yesterday at the US Open!

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the last time we went to the US Open was two years ago (see that post here, oh my gosh are E and S tiiiiiiiiiny. and like, josh with no beard! it’s a crazy throwback!) but anyway, we have since declared ourselves a tennis family, mostly since it’s the one sport i can understand, the one josh follows intently and also one that the kids have really gotten into (see this video as proof. and a million thank you’s to our downstairs neighbors for being so cool.)

i always put this disclaimer in my brain as we head out the door with all three kids to a big activity or event… a disclaimer like, naomi, you have three kids with you. keep expectations within reason. and i guess since i start my outing this way, i always come back being like, that was the best ever! again, again!  perhaps having low expectations is the key to life! just kidding, but anyway, we had a really good time.  we had tickets for the day matches but just went to watch federer play his first men’s round, which he won! (of course he did.) by the way, how he makes every move look so fluid and effortless while still looking so powerful and fast with his physicality, it’s just insane. i sat there on my butt eating my big old ben and jerry’s ice cream cone feeling a little bit guilty about it all and thinking, athletes, man. they are the rockstars of life. 

some photos….


conrad’s first tennis match!


i see you, federer!


yes, i’m pretty sure i have lipstick up on my cheek here but i did shower and do my hair, so whatever.


those three things right there, on the ground just chillin’.  they belong to me. immune systems like machines, you guys. we’re all good here.


i think samson won for being most enthusiastic about every point scored! he was very into it!


this photo is giving me crazy deja vu to this one from a couple years back (besides the fact that there are now three babies). based off the past two family photos at tennis matches,  apparently i really like striped dresses for such events.


sneaking in a little nap! i want to find a way to pause the world for twenty minutes every afternoon and do the same thing!


like i said above, it feels weird eating bad stuff like ice cream while you watch someone perform something so physical. i bet federer doesn’t touch stuff like ice cream. but also, this was my first time trying the tonight dough flavor by ben and jerry’s, and while i usually streer clear of peanut butter in my ice cream, you guys, it’s my new favorite and i’m telling all of you, you have to try it.
meatballs during a tennis watching break. you live a good life, conrad.
open03open-6open01 open-8

after the match on our way out, we went to find the kids some new tennis hats and they talked us into getting them t-shirts, too. ;) i think it’s cute how excited they get about stuff like this. seeing them in their matching stuff makes them look even more alike to me, too.

open-9 open-10
we’re going to try to catch a few more matches next week!

also, speaking of blog posts and tennis, HERE and HERE are photos from when we went to the bnp paribas tournament in palm springs last year. we got to sit on the court and watch djokovic play! i’ll never forget that! crazy amazing.

and where things are from — my dress and tote bag are by sonnet james. sunglasses from here. the kid’s tennis shoes are from zappos (conrad is wearing an old pair of samson’s! it’s bringing me back!) eleanor’s shirt by kirakids, samson’s is crewcuts and conrad’s from patagonia.

  1. Your dress is gorgeous, you can’t beat a good striped dress during summer!

    The kids are too cute, Conrad is starting to look so similar to Samson and Eleanor! Also, I just love Samson’s name, my family are actually from a teeny tiny little island called Samson just off the cost of Cornwall in the UK!

    C x | Lux Life

  2. Nanette

    cute! i wish i was more into tennis! it’s the only sport i actually enjoyed playing in high school. your posts always makes me smile. the picture of samson posing is adorable!

  3. Rose J.

    How fun! You’re so lucky to live in the city for this. One of these days we are going when time permits. All my kids love tennis, and have two daughters that play. One currently plays in high school. Any advice on when you can get a good deal on getting tickets because they can get up there in price…even the nosebleeds. Your sister rachel, and her husband went last year, and forgot to ask her if she bought tickets in advance or not. I’ll give her a call later, but wanted to ask you first since you live in NY. Also…where did you find those watches for E & S? Perfect size for small wrists!

