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nolita0-14i never know how it happens, but we’re in the middle of september already and i’m just sitting here thinking, “wow!” the past month has been a busy one, and for the most part, a wonderful one. the energy in the city is always a bit more apparent around this time of year, with school getting back into the swing of things and fall upon us. i see these new college freshmen walking around the city in groups with their colorful university orientation shirts on and i’m like, “naomi you are so old.” haha. they just look like the most beautiful young people, am i right?!! and it makes me have this deja vu feeling for those first few weeks when i was just 18 years old and a freshmen in the city. i was the poster child for the most naive, silly, stupid girl. hahahaha. still pretty much all of those things, but with a little more experience now! and much much much much thicker skin. wrinkly skin, sure thing. but thicker skin, most definitely. it’s been a good run. where i am even going with this?

anyway, i’ve been behind with getting some of these photos up. a few of them are from a couple of weeks ago. and all a bit random, some from outings and some from at home. but as i went through photos from the past little while, there are too many i love to let pass up.

here we go….


celebrating festa di san gennaro in little italy! it’s still going on for the rest of the week if you want to check it out.


pizza at rubirosa’s! the pepperoni there is so good.

nolita0nolita0-2nolita0-3 nolita0-13 nolita0-12 nolita0-11nolita

for those who asked earlier on social media, my pink shoes are from anthropologie.  and jeans are from madewell and my polka dot sweater is by jcrew and backpack used as a diaper bag from sole society.

nolita0-10 nolita0-9 nolita0-8august0-6

this little astronaut is serious about space. i love it! josh got her this astronaut costume after her many questions about space, and now she wears it almost every day. we tend to do a lot of costumes and dress up right now at this age. it’s the best.  someone is always in a cowboy hat or super hero cape saving the day!


important conversations between astronauts and super heroes.  we are in good hands over here, you guys!


sprinkles ice cream. always worth the walk all the way to the east side in midtown. always.

august-10 august-11

if you’re ever wondering what to order, i am obsessed with the vanilla cupcake with milk chocolate frosting and sprinkles, sliced in half, with rocky road ice cream placed in the middle! it is GOOD.

(and by the way, i’m wearing romantique by opi on my nails, for those who have been asking. it’s a shellac color, and i’ve been wearing it all summer.)


conrad’s trying to figure out how to use these doctor tools. ;)


my kids have asked a couple of different times the past month or so if we could rock climb a mountain! i don’t even know where they get it from, since when we often see rock climbing stations around, but they are too small to enjoy them. so this little wall down at a playground in tribeca made samson a very happy boy a few weeks ago and i think it filled his wish of mountain climbing! at least for now…


conrad’s first time on the granite slide in central park! he loved it.

nolita0-16 01Sept-25 01Sept-26 01Sept-27

and i especially loved watching these two play on this big spider web a few weeks ago.  that beautiful freedom tower in the back really moves me. i just love this city extra these days and feel grateful we get to call it our backyard.  i think this is such a good place for kids to be raised.  we feel really lucky to be here. girlsnight

a few girlfriends and i went down to the east village for a the movie mean girls trivia night! i’m not sure how we were the only team that went with a costume theme, haha! but whatever. we rocked it. ;)


and ending this massive photo post with this favorite one of mine. my little bubba and his papa! cutest duo in town. :)

  1. Rachel

    I just love these photos! You have the sweetest little family :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  2. hanna

    Those Mean Girl Costumes! –Hanna Lei

  3. Felisha

    I went to the festa di san gennaro in Little Italy, too! However – It was by total accident and I actually got STUCK in the parade going through and couldn’t get out! It was quite the adventure.

  4. Lil

    I like first photo most. You have a wonderful shoes and inspiring soul. Good luck to all of you :)

  5. Natali

    Living the best moments of your life!!! Such a sweet photos, love the vibe on them! God bless you and your family.

  6. Jocelyn

    Naomi, our son is a Conrad too–just a little older than your Conrad. We got his name from Conrad Anker, the famous climber/mountaineer. If the kids are into climbing they’ll think its rad that a guy named Conrad is our there climbing some serious mountains. Check him out here: He actually has a movie out right now called Meru and my husband and I saw it last week. We highly recommend it!!!

