at the pumpkin patch! {+ a giveaway with Plum!} (CLOSED)

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over the weekend, we rented a car and escaped the city in search of a pumpkin patch! a girlfriend of mine who lives in westchester recommended wilken’s farm, and it was amazing.  after a beautiful drive staring at all the leaves that have started to change colors, we spent a good portion of our afternoon just hanging out with all the pumpkins (and trying our very hardest to talk samson out of bringing home the very biggest pumpkin in the field, which he had his heart set on for quite a few minutes there, haha! do you see it in the wagon there?!)

we’ve also teamed up with one of our favorites, plum organics, to giveaway a 3-month supply of baby food pouches and snacks to one lucky reader in the comments below! (details at the end of this post.) if you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are the ones who first introduced the spouted baby food pouch, and fill their plum pouches full of the best pureed fruits and veggies, always organic and always non-GMO. these new grow well pouches focus on getting in several of the important nutrients a growing baby needs with unique ingredient combos (blueberry, banana & sunbutter anyone?!) conrad is a big fan, so while i try to have him eat what we’re eating at the table, i always keep a plum pouch or two in my bag for when we’re on the go and we’re not exactly eating the healthiest thing (cause how can you say no to an apple cider donut at the pumpkin patch?!)

is it embarrassing to admit our entire family is pretty much hooked on these plum pouches though? because eleanor and samson often ask for them while we’re out as well, too. haha! pureed vegetables and fruit for everyone, in the form of baby food? why not? (it really is delicious!) seems that we’re not the only ones eating their pouches, because they have them for older children and even adults now too.

anyway, more photos and also giveaway details at the end of this post!


conrad’s first time amongst the pumpkins! since he’s started walking, he really had a good time trying to maneuver around the field and play on all the pumpkins!


welkin’s had a cute little bake shop where we snagged a few apple cider donuts and shared a candied caramel apple! BEST.


pumpkin jumping! we made a game of it.


conrad sneaking a little milk while we search for the perfect pumpkins!


note to self: if we ever end up with our own backyard someday, just fill the entire thing with spare tires! the kids had the best time rolling those around and also building different things with them!

pumpkin-3 pumpkin-4pumpkin-10pumpkin5

we weren’t entirely sure how we felt about the scarecrow. haha! visiting santa in a few months should be interesting!pumpkin-33

this was such a good day. bring on the pumpkin spiced everything this month, starting with the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

and also, if you’d like to enter to win a 3-month supply of baby food pouches and snacks from plum, visit their website to check out all the baby food blends they offer, then come back here to comment below on which of the four grow well flavors you and your little one would most like to try! (one of the grow well flavors has pumpkin in it, actually! prune, pear, peach, pumpkin, and chia all in one little plum pouch! happy october!) the winner will be selected at random and contacted directly. giveaway closes 10/20 at 12pm eastern. good luck!

thank you to plum organics for sponsoring this post!

  1. Oodie

    The bone one is great – I like that it includes kale and greek yogurt!

  2. Suzy

    I like the DHA Grow Well pouch! It is hard to find DHA in baby food pouches.

  3. kyle

    I like all four of these – they have great blends – the tummy and muscle might be my top choices!

  4. KS

    Grow well Bone with mango, kale, and greek yogurt – you can’t beat this combo!

  5. Gemma

    Yup, our 3 year old still chugs these too! The Grow Well – Bone combo sounds yummy: mango, kale, banana and greek yogurt.

  6. Alison

    The Muscle looks great. Lentils and apple cinnamon would be a tasty combo.

  7. Naomi

    My LO and I would love to try any of the pumpkin ones!

  8. Taylor H

    The grow well tummy looks tasty!

  9. Jessie Heap

    My daughter will love the grow well flavor, yum!

  10. Liz

    We love the Plum Blends, haven’t tried the grow well flavors yet. I would love to try bone, muscle, or tummy. Am I a bad mom if I don’t even know what DHA is? Oh well, I’d try it too!

  11. Stacy Eastland

    We love the Plum Organics for our four month old little girl! She’s loved the varieties so far, I’d love to win any of them but the Tummy blend sounds really yummy!!

  12. Amy

    I would really like to try the Plum Organics Grow Well Tummy prune, pear, peach, pumpkin with chia pouch. This will be for my baby, but I’m pretty sure that I will sneak in a couple of tastes too, since it sounds so delicious for adults. I didn’t realize that they make these for adults, so I just might have to start looking into that for myself. :) Thank you for letting me know.

  13. Annika

    I don’t have a baby, but a little child with a dairy allergy and I am always taking food pouches with me wherever we go. Just to have a healthy snack on hand since there is not always a dairy free option available. And my little girl loves those blueberry banana pouches.
    Love your blog!

  14. Sarah

    Love these new blends! The tummy one sounds great!

