to art class we go!

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last year, we enrolled samson and eleanor in one of the sweetest little art classes in the city. it was a bit of trek each week to get down to tribeca (and on time for class no less, ha!) but we had such a good experience we’ve been wanting to make it happen again.

with fall is upon us and since eleanor and samson are about to begin several classes over the next few weeks, we decided to kick it all off with a trip to our favorite children’s museum of the arts for their drop-in art class.  we’re really excited to get back into a routine this fall with a couple days a week of pre-school, music lessons and either soccer again or tennis (they are still deciding!)

we partnered with mini boden (which the kiddos are wearing in this post) to share a couple of their adorable back-to-school looks. they have some of the cutest kids clothes i’ve seen lately.  i cannot get over the knee socks on E. haha! can i get away with wearing knee socks like that?! pretty please!?

a few photos from our morning below!


all my boys waiting for the train! do you see samson’s face? he’s like this EVERY SINGLE TIME we catch the train! i love how the magic of riding the subway has not worn off on him the last three years of his life.


yes, josh is totally skipping across the street with the kids. yes, this is exactly why i married him.


over the last few days, samson has just come up to me randomly throughout the day to tell me how much he loves me. “mom, i love you so much.” every single time, i just wanna melt. sometimes if i ask him for a kiss, he plants one on me and makes it long! my heart!!!


the CMA has a really fun moving mirror exhibit right now!


trains and airplanes through the paint!


we could not get over eleanor’s carrot coming out of the dirt in her painting on the right! you better believe i brought that home and hung it up! they do such a good job with all their paintings but this one i totally understand! haha! we are making progress out of the abstract and into things mama understands! ;)


singing time and story time with tom and annie! for any of you who have been, you know what i’m talking about when i say this is one of my favorite parts! they are so good at what they do.


josh and samson are sharing secrets through this tube. here is josh listening to samson say something from the other end. must have been a good secret!


after art class, we went to bubby’s for lunch, because if you’re anywhere in tribeca and you do not go to bubby’s, like, how are we even friends?! ;)  josh has this thing right now with their biscuits, the kids and i have this thing with their pancakes. i know, i know, you hear about it all the time on my blog. but we love it. i’m actually thankful the closest location to us is all the way in tribeca. it’d probably be a terrible thing if it was any closer. :/sept-38

samson’s really obsessed with these new sneakers. he has told several strangers on the street in full volume to “LOOK AT MY NEW SHOES!” haha. love his enthusiasm.


i always forget how much babies like to drink from big people water glasses.  it’s hilarious. and there is always water everywhere afterwards. but they have such pride in their faces after they’ve made their attempt and mess and you can’t help but just let them go for it again. this stage, you guys, this stage is a good time.

sept-5 sept-6 sept-7

i don’t know if there is a better pancake in the world. if there is, i haven’t met it yet. james beard, you did good.

sept and yeah right if you thought we went all the way to bubby’s and didn’t stop by the photobooth in the basement. it’s getting cozy in there with 5 of us, haha! but i love it even more than back in the day when it was just the two of us. (insert cheesey emoji right here!)

thank you to mini boden for partnering with us on this post! you can shop eleanor’s little birdie dress right here, and her gold shoes and samson’s sneakers (both pairs on sale, too!) here and here.

  1. Kelly

    You are right, E’s knee socks are the absolutely cutest and this art class looks like an great time!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Jennie M

    Please do a how-to on E’s hair braid (video encouraged). I try to braid my little girl’s hair all the time and can never get it looking so neat.

  3. Nanette

    love those socks on eleanor! so cute. and her braids! is she requesting braids every day?

    • TAZA

      she requests them every few days! sometimes a crown like a princess, sometimes two braids. i’m trying to talk her into letting me do 2 braided buns sometime, but so far, she’s just very into these two styles! haha. or else a headband. haha! she often requests a headband. :)

  4. Courtney

    So cute and fashionable. Can I ask what size shoe E normally wears and what size she’s wearing in Mini Boden? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      she is wearing a size 27 shoe here! they are a tad big, but we hope to get plenty of wear out of them this fall with thicker tights and socks too!

