wondering how you all get around the city with kiddos. You said you were getting a taxi/uber. Do the kids just not sit in car seats? I’m assuming you don’t lug car seats around with you, but cabs typically don’t have them. I have a 10 mo old in DC and find that half the battle is getting places!
    Hope you are enjoying Peru!

  15. Rachel

    It was so great finally meeting you on Saturday at the Smith. Your family is lovely and I hope you had a wonderful meal!

    Hope to run into you again soon!!

  16. Molly

    You always look great and make NYC seem like the best place to live!


  17. Megan

    This is the perfect little break! Oh my gosh and how delicious does that food look?!

    I hope you are having a wonderful time in Peru // http://www.lifeloveandbe.com

  18. Carly

    It looks like a cute little outing! The first picture is so beautiful. I think it’s one of my all time favorites on this blog
    Dresses & Denim

  19. Janna

    Bringing the camera….that’s the part of bloggerlife I’m still trying to get used to! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics of your night out!


  20. Helena

    Love E’s Ring ^^ Cute little family

  21. carson

    i know this may sound soooo weird but in the least creepy stalkerish way- i was shopping at anthro last week, and i saw this poncho… honest to goodness, my first thought was ” oh naomi would looove this!” so funny. love it

  22. felisha

    Taza – this is totally unrelated to this post, but I’m looking into grocery delivery services in NYC – what do you use? I think I remember you mentioning that you use a grocery delivery service in an old post. Do you have any recommendations?

  23. Huyen

    The berry cakes look so yummyyyy. Sometimes, fresh air is all we need. Love your pics so much. I just watched your vlog yesterday and immidiately felt connected. You and your happy family is so much what I am look up to.

  24. Jennifer

    What style and color of Frye boots are you wearing?

  25. emily :)

    you guys are so adorable :) what pink lipstick are you wearing here? it’s beautiful on you!!! your sweet family always brings a smile to my face. thank you for that :)

  26. Emily

    Those chips sound yummyyyyyy! Please keep up the food recommendations lol


  27. Michelle

    That poncho is a perfect fall staple. Should have known it’s from Anthropologie :) Gorgeous!