  15. Li-Sha

    I would love for my little one to try the DHA one. My fingers are crossed!

  16. Sarah

    Dha grow well! Looks delicious. My boy would love it. And I’d probably bring an extra for myself, ha.

  17. Nicki

    DHA for us please! Thanks! :)

  18. Charla

    I love adore these pics! So precious. I’m starting food with baby #2 next week so I would LOVE some plum organics. You can’t go wrong with straight veggies like sweet potatoes, but I’d also love to try the pear + quinoa.

  19. charlotte

    big fan of their products and dying to try the bone, dha, muscle, and tummy blends!

  20. Kelly Myles

    The tummy and dha both sound delicious!!

  21. Caroline

    I’d like to try the DHA one – blueberry, chia, banana, apple and sunbutter!

  22. Aubrey

    Bone. They all look yummy!

  23. Beth

    My 6 month old just started solids, she loves Plum Organics’ prunes! I think the DHA Blend sounds yummy!

  24. Darlene

    I think Soren, my almost 7 month old would love them ALL, but Bone sounds interesting!

  25. Heather C

    The Tummy blend- thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Mari-ann

    DHA sounds yummy!

  27. Kristen b

    Oh my goodness, we have spent a small fortune on plum pouches, they are our absolute favorite! My son loves the Dha pouch, among so many others (morning mish mash, mighty 4s, and so many of the blends)!

  28. DCM

    lentils, plums, cinnamon apple – great combo! forget the kiddo – I want to try that!

  29. Ana

    My baby would love the grow well dha. Blueberries and bananas are his favorite.

  30. Jennifer Elliott

    Would love to try the Grow Well Bone pouches!

  31. EricaK

    The grow well tummy blend looks great!

  32. Nicole S

    Apple raisin and quinoa sounds good. Love plum and their growing flavors.

  33. Ariel Knaack

    We love using Plum products at home! I love feeding my baby girl what we are feeding but just like you shared, when we’re out and about or having a pizza night in, I like to be sure I have a healthy alternative for Lucy! The new Grow Well line sounds delicious! The Tummy – Prune, Peach & Pumpkin sounds especially good!

  34. jlaw

    I kinda wanna try one of the banana blends for myself….BUT I would let the kids have them, being the self-sacrificing person I am….. ;)

  35. Erica Tanner

    Oh I like their marketing on this. Didn’t even know they have these. Ok so I guess I like the best grow well tummy pack. My baby would probably like those flavors best.

  36. Noel

    Tummy sounds yummy :D

  37. Alex

    Pumpkin blend sounds delicious!! Beautiful pics- such vibrant colors!

  38. Claire S.

    They all sound amazing, but my one year old would probably love the lentils, plums, and cinnamon apple. The Plum Super Puffs have been a big hit, so I am interested to try their other products. My grocery store doesn’t have these other products, so I am glad I checked out their website. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Kate

    Tummy…yummy! Both of my kiddos love these pouches!!

  40. Corey

    My son is a few weeks younger than Conrad, and he loves his pouches on the go too! We’d love to try the stage 2 grow well™ – bone – mango, kale, banana & greek yogurt!

  41. Whitney

    I’d like my little boy to try the dha-those foods are not my strong point!

  42. Renee

    There is a pasta marinara one?!?! Also, I’d love to try spinach & apple or the mango & pear. Sounds delish!! Thank you for this giveaway- it’s perfectly timed as my little is just starting to taste foods! Hope you are well!

  43. Heather S

    pear + quinoa hands down :)

  44. Kristin G

    I would like to try the Grow Well Tummy pouch!

  45. melly

    The Grow Well Pouch in Pumpkin and Pear TUMMY looks delicious. It is so important to have food easy on a babe’s tum tum!

  46. Jenny

    We’d like to try the grow well bone.

  47. Ann

    Mama, you know you have to tell us where you got that dress!

  48. heather

    Grow Well DHA is perfect! Just entered the food tasting stage with my youngest! My daughter looved these pouches! And the puffs too! Thanks for the giveaway! xx

  49. Kelsi

    I’d love to give my daughter more DHA, and that pear+quinoa looks delicious. So does anything pumpkin.

  50. Lisa B.

    Would love to try the DHA but they all sound like such yummy options! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. Allyson

    I’d like to try the grow well bone and tummy flavored. Love that the fruit and veggies are mixed together!

  52. Mk

    We need to try the muscle blend in our home! We love peas in our family!

  53. Danielle

    I would love for my little ? to try either the muscle blend (seeing as he denies peas in any form but purée). We love Plum and everyone here eats the pouches as well.

  54. DHA would be my 9 month old school favorite for sure!

  55. Marisa

    My Little one LOVES Plum Organics! I don’t even make baby food anymore because he likes these pouches so much and I know he’s getting healthy, organic food. He loves the Tummy Grow Well blend.

