fresh flowers, please.

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something i love having in our apartment each week are fresh flowers. i really really love having them around, on the table, in the kitchen, sometimes on my bedroom dresser if i’m really feeling it. i once teased josh that he doesn’t bring me flowers and he replied something like, “well you’re always beating me to it!”

and then i realized, true. he can just keep bringing me cookies and i’ll be happy. i’ll stay in charge of the flower stuff.

the bouqs company recently reached out to see if we’d be interested in trying out their flower service, and since i’m always up for anything in this floral department, (who wants to be a florist some day with me?!) i was excited to give them a go.

if you aren’t familiar with them, the bouqs company is a flower delivery service where the flowers are grown in eco-friendly farms on the side of an active volcano in ecuador (that alone grabbed my interest!). your flowers are cut and shipped right when you order.

a few photos from our order below…

flowers-4flowersflowers-2 flowers-3flowers-6 flowers-7 flowers-8 flowers-9 flowers-12 flowers-13

and yes, after placing these flowers on the coffee table and see conrad get really curious about them, i definitely had to move them to a higher surface. haha! i have maybe pressed past my fears of having a rug in the front room with children, but having plants or flowers anywhere low enough where they can grab are still not possible in our home. lol. in a few years maybe, but during this chapter, the flowers must go on higher tables or countertops. ;)

if you’d like to give a try, use the code GETBLOOMS to receive 20% off your order (expires a week from today.) and thank you to the bouqs company for partnering with us for this post!

  1. Caroline

    Oooh I never noticed your lovely marble coffee table! I’ve been searching for one (I live in France) and although marble is making a big comeback, I can’t seem to find a pretty second-hand one at a decent price. In the meantime, I will just carry on being envious of yours! And of the flowers and the lovely vases! xx

  2. Lauren

    I would seriously love to give up nursing and become a florist! I also long to be the proud owner of a flower farm. Let’s do it?? :)

    This company sounds intriguing! And the flowers are absolutely beautiful.
    Unfortunately they don’t ship to New Zealand, but maybe one day…

  3. Marthe Sanders

    Dear Taza,

    I would love to be a florist with you..! (I am such a big fan)
    I leave in France, we could have a partnership between the US and France! ;)


  4. Having fresh flowers at home is something I like having in our apartment too. They’re the simplest thing to bring brightness and freshness into a room, love it!

    xx Kristjaana

  5. Vickie

    So pretty!

  6. I love the Bouqs company and the way they’ve incorporated conscious consumerism into the flower industry. It’s such a wonderful way to bring beauty into everyday life while improving the conditions of another country! I would love to see/hear your tips for arranging and keeping a bouquet fresh.

    xx, leslie

  7. where is your outfit from? would love to know

  8. Fresh flowers are such an affordable luxury to have at home! I try to get a bouquet every other week or so, but how wonderful to have them delivered. I have the same vases as you do (I love those little faces on them), and they inspire me to get fresh flowers whenever I can.I love the print in the first pic too, is there a link to where we could find it?

    Analog House

  9. Rachel

    Thank you for the information and for the link! Just ordered a bouquet for my best friend, who’s about to be a first-time mam :)

  10. hanna

    The flowers look lovely –Hanna Lei

  11. Bailey

    I see the ginger coming out! So sweet <3

  12. Krista

    Beautiful flowers! And you look stunning as always. Where did you get your sweater from? It’s perfect for Fall :)

  13. Definitely part of the Amateur Florist club! And definitely will use Bouqs the next time I send flowers. Hooray for efficient/sustainable/innovative business ideas for beautiful things.

  14. Stacey K

    Oh I love this so much!! I need to try it out…even though I have a tendency to kill flowers very quickly. These are just too beautiful! (insert heart eye emoji here) Xo.

  15. Paige

    I’ll have to look at bouqs website an give them a try! Your flowers look beautiful! Also, I second the fact that your coffee table is amazing!


  16. Abby

    Just bought some for myself and my mom! Thanks for the code! :)

  17. Allison

    I would love to have the budget to get fresh flowers! Those are stunning!

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. These ar gorgeous! I love fresh flowers and would be thrilled to have them regularly! Maybe some day.

  19. Ola

    I love fresh flowers. I try to have them in my home all the time. The house seems cozier and well taken care of.


  20. Adela

    Wow, I love the way how you managed to make post about flowers soooo good!! Photos are beyond beautiful! xo

  21. this world’s becoming such a convenient place!! now a flower service. they look gorgeous x

  22. Alicia

    I love having flowers in our home too, makes me feel all good mum and wife :-)

    I wonder how eco-friendly these are though. If they have to be flewn from Ecuador to the US? And it looks like they’re packaged and wrapped in lots of paper. Isn’t it still better to go to a local flower market?

  23. Verena

    I LOVE fresh flowers so much ;) could spend hours in flower shops and buy every single flower in it ;)
    I always try to have fresh flowers in my home…makes it more homy instantly and adds dots of colour everywhere

  24. carly

    Those flowers are gorgeous and it sounds like a great company! I would love to be able to see that volcano covered in flowers
    Dresses & Denim

  25. Alliyah

    OMG THESE ARE SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! If I lived in the US I would SO order some. Omg.

  26. marlena

    This is great! I always buy fresh flowers for the weekend! The company had an awesome idea! And as always the photos are lovely!

  27. Bookelia

    Beautiful flowers, beautiful sweater. Where is it from?

  28. These look so nice! And I love your coffee table, never noticed it before but it looks great! (:

  29. Linn

    Where is your sweater from?? LOVE it! :)

  30. marsa

    can you tell us where that sweater is from? so beautiful

    • TAZA

      thanks! from & other stories!