    Thanks! ;-)

    • TAZA

      we found the watches on amazon!

      but there are ways to find good deals on tickets! i know finding out when they go on sale and buying early helps. also, buying tickets for the earlier sessions (not the finals) also helps. you can also buy just ground passes inexpensively which gives you access to all the grounds for the day which could be a lot of fun, they have so many matches going on and huge screens showing them live!

  4. hanna

    Your family is so cute! And the tennis match looks like fun –Hanna Lei

  5. Amy

    Okay, so, random question: How do you nurse Conrad in that dress? I’ve been looking at getting a Sonnet James dress as they are really cute but I’m not about to hike up the skirt in public! lol

    Maybe you just bottle-fed him?

    • TAZA

      i just answered this in another comment if you want to take a look there, but yeah, i’ve totally hiked my dress up before. ;) this one has a little bit of give in the collar so i just yank it down and drape something over my shoulder so i’m covered in public. i do what i gotta do, cause it’s a struggle to wear something nursing-friendly all day every day. sometimes i just don’t care anymore. haha!

  6. Bringing three kids to any event makes you a rockstar! I guess you just do it, right? And I love love love seeing your kids sitting on the ground. I don’t live in the city, and I hate it when my 4 year old decides to plop down on the ground. Ew! Thank you for reminding me to be more chill about it all. And as always, thanks for the links, esp. to those sunnies.

    XX Analog House

  7. Shilah

    The tonight dough is WHERE IT’S AT. Beat flavor they have ever made. I thought i would never give up half baked but the tonight dough is somehow ten times better. At least.

    • TAZA

      RIGHT?!? sold.

  8. Lauren

    What a lucky family, I’d love to see a tennis match! Preferably an Andy Murray match! I am Scottish after all, have to rep my fellow Scot. ;)!

  9. Mary H.

    May I ask what you use to take this photos? Smartphone or a DSLR camera?

    • TAZA

      iPhones are so easy these days but we used our SLR yesterday! all my camera info is on my FAQ page if you’d like to look at specifics!

  10. Jenna

    I’d love to know where Conrad’s legging pants are from? I’m struggling to find bottoms for my 7 month old! Thank you!

    • TAZA

      they are from Zara!

  11. Claire

    Hello Naomi! You may have tons and tons of comments like that but thank you for sharing bits of your daily life with your beautiful family. It’s really strange, and I hope I wouldn’t sound like crazy but I read your blog for 3 years now, follow you on Instagram and Snapchat and I have that feeling you are this good friend, the big sister I don’t have, with good advices on parenthood, life, etc. An example, I litterally live all summer un Saltwater sandals thanks to you! ah! ;)
    Like someone said in one comment, we are from differents faiths and differents parts of the world (I’m french) but it doesn’t matter, your blog speaks for everybody.
    Thank you Naomi.
    Oh and you’re a beauty, as your family.

    • TAZA

      thank you so much claire! this means a lot! i love what you said, i feel the same with many people i follow around the world and have never even met! thank you for following along! hope you enjoy that gorgeous autumn in france! ;)

  12. Erica

    I went to the U.S. open a couple of years ago to watch one of Roddick’s final matches. We paid a ton for the tickets but it was so worth it. I remember it every year. Love that you’re making those memories with your kiddos. They sure are cute. That Samson is going to be a heartbreaker (they all will but with a little boy of my own, looking at photos of him always makes me think about the future with my little guy). Thanks for sharing your fun day!

  13. maddy

    Love the US Open! Great post. Is there significance to Samson’s ring? It is funny in a very sweet way seeing such a little kid wearing a ring.

    • TAZA

      haha! i know, it’s a little bit weird, especially since i don’t even wear jewelry besides a few rings. but eleanor has one so he wanted one. it just says CTR on it, which in our faith stands for “choose the right.” :)

  14. Emily

    Okay, funny question… How do you breastfeed in a dress like that? My girl is 13 months and I am really starting to miss non-button dresses. What’s your secret?

