at the pumpkin patch! {+ a giveaway with Plum!} (CLOSED)

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over the weekend, we rented a car and escaped the city in search of a pumpkin patch! a girlfriend of mine who lives in westchester recommended wilken’s farm, and it was amazing.  after a beautiful drive staring at all the leaves that have started to change colors, we spent a good portion of our afternoon just hanging out with all the pumpkins (and trying our very hardest to talk samson out of bringing home the very biggest pumpkin in the field, which he had his heart set on for quite a few minutes there, haha! do you see it in the wagon there?!)

we’ve also teamed up with one of our favorites, plum organics, to giveaway a 3-month supply of baby food pouches and snacks to one lucky reader in the comments below! (details at the end of this post.) if you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are the ones who first introduced the spouted baby food pouch, and fill their plum pouches full of the best pureed fruits and veggies, always organic and always non-GMO. these new grow well pouches focus on getting in several of the important nutrients a growing baby needs with unique ingredient combos (blueberry, banana & sunbutter anyone?!) conrad is a big fan, so while i try to have him eat what we’re eating at the table, i always keep a plum pouch or two in my bag for when we’re on the go and we’re not exactly eating the healthiest thing (cause how can you say no to an apple cider donut at the pumpkin patch?!)

is it embarrassing to admit our entire family is pretty much hooked on these plum pouches though? because eleanor and samson often ask for them while we’re out as well, too. haha! pureed vegetables and fruit for everyone, in the form of baby food? why not? (it really is delicious!) seems that we’re not the only ones eating their pouches, because they have them for older children and even adults now too.

anyway, more photos and also giveaway details at the end of this post!


conrad’s first time amongst the pumpkins! since he’s started walking, he really had a good time trying to maneuver around the field and play on all the pumpkins!


welkin’s had a cute little bake shop where we snagged a few apple cider donuts and shared a candied caramel apple! BEST.


pumpkin jumping! we made a game of it.


conrad sneaking a little milk while we search for the perfect pumpkins!


note to self: if we ever end up with our own backyard someday, just fill the entire thing with spare tires! the kids had the best time rolling those around and also building different things with them!

pumpkin-3 pumpkin-4pumpkin-10pumpkin5

we weren’t entirely sure how we felt about the scarecrow. haha! visiting santa in a few months should be interesting!pumpkin-33

this was such a good day. bring on the pumpkin spiced everything this month, starting with the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

and also, if you’d like to enter to win a 3-month supply of baby food pouches and snacks from plum, visit their website to check out all the baby food blends they offer, then come back here to comment below on which of the four grow well flavors you and your little one would most like to try! (one of the grow well flavors has pumpkin in it, actually! prune, pear, peach, pumpkin, and chia all in one little plum pouch! happy october!) the winner will be selected at random and contacted directly. giveaway closes 10/20 at 12pm eastern. good luck!

thank you to plum organics for sponsoring this post!

  1. Katie Perdue

    The grow well none looks tasty! I think my little guy would love any of these though!

  2. Chely

    Grow well Muscle for my little one!

  3. Josie

    Mmmmm. The spinach, Apple, and kale one looks awesome. So does the pear and quinoa, mango and pear, and the blueberry banana!! But they all look delish!

  4. megan tilley

    My little one would like the bone well one! She loves greek yogurt and the kale is excellent!

  5. Ally

    roasted pumpkin + coconut, beans + rice w/ sweet corn, zucchini with spinach & pasta marinara, lentils & roasted squash with apricot

    :) :) :) :)

  6. Erica Herold

    As a mama who loves weightlifting, I am, of course, drawn to the muscle one!

  7. Olivia

    Yay for DHA!

  8. Erin Kendrick

    They all look great! Muscle looks the best to me.

  9. Michelle

    Mmmm, tummy! Yummy!

  10. Jill

    My baby LOVES these pouches! He hasn’t tried the pumpkin coconut rice one – sounds good to me!

  11. Emily

    Kiddo and I would love to try the tummy one (to be honest it’s mostly me lol he’s only a year and I imagine he’d like any of them).

  12. Cody

    Grow more DHA! It has yummy stuff like banana & blueberries, I wouldn’t mind throwing the leftovers in my morning smoothie!

  13. Lisa E

    My daughter likes the growth well dha the best.

  14. Rebecca Orr

    Heading to the pumpkin farm is one of my most favorite fall activities to do every year with the kids. I can’t wait to go this year. And ohh…I hope they have some delicious caramel apples because after seeing the one you have pictured….oh, I need one!