    • TAZA

      this is awesome! i’ll definitely check out the link! have not met many conrad’s so that is awesome! thank you for sharing! congrats on your little C as well!

  7. Michelle

    Which playground is the rock climbing wall in? I would love to take my daughter there!

    • TAZA

      it’s at pier 24’s playground in tribeca!

  8. So much to love in this post Naomi! Gorgeous NYC, Amazing parenting going on right there (I can’t believe those kiddos are going to school already! I love how you guys support their creativity and let them be kids, taking mental notes here!), Conrad is just beautifully happy and Taza you look so pretty and happy.. I would have totally dressed up too haha! Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  9. vanessa

    It is always so nice to see your family enjoying life! It is a constant reminder to myself to enjoy all moments, big or small.

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Anne

    If E is into space these days, check out these adorable STEM themed clothes for little girls:

    A friend of mine, a mom from Seattle, started the line because her daughter also wants to be an astronaut.

  11. Kathryn

    Those Mean Girl costumes! hahaha

  12. Lorra

    Conrad looks like he was having a great time on the slide! Quick question…do you still only use your 50mm when taking these photos? As much as I love my 50mm, I always find that I have to step so far back to get everything in the shot. However, it doesn’t look like you have that problem.

  13. oh this post so makes me wish I was in New York, that fiesta looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

  14. That photo of Eleanor with her astronaut outfit and blue glasses! I literally just called my husband over to look at it, because it’s that wonderful! Also, your littles room is such an inspiration. I hope my babies will grow up to have such colorful lives!

  15. Lucille

    I gotta say, your friends have the most beautiful hair!!

  16. Tessa

    Where is Josh’s shirt from?! :)

  17. Oh this makes me miss NYC so very much! It’s the most fun place with kids. Looks like you guys have transitioned to a family of five just beautifully!

  18. Paige

    I love these pictures so much! The astronaut and super hero conversation is my absolute favorite!


  19. Queenie

    omg, a mean girls trivia quiz sounds so much fun – love the outfits too ;)

    E dressed as an astronaut is too cute! She has the most beautiful eyes too ^.^

  20. Jennifer

    Where did you find those watches for E and S? My 4 year old has been asking for a watch but all I can find are cheap character ones.
    Thanks, Jen

    • TAZA

      they are from amazon! i think if you just search “digital toddler watch” it should come up. the brand is timex. they LOVE them!

  21. Kevyn

    Such a great blog to read before bed. September has been a good one for sure!


  22. Crystal

    ha hahahaha love those mean girls outfits!! Hilarious! Can’t wait to go to NYC… day!!

  23. Merinda

    Oh these photos are darling! We were staying in a friends apartment a week ago overlooking that entrance to little Italy so I know that area well! Such a lovely part of New York!! I already need to arrange my next visit, it’s quite the city! :)

  24. Courtney

    i second Lorra’s question about the camera. I’ve been looking at getting the canon 6D and am curious as to whether it’s good in low lighting. I’m assuming it’s good at capturing fast movement (ie: crazy kids that won’t stay still).
    Your photos are just gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you all get up to in the fall.
    Sending love from Aus xx

  25. Lize

    Hi Naomi, we are looking for a nice carrier after using a sling for a while. Little one is getting to big for it though… What carrier are you using with Conrad. Lots of love from the Netherlands, I love your blog!!!!

    • TAZA

      hi! it’s the ergo carrier! it’s a good one.

  26. Aurore

    Hello Naomi !
    I’ve seen you moved the bed in you kids room.. Could you make a post about organising a shared kids room ? How do you define spaces ?
    Thank you…

  27. Amy

    I love this mish mash of photos! Especially the Mean Girls costumes!! I mean, really, if you’re a female between ages 25 and 35 then clearly you love Mean Girls. ;)

  28. Sam

    Where is josh’s shirt from! I can’t afford to heart NY!!

    • TAZA

      oh man, i wish i remembered the name of the shop. it was maybe from etsy? it’s really old so i don’t remember! i’m so sorry.