  56. darcy

    My toddler lived off these when we introduced food, and we use them now and again still to sneak in extra veggies now that we have a picky eating 19-mo old. The grow well dha would probs be her fav.

  57. Brooke Delk

    Pepper would love the Tummy one!

  58. Jordan

    We’d try Bone!

  59. Angela Morgan

    all these favors look so good. I go back and forth between making my own food and buying baby food. as a mama of four, three of which are our nine month old triplets, you can imagine how much food we go through. these new flavors and their benefits might be game changers for us. love the bone and tummy flavors the best. thanks for such a fun giveaway! cheers!

  60. Ashley Marie

    Definitely the bone, dha, muscle, and tummy pouches! My sister-in-law is about to have her first baby and I would love to win this for her! :)

  61. leslie

    tummy one, for sure!

  62. Nicole

    I’d love for my baby to try the Grow Well Bone… mango, kale, banana, and greek yogurt! Yum!

  63. Marie

    I’d love to win this for my brand new baby niece! I’d like to try the Grow Well Tummy because it has ginger for curious taste buds.

  64. Nancy

    The grow well DHA!!! My LO would love this one :)

  65. Kate

    Baby would love the lentil and apple cinnamon one! Great giveaway!

  66. Kelsey S

    The “Grow Well Tummy”–looks delicious!

  67. Lauren

    We love the Plum pouches and would love to try the Grow Well tummy blend…yummy!!!

  68. Bonnie Cantrell

    I think my kids’ favorite would be the Tummy. They love pumpkin in their pouches.

  69. Amanda Buccieri

    Grow Well Bone with mango, kale, and greek yogurt…yum!

  70. Amanda N

    I think I’d have to pick the DHA one, because I always like to get more of that in his diet. He looooooves pouches, too!

  71. Kate M.

    I think the tummy or DHA blends look great! I’m excited to learn more about this brand. Thanks for the introduction!

  72. beka

    i’d go with the dha one!

  73. katelyn b

    How can you choose? I think my 7 month old would love the “tummy” or “muscle” versions best!

  74. kate

    DHA sounds like a good choice!

  75. Abby

    We would love the zucchini, apple, watermelon and barley, pears and quinoa, dha and kale, sweet corn and quinoa. What yummy options!

  76. Amanda

    Oh pouches are so helpful and convenient! Wild love to try pumpkin, Tummy, Bone, or DHA! Crossing my fingers we win!

  77. Talin Ishkhanian

    My little man would most love to try the Grow Well Tummy. I would love to try them all!

  78. Jenn

    What a great giveaway! I would love to feed any of these to my little guy,
    especially the bone and dha.

  79. Ana

    The grow well tummy!!!

  80. Nell

    We are fans of bean and veggie combos – tummy and bone would be a hit with us.

  81. Ange W

    Love to try the bone one. Lots of yummy things all in one place!

  82. Lucy

    Love love the kale flavor!

  83. Norma

    I would love to try just prunes! My babe has a hard time pooping..

  84. Morgan

    My little man would love to try grow well tummy! (and me too!)

  85. sam h

    Grow well tummy pouches look great!!

  86. Melissa G.

    Grow Well Bone sounds delicious! Banana, mango, kale, and greek yogurt… yum! :)

  87. Ashlee

    I think they all lool good but love that the muscle has lentils in it!

  88. Molly

    The bone grow well sounds the best to me–mango, banana, kale, and greek yogurt! Thanks for the great giveaway. I am having a baby girl any day now, and a 3-month supply of these pouches could really come in handy!

  89. sara howland

    For my nephew, Will..the one with pumpkin..Because, well why not? and his mama and auntie are enjoying pumpkin this fall, he should too :)

  90. Rebecca

    My little one would love that Grow Well DHA blend!

  91. Emily Mahr

    Grow well DHA

  92. amy guillaume linderman

    the grow well tummy with prune pear peach pumpkin and chia sounds tasty!!

  93. Elsa

    We’d love to try the new Plum pouches! I have a 12 month old daughter and just found out I have another baby on the way. My daughter’s first puréed fruit pouches were the Plum brand and we think they are great!

  94. Jeni Harner

    My little one loves all of the snacks this is honestly one brand i truly trust. She would most likely all of them! I would love to try the DHA one! Gotta have that brain support for my little smarty pants!

  95. helenlam

    DHA is my favorite.

  96. Kristine

    My 13 month old loves the blueberry and banana one!

  97. Kristin

    It looks like you guys had so much fun! I think my little ones will love the tummy and bone!

  98. tammy smith

    We would definitely try the tummy and bone ones!

  99. Olga Korolev

    The bone one looks yummy, although the DHA is interesting.