    My little guy is growing so fast these days! We have been feeding him Plum Organics for awhile and he really enjoys them. I did not know about the Grow Well options though. I think he would enjoy the Tummy one the most but I know that all of them would be well received.

  15. Trenda T

    The grow well tummy pack sounds like the best fit for my baby! Beautiful Photos!

  16. Bethany

    The one with kale and yogurt looks amazing

  17. Monaa

    the DHA and Tummy pouches would likely be fan favorites for my little man!

  18. Carrie F.

    Grow Well Tummy! Peaches, and Pumpkin, and Pears oh my!!! My 2 1/2 year old still asks for pouches and my 9 month old loves them when we are eating something he can’t eat yet, but he sure does eye that pizza of ours!

  19. Meredith Shortway

    My LO would love to try the grow well muscles! Great combo of flavors !

  20. Amber castro

    We are big fans of Plum pouches at our house! We have not tried any of the grow well kinds though. I think the one we would most like to try is the dha one (although really I want us to try them all ;)

    This looks like such fun day!! I definitely want my little crew to make it to a pumpkin patch this year as well :)

  21. Beth

    They all sound delish. My little guy would probably like the dha. They all sound great though! Cute pics at the pumpkin patch :)

  22. LaTanya

    the grow well muscle

  23. Jaime

    My 19 month old LOVES these pouches!! When he throws dinner on the floor at least I know he’s getting some nutrients with a pouch, because he will always eat those! I would get the second stage pouches, but all the flavored are so amazing so we always get some of each!!

  24. Lori

    We’ve tried a lot of plum organics but not the grow well. They all look great and pretty sciency. haha.

    I can’t believe your baby walks at just 10 months. My kids never walk until about 14 months. I have an almost 8 month old and she doesn’t even stand on my lap. Lazy girl. I just can’t imagine such a little one walking around the house. Cute kids.

  25. brooke redfern

    Ah, fun.

    I think my kids would love the banana-blueberry flavor, though they all look tasty! Thanks!

  26. Laura L

    I would like my son to try the tummy!

  27. Liz

    Grow Well Tummy looks tasty! I know my 8 month old would gobble it up :)

  28. Katie

    We would love to try the tummy pouches. Our little guy is just starting to discover how fun the pouches are and loves new flavors. He has really done well with chia which is awesome and we are so happy it is easy to find!

  29. Ryan origon

    My kids would like dha best! Thanks!

  30. Marta

    We would love to try the Grow Well DHA, It looks yummy! :)

  31. Lissette

    Let’s be realistic…. 3 month supply of the BEST baby food, uh… YES PLEASE! This mama of 5 totally wants in!

    And your posts are absolutely refreshing! Thank you!

  32. Ronit

    Perfect timing… we are about to graduate to stage 2! Little one here is a true fan of apples and plums, and most likely enjoy the ‘muscle’. His parents will be with every one of those for him, though.

  33. Brooke


  34. Katie M

    I’ve started making my own baby food, and grabbing the pouches for when we’re on the go. They are such a life saver! These flavors all sound amazing! I bet my 8 month old would love the
    second blends world baby lentils & roasted squash with apricot. He loves food, and pretty much eats whatever I put in front of him.

  35. What a fun and beautiful day!! I need me some cider donuts.. ASAP!! The pumpkin/peach pouch sounds good, but we’d go for the blueberry banana apple sunflower seed/chia pouch, for sure. :)

  36. brooke leigh

    ooh! we’d love to try the DHA. Love Plum Organics!

  37. Rachel

    Oooooh grow well bone!

  38. Jenny

    Second blends- spinach, peas, & pear <3

  39. Rachael

    The grow well DHA looks yummy, plus I always love trying what my little eats!

  40. Jenny

    The tummy one looks amazing!

  41. Sarah

    Betting our twin boys would love peaches, mango, prunes and green beans!

  42. Clair Nordine

    I’d have to choose the muscle grow well, I’d prob eat it myself. I’m just introducing foods to my 9 month old (breastfeeding is so much easier!) I think these would be an easy transition!

  43. Candice Balser

    I think my 15 month old would most like the dha grow well pouch. I also think that the tummy one might be one he’d like as well. ☺️

  44. d

    grow well tummy!!

  45. Lynda

    The dha one looks yummy!

  46. Shanna

    We are eager to try all four of the new floors! Haven’t seen them on our grocery shelves yet. We love the Mighty 4 punches so much, use them every day!

  47. Julie

    DHA is the one for us!

  48. Jessica

    my girl would love the bone one!

