jeans. and other things.


we just got back from a little camping adventure up in the catskills and my back is crazy sore. (sleeping two nights on one of those teeny tiny sleeping pads and also sharing it with your 9-month old who knows how to hog space like it’s his job will do that to you.) but crazy sore back aside, i’m on a s’more-and-hot-chocolate-over-a-campfire high and i keep telling josh i’m ready to do it again like right now before it gets any colder outside, because camping brings me back to my childhood and i just love being at this stage where i get to share that sort of experience with MY children now.

but anyway, will share more on camping soon! thought i’d just share a quick hello post since it’s been a few days and i always start to miss the blog when i am away. a few exciting life happenings going on these days…

  1. i joined a gym. WHAT THE WHAT. it is true and so weird and yes, i joined last week and no, i haven’t actually worked out yet, but i’m going today and which means i felt all the feelings last night. it’s like, do i eat the pint of ice cream in my freezer right now or does that defeat the purpose of working out in the morning? but if i’m working out in the morning, i get the pint of ice cream in the freezer with no regrets, right?!  i don’t know. all i know is, i’m turning 30 next summer, and my stomach is mush and beyond the food thing, i’d just love to feel more control over my body the way i did years ago when i was dancing every day. so you guys, please ask me how the gym is going from time to time because i want to stick to it and i feel like you guys are good at keeping me on track. i plan to go 3 times a week because that’s a goal i can keep and if anyone wants to make a similar goal with me, let’s do it together! workout buddies! ;) i promise to let you know how it’s going.
  2. the voice is back on tv (or the internet since i don’t have a tv) and conrad just started clapping (this stage! with his four little teeth and all the baby babble and the trying to walk and drink from water glasses! it’s the best.) also worth mentioning, did you all see the blood moon last night?!
  3. i found my favorite new pair of jeans that i feel like i’ve been searching for the last few years of my jean wearing life. this is a big deal because you guys, i have such a love / hate relationship with jeans.  there was a period in my life where i didn’t even own a single pair for several years. but these ones are so pretty. i’m calling them my fancy jeans because i have short legs so i need to wear a bit of a heel with them. but they are high waisted enough to hold everything in and together (if ya know what i mean) and still have the right amount of stretch that i can run around in them (helpful with kids) and since i wore my last favorite pair of jeans into the ground by ripping the crotch while pretending i was a rockette doing the can-can with my sister this summer (you can actually see them tear in the video here, haha. embarrassing), i’m declaring these fancy jeans my new faves. here we are together having a beatles moment a few weeks ago downtown. ;) love you, jeans.


have a good week, you guys!

ps. for those who have asked, my blouse is from anthropologie found HERE.

  1. you joined a gym! yayay :) do it for your health cos honestly, you look stunning the way you are! and woo, those jeans really make your legs look LONNNNG!

  2. Livia

    I started exercising this year as well. I just turned 31, two children, it makes a big difference. But, yes, go for it, it feels great! I’ve being doing it for almost 6 months now (amazing) and I totally feel the difference. By the way, you look great always! And those jeans look great on you as well. I haven’t own a pair of jeans for 3 years now just because I don’t think they look good on me, but they do make our lives easier. Love your blog and your family! C is just a mini Josh, right? So cute! Sorry, I think this post just related to me a lot and I can’t stop writing!!! hahah

  3. Julia

    I’ll join you on your fintness journey :) So, let’s do this *yeah* Lots of love all the way from Vienna, Your workout buddy from afar!

  4. Melissa

    I totally know what you mean about the gym! i think 3 days is manageable without setting yourself up to fail. been there done that. you mean going from zero to 7 days is too much? oops. ANYWAY what was able to help me commit to it was going to a class. it happened every week and i asked the instructor/others to hold me to it! that way if i missed the next week they would be like “WHERE WERE YOU?!” give it a try! also, i’m notorious for getting bored of routines so i change it up every so often and follow little work out plans. Kayla itsenis (or something) is all the rage right now and is a good plan. also, yoga! pretty darn good option. good luck!

  5. Kat Coogan

    that top tho.

  6. Sarah

    Where is your top from? Love it

    • TAZA

      it’s from anthropologie! sorry, linking it up top now!

  7. Jess

    Love the jeans… but THAT SHIRT!! Where is it from?

  8. alexis

    Lets do it! Virtual check ins??? I have two littles of my own and its so hard to find time, but I have to do it!

  9. Morgan

    Go Taza!!! I know the difficulty of going to the gym, but I know you can totally do it! I look forward on updates :) Also, those jeans are beautiful!
    With lots of love!

