taza’s new york city guide: the 5 best pizzas in the city!

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since we love pizza so much and it’s a big part of why we love new york so much, we wanted to list out a few of our favorite places in an attempt to be helpful to any of you who are also pizza lovers. of course there are a ton of places that are just as delicious that aren’t on this map, but these are some of our current favorites if you’re interested! you can save and print this map if you’d like!


61 west 74th street
all of their pizzas are great, but we live for the crumbled sausage they do on top of their pizza!

1 east 43rd street
this is josh’s favorite spot in midtown and i don’t know how many times he’s dragged me there. haha! if you go, order the grandma’s original slice. it’s also standing room only.

211 8th avenue
this is our favorite spot to grab a slice on the go (it’s tiny, so there isn’t much room to sit inside). we go here more than we’d like to admit and take our pizza to the square across the street or a nearby playground.

235 mulberry street
in the heart of little italy/nolita, we like their pepperoni pizza.

19 old fulton street
this is our absolute favorite pizza in new york. and it’s worth the trip to brooklyn!

what’s your favorite spot for pizza in the city?
map by virginia lucas hart for love taza. more new york city guides HERE.

  1. I’ve yet to make it to New York City (I live in London) Florida and Boston, yes but next time….going to save this piece for future reference!

  2. Lucy

    This makes me want to visit NYC even more!! Pizza is my fave and I hope one day I can visit all these places (and bump into you guys ;)) X x x

  3. Kristy

    I don’t know if one of these places serves the same style of pizza, but Motorino and Pizzeteria Brunetti do a classic margherita that’s beautifully simple with nothing but a fluffy chewy crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil.

  4. Love this! Have you ever tried Broadway Pizza on Broadway and 103rd? It’s like one of those little hole in the wall pizza shops but my husband and I are obsessed. When I was living on the UWS during grad school we ate Broadway pizza an embarrassing amount! :)

  5. Kristen

    You guys should try Keste in the West Vill! Similar style to Juliana’s <3

    • TAZA

      we’ve tried keste a few times over the past few years and i still don’t really love it. what do you order? maybe i’m getting the wrong thing!

  6. annie

    shh. please don’t blow up my Little Italy spot! i would hate to have to wait in line on the weekdays for my Grandma’s fix ;)
    have you guys been to Roberta’s in Brooklyn? add it to the list if not. amazing.

    • TAZA

      thanks for the tip, added roberta’s to the list! and sorry about sharing little italy! haha! oops! i know it’s always hard when word gets out! i swear there is always a line there whenever we go though lately, so looks like it’s already happened! if you go soon, enjoy a slice for us!

  7. oh, i love this! i am all about finding the best pizza!!

  8. Megan

    Cutest post ever! Cannot wait to try all of these the next time I am in the Big Apple!


  9. Trish O

    You forgot the very best pizza in NYC…ordering it frozen from Chicago :) sorry, had to put it out there.

    Going out for pizza has always been a fun activity for my family. Hope to enjoy these spots some time.

    • TAZA

      hahaha! my dad would so agree. he’s deep dish chicago style all the way!

  10. Mollie

    I’ve only been to ONE of these! I really need to step my game up, haha! Can’t wait to give these a try :)

    xoxo Mollie

  11. carly

    Yay for a pizza guide! Who doesn’t love some NY pizza?!
    Dresses & Denim

  12. Charlotte

    Roberta’s in Brooklyn !! the best ever!

  13. Allison

    I love me some pizza! I don’t live in NY, but I hope to visit one day and this list will be one of the things I reference.

    Thanks for sharing and doing the difficult research :)

    Love, Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  14. Laura

    juliana’s all the way!

  15. Hannah

    If you don’t mind venturing to Brooklyn again you should try Ottocasa and Lucali’s. Our absolute favorite pizza places!

  16. Lauren

    I’m going to NY for the first time in January and I’m so excited! I’ll need to remember to look back on this post and all of the City guides. Looks like there’s no better way to do NY than the Taza way! ;)


  17. Tiffany

    Lucali in Brooklyn! You guys HAVE to go if you’ve never been. Get there before they even open to put your name in! Hands down one of the best meals of my life (and I’ve gone back to reaffirm that!)

    • TAZA

      i have heard about this from several friends and it’s been on our list for ages now! someday we will get there!!! thanks for the suggestion!

  18. Mai B.

    This is fantastic! And perfectly timed. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the city and I’m going next weekend :) Will be sure to walk the BB and try Juliana’s!

  19. Love the illustration on this post! We loved Patsy’s. Our first apartment was on 74th street and we ate there often and even had a family dinner there the night before our wedding. We will have to try Juliana’s next time we visit. I’ve never been. Thanks!