  5. Jessica

    So cute! Where is Conrad’s sweater from!? adorable :)

    • TAZA

      it is from zara!

  6. Emily

    Ooh, I’m going to have to check out Bubby’s soon! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I love Mini Boden! I always try to get their stuff on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I love Eleanor’s outfits here, and you’ll have to share a post on what’s your secret to doing her hair. My daughter doesn’t let me anything to her hair except come it, and even that is a battle. The art classes look wonderful and I hope to find something similar for my kids.

    Analog House

  8. hanna

    All of these photos are so cute. Best back to school post –Hanna Lei

  9. Not only are those outfits adorable, I am super impressed that after a paint session the kiddies look just as neat and clean as when they started! E- your painting is fantastic!

  10. Paige

    I seriously love how hands on Josh is with the kids! Seeing him wear the baby carrier is pretty much my favorite thing ever!


  11. carly

    They are such cute little artists! I am always amazed how you guys manage to get out so much with 3 little ones. Way to go!
    Dresses & Denim

  12. Ali

    their pancakes are amazing!! bad (or good?) news though, there’s one on the high line too!

  13. Laura

    There’s a Bubby’s in the Meatpacking District right by the Highline. Still not close to the UWS but closer. :)

  14. Trish O

    Very cute. Looking at your little kids makes me nostalgic for when my kids were little. Don’t get me wrong, they are very fun in middle school. You can do so much with middle school kids, really have fun family experiences at a different level. Boy, there sure are cute when they were little however. I have loved Mini Boden for years. Now that my boys are older, we order a lot of Johnny B. Just got a new winter coat for my 6th grade boy from Johnny B today. I will also say, Boden has the best customer service. If you have any questions call them Like old time talk on the phone. They are so nice and knowledgeable. Fun post.

  15. Jane

    Go meet the pancakes at Clinton St Baking Company if you haven’t yet ?

    • TAZA

      yes those are so good but the lines are crazy!!!

  16. Jasmine

    Conrad’s red hair, so precious! Do you know which side of the family he gets it from? My love is the only red head in his family and his siblings are starting to have children-none with red hair. It’s all down to us now lol he’s got to have the gene so we’ll see.

  17. Rebecca

    Did other parents participate in the class too?

    • TAZA

      yes! they encourage participation! lots of parents helping out!

  18. Kellie

    Oh man I can’t wait until my little is old enough to do art class it looks like so much fun!

  19. Stephanie

    E’s outfit is ADORABLE! So cute I want an outfit like that for myself!

  20. Sarah

    Where is this fabulous art class? We live downtown!

    • TAZA

      at the CMA! i linked to their site above!

  21. Kristin

    Oh my goodness, between their artwork and those precious faces you have made my weekend! How adorable for them to paint with such love and passion!!! I loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing, your family is lovely!!!xoxoxo

  22. Kara

    Would love to know the source for your black shoes. Am looking for a comfortable, cute shoe for an upcoming trip. Thanks

    • TAZA

      from sole society! there is a direct link in a few posts back about the high line!

  23. Jenna

    My son, Everest, LOVES drinking out of “big people” glasses. He starts grunting and flailing (“don’t forget about me!”) anytime one of us takes a sip. I have a great photo on my website of him after he demanded that we let him try to drink from a water fountain – so cute!!

  24. Jennifer

    Where is your hat from? I love it!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from jcrew!

  25. In the first picture E looks like a mini ballerina. Wouldn’t that be wild if she chose that path too? Very cute and such a fun day!

  26. Ayelet

    Hi! Love your blog, as always. Where are your shoes from?

  27. Lily

    Aww your kids are the cutest! And not a single paint on their clothes, how is that even possible? Btw, Taylor Swift live in Tribeca right? You might bump into her!

  28. Marta