  10. Yay for joining a gym! Hopefully once you’re in the swing of going you’ll start to love having it be a part of your routine. Which gym did you join? I’m a cycling instructor at Equinox on the UWS and would love to have you take a class with me!

  11. For someone with three kids, you look amazing, considering you only just joined a gym! Would love to know your healthy eating tips…if you can recommend any?

  12. Jen

    I’m blown away that you’re not even 30. What a beautiful family and life you’ve already built. Well done, mama!

    No advice on working out. I have an almost 8-month old, and I haven’t figured it out, yet.

  13. Danielle D.

    I’ve had a gym membership for years and I’ll go through these weeks off workout enthusiasm where I will workout 3-5 times a week and then stop for 1-2 months; my gym is super cheap but I need to use it since I am paying for it.

    Support is great! 3 times a week is very reasonable. I try to go that many times for at least an hour (usually an hour to an hour and a half). I try to do 45min cardio and 30 min or so of weights//abs. On the off days, I try to walk every chance I get-a Fitbit has motivated me to get those 10,000 steps (I bet that its easier in NYC-where I am, I have to drive). While doing cardio, I listen to Podcasts or stream Netflix on my tablet to help the time fly.

    If your trying to run/jog, but its been awhile, try C52k. For walking, do steps or an incline.

    Good luck!!

  14. Ditto on the top!

    We went camping with our 10 month old–(one child only at that point) in the Smoky Mountains a few years ago. He bonked her head when she fell off our air mattress and we ended up in the ER with fears of a concussion! Fortunately, she was fine and is great now–at 4 years old!

    Don’t worry, we went camping again, again with just the one kid, and it was fantastic. We now have a one year old, who still doesn’t sleep through the night, so I don’t know when we’ll get to go again.

    I’d like to invest in a camper just so we could have separate sleeping areas! Plus, I love the idea of taking it out with the kids on the weekend. One day!

    Analog House

  15. Cassie

    I would love to be your workout buddy! I just had my first child and I’ve needed an excuse to get rid of my mushy middle for a few years. 3 times a a week is a perfect starting point. Let’s do this! And definitely eat the ice cream! Don’t deprive yourself; just don’t eat the whole pint ?

  16. Good Luck Naomi! The hardest part of working out is motivation!

    I do my workout at home because I hate going to the gym ;)

  17. Sarah

    LOVE the shoes!! Where are those from?

  18. Katie

    Work out accountabilities buddies! I used to go to Barre3, but having just recently moved to the city, it’s so expensive here! So I’ve totally fallen out of working out. And with all the dollar slice I’ve been eating…well. I definitely need to get back into it. Sometimes the money is worth it to keep healthy! PS so happy the voice is back on :)

  19. hanna

    I have a goal of going to the gym too –Hanna Lei

  20. Bella304

    What about your shoes?

  21. rach

    Get it!!! I just got back at it today!!! I am 5 weeks postpartum and couldn’t WAIT to get back in the gym. I’ll be 30 next week and am feeling the same… smooshy, ;) ready to tighten up and loose weight. Best to you as you take the well deserved time to yourself! I loved being at the gym this morning! Headphones in, pumped up Calvin Harris Pandora and SWEAT! perfect. Momma needed it!

  22. Carson

    Are your shoes the dolce vita clogs !? Just ordered them and they look similar . Love !

  23. Paige

    Those jeans look fabulous on you! I’ve started training this summer for a marathon I’m running in the spring after having two kids! It’s so hard, but so rewarding! You’ll do great!


  24. margo

    Hey Naomi! Love your blog and your cute little family. Congrats on joining a gym! Be sure to check out the barre classes. You make like those to help get you back into dancer shape. Or you could always spring for a group exercise class! Yoga, pilates, zumba, hips butts & guts! Have fun!!

  25. Allison

    Welcome back! I have very fond memories of camping with my family so I’m sure you guys created some great memories. Good for you on joining the gym!
    Those jeans are beautiful!

    Love, Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  26. Olya

    Absolutely chiming in on workout buddies, and hear you loving for a dancing body. I am going back for probably my last dancing year and then retiring,but I need to get the strength back ( oh, babies… What do they do to us..) and those jeans are rocking ! xoxo

  27. Naomi

    I can’t believe you are now 30! That means I’ve been reading this blog for over 6 yrs! Good luck with the gym, remember to keep it FUN!

  28. Emily

    Do you mind if I ask which gym you joined? I’ve been wanting to join one since I moved to NYC but I have no idea which one to pick. I’m also thinking of joining Classpass—my friend are obsessed with it! But I am totally with you on the fitness goal-setting! :)

  29. Laura

    I’ve never been an exercise person (other than riding my bike & ballet as a kid), but a few years ago, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer at 35, and I decided that I would start taking care of my health. I joined a gym, and (to my own surprise!) I actually enjoy going. If your gym has classes, you should definitely check them out. There are actually a bunch of dance-inspired classes that can be so fun if you just forget about being perfect & enjoy the movement. I never thought I’d be an exercise person, but if I can do it, anyone can!!