  20. shashi

    All good pizzas – my favorite is still Paulie Gee’s in greenpoint.

  21. Lindsey

    I love Keste Pizza in the West Village. Even though it touristy I love John’s Pizza in Midtown.

  22. Sandra

    Hello ! Thanks for the tips, it’s going to be very useful! I m going to NY foe the first times in a couple of weeks and I ‘ll definitely try one of the places you recommend. A question though, which one is the cheapest? (I have a low budget) Thank you. Sandra.

    • TAZA

      if you’re wanting just a slice, probably joe’s pizza! and little italy in midtown, too. have the best time!!!

  23. Christine

    I second Motorino! The most authentic Neapolitan pizza I’ve had in the U.S.

  24. Ellie

    Don Antonio’s on 58th and 8th!!! I lived in Florence and it’s the closest I’ve had to real Italian pizza!

    • TAZA

      writing this down for next time. thanks for the tip! we haven’t been here!

  25. Shayda

    I’m not a fan of pizza, to be honest. But one time I was in NYC and this guy told us to eat at pizza place called Artichoke (i think the name is longer possibly) and order the artichoke pizza and it was so damn good, I went back there 2 more times before I left. And I had all these fancy cool places on my list to eat at and I didn’t care. I wanted that artichoke pizza, man. The line was stupid long, but it was worth it. This was years ago, so I wonder if it’s still just as good or it’s lost it’s touch.

    • TAZA

      yes! i had a good pizza there once too, several years ago. it’s been forever since we went, but now you have me thinking. we’ll have to give it another go sometime soon! glad you enjoyed it!

  26. Renata

    Rosario’s in the LES! better than Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s, and John’s of Bleecker Street.

  27. Jenna

    Artichoke is always a favorite, but I loooove Patsy’s. Oh and Grimaldi’s.

  28. Dod

    Oh no, just too late. I thought your posts ” pizza” last week when I was in NY . Too bad, I have to come back !

  29. Courtney

    Juliana’s is our absolute favorite pizza …ever!!! We pick it up and eat it on a bench overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge! To die for!

  30. Xs

    I love pizza!!!!

  31. Lizzie

    Thank you!!! Leaving tomorrow w 7 friends for a girls weekend!! They put me in charge of food. Patty’s and joe’s were on my
    List- but since I e already eaten there we might try the others instead.

  32. Megan

    Little Italy has a (relatively) new location on the UWS. 94th & Bway. I think it’s the same as the one in mid-town, as they also have the Grandma Slice. I’m pretty much addicted. I knew I was going to often when the guy at the register commented that I got a haircut…not even my boyfriend noticed! :-)

  33. Katie

    What font did you use in the picture? I love it!

  34. Haley

    I think Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn makes some of the very best I’ve ever had! Have you guys tried it? Wish I could plan a special trip to NYC just to tour around to all these pizza spots–thanks for sharing!

  35. Holly Neufeld

    I just got back from NYC! It was my first time, and I can’t wait to go back! We agree that Juliana’s was SO good, but we had to say Ray’s Pizza in Times Square was our favourite! We grabbed a slice after seeing a show, and it was the best pizza we’d ever had! Funny fact: we were walking after brunch at Sarabeth’s on Amsterdam last saturday, and I saw Josh playing with your kiddos at a park!! It was neat that I recognized him from Instagram, ha!

  36. Liz

    My husband and I are visiting for the first time mid-October and we used your blog to help guide our eating adventures. We are huge foodies like you all. We have our visit to Joe’s and Juliana’s all planned out!

  37. Elizabeth

    I have to try all of these!

    My favorite is Posto (or any of Posto’s sister restaurants; Tappo, Vezza, Groupo, etc). I also love the margherita with buffala mozz at Brio on 62nd or so and Lex. I’ve been dying to try Lucali’s too after that article this summer about them in the NYTimes.

  38. emily

    I love your NYC guides :) I’m o=moving there in May and literally everywhere on my list is from either your posts or Amber Fillerup’s posts hahahaha

  39. Lauren Higgins

    I will be traveling to NYC the day after Christmas and was all about finding the best pizza possible. Your blog is going to be such a good help with information on how to get around New York.

  40. cait

    thank you SO much for this and your other NYC guide posts! my mom, husband, and 2 daughters (one 2 years and one 5 months) just visited last month and had an incredible time exploring the city and went to a lot of spots you recommended. our whole evening in Brooklyn was basically your post- it was wonderful :) also, reading about all you and your family’s adventures traversing the city made me feel incredibly comfortable as I took my daughters out every day to new places & experiences. thank you again :)