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my little conrad is 9 months old this week! like, WHAT! how did that happen so fast?! i’m so proud of the sweet little human he’s becoming and for the joy he brings into our family life each day. it’s hard for me to even recall life before he came along, he’s such a huge part of mine now. life with this little guy, while tiring as it is having a baby around (LOL, understatement), is simply the best.

he is such a character and loves exploring everything everywhere. baby proofing is back in full swing at our home, and we’re making as much room as possible for conrad to start strutting around the apartment! we don’t have unlimited space, so we try to be thoughtful about how we use the space. in partnership with Huggies today, i wanted to share a bit about what it’s like when it comes to our diaper changing station for conrad in our nursery and storing things.

for starters, we don’t have an actual changing table, but a make-shift one on top of the kiddos yellow dresser which they all share. the height of the dresser is perfect for it, so we’ve been using it this way since eleanor was a baby. in addition to a changing pad, i keep two baskets on top. one full of wet wipes, baby powder, cream, hand sanitizer, etc. the other basket is usually filled sky high with diapers. :) it helps to stack a good amount of them on top of the dresser since we don’t have a whole lot of storage space in our city apartment (i talk more about storage and organization in depth in this post.) while our living space may be on the smaller side, i have become the queen of finding and giving any odd nook or cranny a serious job of storing everything, including diapers. (under furniture, in-between furniture, don’t come lift up furniture when you come over, okay!…)

having a smaller apartment is freeing in many ways as it forces us to not hold onto things or buy a lot in bulk. however, we are of the mindset that as long as we have someone in our family wearing diapers, we will buy those in bulk! because have you ever accidentally run out of diapers?! i can tell you from experience, it’s a horrible thing. we buy ours in bulk from costco because we’ve found it to be a good value.

i’ve mentioned this before, but we have loved and used Huggies diapers consistently since eleanor’s arrival. we’ve been using the new Huggies little movers plus diapers with conrad and they have been exceptional as he’s begun cruising around more, always on the move! they stay on, fit well, and also hold up throughout the entire night, which is critical for me because i don’t love doing diaper changes during the night. but anyway, yeah, if you look closely, you will find a few diapers stashed here and there around our place. we keep most of them in their packaging under the yellow dresser. i’m sure it’s an eyesore when you get down on the floor and spot them, but i’d rather have them on hand than not! it’s what works for us. :)


^^^beginning to walk with his little walker that eleanor and samson used! both his brother and sister didn’t walk until after their first birthday, but i think in an effort to keep up with them, this little guy might be doing it sooner.conradandme-7huggies01conradandme-2 conradandme-8 conradandme-9 ^^^you see what i mean? diapers piled sky high!

love this little munchkin and so grateful for his cheerful spirit.

have you guys found any genius ways to store diapers or other supplies around your apartment or home?
thank you to Huggies for partnering with us on this post! and if you’d like to try Huggies little movers plus diapers, they are on sale at costco right now through september 27th!

  1. Claire

    Actually it was like a little game to spot the diapers on the pictures! ah!
    Conrad seems to be a really happy baby, always smiling!
    You’ve changed the disposition of the nursery right? I love that, I’m a little afraid of change and I love the fact that you move things and not creating habits (even -and probably- if it’s not for that purpose).
    Enjoy the first steps of this blondie beauty!
    All the best from France, Claire.

  2. Beautiful post! You both look so happy <3

  3. Courtney

    I love your shirt, where is your shirt from?

  4. Denise Leon Medina

    Hi Naomi,
    I just want say hello to you and your beautiful family! I’m from Germany and i really love your blog! I just recently started blogging, and you’re such an Inspiration to me!
    All the best for you and your Family!
    Greetings, Denise.

  5. Oh lovely! I can’t believe he’s that old already! And looking more and more like Samson :) <3

  6. HOW is Conrad already 9 months?! Seems like yesterday you were posting his birth announcement!! He is getting cuter by the day…and as a third child who walked early, he is definitely going to try and keep up with Eleanor and Samson!


  7. bri

    we store our diapers under the changing table too and in a little bucket on one of the shelves. it’s just so much easier that way to know how many we have and exactly where they are. and easy access. WIN-WIN! we just left our 500sq ft cottage in LA and are moving in to what feels like a mansion in the midwest so that may change. we have closets and everything here!! ha! but i’m thinking we’ll still keep them readily available and close by.