  30. vicky

    i’m so excited for you! we just recently moved and there isn’t a gym for at least 10 miles other than this old Rocky style law enforcement gym that we already go to. i can’t wait to hear about progress and what classes you’re taking, weights you’re using, etc.. you’re always inspiring!

  31. Aneesa

    Hey Naomi!!! I’ve kinda just started exercising regularly! I don’t know if you’ve heard of Kayla Itsines but she has this workout guide that has you working out thrice a week for just 28 minutes! It has made my body feel so sore for days after working out but its the good kind of sore! Check it out if you want to:

    I’m also starting yoga classes today! I’ve always struggled with flexibility all my life but stretching for just 10 minutes a day works wonders I tell ya! Of course you would know, being the dancer that you are ;)

    Have a blessed week ahead and I wish you all the best in your fitness journey! :-)

  32. Kelly

    I love your top, finding the perfect find of jeans is SO hard!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. kelli

    I just started working out again last week! I’m fitting in 20 minutes before my kids get up. I’m also turning 30 next year and my goal is to get in the best shape of my life before then. can’t wait to hear your progress!

  34. Isabel Ernekrans

    Hi! I just started working out too! My baby girl is almost 5 months and my stomach was complete mush. Just make sure that you work out in a way that’s kind to your postpartum body! And check your stomach:
    Before you do anything that might harm more than it does you good:)
    Good luck!

  35. Nice job on joining the gym – you can do it! Once it becomes routine you won’t even think about it. Loving the jeans :)

    Christina |

  36. Ola

    First of all, I love your jeans. Me too, I have such a love/hate relationship with jeans, but havent’ found my perfect ones yet.
    Second of all, I love the idea of going to the gym. I think you look great and you don’t need it, but I know that we need to feel good with ourselves, so when something tells you you should join a gym, go for it!
    I’m pregnant now, but when I have the baby I have a major plan – join the gym and look better than anytime before! We’ll see!
    I’m not a strong personality, lol :)


  37. Queenie

    Love your outfit! The jeans look awesome on you :)

  38. Amy

    Hello! I love camping… So much so that for my birthdays last weekend my husband surprised me with a little camping getaway, our first one with our now 7 month old. It’s so hard to admit… But it was a disaster! Sideline nursing on the cold hard ground and pulling up layers and layers of clothing so he could nurse was so frustrating and, like you, my back was killing me!!! How did you manage to do it and want to do it Again right away?? Our boy is not the best sleeper but camping made it so much worse! Can’t wait to read about your trip!

  39. Britt

    Jayyy! A gym! :)
    Since march, I’ve been running about three times a week and it has been so fulfilling. I hope the gym will give you the same feeling!

  40. simone

    Completely random but I would love you to do a post on popular culture, body image and all the rest of it. Things like…what do you think to the Kardashians, reality TV and the way certain body images are projected as ideals in today’s society. How do you think in particular you will navigate eleanor through this? Maybe you don’t wish to speak too much on this subject but I really do think that for a lot of us out there, your opinion counts!

    Love your blog and your beautiful family.

    Best wishes from the UK xxx

  41. I’ll definitely be your gymbuddy! I’ve been having a hard time going to the gym since my new full time job. But I feel great after I go, so I should definitely go more often. I thought you were also getting back into dancing? I’m really excited to hear how that’s going :) <3

    Plus you look great in those jeans!
    X Yara

  42. tiffany

    could you please link to your cute bag in this post.. i miss the links at the bottom of posts showing where to get your great finds!! thank you!!

  43. Sara

    What the what. I think it’s cool you join the gym, you’ll end up feeling really good, and as you spent most of your life dancing, you’ll enjoy it very very much. Oh, and the ice cream thing; we’ve all been into this

  44. The flares looks so cute on you! I love my gym time something fierce! (I just started my membership back in August. Such a great way to get some me time!)

  45. emily

    Haha I’m in that not-owning-jeans stage right now. Also you have the best taste ever,

  46. ummmm….those jeans look way better on you than the model, just sayin!

    after baby number two, i’m also feeling the mush and need to hit the gym! if you can do it with three, i can do it with two!


  47. Claire

    You look absolutely stunning in this outfit Naomi! I love this kind of jeans, I have one 4 years ago and guess what I can fit in again AND it’s fashionable. What more? ;)

    All the best from France,