  49. Kirby

    Grow Well DHA : ) Love Plum!

  50. Natiba

    Mangoes! Because who doesn’t absolutely love mangoes?

  51. Sarah Reed

    They all look so good! I used to sneak my younger siblings’ baby food and I would love to try the adult pouches of these!

  52. Dee

    My daughter is just starting solids and I think she would love the Grow Well Bone. But everything looks great! =)

  53. Cindi

    They all sound delious ! Grow Well DHA

  54. Erica P.

    I really think both my 1 year old and my 3 year old would love the grow well tummy! thanks for the chance!

  55. michelle

    Where is your hat from?

  56. April

    OOh la la! The tummy one looks amazing!

  57. Liz

    We love Plum baby foods! I’d love to try the tummy one. But my baby does love all the puffs. And, let’s be honest here, my other kids like the puffs as well. In fact, I’m always telling the older kids to stop stealing food from the baby! But I can’t really blame them. Have you tried the Plum blueberry puffs? They’re pretty good. :)

  58. Leah Meacham

    My little one would love the DHA – Blueberry, Banana, Apple, Chia & Sunflower Seed Butter! Yum :)

  59. Kelsey Kim

    Roasted pumpkin and coconut!

  60. Kate

    Grow well Bone

  61. Eunice Kim

    The tummy one looks great :)

  62. Steph D.

    DHA blend for my little man because he likes blueberries and Muscle blend for me because I like my greens :) Adorable picture by the way!

  63. janielle

    My little girl would love the flavors in the grow well tummy! It’s great they are making these functional flavors! Amazing pumpkin patch pictures. Such a fun time of year!

  64. alaine

    Pumpkin coconut rice sounds great!! we love plum pouches at our house:)

  65. Stevie Christensen

    My baby would love the DHA flavors. He is dairy free so it’s hard to get him the good nutrients that he needs.

  66. Carly

    My 9 month old I’m sure would love pear mango, pumpkin banana, peach apricot and banana, and apple carrot. Thank you!

  67. Betsy

    mango, kale, banana, and greek yogurt sounds great!

  68. Jackie

    The grow well tummy is one that I would like to try for my little girl.

  69. nadya kotik

    Grow well Bone one sounds good

  70. Christine Lee

    I would love my son to try the grow well muscle – the ingredients look super healthy and tasty!

  71. meredith

    I think my little one would love the grow well tummy pack!

  72. Melissa

    Growwell anything mango. Also you all look adorbs and live the sweet nursing pic

  73. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Since we have tummy issues, our favorite is the Grow Well Tummy — Prune, pear, peach, pumpkin, chia and ginger. Great combo!

  74. Jade

    I actually brought a bunch of Plum products with me to visit my husband overseas! Hard to find quality baby food in these parts for our wee one.

    He loves prunes (and most foods that start with a P…unlike his mother) and thus grow well tummy is of most interest!

  75. Abby

    Our favorite is the Grow Well Tummy for our little girl!

  76. Natalie S.

    We love plum organics and I hadn’t heard about their new grow well products yet. I think the tummy and dha blends look delicious!

  77. Iria

    I think my sweet little I. would love the grow well tummy pack. :)

  78. Teri Hill

    Aside from the fact that they all look yummy, Bone & Tummy are the two I’d give Ingram (my 6 month old boy) first. :)

  79. Kristin

    Such beautiful, warm pictures!!! I loved every one!!! Don’t you just love Fall in NY??!!!! Xoxo

  80. Rachel

    Our 1-year-old little one loves these. But some I haven’t seen! Roasted pumpkin and coconut rice, oh my goodness.

  81. Brandie

    Yum! Muscles need to be grown under all that gorgeous chub.

  82. Kimberly

    The pumpkin coconut rice sounds wonderful!

  83. Ginnylyn Blanchard

    My son loves anything blueberry so I would try the DHA one!

  84. Diana Hatch

    I think we would go with the grow well muscle

  85. Fiona N

    They all look great! I would love to try the Grow Well-DHA for my little one.

    Thank You for the chance

  86. Wehaf

    Omega-3 fatty acids are *so* important for brain development; I would choose the grow well DHA.

  87. Lindsey L

    Pumpkin coconut rice!!!

  88. Pamlea

    The Grow Well Tummy looks great. The ginger should help with little upset tummies!

  89. Katie Turner

    The Grow Well would be a favorite for my boys!

  90. Allison S.

    My boy could use the bones flavor. He’s getting to the stage where he’s being adventurous, and I want him to be strong!