  29. The mean girls costumes are on point! Absolutely love the photos of your astronaut and superhero :) Earth really is in good hands!!

    X Min,

  30. Rose J.

    Nice pics Naomi! You gotta take your kids to the Franklin Institute in Philly next time you visit your sister. They will love it there especially Eleanor. Noah loves going there, and it’s all about science, and outer space. We were there yesterday, and I just now blogged about it. We’ve gone way too many times, and I know y’all will just love it there!

    • TAZA

      that sounds amazing! we will definitely put it on our list of things to check out next time we are there. thanks for the tip!

  31. Mayra

    Which baby carrier are you using in your first pic? It looks super comfy! :)

    • TAZA

      it’s the ergo carrier! i have a link to it in the post under an image!

  32. Michelle Falconer

    Beautiful! Where is your hat from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! from ASOS!

  33. carly

    I always have similar thoughts when the college kids roll in….I’m like how did I get so old?! Wish time would stop going by so fast
    Dresses & Denim

  34. faith keating

    haha! the mean girls costume is awesome! love!!

  35. Lauren

    A mean girls trivia night?! i need to find one of these where i stay! sounds like so much fun!

  36. I have fallen in love with your family and blog!! Love it!

  37. Andy

    What a great celebration in Little Italy!!! I love your photos!
    Where are your jeans from? They look amazing and comfortable.

    Kisses from Argentina

  38. Conrad looks like the jolliest little guy! All of your children are adorable of course! Your posts always make me super excited to have my own one day. :)

  39. Emma

    Some of these photos remind me of something you wrote in a post ages and ages ago. It was when Samson was really little and insisted on being carried, even though you had a double buggy. And a lady walked past you and said, “wow, three children!” and you wrote about how it made you feel like saying back, “no only two but it’s still hard work!” And now you do have two in the buggy and one being carried! Hehe! xx

  40. Candice


    I am a big fan of your blog. I’ve actually been following for a few years (even though I don’t have kids and a lot of what you share isn’t totally relevant to my life-I somehow still always wander over to read your updates). I am always so impressed by the types of things you do with and teach your children, and how creative and supportive you seem to be. I honestly hope to be that kind of parent myself-you really inspire me!

    However, you are often very hard on yourself and it seems odd to me that someone who wants so much for her daughter and hopes to instill a strong self image in her-which is definitely what more women need these days-talks about herself the way you do sometimes. I am sure you are anything but stupid.

    My mother-a wonderful human being who has three daughters and also wanted the very best for them- was also always very hard on herself and her insecurities unfortunately opened my eyes up a lot to the insecurities I now have.

    I can absolutely understand how tough it is to have a blog that is read by millions of people, and how opening yourself up the criticism of others would make you be a little wary and insecure, but it makes me sad to see you talk about yourself that way. I have noticed you do it before and it always bothers me. You may not even mean it in the way it sometimes comes across.

    I know that no one can claim to be the best parent or know how to do everything right, but I wish you were a little easier on yourself. You’re obviously doing something right-your children seem absolutely amazing. I’m sure you are your daughter’s hero, but just remember that she is probably paying more attention than you realize.

    Anyway, rant over-just remember that you are inspiring people every day!

    Wishing you and your family the best XX

    • TAZA

      hi candice,

      thanks so much for your comment. i really appreciate your feedback. i totally agree that little eyes are always watching, and that’s why we actually don’t use words like “dumb” or “stupid” around them when referring to anything and i’m going to try more to be that way with my writing as well. i hadn’t even thought about that with how i write about myself, but i definitely will in the future. thanks again for taking the time to leave your sweet comment!


  41. Heather

    I found your blog from my sister-in-law a few months ago and love it! My husband and I went on a trip to NYC sans-kids a few weeks ago and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated tips from your blog before we left. We went to several places you highlighted and used a lot of your advice on getting around the city. It was my first time there and we both LOVED it and are definitely going back! It is fun to see pictures of your family visiting Little Italy’s festival–we went there on the last day and had a great time sampling so many different types of food. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing with everyone!

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