  8. Shilpa

    Hi Naomi,

    This is such a beautiful post with Conrad’s smiling shots… Love it! I do not have kids, but I saw how a cousin of mine stored diapers for her kids when they were that age, and I thought that was very clever. Since she stayed in a small apartment too, she changed diapers on a comfortable mat on her bed itself. Her bed was her savior as it had storage space in the headboard. She kept sanitizer, mat, baby powder, wet wipes etc in a beautiful basket on the top of that headboard drawer; the diapers inside that drawer and the diaper bin next to her bed! So whenever she had to change the diaper, everything was in one place, however the pile of diapers was always out of sight :-) Your pile doesn’t look bad though :-) You gotta do what you gotta do!

    Have a great day!
    Shilpa :-)

  9. Such a cutie! I totally agree, there is something comforting about buying the necessary things in bulk, like diapers or wipes. Or even toilet paper! If you can share, where did you get the little mover xylophone cart? I love it! We have a one year old, who is just starting to walk and climb!

    Analog House

  10. We moved to Texas from Brooklyn and have tried to live in a similar/small space way. We’ve added a baby to our family since the move and still keep our diapers in a wire basket on the wall. I think I found it at The Upper Rust on the LES. Thanks for this post. Looks like you all are having a great time. A good reminder to keep having fun even through meltdowns and diaper changes!

  11. Jessica

    Shirt details, please? :)

  12. sarah

    hi naomi, it was such a treat seeing you and conrad yesterday! he is the happiest little one! i don’t know if you have a closet in your kid’s room but i used to put some of our diapers in one of those long, canvas vertically hanging shoe storage bags and it helped! xo

    • TAZA

      always love seeing you, sarah! thanks for chatting!!

      also, love that idea of diapers in a shoe hanging rack!!

  13. Stephanie MacLeod

    Lovely post! Can I please ask where your jeans are from?

    • TAZA

      they are from madewell from a few years ago! they still have some similar styles, though.

  14. Trish O

    Very cute little boy. My boys are in middle school, so I have NO advice on diapers (if you need advice on where to put stinky shoes, I am you mama) But I wanted to Claire. I also noticed it looked like she reorganized the kids bedroom a little. I have found that as the kids grow and develop, we reorganize the use of our spaces. What was once used as a play space became a Lego space, is now a homework space. I am thinking about changing how our family space works. We need more shelves! Anyway, it can be hard but it can make a home remain functional for the long-run. Thanks for sharing.

    • TAZA

      haha! i will be coming to you then in a few years for advice on where to put the stinky shoes. ;) and yes, we re-work the space quite a bit as we continue to grow and their interests or the way we use the room changes. always trying to find a way to get the most out of our smaller space!

  15. Ainsley

    That walker is wonderful – where is it from?

  16. nanette

    we’re in the same boat! my baby Penny is trying to keep up with her big sis, and is trying to walk also. it goes by so fast, but i love this stage!

  17. Alexandra

    Hi! Who is your adorable blouse by? Thx!

    • TAZA

      from anthropologie!

  18. Love your Olive Oil bun! – and your adorable, always cheerful, red headed little Conrad!My youngest is nearly 3, and I sure do miss having a baby in the house. I’m so glad you constantly show a constant and equal love for your babies, and I see that you and your husband love being parents. I’m sure ya’ll have your moments, but I am always renewed to see two full-time parents having a blast with their children, making the most of all of your lives each day. Keeps my mood in check, that’s for sure!

    • TAZA

      lol! i didn’t know what you means by olive oil bun but just googled! hahahahaha!

  19. Rachael Green

    You have the cutest little family. My goodness. And that nursery is by far my favorite..even if diapers are stacked high ;-)
    I do want to know where that cute walker is from though?

    • TAZA

      thank you rachael! it’s from babies r us, but from several years ago.

  20. Kevyn

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing how your family lives in the city. So fun and functional! Especially with your growing family. I can tell you children are a joy in your lives. I love how you always highlight their amazing personalities instead of the bad, hope I can be an amazing parent like you and your hubby!

