what we’re reading with the littles, chapter 4!

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always on the hunt for new books around here since reading with the kids throughout the day is one of our favorite things to do, and really important to us. we have been exploring our local library more and are loving it! these 5 are ones we have all enjoyed a little extra in recent weeks.  you can see more of the kiddos favorite books in more posts like these HERE.

1. me…jane by patrick mcdonnell
this is one of eleanor’s favorites right now. and i love having her look up to such an inspiring woman as dr. goodall who in the book dreams of living with and helping animals and grows up to do just that! the last page with the real photograph of her and the chimpanzee always gives me chills! it’s a good one.

2. planes go by steve light
this is a fun one that samson is into. the board book has a lot of obnoxious text about airplanes which means we have way too much fun getting really loud and silly together while reading it.

3. pablo the artist by satoshi kitamura
a very cute story with the sweetest illustrations about pablo the elephant who has “artist’s block.” it’s all about being creative and has a funny take on the creative process. it also has a great message about teamwork and friendship, which we love.

4. pom and pim by lena landstrom
this is a cute one following pom and pim around their day together full of ups and downs. good luck! bad luck! what luck! it’s very playful and sweet, and we have really enjoyed it.

5. this moose belongs to me by oliver jeffers
oh my gosh, this book has been one of MY favorites the last few months so i’ve been so happy to see the kids wanting to read it more and more. it’s very witty and the illustrations are of course incredible (what else do you expect though, it’s oliver jeffers). i want wilfred and his pet moose to be my neighbors. ;) love them so much.

what are your little ones loving to read these days? more favorite books of ours HERE.

  1. carly

    We are always looking for new books. Thanks for the suggestions! My son loves any thing that has to do with trucks. Our current favorite is Goodnight Construction Site, which has beautiful drawings and cute text about each construction truck going to bed
    Dresses & Denim

  2. Sara O.

    I just love these posts, as my little guy is right between E and S in age. A few of our current faves:

    1. I am Too Absolutely Small for School//Lauren Child
    2. Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji//F.Zia
    3. The Lion and The Bird//Marianne Dubuc
    4. Would You Rather be a Bullfrog?//Dr.Seuss – has made for some great discussions.

  3. Emily

    We love Mitchell’s License ( Samson would love this one!)

    Black and White Baby Animals ( For Conrad) these illustrations are so stinkin adorable!

    Rosie Revere Engineer (for Eleanor) talk about girl power!

  4. Paige

    Growing up in the Adirondaks I’m a huge fan of all things moose. We’re definitely going to have to check out the moose belongs to me!


  5. Allison

    My favorite book when I was little were the ones about Corduroy the Bear. They had a couple of books and the one I read over and over was when he got a pocket. That may be where my love of pockets came from.

    Love, Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  6. hanna

    Very cute list of books –Hanna Lei

  7. I have the Me…Jane book but it is buried somewhere under a pile of others. I will have to fish it out for our 4 year old girl. Old favorites are

    The Gruffalo
    The Circus Ship
    The Part Time Princess

    Those are my faves, but I always like getting new books, so thanks for the tips!

    Analog House

  8. Amanda

    Thanks so much for your ‘what we’re reading’ posts. I get so much inspiration! I recently started fostering a little 3 year old girl, who due to neglect, only started speaking once she went into care in April this year – and now she’s speaking like a champion! Books and reading are SO important in developing speech and I’m sure (well, I’m hoping!) all the reading I’ve been doing with her has helped build her vocab and speaking abilities. When the first parcels of books arrived on our doorstep, she was totally unimpressed and played with the advertising material that came in the package, ignoring the books. I couldn’t even read a story to her – she didn’t know how to follow along in a story or understand how to listen. Poor thing – in the 3 years of her life, no one had ever read stories to her. But now she LOVES story time, begs for more stories (she gets to choose three at bedtime) and will even look at books by herself. Last night, a new package of books arrived – many of them from your What We’re Reading posts – and you should have seen her rip open the package with excitement!! We read six books last night. :)

  9. Elle

    I don’t have any littles of my own but am a preschool teacher and love love love picture books! Have your littles checked out Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi and basically all books by Oliver Jeffers?
    My friend and I write a blog on children’s literature and I think you are your littles would love it – hopefully give you some new books to check out!

  10. Rachel

    I’m a teacher so I especially love your posts about books you are reading. Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorites right now! Two books you will not regret getting are “Burger Boy” by Alan Durant (You and your kids will be rolling on the floor laughing as you read it (it’s one of those books where you can make all kinds of voices with the characters); and “Polar Bear and Panda” by Matthew Baek.

  11. Nicole Krensky

    My father-in-law (Stephen Krensky) is a children’s book author and has recently published the sweetest series of board books for kids! I think you would love them… The stories are great and the illustrations are gorgeous — very vintage-inspired!

    My favorite one is “I Can Do It Myself!” — the little girl reminds me of Eleanor :-) Others are “Now I Am Big!” “I Am So Brave!” and “I Know A Lot!”

  12. Love the childrens’ books recommendations! As a teacher I’m always on the hunt for a great new book for my kiddos. I think I’m going to buy This Moose Belongs to Me…. such great illustrations. Thanks!