    • TAZA

      girl. i hear you! i feel like i’ve been nursing so years and at this point i’m so over if a dress is nursing friendly or not, i’ll just make it work even if it’s not. haha! this dress is a little bit stretchy, so i just yanked down the collar and put a light blanket draped over my shoulder so i wasn’t exposed. i’ve totally gone to the restroom though before in a dress that i couldn’t pull the collar down with and lifted it up in the stall to make it work. lol. luckily C is eating so many solids these days that he only nurses a few times during the day when we are out, and does his much bigger longer feedings in the early morning or before bed. anyway, not sure if that’s helpful. but it’s how i’m doing it! haha!

  15. marion

    Oh boy, I’m such a big fan of Federer!! I had the chance to see him at Roland Garros (I’m French). Have you seen how every move he does has style!! He’s a such a very elegant player, I think.
    I’m also a big fan of Nadal,but I must admit that Federer has style where Nadal has strengh… Not a big fan of Djoko, though.
    Anyway, lucky yoooooou!!! :-)
    And, was it okay with little Conrad? How did you manage to keep him quiet during the match?
    Enjoy and hope you find tickets for next week :)

    • TAZA

      yes, federer is incredible with how he plays!

      and conrad did great! i took him out during the match for a bit when he got restless and walked him in the ergo until he fell asleep. he slept for the remainder of it on me in the carrier. but the kids do really well with these sorts of things. we always take them out if they ever get loud, but E and S love this sort of thing, and sat and watched so well for the entire match!

  16. Paige

    I’m always so jealous of all the fun things that you get to expose your family to living in such a fun and vibrant city! Such fun adventures all the time! I love your dress! I think I’m going to have to add it to my wardrobe!


  17. Anni

    Samson reminds me of your brother Naomi, they look so similar:)) He’s going to be a very handsome man, just as Conrad and Eleanor is a very pretty girl:)

  18. Sarie

    Oh, what fun! Looks like a gorgeous day for a match. Love your dress–good blend of polished and casual.

  19. Natalie

    May I ask, what baby carrier do you use? Looks so comfy as you’re sitting down!

    • TAZA

      yes, we use the ergo baby carrier and love it!

  20. Brooklynne

    I love your bobby pins! Where did you get them? I am growing my bangs out as well and need a good middle-of-the road solution.

    • TAZA

      thank you! my sister got them for me, they were a gift so i’m not sure where from. but shop has a ton of fun ones!

  21. charlotte

    hi taza! your blog just overflows w/ fun, beauty, positivity, wholesomeness, and style. just love it! and i love and appreciate that you represent the mormon faith so well!
    can you tell me where samson’s sunglasses are from? they are perfection.


    • TAZA

      thank you so much, charlotte! his sunglasses are from bonlook’s kid collection from a few years back!

  22. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, they are so freaking cute and what a fun activity to do as a family, I will definitely need to remember to buy tickets next year. And the posts you linked to, SO cute, E and S were so little!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  23. Katrina

    Hello, I just found your blog and am looking forward to following along in all of your adventures! I’m Katrina, mama of 10 with one more on the way. I’m waaaaaaaaay over on the other side (California) and I’m waving at you right now. See my hand? Ha. Okay but seriously, love your blog; looking forward to getting to know you better through your writing :)

  24. Toytulip

    Hey Naomi! I think I asked this question before, not sure if it’s something you would rather not share, but what do you feed Conrad and the kids? My little girl is 3 weeks younger than C and I’m in need of some inspiration when it comes to this subject!

    Greetings from Abu Dhabi! Take care! ?

  25. Bailey

    How fun! I can’t get over how fast your little ones are growing – I see glimpses of teenage Samson in some of these photos!

  26. I am in the process of growing my bangs out, and I feel like we are in the same boat. Far side part with bobby pin. EVERY DAY. I am getting so tired of it and just want them to grow already! Feels good to know that I am not alone!

    • TAZA

      GIRL. this is the hardest stage, am i right?! i keep debating if i should just cut them and have bangs for the rest of my life. haha! glad i’m not alone. we can stay strong together!

    • TAZA

      oh my gosh yes! we were actually there last night and saw this on the big screen!!! it made my night. love them. thanks for the link!