    Xoxo kesiliha

  21. carly

    Looks like he is really getting around! We love huggies too although we preferred the snug and dry for our son.
    Dresses & Denim

  22. Nicole

    I love your blog!! Ps. Where is your shirt from?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from anthropologie.

  23. dianna

    Awesome…little kids rule. I second courtney…love the shirt!

  24. Sara

    Oh God! All of your pics make wish I had kids! It all looks so happy and perfect and lovely!

  25. Rachel

    He is the cutest! We live in a small apartment as well, but thankfully I have a storage closet in my bathroom that I use to store all of my extra diapers, wipes, etc. It is SO nice and a total lifesaver for me :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  26. Adela

    Oh so cute!! Happy little family! xo

  27. Cecilia

    He’s getting so big. Also these photos are darling. Love seeing glimpses of your home.

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  28. Elvie

    Love the blog and pics. Just wish an environmentally friendly diaper was selected. They are such a drain on the planet!

  29. Sarah

    Awww Conrad is SO cute!!! I can’t believe he’s already almost walking! Time just flies. We have two girls – ages 3 and 2 – and are debating the third ;) I’m pretty certain we’ll end up with another assuming that’s what’s meant to be, it’s just a matter of “when.”

    We don’t have a changing table either. I actually just change them on the floor on a blanket lol. Diapers are stored in the box on the floor, too. Not the fanciest of set-ups, but it’s the easiest. My 3-year-old is potty-trained so we’re down to one in diapers now! Woo-hoo!

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  30. Julia

    I know this post is about diapers.. But can you tell me what style of pushcart that is? Or perhaps where you got it? We’re in the market for a good one and it seems this one has lasted a while!

    Thank you!

    • TAZA

      yes, it’s an older push cart! it was e’s christmas present for her first christmas! it’s from babies r us!

  31. Carly

    I actually had a diaper bag (I guess you’d call it) made that attaches with ties to my son’s crib. It stores about 30(ish) diapers and makes midnight changes a breeze because I just pull one out while I’m picking up my son. Plus it takes up no space because it’s just hanging onto the side of the crib. Lovely post by the way! I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. It’s always a nice read!

    Carly http://www.frecklesandcheeks.com

    • TAZA

      that sounds pretty genius! does your son ever try to pull them out or untie it? i like this idea a lot!

  32. moll

    He is such a doll! And I love your top! I saw it at Anthro last week and it’s on my wishlist!!

  33. Anna

    Hi naomi, would you do a post on what your baby eats and how you incorporate his meals with the families? Do you buy bottled food or make your own , you know, things like this. Looks like you have good little eaters there. Any advice is appreciated … Than you!

  34. kamila

    he’s growing so fast:) so sweet little boy:)

  35. Kristin

    Cutest pictures ever!!! I really miss those days, enjoy every minute and tell Conrad to just stop growing!!!!! Lol???xoxo

  36. I love your blog! So down to earth a real. You can tell that you love being a mother and enjoy every second of it. Okay, maybe not every second – as a new mom I am figuring out how it goes, but you know what I mean, I just started my own mommy blog and look to yours for inspiration. Thanks for being such a great example. :)

    PS – How do you get such great pictures? Does your husband take a lot of them?


  37. Amanda

    Oh my gosh, he’s too cute! Gives me baby fever all over again! ;)

  38. Amy

    Your kids’ room is just so happy! I love it!! :) Our 3rd walked earlier than the other two, pretty sure for the exact reason you said! Trying to catch up with her siblings! :)
    As far as diapers, we have two in diapers, so two different baskets for each, then the extra in the kids’ closet. :)

  39. alayna

    Hey Naomi!

    I have been following your blog for a few years now, (since when you were pregnant with Samson), and I just felt it was time to thank you. Your blog has been a huge inspiration to me when it comes to marriage, motherhood, and family. People often look at marriage and children as life halting choices, and I just feel that your blog shows that marriage and motherhood are things to be celebrated and can be very fulfilling.

    My husband and I have been having a hard time starting a family of our own and just seeing your blog posts and Instagram posts just keeps my spirits up and gets me excited for what is to come. When our day comes, I just hope I can take what I have learned through your blog and inspire others to embrace marriage and parenthood the way you and your husband do here.

    Again, thank you. God bless!


  40. Lauren

    Awesome colorful rooms for kids!